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(FT4) new Blackmagic camera with full electronic support coming 2013?


I got multiple mails from different sources saying that Black Magic is working on a new version of their Micro Four Thirds mount camera. Unlike the current model (available here on BHphoto) this one will have “active m43 mount” which means it supports electronic contacts for zoom, aperture and focus control. It will also have phantom XLR, larger capacity battery and an external battery mount. And that’s not all! There will be an improved RAW coded and a slightly different design.

The camera should be announced in early 2013!

Editor’s note: This is a rumor based on “non-facts”. There is no official news from Blackmagic. So go for the actual Blackmagic M43 model if you want it. Don’t base your shopping intention based on rumors. If the current model is good enough for you buy it. If you absolutely need to have electronic contacts and support than wait and let’s hope the rumor turns out to be true!


Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct


  • Heat Legend

    Can’t wait to get my GH3.

    • Very relevant comment. Thank you.

      • Heat Legend


    • Farrukh

      While interesting I’d prefer a GH3 as well…

      • ange7

        you should tweet that!

    • beavis

      Get your GH3, it´s probably a good camera. Blackmagic is a different league, it´s like the difference between jpeg and RAW.

      I´ll keep my small and great GH2 and buy Blackmagic with active M43 mount… :)

    • Al

      If Black magic add 35 mm sensor + slow motion and fast motion and external battery then the will beat all others and they make $$$$$$ but if they do not then it will be waste of their money

  • Chris

    huh that would be so great!! I really hope the rumor is true and that the price point won’t be much higher than current M4/3. I almost ordered it but the lack of active mount really was a problem for me as i have good glass that require active mount for iris.

  • Wouldn’t this kill their model of inactive mount? People who bought the first version will be rich guinea pigs…

    • ange7

      but still rich…

    • I think the early adopters may actually be happy that the new model comes out… because it supports their workflow with a major improvement. I bet many professionals would look at their first MFT Black Magic as ‘testing the waters’ so to speak. So a more fully-featured, hassle-free follow-on would be a payoff for the initial testing.

      Only the shoestring budgeteers would be stricken, but hopefully they’re tracking the rumor mill!-)

  • Anonymous

    one thing I would like to see:
    a battery grip(with nice ergonomical handgrip) option for bmc body that would allow UHS cards, and some classic sony NP series- removable batteries

    better raw processing , and compression options + slowmo would make this camera perfect

  • Tron

    Awesome!! This cam will pair nicely with a GH2 or GH3… can’t wait to see how the 25mm 1.4 Leica looks on this bad boy :)

    I wonder if “improved RAW” means they will adopt Cineform compressed??

    • fl00d

      Looks? lol… these cameras are literally a brick, regardless of specs. I think you could stick a -> insert hot supermodel here <- on it, and it'd still look fugly.

      • Tron

        Looks = Image Quality. Remember, only Oly fanboys obsess over the outward appearance of their cameras (in addition to their hair coifs), but I could care less!

        • fl00d

          Lol oh sorry I mistook your meaning – my mistake.

  • bitcrusher

    makes sense but they have not been able to ship EF mounts in quantity. Too soon if you ask me, if this is true they should just scrap the passive mount m43 modle completely and just move on to this modle.

    I hope its true as I want active m43 mount and would by this camera.

    Too much FUD with the black magic cam at the moment.

  • This wonder of ergonomic design fits a human hand like, uhm, I’m kind of out of words. :-P

  • run&gun

    I hope this is true. Would love to use it with the fast zooms.

  • pat

    hot damn! if if true, That would be an amazing replacement for the Af100 and my collection of MFT and FT lenses that I currently use! I just hope they size up to true Micro four thirds to make it easier to make the switch (as well as getting more reasonable crop) or better still, cine 35 3 perf!

  • Peter J. DeCrescenzo

    John Brawley puts a damper on this rumor (see link below). Anything’s possible, but as much as I’d personally be interested in one, I have strong doubts Blackmagic Design will make an electronic m43 BMCC anytime soon, if ever. It may be too much work for not enough $$$ gain from BMD’s perspective. Meanwhile, I hope I receive the BMCC-EF model I pre-ordered in April soon!

    My BMCC-oriented blog:

  • (Apologies if this gets posted twice … computer weirdness.)

    John Brawley puts a damper on chances for an electronic m43 BMCC (see link below). There are possibly too many technical hurdles — and thus costs — involved in designing a camera that fully supports electronic m43 lenses, including electronic CA & distortion compensation. Blackmagic Design may decide it’s more cost effective for them to invest in, for example, a future S35/APS-C sized sensor cinema camera than mess with a full implementation of m43.

    Meanwhile, BMD have their hands full at the moment just trying to manufacture the existing excellent BMCC-EF model. I hope I receive the BMCC-EF I pre-ordered this past April ASAP!


    My BMCC-oriented blog:

  • This is very cool! I will gladly buy a camera with active m43 mount!camera for my noktons!!! and new zooms!!!

    • Hi Peter.

      I didn’t meant to give the impression that an active mount m4/3 version won’t be done at some point in the future. There are a couple of issues, but I don’t think that BMD would find them in-surmountable. It’s more about getting a version out there sooner that could more easily access lenses like PL mount for cinema.

      What I was told was an active mount would take a lot longer to develop, and they had other priorities right now (like shipping the camera !)


      • Hi John B.: Always good to hear from you! What you describe is my take on the situation also. BMD has the talent to produce an electronic version of the BMCC-MFT if/when they choose to. And, like you say, they have other priorities at the moment — thank goodness! Meanwhile, by reading your tweets, I enjoy following the progress of your latest TV series shoot, including using the BMCC-MFT prototypes. After a 6 month wait, I’m r-e-a-l-l-y impatient to get my BMCC-EF! Cheers.

  • Bart


    Its an odd looking device indeed, but its aesthetics are going to be dwarfed by those of the typical rig when used ‘hand-held’ :-)

    @admin, replying to a post while someone is editing that post seems to put the reply at the bottom of the thread instead of below the post it was a reply to

  • James70094

    I see Aptina is making a 4k sensor for the Nikon V and J series cameras. If Black Magic makes a 4k version for 4/3 m4/3, I know several people that would snap them up for filming. Just adding the electronic support will sell some cameras they otherwise would not.

  • DIY Cinema Camera

    The two 43rds models developments are just as I predicted, and advised. At least BMC is smart enough and listens and cares, unlike some of their users.

    If this is a CES update (is there any major camera show in January or February it could be aimed at instead?) it may indicate a newer s35 model for NAB. The fact that various previous modes did not use the full resolution width or 48/50/60p, was something missed. Which to line up for BMC or Apertus.

    Now, if they could only eventually make the base model smaller like the gh series with the above features , at the same price :-)

  • Macielle

    Oh well this camera rocks with the passive m43 mount, but with an active m43 mount it would kill! It would sell like hot cakes :)

  • ashwin rao

    WTF is that THING?

  • Any new Rumors on this? would love to see this come out.

  • Brian

    Full frame sensor and all is well!

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