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(FT4) Is this the first picture of the GF5? And G5 also coming soon!


On left the current GF3 and on right the new GF5!

A post at Nphoto unveils what appears to be the first picture of the GF5 (on the right!). The poster says the GF5 will use a 12 Megapixel sensor with an improved SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio). THE SNR is as good as the one on the Panasonic G3. It goes up to ISO 12.800, super fast AF of 0,09seconds and a new 920k dots touch screen LCD. The touch screen interface has been revised. Sounds liek a nice evolution but it will be hard to beat the real big deal of the moment…the cheap and hackeable GF2!

And there is a second surprise. Also the Panasonic G5 will be announced soon and use the same G3 16 Megapixel sensor. What will change is the shape of the camera.

After two months of Olympus E-M5 rumors and news we can finally start to talk about Panasonic again! ;)  The rumor has a FT4 value because other sources confirmed that the camera is coming. I am also in touch with the person that leaked this and hopefully we will get some more pics soon!

Links to the current two Panasonic models:
Panasonic G3 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.
Panasonic GF3 at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Jorginho

    G5??? If this is correct it slike the G10. Don’t care, don’t care. don’t care.

    I also doubt it to be true. it makes Panasonics hand out of the G3 sensor to Oly useless as it gives Panny’s lead away. And they will not do that for such a long time. But if it is true and these are the only differences, do us a favour and call it the G3x or somehting. Not a whole new model

    • E-1

      “And they will not do that for such a long time.”

      That’s the reason that the E-M5 has not a Panasonic sensor.

  • Anonymous

    Yeaaah at last ,.. Another toys coming from Panny

  • For GH3 gets hurt, I fear that will end up in a flop…
    Too long that we want and still no sign of life…

    • Too long? How often do you need a flagship model update? Every half a year?

  • Carlos

    And the price for the GH2 will skyrocket again. For those who still want it cheap, better buy it now!

  • Anonymous

    Glad i already sold my toys (G3 & GX1) as I pre ordered the Real Camera OM-D E- M5. More toys coming from Panny ,more better

    • You will probably sell your toy E-M5 when the Real Camera GH3 will be available for preorder.
      And you also will probably sell your toy GH3 when the Real Camera E–M6 will be available for preorder.

      And so on.
      Congratulations, Sir! This is the veritable consumer idiot attitude worth to follow!

    • JF

      Lol… thank you for fighting against economical crisis and helping olympus to make imaging buisness profitable ! You are a model for consumption society

    • And what do you use for shooting in these days?

      • Anonymous

        I am using GF1 as my first love for m43 system . Having GF1 for two years with along side my D700 and two film camera FM3a & FM2n with many Nikon lenses ( manual). Love the portability and compact size of GF1, was waiting for an upgrade but turn out to be disappointed after seeing GF2,3 and bought G3 ,.. And again , I felt different when I holding G3 ,. ISO is better than GF1 but I don”t know why the IQ from GF1 is better in my eyes specially in a good light condition my GF1 is more Crisp than G3.
        Till 3 months ago Panny released GX1 ,. But again I didn’t see any major improovement over GF1 but the ISO itself,.. As a matter of fact G3 is MORE SHARPER than GX1. One day I bring all of my camera G3-gf1&gx1and tried to make some comparison,with the same sett up and lenses,.. And I hate to say that Up to 400-500 ISO my GF1 give me more detail on shadow and highlight ,. Also much more crisp than two other camera,..

  • Charlie

    Actually think that’s an attachment for the new Panasonic V-069 vacuum cleaner.

    • GreyOwl

      Complete with built in cellphone… :-)

  • JF

    1) With 12 Mpix the SNR is only as good as G3 ?? but it should be better as pixels are bigger !!
    2) G5 with same G3 sensor…Wow !! next please

    • Vlad

      Yup, that made me laugh too.

      • Unless it will have a look-a-leica (RF) body style.

  • scooby70

    I’m one of the annoying ones who wants an RF style body with a VF, not a mini SLR form. If there was a camera with that and a swivel screen that could be turned to the body I’d buy it.

    • E-1

      I’ve heard the NEX7 or Xpro1 have what you want.

      • meCk

        nex system has no good compact lenses and the xpro1 is too expensive for most people. the new g5 could actually be quite nice, though a new sensor would also be great (or an olympus camera with the new stabilisation in a non-dslr body)
        there is just no point in having an evf placed in the same place as on a dslr besides bumping your nose against the screen.

      • scooby70

        Sorry wrong post.

      • scooby70

        The Nex 7 looks good but there isn’t a single Sony lens I’d want. The Fuji is an unknown at the mo but will need looking at.

  • 12 MP sensor for GF5 which is “just” as good as the one from G3? Really and strongly hope this wouldn’t mean that the Panasonic still has no new sensor technology suitable for GH3…

    • Jesper

      Even if they do, GF5 wont be the first camera to be announced with that new sensor

    • Anonymous

      Don’t worry , I wont buy another toy from Panny ,as you said; , Panasonic still has no new sensor technology suitable for GH3…it also means there” no way for panny to catch up the new OM-D

      • You talk big, if consider that Olympus was always behind Panasonic in matter of sensor technology in the last few years.

        Even the new OM-D uses a „new” sensor which Panasonic have been used for almost 12 months.

        • Vlad

          You don’t know that yet.

        • marilyn

          they say that the sensor of the OMD is not a pana technology…

          • Nobody says that. Oly just refuses to tell about the manufacturer.

          • TheEye

            No, “they”* say, “Maybe it is, maybe not. We can’t say.” :D


      • Mr. Reeee

        What sort of crystal balls do you have?

        That’s a long big stretch from a possible sensor for the next possible low-end GF5 to the as-yet-unannounced, and barely even rumored, GH3.

        • Vastloper

          The GH series always were the first with new sensor technology and no GH camera was made with the same sensor as the previous. It’s Panasonics way of exposing new technology first. Always in their flagship model. It’s a strategy often found in the entire electronics industy to introduce new (r)evolutionary technology in their flagship models first, with the biggest margins and gradually incorporate it in the other models. So it’s not such a strange thought, actually my idea is the same, but off course there is no proof, but that’s the whole idea about rumors on a rumor site.

  • dzv

    Will the G5 be the rangefinder body with built-in EVF that so many have been asking for?? Finally??

    • Mauro


      • DAEMANO

        Exactly, this is the GX2, an advanced GX1. Thus the drop in pixels. The GX line has lined up to be about still images first. This is not the follow up to the G3.

  • Alexander

    I like to have a E-P5 :-)

  • Narretz

    I don’t think there will be a G5 this fast.

  • Li Hua

    I curious about the lens on the “GF5”. It’s silver, not like the 1445 or 1442. From the shape it looks like the 12-35 comming in the future, but in a silver edition. Is it?

    • dzv

      I thought the two lenses in the picture look like the same lens. Maybe it’s just the lighting that makes them look different?

    • Li Hua

      I did look through some pics, think that the lens on the “GF5” would be the lumix 14-42 silver editon, just like the 14-42IIR to the 14-42II from Olympus.

  • JF

    olympus 12-50 review:

    Optical quality is average kit zoom

    I feel that the EM-5 dxo sensor score will be there very soon ! They seem to be working a lot on EM-5 and m43 these times. We will definitely see if it is G3 sensor :D
    I bet it is not !

    • JF

      They don’t even mention the macro abilities of the 12-50…a big omission

      • DxO only care about bench tests, not actual field performance.

  • dzv

    Does anybody else feel like Oly’s new 5-axis IBIS has set a bar so high that it makes it difficult to consider not having it on your next camera? I have a GH1 right now, and I always felt that the lens OIS vs IBIS wasn’t so much of a big deal, so I don’t mind missing an extra stop or so of stabilization with non OIS lenses. But seeing what Oly’s new IBIS can apparently do, I’m not sure I want to upgrade to anything less. I can’t see in-lens OIS ever being able to match this new technology because even IF it’s possible to implement 5-axis OIS inside a lens (I have no idea), I’m sure it would be expensive and make the lenses much bigger.

    • OM-4ever

      Well, to me its huge. One of the major reasons Panasonic bodies are off my radar….completely.

      • dzv

        “One of the major reasons Panasonic bodies are off my radar….completely.”

        Yeah, that’s the way I’m starting to feel… When I bought the GH1, there were probably 3 main reasons why I chose it over the other m43 options:

        1) Built-in EVF
        2) Swivel screen
        3) Better video, especially manual controls

        Now, if I were to choose between an E-M5 and a GH-3 (assuming it will have most of the same GH features), the GH3 ~should~ still be ahead. The EVF is no longer an issue, but the tilt screen on the E-M5 isn’t as useful as a swivel screen, and I’m assuming the GH3 will have even better video than the GH2 (and therefore easily beat the E-M5). Not to mention the E-M5’s lack of a built-in flash and mic jack. But the 5-axis IBIS, just one single feature, might be enough to make me overlook everything else. I can’t say for sure until the new Panny’s get announced, but that’s the way I’m thinking these days.

        • fgl42

          “Not to mention the E-M5′s lack of a built-in flash and mic jack.”
          Not sure if you know but Olympus does sell a lav mac that comes with an adapter so you can use any mic. Of course it’s not as good as a built in mic jack and is an added expense. But mics can be added. Still, I agree with you. I think in most respects as far as video the GH3 will clearly be better than the E-M5. But I think it will be far easier to capture good looking video with the E-M5 thanks to the stabilization

      • fgl42

        “Well, to me its huge. One of the major reasons Panasonic bodies are off my radar….completely.”
        Completely agree. The new stabilization is a game changer. These GH2 prices are really tempting but to get the sort of smooth Steadicam-like footage that we’re seeing out of the E-M5 you would have to spend a lot of money on a good stabilizer.

        • safaridon

          I agree the new 5 axis IBIS is a game changer for any Oly m4/3 camera but to a lessor extent when comparing with OIS for Pany. I want to see how well this new IBIS handles the heat generated with fulltime use. Sony with their IBIS in DSLRs has tried unsuccessfuly to conquer the heat problem except for short video clips so how reasonable for Oly to be able to do this with no problem? We also do not know if camera shutter shake is a problem for the IBIS at certain speeds. Time will tell but it does look very promising indeed.

          • OM-4ever

            For what its worth, I am looking from the perspective of a stills photog. If video was a primary concern, I think the
            position would be reversed. The IS supports portability, a main attraction for me.

          • fgl42

            A Polish website tested it compared to the Panasonic Mega OIS and the Olympus 5 axis stabilization performed quite a bit better. They didn’t have a Power OIS lens to compare it to though. Honestly, I think the new Oly stabilization is going to be far better than Sony’s stabilization as well. But we’ll have to wait and see. Still, I’m incredibly impressed with some of the handheld footage I’m seeing from this camera.

            • Digifan

              There’s a test with the 14-140mm on the E-M5.
              Forgot where it was.
              Thing is the new IBIS was more than one stop better than the OIS.

      • Miroslav


        For me as well, because IBIS is a big plus for me. And it’s not only one stop on PENs, more between two and three – I can get clear shots at 1/8s with Panasonic 20mm prime.

    • fgl42

      “Does anybody else feel like Oly’s new 5-axis IBIS has set a bar so high that it makes it difficult to consider not having it on your next camera?”

      Yes. I’m particularly impressed with how it works in terms of video. Having said that, I doubt I will get the E-M5 unless it comes down in price quite a bit. I want to see the new stabilization in a EPM-2 or EPL-5. And I want the video capabilities to be at least as good as the E-M5 and hopefully even a little better. I’m patient. I will wait.

    • Mike

      Nope, I don’t really feel that way as long as the sensor is a lower end one. I would venture to guess that the GH3 will have a better sensor than the GH2.

    • That\’s a slick answer to a clhaelnigng question

  • safaridon

    Earlier FT5 rumor said GF5 will have G3 16mp sensor now a FT4 rumor that it will be 12mp? If the picture is true appears that their are body changes with the lens mount moved further to the far edge and position of the right hand grip is also moved and changed? Seems strange move given the GF3 model only introduced in June last year and very popular. The news of improved resolution LCD screen is indeed good news.

    Also surprising is the rumored change in looks in the G5 as an all new body was introduced in April of last year? I wouldn’t complain if the G5 comes in a GX1 body with EVF but do not think that is the case.

    Incremental annual changes for most models by all manufactures seems to be the order of the day.

  • In Sweden Cyberphoto sells GF3 for about 216euro – now I see why.
    GF3 and GF5 probably only incremental changes I guess. It is the GH ang GX series that are of interest for us enthusiasts.

  • matt

    a same senzor in a different body.. ok next…

  • Yun

    This make much sense if the incoming GF5 packed with 12 megapixels sensor , Pana still carry on it’s classification like usual . Unlike Oly & Sony , I feel a mature company should differ it’s products ( in image quality ) accordingly , see Canon & Nikon .
    This is good news if GF5 & G5 are on it’s way but I still insist on the flagship of Lumix , so called very highend camera , likely to rival X Pro or NEX . I don’t need state-of-the-art as established by E-1 , a close call is enough if Pana can make it . I prefer small stuffs .

  • maxter

    if this pic is true, the standard hotshoe seems to make a comeback in the GF series of panasonic. Probably not the worst move, as this might have been one of the major drawbacks of the GF3 (the other would be the missing tilt/swivel lcd, at least for me)

    • safaridon

      Good catch! I was wondering what that was on the top left side and was thinking it was a GPS but hotshoe does make a lot more sense looking at it again. But where does the microphone go now?

    • Miroslav

      That’s not a hotshoe, that’s stereo microphone – the only major change to the top compared to GF3.

  • Jemes

    New body design for G4? Great! Panasonic needs to make its camera less feminine and a little sharper.

    • safaridon

      I thought the G3 body was a big improvement in looks and reduced size. What many are objecting to is the protrusion of the flash and EVF assembly so far outside the body. Maybe Pany can incorporate the smaller body but equal specification of the EVF for the GX1? I would like to see this version as a GX2 only with a swivel screen.

    • Miroslav

      That’s a mistake. The only improvement G3 shape needs is a bit bigger grip. It’s the GX line that needs shape change – an EVF in the top left corner.

  • come on pana

    smaller and smaller… yes they finally heard us

    hope now gh3 will be like g3 size or gx1?

  • Bob B.

    This is good news. I am going to hold on to my G3 and GX1 and go out and make photographs. The image quality of the OM, G5 etc. will not show any significant improvement over the cameras I already have…(although the OM looks like a great camera!).
    The only thing I am on the edge of my seat for is the Olympus 75mm f/1.8 Lens. That should be sweet.
    Maybe when the GH3 appears there will be a significant change in image quality?

  • Great product strategy, Panasonic. Iterate yourself into oblivion.

  • Cheaperthanyou

    G5/GF5? Is Alzheimers setting in? When did the G4/GF4 come out?

    • Narretz

      4 in Japanese is connected to superstition and therefore sometimes avoided by manufacturers.

      • Yep. There’s a reason that the last OM was the OM-4.

  • Hopefully the picture wasn’t taken with a GF5.. lol

  • Berneck Ramolt


  • Tulio

    Why Panasonic keep adding more and more cameras to its product line?
    Just make the GH3 without the fake pentaprism bump and that is it.
    We don’t need a new GF camera every 6 months.

    • Will

      Because that’s where the money is, they’re obviously making money from this, I don’t mind if they bring out a million cameras, more choice is not something i’ll complain about, the fact a camera with sufficient reason to upgrade only comes out once every 2 or 3 years doesn’t interfere with that.

  • CDMc

    Sod the body, is that the 12-35 on it?????????? Admin please find out.

    It looks like the Red HD is on the top of the barrel of the lens on the left.

    • CDMc

      Oops, lens on right – doh

  • NativeFloridian

    G5 = rangefinder style with EVF

    Brilliant! Easy move for Panasonic… I’m sure they will see better than the previous G series cameras (no sarcasm)

  • Anonymous

    The two cameras look identical to me

  • TheEye

    Funny, Oly went for dimly lit puzzle “spy” pictures of the E-M5, Panny is now leaking a blurry top view. What’s next? A blurry rear view, of course! :-P

  • Remiremi

    Seriously ? Who’s enough of a photo geek to hang around pre-production cameras and still shoot pictures with a 2003 Nokia…

  • jojo

    G5 – shape of the camera will change……
    Bigger grip?
    No grip?
    Change to LCD?
    Different VF position?……..Awaiting something more specific…….Could be really good…..or maybe not……

  • sry i know this is off topic… i got a gf1+20mm a few days ago, i upped from a tz8, and i have a problems and wanted to ask if somone could help me.

    -there is no selftimer auto bracketing function, if i want to do a bracketing for a HDR, i got to hold the shutter button, and probably blur the images, the tz can do this with self timer, do i need to get a remote cable release? are there any recommendations?

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