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(FT5) Panasonic LX8 will shoot 4K video. (FT4) Priced at $799.


The soon to be announced LX8 will have a built-in evf like the current LF1 you see on the picture above.

The Panasonic LX8 is supposed to be announced on July 16. And as we know it will have a larger (1 inch?) sensor and a built-in EVF. It also will keep the current LX7 look. And now latest rumors say it will have 4K video too and  get at $799 price tag (same as the Sony RX100M3).

Would you consider to buy such a camera?

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from DR.Photorumor via MirrorlessRumors.

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Eno

    I don’t understand why the majority of the people have voted NO, because I bet ill be at least as good as Sony RX 100 mark 3 which cost about 800$. I wold gladly pay 100$ extra for 4K.
    I personally thing it will be a success, just look on the Sony side RX 100 series are very popular.

    • Pietz

      nobody is arguing with you that it wont be good camera. at least im not, but since this is a m43 website, is it really so hard to believe that most of the readers arent interested in this camera system? i think not.

      i just need such a small camera. if i wanna take pictures casually i’ll use my phone, if im looking for more i’ll have my gh4 with me. this sits right in between and i wouldnt have any use for it…

      • Eno

        I can imagine a lot of uses for it. I bet it will be slimmer then GM1 and have a lens with f/1,8 at wide open. This package makes a lot of sense, and the 4K is the cheery on top.
        I personally am very interested in this little camera besides my Gh4’s.

        • CRB

          it all depends on EVF quality, lens speed and etc…RX100III is the same price….you propably like it because of the video…right? photographers dont care that much for the video…i would buy one, once the price drops to 699, but only if the evf and lens are as good as the sonys

          • Eno

            Speek for yourself with the sentacne “photographers dont care that much for the video…” I do both and I care a lot about video and 4K and I know a lot of other people who think the same.

            • CRB

              then you are not just a photographer dont you think?


            • Gandalf

              A photographer does not shoot video, he shoots stills. A videographer shoots video. If you shoot both, then you’re not just a photographer, but a videographer as well.

          • kiki

            i’m sorry but you re totally wrong, i never read or heard something like “photographer doesn’t care about video”. By the way, no need to have an high definition EVF for recording 4k video. Because focus peaking help a lot. I record with focus peaking with my GX7 and it’s so sweet.

            • CRB

              tell me why someone that only take stills ( a photographer) cares about video….

            • CRB

              i have a GX7 too…and the focus peaking is far from good when shooting foliages for instance…can you point how to make it better?

              • MrALLCAPS

                Change the color of the FP, works for me.

                • CRB

                  Thanks…will try it…the 20mm works better with manual focus

          • steve37

            I don’t care much of the VF. I put a camera to my eyes only in case of strong ambient lights. Display gives much more freedom: low/high POV.

          • MrLee

            The Rx100 lens cant touch the LX7’s macro capability so I know it will be a candle in the sun to the LX8…

      • Cassius McGowan

        Well it would be good use for someone like me that’s doing wedding cinematography. And I need a b/c cam to match with my panny 4k 4k.

        • Eno

          Totally agree!

    • Because the majority of people don’t need a new camera. At least not this. Personally I don’t need it but perhaps I could get it just for “fun”, at least if Olympus won’t offer a more interesting product and if I resist to the Sigma dp Quattro.

    • Ross

      Because I like my Oly Stylus 1 (along with my OM-D’s) instead with its much longer zoom lens & other features.

  • steve37

    I will definitely buy one although the price is not low. I have the LX7 and it makes very good video.
    Is it possible that it will have m43 sensor?
    I think it will have 1080/50p 100Mbps + 4K/25p + 1080/100p slow mo.

  • Mike Bacchin

    I love competition! :D

  • Mikolaj Zacharow

    But this LVF from LF1/TZ-60 (the same one) makes no sense. The picture is so bad that I would like to have normal “optical” viewfinder instead of sth that gives me such a poor quality…

    • JHCCAZ

      I have the LF1, and the viewfinder is OK – not superb but really much better than the little zoom OVFs in the (big) Canon G1X and the old film P&S cameras – and of course the LVF overlays whatever info you want. The Fuji X20 OVF is better but it’s a MUCH bigger camera than LF1.

      • Mikolaj Zacharow

        Ok, but viewfinders in not much bigger bodies (NEX6, NEX7, GX7, Sony 6000) are far more useable.

        • Dummy00001

          Man, you never held LF1 in your hands.

          That thing is lilliputian, tiny, minuscule.

          All of the cameras – NEX6, NEX7, GX7, Sony 6000 – are at least twice or even thrice larger (by volume) than the LF1.

          • sdd2014

            I think the point is that an EVF’s physical size is not determined by its resolution if an EVF can be fitted in an RX100mk3 body a higher res EVF could be used in an LF1 body assuming you wanted to stick with the small sensor

            • Mikolaj Zacharow

              Larger problem here is magnification. LF1 EVF is too small in magnification = it is too small physically. Resolution is less of a problem here.

          • Mikolaj Zacharow

            Yes, I’ve both LF1 and TZ60 but LX8 will be a bit bigger. It wil be sth in the middle between GX7 and LF1.

            So then putting a better EVF shouldnt be a problem.

    • spam

      You should adjusting the diopter correction. Granted, EVFs like the one in TZ60, LF1 and many superzooms aren’t great, but perfetcly usable for framing shots.

      • Mikolaj Zacharow

        Ok, but viewfinders in not much bigger bodies (NEX6, NEX7, GX7, Sony 6000) are far more useable.

        They aren’t as good as E-M1, G5 and other “bigger ones” but hey, non-tiltable EVF from GX7 would fit on an LX7 compact Panasonic without bigger issues.

  • Neo

    Panasonic’s experience as top notch video specification in a still camera will make this one of the best pocket-able hybrid camera. I would surely buy it anything from Panasonic …

  • HRTV

    All this 4K video excitement is hilarious, 4K video for what? YouTube? lol Cat videos :-) Personally I would put the $800 in a Full Frame systems savings account.

    • steve37

      there is life outside your apartment

    • Eno

      4K is the future for both video and still extraction, denying it is futile!

      • abortabort

        Bahahaha! Yes stills in 8bit 422 or 420 with mass rolling shutter shot at 1/50th (best for video) will be just stunning :P

      • Guest

        I see you drank the cool aid early :-) 4K means nothing to the average household or John Doe around the globe. Its a Geek marketing scam that will sell to the Geek world.

        4K Video means nothing and will always mean nothing to Mr. & Mrs. John Doe Main Street USA.

        • abortabort

          This is also just plain funny, because Mr & Mrs John Doe never cared about megapixels or ‘Full HD’ vs ‘HD’ either right?

          • Eno

            Totally agree with @abortabort

            + 4K brings one hell of a feature for casual shooters, the ability to select any frame, with the desired emotion in it, at a resolution high enough for large prints.

            When 6k and 8K will arrive, still photography will be a niche like film nowadays because of this simple feature.

            The future is very bright, and 4K is leading it!

          • Dan the Man

            They didn’t originally, and didn’t need to. Why spend money to be an early adopter?

        • steve37

          Probably you have absolutely no clue why 4K is good and how it can be used. Who cares of M.J. Doe.

      • Dummy00001

        4K for consumers makes very little sense, since most already have hard time telling 720 from 1080.

    • JF

      Just be more curious and learn about 4K benefits and then you should be back to us less morron.

    • kiki

      go vimeo and watch a lot of video of gh4. gh4 wa only released last month.

      • Frenchie

        The success of 4k means the marketing is efficient, not that the benefits of the capability is useful for many… Guest is somewhat right: **some** enthusiast amateurs might be interested by the feature and use it to full extent, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m not because I never shoot videos.
        So I’m not ready to pay for an extra $1000 to get a GH4 (compared to an EM10) and I too consider this 4k hysteria with perplexity…

        • saadd

          The GH4 is the same body price as the E-M1.The EM10 is a lower level body , no weather sealing , poorer build quality , usual mediocre Olympus video , lower grade EVF and so on. Even if you currently have no intention of moving to 4K tv etc the output of HD is also enhanced if you have no interest in video Olympus is the ideal choice lol

        • Gabby Joe

          What “Marketing”?? I have never before heard the term “efficient marketing” applied to Panasonic or Olympus or m4/3 in general.

          Most likely an LX8 with 4k video will be used by soccer Moms & Dads taking movies of their children playing sports. Have you been out to the Little League games recently?

          There is no stopping an idea whose time has come. 4k is here to stay.

    • Dood

      I agree. 4K works for the GH4 since it will be used for professional purposes where the source material will be edited, cropped, etc to be distributed mostly in 1080p.
      4K video on a deluxe Point and Shoot? (A really NICE P&S, nonetheless.)

      That’s just a feature that exists to check off on the “mine is bigger than yours” list.

      Also for $800 MSRP… I see an extremely small market for this camera.

  • steve37

    It would be nice if it had m43 sensor + 12-40/2.8-4.0 lens + tilting display + full electronic shutter + complete remote control through WIFI.


      You want a GX7, then.

      • steve37

        No, I want motor zoom + 4K video + 1080p slow motion

        • MrALLCAPS


          You want a GH4 then.

    • g_disqus

      No. 4/3 sensor and 15/1.7 or 20/1.7 fixed lens

      • steve37

        no fixed. min 3x zoom

  • rpm40

    I would still expect an m4/3 sensor over 1″. I know Sony and Oly are working more closely, but I think Panny and Oly will continue to support their format and sensor size. All the rumors and comments about bigger or smaller formats are just that so far, and I’ll believe it when I see it.
    If they essentially made an LX7 with an EVF and m4/3 sensor that would be awesome. I’d be willing to accept a fair deal more bulk, along the lines of a G1Xii. I’d also be willing to trade some lens speed for a little more reach like Canon did, but beggars can’t be choosers.

    • MdB

      A fixed lens camera isn’t about ‘supporting a format’, it makes no difference whatsoever to micro four thirds as a system. 1″ will allow the camera to be smaller and the lens faster.

  • mocha

    Let’s wait and see. 1″ sensor is now certainly a trend and has been wasted for its potential of 4K for several years. It is time to explorer how far this sensor can go in photography and video taking. I hope LX8 can implant constant aperture with lower zooming power rather than higher zoom with floating aperture. And of course, reserve the ability of raw video on external device. Why is it suggested because it can make this camera a superior B cam for production. If a fisheye add-on lens is designed altogether, a battle between GoPro and Panasonic should catch all the attention of the video world. But of course, may Panasonic provides some economic 4K display solution to us first?

  • MrLee

    I had a feeling this would be the RX100 killer… Looks like it has a pretty good chance now.
    Obviously 16MP or more which was an update needed on the past 10MP LX camera. Way to gp Panasonic… Cant wait to see what it can do!

  • Dan the Man

    All cameras will get it. Important is the bit rate. No reason to go crazy about this. Now we know why the GH4 was announced first.

  • CRB

    People are confusing statements here. And somehow i hit a nerve…photographers by definition take stills….if anyone have some kind of doubt, its easy to look at the dictionary…if you have to use video, its because you are NOT just a photographer…and video is TOTALLY different than stills…so myself, as a photographer and all others that i know that only shoot stilss, do not care about video, we leave that for those who have competence to do that…and sorry, if you do both, you dont do it well…period


      “and sorry, if you do both, you dont do it well…period”

      This has got to be the Dumbest, Ignorant comment I ever read, here at 43 Rumors.

      Because someone does both, they Suck? Wow. Ignorance is indeed Bliss, huh?

      Tell Giulio that, and the rest of the Hybrid Photographers out there.

      Dang, what a idiotic comment!

      • CRB

        that was an exageration (a bait)…looks like worked well huh? i guess ignorant people are blessed…hybrid photographers? LOL….”bumbest, ignorant”….yep, you took the bait pretty well….internet…my god….

        • MrALLCAPS

          Someone fishing on the internet… I seen it all… My, would you look at that, your 15 minutes of fame are up…

          • CRB

            give it may see even more…but please dont be ignorant with others…just because you dont agree with a comment, you dont need to be all sensitive and offend others…15 minues of fame in 43 rumors…thanks for the laugh…peace

            • Severino

              I will have to agree with MrAC this time….

          • C. C.

            MrALLCRAP = MORON – and we all know it.

            • Natty

              We know that MrALLCAPS is a fellow m4/3 owner and user. That fact alone gives him more credibility on this forum than your flame-trolling will ever produce.

        • Zeikon


          You may want to look at the dictionary yourself first.

          P.S. – Capitalizing more than one word means you’ve already lost the argument.

          Carry on.

    • Dmitry Anisimov

      with 4k you can pick a frame from a stream — and that’s a still.

      • steve37


      • Bhima

        Well, it does depend on the quality of the 4K and shutter speeds could cause blurring, but yeah. You can pull stills from good quality 4K. We’ll see if the LX8 actually has 4K and then lets hope its good.

    • steve37

      This is a m43 forum and not a (exclusively) photo forum.

    • Phred

      CRB…I could not agree more with you outlook…and don’t pay attention to Mrs.AllCraps..she is a LOSER!

  • g_disqus

    1″ who needs it?

    • abortabort

      This is about as ignorant as m43’s users get. I guess “m43’s who needs it?” is an apt reply.

      • Thinkbad

        Nobody is truly needed. Especially idiots like you.

        • Gandalf

          The same applies to you!

    • Dmitry Anisimov

      Those who want pocketable camera, no?

      • g_disqus

        GM1 + lumix 14/2.5 or olympus 15/8 :) – pocketable, Ricoh GR Digital (aps-c) – pocketable, hmmmm… Nikon Coolpix A – aps-c
        Nikon 1 and RX100(1,2,3) have already 1″
        4/3 is smaller than aps-c and bigger than 1″. I guess: it would be very small camera with fix focus lens or slightly bigger camera with 3Х zoom (GM1 + 12-36). I think we need two models: LZ1 (zoom lens) and LX8 (fixed lens). But Panasonic has GM1 (for zoom), therefore theoretical LX8 should be with fixed lens.

        • steve37

          Pana would not sell many pieces of a fixed lens LX8. If you want fixed buy a m43 body + a (or more) prime lens of your choice. Anyway the LXn (n=3,5,7) was never a fixed lens cam.

        • Dmitry Anisimov

          GM1 + 14/2.5 is barely pocketable, and has wideangle prime, so for normal-tele range 1″ zoom compact beats em.
          I guess the new LX will be RX100-like; RX100 is almost twice as thin as GM1 + 14/2.5

    • I’m a professional filmmaker who shoots 90% of his work on the Sony CineAlta PMW-EX1, which has a 1/2″ sensor. It is one of the most popular ENG/broadcast style cameras ever made and has been used to shoot thousands of documentaries and TV programs for major networks including BBC, Discovery, etc. One of my friends is a cinematographer at PBS and they STILL use the Sony EX1 all the time. Higher-end cameras in the CineAlta series have 2/3″ sensors, including the camera used to shoot Star Wars Episodes II and III and many other feature films. 99% of Panasonic VariCam cameras have 2/3″ sensors, and these cameras are commonly used for major Hollywood films. Both the 1/2″ and 2/3″ sizes are SMALLER than 1″ yet they are still used by millions of professionals all over the world. As a professional, would I be interested in a portable camera with a 1″ sensor (roughly the same size as super-16mm film) that shoots 4K video? ABSOLUTELY! Who wouldn’t?

      • g_disqus

        Ok. You know difference between pro reporting video camera and photo camera with video recording. 5dm2 is very bad reporting video camera, but for filming (ad, movie, etc.) is good. I guess little point&shoot camera isn’t good for reporting…. maybe not so good for filming. We will see it soon.

      • steve37

        But you have 3 x 2/3″ sensors in that camera :)


    43 sensor, or bust. That’s all I have to say for this camera. If Panasonic is going to stay strictly Four Thirds, then follow the Fuji route, and use your best sensors for the serious cameras.

  • Milt

    I wonder if it will have DFD like the GH4- simpler because there is only one lens involved.

  • c2prods

    I’d be interested if it has a decent zoom range in the long end, like 28-112 or 28-150. It’s getting impossible to find a good decent camera which doesn’t start at 24 and ends a bit further than 100.


    Don’t forget that the RX100s are really small. I have an LF1 which even smaller (and much cheaper now), I got it for its EVF. But now that RX100-III is out with its EVF I’ll have to choose between Panasonic & Sony.

    If LX8 stays the same size as LX7, not a lot bigger but noticeable vs. RX-III it will be seen as a carrying disadvantage even though it handles better when shooting. Hopefully it brings a better lens and/or an even bigger than 1″ sensor along with its better video. Some put a lot of value on hot shoe which is a plus for LX, but I put more value on flip-out LCD which goes to RX.

    DPReview will post its chart of “equivalent” aperture across the zoom range – Panasonic needs to look credible on that graph. I’m not talking my personal beliefs, but looking at how customers will decide between competing brands.

    • revaaron

      A slightly bigger camera might not be the end of the world, especially if that translates to better/more controls and a bit of a grip. A lot on photography forums (less so in real life) complain about the RX100 being too small and at least some RX100 buyers might be willing to get a bigger camera. The RX100 is compelling for more reasons than just size compared to a MFTs or APS-C camera with just a kit lens.

  • mFTdude

    To be honest for a low ISO shooter like myself who never strays above 800ISO , & assuming it is has sensor performance as good as the Sony RX100mk1/2/3 {etc} .This could make for an excellent go everywhere camera as a back up to my mFT kit when I do not want or need to carry my wider kit.

    At low ISO the image quality loss between the RX100mk1/2/3 and my E-M1 is pretty small especially for the type of shots I would most often take with this kind of camera [ vacation, travel hiking etc]

    Then there is the size advantage even the smallest mFT the GM1 { a no go for me due to lack of EVF option} with a lens that is at least as fast [ even for the equivalence fans amongst us lol ] .This lens would do the same as a 12-35mm F2.4 – 3.8 .To at least match that speed at the wide end ,which is most important to me [ interiors, landscape ,social situations, etc] you are hitting some pretty expensive and large relatively speaking lenses,555,ha,t

  • Very interested in this as a possible GH4 b-camera. But how easy will it be to match the GH4’s colors?

  • mfiftysomething

    I have a LX7 bought because mainly because it was such a bargain (caused by the RX100 release with a bigger sensor) but it really is a good all round camera, so LX8 gets 4k, a 1″ sensor and an EVF things are looking good -all I wish for now is better lens cap. Thank you Sony for pushing the other manufacturers!

  • ronin

    Ha ha ha. Wshew. For a minute there, I thought he said $799.

  • PGi

    Hope the sensor would be m43 one used in the GH4, one inch is not acceptable image quality wise.

    • BobTB

      lol the Sony 1″ sensor at low ISO up to around 600 ISO or so ,is pretty much on par with the GH4 or any mFT model for that matter .

      Work out how much it costs to get a current gen mFT camera with built-in EVF and equivalent lens to the one on the new RX100mk3 that would be a 12-35mm F2.4- 3.8 on mFT. Now how many 12mm lenses are there faster than F2.4 and what does it cost ? Even at the long end there are no cheap kit lenses that are that fast so to outperform it will not be cheap nor will it be even close to pocket-able.

      Now honestly if image quality was truly important to you why would you be shooting mFT when there are so many better options available.

      • whensly


        • BobTB

          I agree with you totally Whensly that is my reason for having mFT. At least under 1600ISO the RX10/100 series is within a fraction of the image quality of mFT, My comments were in response to the suggestion that the 1″ sensor image quality was unacceptable , I have both the E-M1 and RX100m2 and honestly at the low ISO setting I shoot at the difference between them is not that significant

    • Absinthe

      Seems like you only care about high ISO shooting then, or are more interested in how the result looks at the pixel level than at the image level.
      Both RX100 and Nikon 1 have acceptable IQ up to at least ISO 1600, at normal display and print sizes.

      • whensly

        really I wouldn’t use the Nikon 1 at an ISO over 200 Asa. AT 400 I notice it becomes a grainy-fest. Do love the camera but

    • BM

      Kind of Ironic to be making fun of smaller sensors. I guess there is always somebody in the food chain that needs picked on I suppose.
      Honestly, in 2014, if one can’t find contentment with any of the gear available nowadays regardless of sensors, size of camera, brand of camera, color of camera and on and on…one needs to look themselves in the mirror and ask, ” Do I really enjoy photography”. We are blessed to have such amazing choices.

  • Dummy00001

    Anyway you spin it, at $800 it would be a hard sell. RX100 is.

    It would be a revolution at $400, but at $800 it is just “another camera I can’t possibly afford”. RX100 alone for this purpose is enough, IMO.

    • Turbofrog

      …But Panasonic doesn’t get any money when Sony sells an RX100. If they can get some buyers to take their product instead, they don’t really care if you think the market doesn’t need another product at that price point.

    • Bhima

      Wha?? the new RX100 IS $800. Or do you mean the old RX100 that’s $500? Don’t think the older RX100 will compete with the new LX8.

      • whensly

        if the LX8 record 4K that will be a significant difference between it and the Sony. I have an LX7 and my girlfriend has the Sony Rx100. I’ve used both, the images on the Sony look better coming out of the camera but shooting with the Panasonic is SO much more fun, I make better photos with it. Sony still hasn’t come out with a user interface that makes me switch in any class of camera I hate their UI. Too bad as well because their cameras and sensors are amazing.

      • Dummy00001

        > Don’t think the older RX100 will compete with the new LX8.

        They would. If the IQ and the lens are comparable, as everybody expects, EVF or not, then they would be competing.

      • Harry

        Why not? How does that mismatch your vast experience?

  • Foxytom

    Sensor size is the new megapixel

    • revaaron

      Were you here complaining about the fast lens when the LX7 came out? “Lens speed is the new megapixel”

      Whodathunk that people would be complaining about getting bigger, better sensors in new camera models?

      • BdV

        Was he really complaining?

      • Foxytom

        Perhaps you would be so kind as to point out where it was that I was complaining.

        Sensor size is one of many factors in making a better camera, just as megapixels are.

        Many people more susceptible to the camera makers marketing campaigns fell for what is now known as the “megapixel myth,” by getting sidetracked by megapixels in the past, thinking that was the deciding factor in making a great camera. In some case it was, of course. I fear that now sensor size is becoming a similar phenomenon.

    • whensly

      yeah but…it’ really does make a difference in aesthetic. like the difference between 16mm and 35mm films..they both were great but different.

      • Foxytom

        It’s true there is a difference, just like the one you point out. IMHO it is more of a difference than a better/worse situation. The LX5, for example, does good Macro precisely because it has more depth of field.

        My fear is that people rule out, for example, an APS-C camera because it is not “full” frame (a Linhoff is full frame) whereas it is a format closer to the super 35mm found in motion film.

        A number of people rule out the new Digital Bolex, a camera that certainly excites me, merely because it is not full frame.

        • Tom

          So, you get excited at small things… You have no clue have you?

          • Foxytom

            Clearly someone who has never shot professionally…

    • Dmitry Anisimov

      Megapixel race is not over yet: Samsung is going to release 28 mpix aps-c.

  • Adam

    Why is this being reported in 43rumors?

    Is it a m43 camera? If not, is it a signpost suggesting where Panasonic might go with the next generation of m43 cameras?

    If it is just another compact, included only because it is Panasonic, talk about it somewhere else! I have no problem with compacts (whatever the sensor) and there are times when will choose to use one o_O.

    Unless it is relevant to 43 or m43 I don’t want to see it here – there are other sites I use to keep up with other formats.

    • Hedge Hopper

      You are not Admin – nor are you his boss. If you want to decide what is discussed on a given forum, start one and be the moderator/dictator.

    • B

      Wow….what a nut job. You act like lives are on the line here. Just cameras buddy….it is just cameras.

    • JHCCAZ

      As pointed out many times before, the title right below the logo says:
      “Panasonic and Olympus Digital Camera News”

      It contains information of interest to MFT users, which includes information about other products from the suppliers.

      Kind of like the “New York Times” reports on things that happen in Washington, or around the world.

    • uiti

      Make your own rumor site! , very easy.

    • Ross

      To Adam “Unless it is relevant to 43 or m43 I don’t want to see it here”

      It has everything to do with 4/3’s & M4/3’s as it is manufactured by the same companies that do the above & includes some features from from that format & as 4/3’s users we also like to supplement our 4/3’s & M4/3’s with cameras like this.

      It’s actually your comment here that isn’t relevant & we don’t want to see it here!

      • Pink

        What he really means is “stop talking about the ways Panasonic is trouncing Olympus”

        • Ross

          Yeah right, not! We need them both to end up with the best from both. And we need the other participants in M4/3’s to help keep up the competition.

  • Jimmy Russell

    Meanwhile, Sony is about to come out with a $1,000 full frame.

    • Turbofrog

      Keep believing that…

    • Dummy00001

      Any progress on pocketable 135 format lenses? Riiight.

      Keep feeding your G.A.S.

      • Jimmy Russell

        And this is “pocketable”? Nothing in M43 is “pocketable”, sorry brah.

      • wzw

        35 2.8 Sony? 40 2.8 canon? Pentax pancakes?

        • Dummy00001

          > 35 2.8 Sony?

          36mm thick. Compare to 25mm thick Pana 20mm. Or 22mm of Oly 2.8/17mm. Or any lens you mention yourself.

          > 40 2.8 canon?

          Pretty much the only lens which qualifies. But. Canon has no smaller mirrorless camera. The lens will not fit the Sonys.

          > Pentax pancakes?

          The Pentax DA 40mm is also an APS-C lens.

          Do not get me wrong, Sony 35mm look OK for A7. But its price is simply outrageous for what it is – another 35mm lens.

  • Bob B.

    My E-PL 6 does so much more than the LX8…for less money!

    • Wonk

      Yes, the built in EVF on your EPL6 is better for sure, not to mention the awesome 4K codec it has!

      • wzw

        And the “much more” lenses for less money is intriguing.

  • Ross

    Admin, maybe you should be looking at Photo Rumors for more accurate date & price (if theirs is more accurate).

    • Severino

      PhotoRumors says June 16th (not July) and $899…

      • 5r

        The date is a typo. See the other articles on the same site.

        • Dummy00001

          Newer post says June. Older one – July. Still, both are based on rumors.

          Though the expected price of $899 is even more disappointing than $799.

          Whatever the price would be, I feel that it would be too high for me to the point where I do not really care for when the camera is released.

        • Ross

          OK, thanks. It’s all rumours to me & I don’t know what to believe as to what is fact or wishful fiction until it has been announced (& sometimes it is wishful fiction in the announcement from the manufacturers :) ).

  • PBR

    Wow, Panasonic is really impressing me! Normally I wouldn’t consider a fixed lens bridge camera, but 1″ sensor, built in EVF, RAW capture, 4K video… I’m sure it will be more expensive than the LX7, but if it comes in at around $600-700 then I’m on board for sure.

    • PBR

      Oops. Just saw that the price was posted at 799. I’ll buy one when it goes on sale!

  • Viezevure

    The end of M43 is near. Pana making camera with 1inch sensor wich quality is as good as any m43 camera. Almost every brand is making cheaper smaller and better APSC camera’s than M43. Sony puts really really superp cheap small FF camera’s on the market which M43 only can dream off. People who are still buying M43 are buying a sinking boat and on top of that bad picture quality.

    • paleonature

      so tired of those idiots :(

      • BdV

        Yes. Unfortunately, after all we tried to make him understand, over and over again, it seems not even the smallest particle of information can reach his brain. I’m afraid we’re going to have to give up on him.

        • Ironymous

          You’re assuming he has a brain. I’m assuming he’s just a stick of broccoli.

    • Dummy00001

      Viezevure, welcome back! I can’t believe your shrink let you out so soon!!

    • ronin

      Taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture…

      APS was the original compromise format, between larger 135/medium format, and compact cameras. Without at all going away, the interblogs later declared the new official compromise format, micro 4/3.

      When the originally promising micro 4/3 ran out of steam, never attaining the critical mass of camera manufacturers originally envisioned, coupled with high prices, the door was left open for yet a new official compromise format.

      Without trying to troll here, a case can be made that a new compromise format is in the wings. Ironic that the 1″ format was founded by the mirrorless offerings of Nikon, a company often derided in these parts, yet holding its own in mirrorless as well as pioneering a new digital format.

      There is a growing sense that 1″ may juice some life into the moribund camera market, at least for a tiny little while. Why else start to cover 1″ rumors in a micro 4/3 rumors forum?

      • Dummy00001

        Establishment of 1″ as a new standard would mean that 43 suddenly becomes a large sensor format and would give it a short-/mid-term boost.

        Otherwise, 1″ needs a system behind it. All what we have right now is bunch of vendors doing different things with 1″ sensor: Nikon 1, Sony RX100, Samsung NXmini. And I can’t see any of them cooperating with each other – there are no incentives for them to.

        And any new lens system always brings back the old ghost of the proprietary lens mounts. Namely, almost all of the lens mounts are proprietary and anti-reverse-engineering laws are at their strictest right now.

        • ronin

          That’s like saying micro 4/3 suddenly made APS a larger sensor format, and thereby gave APS a short-/mid-term boost. Didn’t happen then, won’t happen now.

          What Micro 4/3 had going for it was momentum, and that momentum (and great products of course) helped overcome the smallish format and high price burdens. All the while, APS format still held its own, as it were.

          If the momentum shifts to 1″, for all the exact same reasons it previously had to m4/3 (great quality in a smaller format with smaller lenses)…

          If there is a shift to 1″, the last laugh may well be with Nikon, which was universally derided for daring to drop to a smaller than micro 4/3 format. And by its buying market share in mirrorless for a period of time, where now it actually dominates micro 4/3 in some markets.

          Note that micro 4/3, too, is a proprietary lens mount. It just happens to be shared by two manufacturers rather than one.

        • Harry

          M43 will never be a large sensor, it is tiny and overpriced, this is why the system is ailing so badly.

    • Tom

      @ Viezevure: if we use the ‘so-callled’ one inch sensor used by Sony in the RX1000 series as a reference then we can say this:
      – chip surface is only half that of a m43 chip. This will probably not be an issue in about five years as far as use of available light is concerned but it is an issue at the moment.
      – having a bit of margin in the DoF domain does not hurt. m43 is beautiful, 1″ is insufficient.
      – AF: I need it to capture my offspring who is always motion. My GX7 blows 99% of all other cameras out of the water (yep, everything except for FF cams intended for the pro market). As a reference: my D610 is ok but not on par. Let’s see what the LX8 will offer.
      I am happy to admit that it would be possible to equip the LX8 with a state-of-the-art AF but I first want to see the final product.

      Your remark regarding Sony: they ‘forgot’ to add a touch screen on the A600. Using arrow keys to move the focus is kind of entertaining. Sony FF: very nice bodies, very limited selection of lenses.

      Bad picture quality on m43: is this a grounded assessment or your 3rd troll posting?


    I really liked everything about the LX7 except: 1. The size and 2. The shitty video quality. Hopefully they at least added usable 1080p60, I don’t have high expectations for its 4K output.

  • Lumix

    Panasonic is the leader in photo and video… Hahaha sony ridiculous price for a hanged product A6000, A7s ecc ecc

  • Jezz

    Why a FIXED lens and not M4/3 FFS! ??? Clueless!

    • wzw

      fixed lens? Where did you read that?

      • Matt

        Fixed as in non-detachable, not fixed focal length (or at least I assume that’s what they mean). It’s a pretty silly question though. The LX line has been and always will be a P&S line, not an ILC line. They already make a tiny ILC anyway – the GM1 – and I imagine that some of these features like 4K video and a hotshoe will be in the GM2. So I’m not sure who’s clueless here..

  • Dune Dog

    Talk is cheap. The LX7’s video quality is just fine for 1080p HD.

    The LX7 has had a good run and now the LX8 will follow suit.


      Talk is talk. I owned the camera for a year and shot video extensively.

      The quality is fine for some perhaps, but the aliasing is incredibly bad, even in scenes without fine detail. The RX100 performed much better.

  • Lumix

    fixed 35mm equivalent lens on m43 sensor and 4k for less $1000 wold be the beater camera of all time :)

  • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

    The key will be the lens speed and focal range the RX100m3 is a bit short in focal range. I would sacrifice a bit on size to fit longer lens the LX7 is a bit larger so hopefully That will house a longer and hopefully a F1.8 to F2.8 lens to beat the Sony. Í Hope Touch Lcd and more FN buttons and no lens cap
    The LX7 was a good camera with a nice lens but no EVF and a small sensor so could not compete with RX100m3.
    Hope the LX8 will compete – Panasonic did a good job with the Gm1 although I think an EVF and a tilt LCD should be in the GM2

  • DouglasGottlieb

    A question for the video experts in the house: how does 4k video on a small sensor compare to 1080 video on a larger sensor? What would be the better hybrid shooter: this (assuming a one inch sensor, consumer bit rates) or a GX7 (m43, consumer bit rates)? This or GH3 (more pro level bit rates) ? Thanks

    This camera seems like it will hurt GM1 sales, smaller sensor and fixed lens not withstanding, it will offer slightly lower IQ, an EVF, smaller size and presumably better video.

    I wonder if 4k will become the standard video for all new Panasonic cameras. I hope so.

  • MrLee

    This being posted on a 4/3 site and its a Panasonic and 4K… Is it just me or does this thing have the GH4 sensor in it????

  • zizzo

    Pana should make a Pentax Ricoh GR IV (or upcoming V) like fixed lens 28 1.8 or 2.0 APS-C camera with 4K….

    would be amazing…..would be easily sold like hotcakes….

    I guess a bigger sensor with 4 k is even better or more important than in still photography….especiyll to get the cinematique, the 3d look and for shallower dof blurring the backgorund that e.g. a person pops out of the background……

    By the way the Ricoh GR IV for me with nikon coolpix A the best small pocket camera especially in terms of iq not much larger than the panasonic gm1 but even better IQ than the em1 or gh4……if you dont need high quality video…..

  • Bollox

    Exceptionally, I will give Panasonic marketing department my opinion free of charge.
    I am not going to buy a camera with a petty sensor, a big price and insufficient manual controls.
    You will have to work harder if you want to get my money, same applies to that funny M43 system.
    Now, say thank you at least.

    • JF

      Exceptionally and for free, I will tell you, you are a moron

    • Leslie Hoerwinkle

      Somehow, Panasonic will survive without you.

  • Viezevure

    Lol you M43 lovers complaining about small sensor. You already use tiny sensors in youre toys. 1 inch and M43 sensors are both very small with pour photo output in comparison to APSC and FF.

    • Leslie Hoerwinkle

      Kind of your like your pour spelling.

      • Richard

        You mean like what’s between his legs? lol

    • Richard

      Actually you are wrong and have no idea what you are talking about. M43rds sensor is not that much smaller than an APS-C sensor. The Olympus OMD-1 rivals most APS-C in image quality.

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