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(FT4) New LX8 has a 24-90mm f/2.0-2.8 lens!


The soon to be announced LX8 will have a built-in evf like the current LF1 you see on the picture above.

The Panasonic LX8 will be an exciting new premium camera. It will likely have a 1 inch sensor, built-in EVF, LX7 look and 4K video!

And yesterday a source (Many Thanks!) told me the lens will be 24-90mm f/2.0-2.8! The current only competitor is the Sony RX100m3 which has a 24-70mm f/1.8-2.8 lens. Therefore the Panasonic will have a more useful tele lens and sacrifices only a third of stop at the wide end. But the huge news is that unlike the Sony it shoots 4K.

I also got some more info about the LX8 I am double checking with other sources. Stay tuned! Camera should be announced on July 16!

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • mfiftysomething

    Sounds good, hope the evf is nice.

  • Marlon

    Far more useable focal length than the RX100III indeed, the Sony just lacks the classic 85mm I often use. If similar priced and picture quality is just as good….goodbye Sony!

    • BobTB

      Yes an effective 85mm AOV at an effective aperture of F7.6 [ FF 85mm equiv] is just vital lol

      • Marlon

        I was comparing two 1inch sensor compacts, not a one inch sensor to full-frame! Cheers!

        • BobTB

          Yes so was I, just pointing out how vital an 85mm equiv focal length with an equiv F7.6 DOF is for “serious shooters .

          • rpm40

            If he said he wants an 85mm equivalent focal length, how does equivalent aperture matter?

  • GaryGarth

    good focal range and aperture.

  • 55555dda

    is this real f2.0 or is it faked f2.0?

    • Ross

      Because it is a smaller sensor it is real all right & makes the camera very usable in low light.

  • NormanBates2

    boy.. you really should know it by now… the sony has a 8.8-25.7mm f1.8-f2.8 lens
    this is is NO WAY a 24-70mm f1.8-f2.8 lens.
    only a moron would belive that….

    you do a photography blog but you don´t have a clue about focal length and f-stops?

    • Larene Depopiet

      Why don’t you go write your own blog, where you can educate people about focal lengths and f-stops? Everybody understood perfectly what that meant, and so did you, so please stop using this a platform to try to look and feel superior. To the rest of us , you are just a troll.

      • 34354423523523

        shut up.. he has a point you are just another idi*t.

        • No more trolls

          You shut up. Larene is absolutely right.

      • masteroflight

        maybe he has a real job?

      • And you?

        Have you also understood?

    • Jochen Busch


      these companys cheat with ISO.. i say that for years but nobody listens.

      then you will hear “but exposure looks the same @ f2.8”.

      yeah well it looks the same because they use a different ISO to achive the same exposure. ISO 100 on a NIKON FF does not have to be the same as ISO 100 from let´s say olympus. it´s just a number. ISO 100 maybe means ‘amplifying the signal 2 times and for a other company it means ‘mplifying 1.3 times.

      that why smaller sensor seem to produce more noise.

      it´s not that they really produce more noise… they are just more amplifying so they get to the same exposure with LESS light.

      • jonsen

        someone’s been watching youtube.

      • Turbofrog


        No, ISO is the same on all formats, because it’s related to exposure. Not to signal to noise ratio. ISO is a standard. Companies may be cheating with it somewhat (Olympus a little bit, Fuji a lot) but that’s not really the point.

        That’s why ISO 800 on FF will have about the same amount of noise as ISO 400 on APS-C, or ISO 200 on M4/3…

      • NanoIsGood

        Don’t try and explain this here. The rule is simple: larger than M43 is an object of envy, smaller is an object of scorn.

        The average stupidity of the customer base is enough to put me off a purchase. I also tried some of their toys, and I was disappointed as expected.

      • NanoIsGood

        I do find that shooting exclusively full frame make all my kitten and puppy pictures come alive.

        I have to go now. Mummy has breakfast ready and I love it when she pops a banger in my mouth.

    • james

      Lol, that’s a meaningless discussion. M43 people use FF equivalence ONLY for FL, but not for aperture because ‘it is in no way related to photography and you should go out and take pictures’.
      Just get over it. It’s a waste of time.

      • Urs L.

        if you believe that you have no clue.
        DOF is not related to photography?
        some noobs think they will have f1.8 background blur with those tiny sensor cameras. then they are suprised thast not the case.

        but when it´s ok tfor you that companys think M43 and P&S users are stupid…well then maybe they are right.
        aperture (f-stop) is a mathematical equations.. you can´t change one side without the other.
        the sony lens is not a 24 f1.8 lens on the wide end…. not even close.

        • james

          Sir, I think your sarcasm detector might be broken.

        • Mark Lavrijsen

          Yeezz, not this stupid equivalent nonsense again. If you’ll put this Sony F1.8 lens on a 35mm camera, it would still be a F1.8 lens. It won’t be able to light the entire sensor(huge vignetting), but the center of the frame will get lighted(exposure) exactly the same as an native F1.8 lens. Is it able to supply the same amount of total light…no. But stating it has to be “calculated” to something it’s really NOT, just the keep some people who think that “Full Frame” is the center of the universe from losing their minds, is ridiculous.

      • BobTB

        I am afraid that DOF control and especially the total light gathered are critical components of photography. The fact that almost alone amongst smaller { than FF } sensor users only mFT fans seem to struggle with this most basic of facts is amusing .

        It seems to be a particular trait of Olympus users to deny simple physics lol. It started with some of the entrenched FT fanboys { whatever happened to that format ?} .It has now continued into though if you believed them apparently Olympus cameras have advanced by at least a stop in high ISO every new camera since the E30 which should put it about 4 stops better than FF by now.

        mFT has exactly one advantage for photographers namely the size/weight of the gear. That is it remove that from the equation and mFT is lost. The joke of concentrating on the high end that Olympus and Panasonic are apparently aiming for is laughable.

        • steve37
        • Ross

          And this is a Oly Stylus 1 (with 1/1.7″ sensor). Not too bad for a constant f/2.8 lens!


          • BobTB

            Sure Ross , lots of people are really easily pleased , that’s why mobile phone photography dominates especially on the web where 900 × 675 “image” does ok

            • Ross

              Not everybody needs to display their images at 60000 X 20000 pixels on a billboard.

        • Zeikon

          Well put. What’s the point of trying to make cameras smaller since everyone shoots on a tripod in a studio?

          • BobTB

            Are you reading impaired ? I specifically stated that ” the size/weight of the gear” was the strength of mFT.By the same token not everyone is old,lazy disabled or otherwise physically impaired as mFT users seem to be.

            My D800e + 24-70 , 85mm F1.8 , 150mm F2.8 macro my normal hiking kit comes in just over 3kg or roughly a 1/10th of what a soldier carries into battle or a 1/3rd the weight of the average schoolbag a kid carries. Half the weight of a bag of groceries etc you get the point if you are not disabled a larger sensor kit is never going to be that big a deal. And will give far better image quality in every single way

            • Ross

              Except I can take my Stylus 1 into situations where it is so much more discreet & yet will get far better photos & zoom than a phone will get (unless you stick on one of those silly attachable lenses to it) with a nice EVF & can also allow me to add a flash if I want to as well. I still have two OM-Ds for better images which is more compact & lighter than when I was using the Oly E30 kit.

            • Ross

              “By the same token not everyone is old,lazy disabled or otherwise physically impaired as mFT users seem to be.” Old & lazy probably describes me anyhow. It’s been quite a few years since my youth but there are many older than I that are still a lot fitter than I am. My kit that serves me OK are two OM-D’s (E-M5 & E-M1) with the two lenses I want to use on the day as well as a couple more, a couple of flashes, FL50R & FL36R normally & for the sake of backing up that I also include the Stylus 1. It’s still a fairly compact amount of kit that doesn’t way all that much & I’m fine with that. I do want to add a brighter, longer zoom (brighter than the 75-300), but that will obviously add more weight & bulk. The Sigma 150 macro lens can be used (& with the EC14) for some telephoto work too, but it’s pointless taking gear unless it is going to get used (except to build up those muscles ;) ).

            • M43 Rumors

              I’m actually a pretty good reader. It would appear that you’re not so good with sarcasm though.

              What is it with FFers? Do you have to present proof of insecurity before you can buy a full frame DSLR?

              I’m sure the majority of users here are enthusiasts that appreciate a system that gives them a superb blend of performance and portability. I travel a lot for work and pleasure. If you do too, you know that weight and space is important.

              I had company in town on Saturday. My evening was spent walking around the city and enjoying her company. I wasn’t that guy lugging around his gear in the 10% army pack or 30% schoolbag.

              Instead I had an unobtrusive bag carrying my GM1 / 20mm prime. If it was winter I would have skipped the bag and just stuck it in my overcoat pocket. I got some great shots and she was thrilled with the photos of her visit.

              That GM1+20mm combo is so compact around with me all the time. If I want to go out just to shoot, I use an E-M10 for the manual controls.

              Unless you’re a pro, your argument is nonsensical. There are fantastic pictures all over the place using M43, mirrorless and APS-C equipment.

              I’m no Walker Evans and I’m pretty sure you’re not either. I also suspect Walker Evans didn’t waste his time bitching about other people’s gear.

            • M43 Rumors

              Well, my full comment is pending, so I’ll give you the short version:
              I’m a good reader, but it would appear that you’re sarcasm impaired.

              What is it with FFers? Do you have to present proof of insecurity before you can buy a full frame DSLR?

              I had company in town on Saturday. My evening was spent walking around the city and enjoying her company. I wasn’t that guy lugging around his gear in the 10% army pack or 30% schoolbag. Instead I had an unobtrusive bag carrying my GM1 / 20mm prime. I got some great shots and she was thrilled with the photos of her visit.

              Unless you’re a pro, your argument is nonsensical. There are fantastic pictures all over the place using M43, mirrorless and APS-C equipment. I suspect Walker Evans didn’t waste his time bitching about other people’s gear.

          • Grammar

            Cannot read, can you?

            • Zeikon

              Hi SD.

    • Quangzizi

      6 Guest vote. Ha look like someone is obsessed with that best comment spot.

    • CarloBates3

      It’s called equivalence, dear Norman…equivalence.

  • papillon b.

    “But the huge news is that unlike the Sony it shoots 4K….”

    The fact a point and hoot (although a good one, nevertheless) can also shoot 4k video is far less important and “huge news” than you might think.

    • Melanie Gant

      Wholeheartedly agree.

      I think we are sometimes getting carried away by technological advances that don’t really mean much, to most of us casual shooters.

    • james

      Yea… I mean, how many people are actually shooting 4k video with their 4k-enabled smartphones? To the majority, video on a compact already is a gimmick. And making the video 4k doesn’t magically make people start shooting video.

    • Larene Depopiet

      The ability to zoom in up to 4x, and recompose the frame in post when producing 1080 is big news for some of us. I can see putting this on a tripod as a B camera, then be able to do pans and zooms after the take. It is very helpful for events and when you want multiple angles but don’t have a crew. I have done that with a GoPro, but the frame rate at 4K is limited and the fisheye effect gets in the way, this would be a much better solution.

    • JF

      The fact that P&S cameras can shoot 4k IS MANDATORY to make compact camera survive in front of smartphones that now start also to offer 4k ! Can you realize that ?
      If camera companies wants to differentiate from smartphone on both photo and video they have to offer higher end photo specs and at least same or better video level.

      IF NOT they will be cannibalized by smarthphones and definitely die !

      Newt generation P&S cameras have to be High End P&S (both photo AND video) or die !

    • steve37

      Huge news. 4K is extremely important. Thanks Panny.

  • carl

    2,0-2,8/24-90mm is only comparable to Sony RX100III if the camera carries the same 1″ sensor. If the sensor is smaller, it is a lesser spec’ed optic and not comparable in terms of knock out abilities and the whole system has less low light quality.

  • leone

    For this class of high end PS, sensor size rules all. In this case of LX, lens doesn’t really matter if the sensor is still finger nail size.

    on paper LX doesn’t stand a chance against RX100, no metter which generation.

    • Mark Lavrijsen

      Did you read it at all? This rumor and other rumors state that LX8 will have a 1 inch sensor. Same sized sensor as an RX100.

    • El Caballero que dice Ni

      The sensor is the same size as the RX100 (1 inch).

    • steve37

      Not gonna buy the paper but the camera. :)

  • mfiftysomething

    It will be interesting to hear video codec for this as RX100 MK3 now has XAVC which is their level above AVCHD so what will LX8 be still AVCH or something better?

  • Wally in Austin

    Re video if it keeps the hot shoe and allows functionality for audio like the GH series it could become an interesting B roll camera.

  • Sqweezy

    Panasonic is a very video-focused company, so I’m guessing, with the 4k spec and all, the video will out do its Sony competitor. Overall, the longer range will be better suited for portraiture, and likely more useful overall than the marginal gain in aperture. I hope the handling will not keep it from becoming a star product. Unfortunately, I am fearful the price will.

  • (FT5) Latest rumor: I heard from a reliable source that you will not be forced to buy this camera, if you do not like it!

    • thank you for telling me this, i was already worried hehe

  • Observer

    (FT5) Latest Rumor:
    LX8 is NOT an MFT camera.

    • MdB


      • Observer

        Please look at the top of the blog. It says 4/3 Rumors.
        This is not P&S Rumors?

        • Real Observer

          I also see a subtitle….

        • steve37

          Call the police!

        • Ross

          What would you like us do? Give you a cheer?

          Go get a life!

        • BdV


        • Dummy00001

          “It says 4/3 Rumors.”

          Yes!!! Finally!!! Somebody is ready to rise against the constant flood of the irrelevant *Micro* Four Thirds posts!!! I’m still waiting for a successor to my E-620! Admin, where are the relevant rumors?!


  • MdB

    Well the lens range is certainly a big improvement over the LX7. Wonder how big this thing will be, LX7 is already pretty chunky compared to RX100.

    • john D

      The LX7 has a 24-90 lens as well. It is F1.4-2.3

    • Henke

      Exactly my thoughts aswell. LX7 is already to big enough for me.

  • digi2ap

    Is this the long awaited successor to the Panasonic LC1/Leica Digilux 2?

  • safaridon

    What I would like to know more about is the EVF, what size and resolution is it or will it pop up.
    If it is fixed than likely it will be small like the LF1 but hopefully higher resolution. I hope it will be more like Sony’s pop up one unless that design is copyrighted?

  • For a moment I thought trolls went away from this site. It was just a pure illusion.. :) time again to read the topic of the article from and don’t open the site.

    • dont leave me alone Marcoooo :-(

    • Surab

      That was exactly my thoughts…… Oo But please don’t leave just like the comments of the one who argue with them and ignore them!

  • Bhima

    I can see the 1″ format really taking off if those organic sensors actually come to market and perform in the real world as they predict. But today, I would have been happier if the LX8 had an MFT sensor with a shorter zoom range to compensate for the increased lens size

  • Peter

    I look forward to this camera. Let’s see a big shootout between the RX100-3, the LX8, Nikon P8000 and Fuji X30 (the last two are also rumoured to be released “soon” with a 1″ sensor).

    And for the record: I couldn’t care less about 4k video (in fact, I don’t care about video at all, though I realise I am probably the last person on earth who doesn’t do video ;-))

    • steve37

      “last person on earth who doesn’t do video”
      A chance to get into the Guinness :)

    • Surab

      I don’t care for 4K just as a video spec. For me it is 24-30 fps 8 MP burst, contnuously. So could be kinda fun for animals (although lens is limiting…..).

    • mfiftysomething

      Nikon P8000 will be massive and ugly:)

    • Tron

      4K video is the same as shooting 9MP stills at a continuous rate of 30fps. Many of us can recognize the advantage this provides a photographer in certain situations… if you cannot, then so be it.

      • Peter

        Good point. I’ll promote this feature to “nice to have” ;-)

      • REVENGE

        It is the same except the 4K frames are going to be compressed to hell unless you believe Panasonic will put iFrame or H.265 recording into this camera. Which it won’t.


  • Miroslav

    If it has 4/3″ sensor, I’m interested. Don’t care about 4k video… Proper FullHD is enough for an amateur.

    • BdV


      • gt

        even a so so m43 lens that covers 24~90mm f2~2.8 alone would probably cost 500+ and it probably would be quite chunky too. plus a GM1 body, you looking at 1k+ for the system.

      • Miroslav


  • Jules

    I could use a bit more reach on the tele end, but it remains a very desirable compact.

  • I’d much rather have LX7 image quality in a shirt-pocket package. If I want better IQ and I’m willing to carry a pouch, I’ll go with m43.

  • depannist

    Needs to match the Sony in size and/or be priced much less to compete favorably. The main reason people pay the premium for the RX100 is its size. If I’m going bigger than the RX100, I think I’d be looking at the GM1, not the LX8 @ $800.

    • Surab

      That might be your POV, but not of us all. I would prefer that rumored lens since it would still be more compact, faster and flexible than say a 12-35. Together with a compactish body, 4K for fun and an EVF for 800$ it would be a very nice camera.

    • mfiftysomething

      For me GM1 has no viewfinder, lenses too big (compared to LX or RX) and the body is too small to hold properly. LX7 feels better than RX100 to use.

  • alffastar

    This is EXACTLY what I thought today – HOORAY. 24 – up to 90 2.0-2.8 and I am all in. Now I really am :)

  • Surab

    I hope the do it multi aspect again (e.g. take the 16MP sensor of GH4 and make it so that it has 8MP in 16:9 and 9 – 10 MP in 3:2 and 4:3. That would be fine for me as far as resolution has to go on a compact go everywhere camera, would cast less stress on the lens (thus maybe compacter) and could help with full sensor read out.

  • Drew Roberts

    The addition of 4K is great news, glad I did not purchase the RX100M3 yet. Really surprised Sony did not include 4k in the RX100M3 to start. 4K is a must for me, be interesting to see how Sony responds as currently their 4k camcorder is still very overpriced.

  • ronin

    This sounds very nice, and will be a nice competitor to the new Sony.

    I’m definitely going to buy the best one of the crop next winter after the second or third wave of discounts.

  • Lumix

    The LX8 is a monster if it has all GH4 video features and bitrates in 4k with cinelike profile and pedestal level

    • PBR

      I wouldn’t expect the same profiles and bitrates as the GH4, or a codec anywhere near as robust, but still… 4K in this package? Even if it falls apart quicker than the GH4 (and it likely will), it’s still a super impressive little camera.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    This seems like an accidental GM1 competitor: a great 1″ sensor will start to get close to M43 image quality, if not DoF. The GM1 is all about great IQ in a remarkably tiny size. This camera will likely be even smaller, perhaps even shirt pocketable. The (presumably) fast, tiny, high quality zoom will likely be competitive with the extraordinarily tiny GM1 kit lens. Many customers won’t need to change lenses, and those that do currently have no “made for GM1” sized lenses. This camera promises an EVF, and 4K video. For me, the size, the EVF, and the 4K would be enough to tip me in favor of this camera over the GM1, even though I own a number of small, great primes, if the handling and manual controls are enthusiast friendly. Shooting video that could have high resolution stills pulled out later is pretty interesting. Can any other camera currently shoot video and take stills without interrupting the video? How does the GH4 handle this?

    • Chris Lamb

      Quite – I have a GM1 and frankly the inability to install a hotshoe EVF or OVF is really irritating. It turns what is an excellent camera – one I have used repeatedly – into something defined by its wants than its features.

  • MrLee

    The Real question is… Will the LX8 Lens still have the same Amazing Macro Capabilities as the LX5 and Lx7?

  • Dummy00001

    I wanted to write something, but then I recalled the price of the baby – $800 – and decided to write nothing. Here goes the nothing.

  • Wow. If it’s true, kudos for Panasonic.

    My single complain about the RX100MKIII and even so, it was kind of one minor one, was the range. I said when it was announced that I wished it was 85mm or 90mm for Portrait and to take more advantage of the 1″ sensor and f/2.8 – to try to get shallower DOF.

    I just hope it’s not a 0.2″ 200k EVF like the LF1 compact, it HAS to be a decent EVF, just like Sony was able to put in the RX100MKIII, if not, there is no point in that. I’d rather have a external one via hot-shoe.

  • Dials

    Maybe when it drops below 300 EUR. Oh wait, it has bad dials. Menu-based, good for a videogame maybe, well I am afraid they will wait.

  • Convert

    Home run after home run. Panasonic is going to turn me into a fanboy.

  • caver3d

    I cancelled my preorder for the Sony RX100 III, I will either get the LX8 with 1″ (or larger?) sensor) or the soon-to-be announced Fuji with 1″ sensor. I’ve always liked the Pany LX series and still have my LX5.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    What doesn’t show up on the spec sheets are ergonomics and UI. That’s where Panasonic has the opportunity to blow away Sony. Previous RX100 cameras suffer from Sony’s better-than-the-NEX-but-still-pretty-crappy-UI-and-menus, compact camera handling, and poor ergonomics. I hope that Panasonic gets it right, because you know that Fuji’s X30 will handle like a dream but be a distant third in video and won’t be pocketable. Panasonic could have the best little camera yet, even if it steals thunder from the GM1.

  • nOpHoto

    I hope it will have touch screen and the size won’t be bigger than LX5.

  • a

    much better than gm1/kit lens for the price then (assuming $800), given the lens more than makes up for the slightly larger sensor.

    • JHCCAZ

      Just to be clear, the MFT sensor is really quite a bit larger than the RX100 “1-inch” sensor. The former is 225mm^2, the latter is 116mm^2. So the MFT is nearly twice (~1.96x) the size by area.

      By comparison, note that APS-C (varies a bit by mfr) ranges from ~1.46x (Canon) up to ~1.65x by area vs. MFT – in other words the “huge advantage” of APS-C vs. MFT is noticeably less than the relative advantage of MFT vs. “1-inch”. As you know, the “inch” designations are arcane and cannot be used directly to understand the sizes.

      Of course, the idea that LX8 has a “1-inch” sensor is still rumor – it could be something else. And yes, yes I agree that none of the above should determine one’s purchase decisions – just trying to clarify the numbers.

  • Val Evans

    Just cancelled my RX100 M3 order as well. I love my GH4 and would generally take Panasonic Lumix over Sony most things being equal. This LX8 sounds just too good not to try. I have a Sony A7s on pre-order as I have never had a full frame camera and have fallen out of love with most Nikon models. I know this is unrelated to this post but I purchased a new Nikon 1 J4 and it arrived with smudges and what appeared to be a scratch on the clear piece that covers the sensor. I don’t even know what that clear piece is for as all the other mirrorless cameras I’ve seen have nothing in front of the sensor. I promptly returned it. Horrible camera.

  • simfan

    This would be great to replace my aging D-Lux 4.
    But contrary to remarks here I would love the LX8 to be physically a bit bigger for handling
    so I sure would not mind if it proves to be the consequence of a (rumoured) bigger sensor tech.

  • simfan

    I hope a Leica version will follow as usual ? It’s always worth the extra $ !

  • Company

    I suppose taking pics with a lame camera is all you can do when you have company.

    • Zeikon

      SD, I was starting to worry that you weren’t stalking me anymore.

      Make some friends and go out sometime. It’s fun.

      Don’t forget your Hasselblad.

      • ZeikonSuxDix

        It’s fun to see how you struggle to keep it up. Why don’t you drop the pretend cool? It’s awkward.

        • M43 Rumors

          SD, the only thing I have to keep up with is all your aliases. A self proclaimed ‘bully’ and ‘sadist’ wouldn’t need to cower behind all those names, right?

          And where’s your 4k advantage explanation? You promised.

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