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(FT4) Christmas present: 17mm f/1.8 to hit stores in December for 550 Euro.


Few weeks ago we got Yahoo Taiwan listed the new Olympus 17mm f/1.8. And now we got a more specific info confirming that the lens will hit the stores in mid December. The rumored price in Taiwan is $16,900 NTD and in Europe price will be around 550 Euro. Olympus already said that this lens will have the same build quality of the Olympus 12mm f/2.0 lens. I will certainly grab one of these!

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • 550 Euro?! No comment. Viva la 20/1.7!

    • Duarte Bruno

      Nice lens… for the rich!

      • Nah, the new Canon 35/2 IS is at $850, which doesnt even have a metal barrel like this one.

    • +1 Especially as the “20mm” Panasonic is closer to 18mm anyway (ask Pekka Potka if you don’t believe me).

      • ph

        I don’t agree. The angle of view of the olympus 2.8/17mm and the panasonic 1.7/20mm are quite different. The olympus is significantly wider.

      • avds

        My 9-18mm lens is definitely wider at 18mm than my 20mm lens.

    • Rob

      This was close to the 20’s starting price. I can’t see it coming down so much though, since the 20 benefits from the economy of scale in being wide enough to include as a kit option.

      • qe345fgt

        @Rob the Panasonic 20mm was £300 at launch or 375 euro so 550 euros is quite a bit more expensive

    • MJr

      I think the release date was meant to be the surprise, but it’s the price that haunts us now.

      *Not that i’m for low prices. I like high-quality products so we’ll see.

    • If the lens quality is in the same ball park as the PL25, price is acceptable. You value it and can afford it or not..

  • Anonymous

    I think I will grab a used one half a year later for 450 then.

    • Anonymous

      Considering the drop in price all m4/3 stuff (including lenses) experiences I don’t think you’ll have to spend even that much.

      There are really only very few lenses that are holding up value.

      • Bronica

        + 1. I do that with almost all of my lenses.

        Only the 2/12mm – I bought it new for 599,- Euro in a shop in Berlin. And of course the 1,8/45mm. Both are absolutely necessary for me.

        I have already the 1,7/20mm – so – I can wait…

      • avds

        Can’t agree at all. Last time I checked, almost all m43 primes hold their value exceptionally good. Even the 14/2.5 doesn’t go much lower than what they sell it new on ebay, granted it’s so cheap already.

        This is also true for some zooms. I watched for 3 months to pick up a used 100-300mm and then just bought new one because the maximum difference of $70 just didn’t warrant skipping the warranty. And then there are the two UWA zooms which are very hard to find used at all.

        • Anonymous

          Some lenses hold up value because they are unique. 7-14mm is unique. The 100-300mm is unique at its price point.

          Now look at Pana 12-25: $200 price drop from new in 4 months, can be bought used for $900 (down from $1300), not even a year old. The 35-100 has the same destiny.

          Oly 75-300: new $900, used goes for $650

          Oly 12mm: new $800, used for $550-600

          Oly 45mm: when new was $480, now used $300

          And all of this stuff is just what, 1-2 years old?

          and lets face it, the 17mm f/1.8 IS going to be overshadowed by the 20mm f/1.7, because the two focal lengths and max aperatures are just sooo close. With the 20mm f/1.7 costing $250-280 on ebay there is no way the Oly can keep up the price

          • ckmaui

            where are you seeing the 12 for $550 ? from a legit buyer that is ! cause they are always like $695 min bid ?

          • avds

            Alright, I only meant used versus new. I never buy stuff immediately when it’s new instead waiting a couple of months for the usual price reductions. So I bought the 45/1.8 new for $340 including delivery and I still consider that at $300 used it holds its value like a diamond :) I’ll wait for the new Oly 17/1.8 to lose some value too when it comes out as usual.

            Regarding the 12/2.0, I never saw one used for less than $630 yet. At $550 I might be ready to give it a try. Thanks for the info.

            • Anonymous

              You can find end prices for completed auctions on ebay by clicking “Completed Auctions”, sort by price, you’ll see the prices.

  • Time to sell the 20 then.

    • Duarte Bruno

      Time to get a used 20mm for grabs…

    • fan_guo_lai_xiang_xiang

      Sell the 20? From my cold dead hands!!

      But I’ll consider the 17mm anyway after samples are out.

    • nippie

      Why would one spend 600€ on a 17/1.8 if you can grab a used (awesome) Pana 20/1.7 for around 180€????

      • Sebu

        I’m curious where you can get a used Pana 20/1.7 for around 180Euro?

        • zoom

          Just picked up a brand new 20/1.7 from Argos UK Ebay store for £220 new – £50 discount = £170. Steal.

          • Anonymous

            170gbp 180e …I also didnt saw such good price of used 20 1.7 …maybe now they pops up more

        • nippie

          Sorry, in confused something. I bought mine for 250€ from the nice people at

      • MJr

        Indeed, why spend €600 when it clearly says €550.

        Unless you count the probably €50 lens hood then you’re right. ;)

        • nippie

          Overpriced Lens Hood annoys me the most with olympus…

  • nicwalmlsey

    So many primes, so little time.

    Time to sell the 20.

    • MJr

      It’s PRIME TIME !

  • Mine is pre-ordered !


    • dan

      If Olympus announced a lens hitting store in mid-December… expect to get that lens in February…

  • Esrhan

    M4/3 is a more expensive format than I thought it would be, but now I don’t feel bad at all for purchasing those old, vintage lenses and a few adapters.

    • tomas

      same do I …i already bought 3 OM ZUIKOs but none M43 prime..still too expensive for me…

  • Stupig

    I thought they use HKD in Hong Kong and NTD in Taiwan. Whatever exchange rate plus 20 percent sounds right in Europe, though…

    • Rob

      As $16,900 HKD would be 1700 Euro, I think the author meant $16,900 TWD in Taiwan. Easy to get them confused if you’ve never visited I suppose.

    • Wakaranai

      BIG typo here with “HK price of $16,900 NTD” NTD is Taiwan’s currency, and that price is a (relatively) reasonable $582 at the current exchange rate, vice the US $2000+ putative HK price. I expect the initial US price to be a bit lower, and would probably land in the $500-$550 range no later than Jan 2013.

      Stilla bit expensive, though, IMO.

      • man

        it actually doesn’t make any sense that its new taiwan dollar when its rumored in hong kong. still most lenses in HK have pretty much the same price as prices in euro with the exchange rate.

      • Wakaranai

        Addendum to the above: my uninformed WAG is that Oly’s MSRP is likely to be between $550-$600. Panasonic 20 f/1.7’s MSRP is $429 (with $355 at B&H).

        I think Oly could reasonably use the metal construction, quicker autofocus, and retro controls/look over a plastic focus-by-wire to justify a $100-150 price difference, but not more. And real price differences, meaning that I think B&H would have a hard time selling the Oly lens at any less than $500.

        [or, scratch that, a retail camera salesperson could easily draw someone’s interest with the Oly, and then when the customer sees the price the Pany could come out, “almost as good for a lot less money”, resulting in the sale being made with the Panny….]

        • Wakaranai

          errr, “any more than $500”

  • KI

    If i had the 20, I’d sell it for this lens in a heartbeat. I’ve tried the 20/1.7 extensively, and it’s slow (on Oly houses). If you have panasonic, it behaves a bit better.

    • Rob

      True, but 17 and 20 are very different focal lengths on m43. I’d like to see an updated 20.

      • simon

        +1 with weather sealing please (and of course a faster af that works properly on oly bodys) I hate that non of the primes (except the 60macro) has weathersealing. what use is the weather sealing of the small om-d if you have to stick a huge lens on it to have weather sealing.

      • Mymaco on instagram

        As Pekka Potka stated, actually Pana 20mm is really close to a 18mm focal lenght, in reality. I have (and don’t like) the old Oly 17mm f2.8, and the fantastic (manual) Voigtländer 17.5mm f0.95: I will think about the possibility wether buy this new lens after some review/samples from trusted sites.

        • avds

          Not sure I can use my 9-18mm zoom for a firm reference, but it’s definitely wider at 18mm than my 20/1.7.

    • nippie

      I read that very often but cannot at all reproduce this behaviour. I use the Pana 20 on an E-PL3 and have no problem with AF speed (even shooting available light at bars). The m.zuiko 14-42 on my E-PL1 was far worse!

  • frankv

    I can’t imagine this giving the same “feel” as the 20/1.7 does for much less money. They’d better release a version like the 45/1.8. How did that one slip through marketing for only 250 euro! Ok, its built from plastic, but optically its very nice.

  • Andrew

    35mm is a bad focal length. Not wide enough for landscapes/street scenes, not long enough to isolate anything.

    • Salty

      A lot of people obviously don’t agree with the high sales of the Fuji X100 and the drooling for the Sony RX1.

      I’ve got an X100 and find 35mm a good compromise.

      • Absolute agree, 17mm m43 is nice for street shot.

    • Timccr

      Years ago when we used something called film a lot of people prefered to use a 35mm rather than 50mm as a standard lens. I did and I think it is quite a nice focal length once you get used to it.

    • Anonymous

      Right you are. This guy uses almost exclusively 35mm, but what good does it do him:

    • I can see where Andrew was going. 35mm may not be a bad focal length, but it is pretty bland. 35mm lenses have no unique characteristic. They don’t have the perspective exaggeration of wide angles, nor do they have the perspective compression of telephotos. To frame close-ish objects you have to get quite close compared to a 50mm. But they seem to be not wide enough to fit everything in.

      In my opinion, it is the lack of characteristic which gives 35mm a place in the lens line-up. To achieve a good photo with a 35mm requires more composition skill.

      • WHat is nice about a 35mm is it hasnt really got any wide angle distortion or strange perspective while giving more of the FoV that a normal person may see, while a 50mm is technically “normal” it often feels a bit narrow for FoV.
        Hence 35mm is still a very popular lens.

        • simon

          50 is narrow 42 would be normal. right in between 35 and 50 so no surprise here.

        • Yes, 50mm can be a bit narrow, as if it encompasses the field of view if you were to focus on an object.

          Whereas 42mm is a decent look, and 35mm is just a view.

          Outside of that range opens up a world that we just don’t see with our own eyes!

    • Don Pope

      I completely disagree. The 35mm equivalent is the perfect focal length for photographing people (group and travel but not portraits). Wide enough for interior shots, not too wide for exteriors.

      It was the focal length I used the most when I had Nikon equipment, and there’s a reason the Fuji X100’s built-in lens is a 35mm equivalent.

      I will be ordering one.

      • True, 35mm is good for photographs of groups of people on location. A scenario where you don’t want focal length character but want a bit of field of view.

        Don Pope, I bet you took great photos with your setup. I think it takes a highly skilled photographer to make a WOW photo with a 35mm focal length. A purist, like many of us here, would understand the lens and utilise its properties rather than rely on gimmicky shallow DOF.

    • Mymaco on instagram

      35mm equivalent is perfect for street/photojournalism. Well, I do street photography also with Oly 75mm..

    • avds

      NOOO! :) My 20/1.7 is almost a perfect all-around lens (FL-wise), though I wish it were just a very little bit wider.

    • Obviously, it depends on the photographer.

      I usually shoot very wide or with tele lenses. For street shooting I want a 9 or 10 mm. When shooting with my 35 mm, I do all my street shooting with a 20 mm.

  • Miroslav

    The price is OK, the color is not.

    • JF


    • tomm


      stupid marketing- so oly Never will cover the whole potential!!!

      • Totally agree! I have never heard that anybody complained about a “black-only” Panasonic lense. But people don’t want the silver olym ones. I have to admint, thatI bought the 45 anyway. Which doens’t send a message to the marketing people! :-/

  • and, of course, only available in silver

  • JF

    Now, make a UWA f2.8 tack sharp waethersealed prime (around 8-9 mm). Black would be better but…I have no hope !

    • Tom

      +1 vote for a Samyang 2/8mm at the quality level of their fisheye.

      • JF

        +1 I’m ok with manual focusing as this lens will mainly be for landscape which gives time to manually focus…however, I’d really like weathersealing for bad weather / sea water particules…

  • Pasmia

    What the fstop?! Seriously?! It’s a friggin 1.8! Not leica 1.4 or leica 1.2. But a 1.8 normal prime! I always thought the 12mm was justified for being pretty wide, but c’mon a normal prime at 1.8 for the same price?! How hard is it to keep the price down guys?! or at least give us a half a stop more or a free friggin’ hood this time around! It’s not even weather sealed either! ISO mad! Give us moire 45mm build quality and price!

    • OK not low pice but this have not 17mm pancake too, so more one stop faster and fast low noise AF and direct MF is important for me for street shot.

    • Agent00soul

      It’s not the same price. The 12/2.0 was 800 euro when it came out.

    • Tom

      lol I see what you did there :D

  • chronocommando

    Hehe maybe I will buy one in a few years. But I really doubt it.
    Neither will I buy the 12mm, 20mm, 45mm, or whatever is in between.
    Why should I buy so many lenses to cover the range of a standard zoom lense. I dont see the point. Macro lenses is for sure another story.

    If you want to tell me that these lenses have superior image quality. I can asure you that you have this with good zoom lenses as well. Even some compacts or bridge cameras can offer good results.

    Please buy all these lenses to fill up your bag with lenses and manufacturers bag with money. Dont forget to wait for the limited black version if you like it more :-)

    A native m4/3 super tele is still missing (150mm or above)

    • Sören

      Primes have several advantages over zooms:
      – they are faster (there are no f/1.8 zooms)
      – Image quality is better with µFT. The superb f/2 FT zooms are a different story…
      – Primes do make you think more, which for me is one big part of the fun with photography.

      Zooms are compromises, they have their relevance, but not for me.

      • peevee

        Well, there IS 1.8 zoom – in Sony RX100. At the superuseful 28mm equivalent. If Sony could make it so tiny, I am sure Oly or Pany could make the analogue for m43 twice as big (it still would be smaller than the 12-50). They don’t bother – so Sony gathers their lost sales.

        • chronocommando

          F1.8-4.9 does not count here at all.

      • CC

        +1 on primes great compromise, on IQ and m43 size lens as well

    • jimbo

      Obviously, you’ve either never used the 45mm f1.8 or don’t know how to use it. Any of your zoom at 45mm f1.8 is gonna get squashed like a bug from the Oly 45mm f1.8, it is THAT GOOD.

  • Andrew

    Olympus. It’s your turn for the fast zooms. Preferrably, different ranges. *ahem* 12-60* *ahem* 50-200…

    • Would be nice, but it seems that they don’t want to make such lenses because they hope that they can bring out soon a body that works fully with the FT-lenses and don’t want to make some competition to these lenses – or they are just to stupid to make some very good mFT-Zooms. They had really enough time since the first mFT cams to make something like a mFT 14-54 3.5-4.0 (or only 4.0), or a mFT 12-60, or 50-200. But if Olympus don’t want to make such lenses, another company will do it and get the money.

    • A fast tele zoom!, anyway i think Olympus coming soon by a 50-200mm weather pro in same IQ so 12-50mm.

      • Lily

        Gosh I hope so! The 4/3 50-200 is just too darn big for the EM5. For now I’m using my 4/3 40-150, although I have to manual focus it for some reason, which is super not cool, but I refuse to buy any native m4/3 telezoom until they come out with one that’s weather-sealed. It’s ridiculous that they’d release a weather-sealed camera without a weather-sealed telezoom to go with it. Get it together, Olympus!

        • Esa Tuunanen

          50-200mm’s focal range isn’t retrofocal in 4/3 DSLRs so change to mirrorless won’t enable smaller size.
          Except through lower optical and mechanical quality and smaller aperture.
          (possible use of more expensive special glass elements is different from mount change)

    • chronocommando

      Correct. It is the same like all the other primes to me.
      Why should I buy and carry 5 lenses when I can use one.
      And again the results using primes are not worth the extra effort of money, weight and lense changing.

  • Where’s a for me much more useful 9 or 10 mm prime? And no, I don’t want to carry that bulging 7-14 mm.

    • ph


  • Tim

    I love it-but still i ll wait untill the price drops under the magical 500€ and then grab it.

    for all those morning about the price, if the optical quality is beween the 12mm and the 75mm-the price is really good- considering the bulid quality and size of the lens…

    The best thing is that the system slowly offerst lenses different quality and price for a similar purpose…

    If it is to expensive/not fast enought/to wide/etc. for you, there still is a pana 14mm, a oly 17mm, a Voigländer 17,5mm, a Sigma 19mm and the really great pana 20mm to choose from.

    now lets hope for a small 25/1.8-which should be cheap like the 45mm as a compromise to the great panaleica 25/f1.4 ;-)

    • Anonymous

      They’ll come out with a 25mm f2.8 macro just to be different. It’ll be weather sealed and cost 1.5x the pl25. And of course, hood sold separately.

  • Sören

    Ok, next. 300mm f/4, sealed with tripod mount please.

  • If you don’t like the silver version, you can wait for a year until they release the limited black version for about 800€ including a metal hood and a filter.

    I can’t believe how stupid Olympus is to shoot themselves into the foot with a product policy like this. Artificially limiting the availability on black lenses while selling a black OM-D while Panasonic’s lenses are available in black by default. Also, charging RIDICULOUS sums for the standard plastic lens hoods is just an insult.

    Take the excellent and cheap enough 45mm for example. This is an awesome lens and reasonably priced. I got this lens before I bought my black OM-D. Even though I have the 45mm already, I am probably going to be one of the first buyers of Panasonic’s 42.5mm f1.2 lens once that’s available. The 45mm will then be sold off.

    To my shame, I actually bound over and bought the limited black 12mm as there is literally no alternative from Panasonic for this lens.

    You can ridicule me for wanting my equipment all black or at least consistent. But I still thinks it makes a difference. I wouldn’t replace a black engine hood of a black car with a silver engine hood either, knowing this doesn’t make a difference for driving from A to B.

    • Mymaco on instagram

      I understand your point, BUT I can also see things in a different perspective: if some people complain and ask for a black version of a lens, and Oly “offers” it charging it at a crazy price, and those people BUY it anyway (while complaining), do we have to blame Oly? I’m saying that nobody is forcing anyone in buying something, and people buy what they want/need/can. No hoods included with primes? It’s a shame, but I buy third party hoods, as I did for the 75mm: 12 dollars delivered in Italy from Hong Kong, aluminium, wins hands down against original 70 bucks Oly hood.

  • I want

    And teleconventer x2 please. It will be super commbination with 75mm f/1.8 (150mm f/3.6 – equivalent 300mm).

    Such teleconventer x2 will be even nice for Panasonic 150mm f/2.8 (300mm f/5.6 – equivalent 600mm).

  • Yun

    Another briliant lens but is not for me .
    I expect long tele prime lens , a 150mm or 300mm with fast aperature is what fill my bill .

  • sergey

    I will wait for the Schneider-Kreuznach 2,0/14mm

  • avds

    A little too expensive for a no brainer, but as it’s likely going to be well above the 20mm in about every aspect, I’ll upgrade. The 17-20mm focal length is crucial.

    And that 46mm filter thread is smart :-)

  • Anonymous

    “I expect long tele prime lens , a 150mm or 300mm with fast aperature is what fill my bill .”

    And teleconventers x1,4 and x2, with 75/1.8 and such hipotetical 150mm and 300mm will give nice range.
    75/1.8 x 2 = 150/3.6
    150/2.8 x 1,4 = 210/4
    150/2.8 x 2 = 300/5.6
    300/4 x 1,4 = 420/4.6
    300/4 x 2 = 600/8

    and even with 60/2.8 macro teleconventers x1,4 and x2 will be useful (higher magnification)

  • Ranger 9

    I’ll bet the price won’t include a metal lens hood. Or a storage pouch. Or a pony.

    Let the kvetching begin!

  • QBNY



    No Hood?

    Already own the 20mm, the most used lens out of the three lenses I’ve owned?

    Easy PASS.

    I laugh at the ones talking about selling their 20mm’s for this lens, go ahead, y’all will make someone on eBay very happy.

    • Sören

      The 20mm is great, I agree.
      But the AF is quite slow, too slow in many occasions.
      A lens with the same quality but blazing fast AF is worth
      an additional 150$ for me. 550 Euro is a bit too much…

    • brudney


      Panny 20mm is fabulous (even though its af speed sucks); easily my most used m4/3 lens and I’m not selling it no matter what :)

      I’m sure this 17mm IS a great lens as well, but the price is too high (yet again).
      The whole purpose of micro4/3 was to offer smallish bodies with small and DECENTLY priced fast primes (with a fantastic 250euro Oly 45mm as a perfect example of such philosophy).

      • I agree completely, and I am afraid that the prices of m4/3 lenses will skyrocket out of control, now that they feel they have a captive audience.

        Oly is doing the same mistake it did with 4/3. Yes you will find customers that will babble of ‘free market’ and gobble introduction prices. But in the end there are not many. I saw the 12/2 going down from 800 EU to 600. The 12-35 plummeted almost instantly.

        Besides m4/3 is beginning to have strong competition in lenses too. So who do they think they will fool with an aluminium barrel?

        I for one will keep my delightful 17/2.8 until the price comes down seriously.

        • There is only one thing i dislike of the m4/3: extraordinary high initial prices of everything. Between the lines: If you dont have more time (or patient) to wait for price drop you will became a voluntery doner – known as early adopter. A group of people who pays the development.

          Oly knows that m4/3 would be more competative with lower prices, but they wont :(-

          • I think it is the explanation: they must recoup the R&D costs quickly. But the fabrication costs are much less. Therefore the discounts in due time, sometimes surprisingly short.

            Of course if you tell people, they get v. angry, but ti’s just their greed. If one doesn’t want to spend a fortune, lagging technology is the only answer.

        • Anonymous

          And when ‘babling about free market’ they are still only refering to prices being what people are willing to pay and not about politics.

    • The 20 delivers good results but is lacking in the user experience it offers. To me it’s not only the slow AF. It’s a bit too narrow, a bit too noisy and a bit too difficult to quickly MF (with no distance scale). The wide/normal focal length is too dominant in my photography to pass on this 17/1.8. I agree though, someone will enjoy a bargain with my 20. In fact, I already found a buyer (for $275).

      • brudney

        Slow AF? Yes. Noisy? Maybe a bit. Don’t understand how’s that’s a problem in street photogrphy;) BTW, keep in mind that this new Oly doesn’t seem to have distance scale as well.

  • simon

    the champagne color is stupid or maybe very smart for olympus. maybe the plan is to first sell us these lenses (that don’t fit perfectly colorwise and “weather sealing wise” to the omd) and in a year or so they’ll announce om-d lenses in matching silver or black and weather sealed. not very nice but if it helps them to survive…

  • I may get this…. But I have the 17mm f2.8…. Well, I may not get it… I love the 35mm perspective…

    ahhhh crap.

  • homer

    Only in this site…
    The 20mm is cheaper? Yes, its also dog slow to focus, doesn’t have the build the 17 will have, and doesn’t have proper manual focusing (with a scale even) the 17 has. If the sharpness is the same as the 12mm it’ll also give the 20 a run for its money. You get what you pay for, people want 200$ lenses and then complain if they’re not perfect. Amazing.

    • Anonymous

      The 12mm f/2 is not exactly world re-known for its sharpness.

      And build quality? LOL people, its a consumer item. Stop thinking of lenses like back in the old days, in 10 years time people will not even remember what m4/3 was.

      • The 12/2 is better than sharp. It has just the right level of micro contrast to produce true-to-life images.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          Lower outside center sharpness than in very demanding focal length 4/3 12-60mm zoom isn’t good performance for premium priced prime.

          • The 12 mm is also software-corrected. I use a RAW developer that doesn’t apply Oly-chosen tone adjustements (I prefer choosing my own tone curve), and which doesn’t correct for distortion. With my workflow, I am not too interested in software-corrected lenses.

    • QBNY

      “Dog Slow to focus”?? -Seriously? It’s THAT Bad?? A wee bit Exaggerating, are we?? Wow… Make a lens that’s close to the 20mm, and now it’s a Relic of a lens, no longer the well liked, well adopted, Leader lens of MFT.

      Scale?? Look at the size of the 20mm!! Complain, much? With the 20mm, YOU DO get what you paid for! Even though it’s not Metal, it’s still very well built!

      Nobody is asking for a $200.00 Lens, but this Olympus lens at this price is a Joke.. Yeah, I said it, A JOKE, Laughable. it’s “Bling” for your camera. you’ll be foolish to buy this over the 20mm at that price. How much faster can it be?

      Honestly, it’s your money, do with it what you will. See y’all in a couple years when they announce a Black version and slap an extra $200.00 to the price. Looking forward to reading “Putting my silver 17mm on eBay, Now!”

      • You care too much, QBNY.

        • QBNY

          Not really… I just find it funny that this site as well as a couple others was the reason to make the 20mm my first MFT lens, now people here can’t wait to bash it… Now it’s “too slow”, “build quality is poor”, I even read somewhere here, “Too expensive”!

          Seriously? It’s laughable.

          • Fish

            Not only are other people wrong, they are so wrong it is laughable to you. Must be nice for you to have such entertainment.

            Everyone loves the 20mm. It is still my most-used lens, but the fact remains that if it was just released today, its AF speed and noise would be unacceptable compared to the competition and the gains that m4/3 has made in AF performance. What made it such a popular lens was that we had no choice in the matter as there was no alternative. Although some of us started using the panny 14mm more and more – due to its better AF.

            It has nothing to do with bashing, I would just like a lens (made by either panasonic or olympus) that can give modern AF speed in this focal length. The e-p1 was, and still is, a great camera, but I appreciate the benefits of the latest generation of bodies.

          • poertet

            i agree the 20mm is a great bargain , it sums up the appeal of mFT for me , small reasonable , price excellent performance and as to the AF i honestly cannot say imhave ever had an issue with it , lets face it we will not be shooting bit with it

  • Rinaldo

    Weird is that it is not at BH nor Amazon-US, even for pre-order… :(

    • dgreene196

      Not really weird at all. This is just a rumor that this very interesting Olympus lens will be formally released and on sale in December. For now, it’s merely been announced as in development without an official release/price, etc. The could make an official announcement next week or in a month or in 8 weeks and still fit within the rumored timeframe.

      I’d like to see the 60 mm actually available for sale in the U.S. Wasn’t that supposed to happen in October?

  • Anonymous

    I guess no one is holding a gun to our heads making us buy silver lenses. Funny thing is, is people just utilized a little self control as a group, then it wouldn’t be long, before Olympus got tired of sitting on warehouses full of silver lenses and started making black ones. If someone is treating you poorly, just quit hanging out with them.

    • “If someone is treating you poorly, just quit hanging out with them.”

      Tell this to the Canon crowd. Most likely you will end up in tar and feathers.
      But you’re right. If you don’t like something why would you buy it? There is really no need for all this anger. I guess the mixture of GAS, cognitive dissonance and insecurity is psychologically volatile.

    • QBNY


      You’re right.. As a matter of fact, I’m thinking of putting my 45mm up for sale. Dents SO easy in my bag, small, but too shiny on the street, People DO notice it a lot! I was very close to taking a Sharpie marker to it, or black tape. Love the Bokeh it delivers, but the 20mm stays on my camera.

    • ssgreenley

      Maybe more people like silver than black, but those of us who do don’t whine about it because we get what we want. These silver lenses are works of art. Silver lenses will reflect more light than black lenses, keeping the sensor cooler on hot days and possibly improving noise. I get that a small segement of street shooters think black lenses look more low-profile, but (with the possible exception of the Oly 75) these lenses are so small, and because they look so little like DSLR lenses, I’ve never had anyone say a word to me about them. Quit worrying about what your camera looks like and start worrying about what your pictures look like. If you’re that concerned about it and really want generic black lenses there are plenty to choose from.

      • QBNY

        “These silver lenses are works of art.”

        Works of art??

        Sorry, but I’m looking to CREATE works of art, not have one dangling from my neck…

        And besides, A lens doesn’t have to be silver to reflect light, as there are coatings most lens makers use.

        • Anonymous

          Black items reflect less light (includin infra-red and conseauently heat) then light colored lenses. Not reflecting much light is kinda what this ‘color’ black is all about.

          Such light colored lenses do as a consequence collect less heat, which is one of the reasons why those canon L lenses are white.

          If what you say were true then all those people who want black lenses because of producing less visible reflections in windows and such and because of them being less visible in general would also be wrong. Guess what, the fact that silver lenses tend to be more visible then black ones is because….. wait for it…. they reflect more light! So those people worried about reflections do in fact have a point.

          I know that some of the ‘we need black lenses’ crowd is unreasonable at times, but things seldom get as bad as claiming that a black object reflects ss much light as that same object would if it were silver

  • Anonymous


    • QBNY

      550 euros = 701.5250 US dollars

      Add about $200.00 on top of that, depending if Olympus slaps the “limited edition” tag on it.

  • nalax

    “The rumored price in Hong Kong is $16,900 NTD ”

    Admin, get your dollars correct as this makes no “cents”. HK is not in Taiwan.

  • Anonymous


  • Adriaantie

    Lol… Tiny sensor, tiny dof and tiny lens but huge price. M43 is losing it really really really fast.

    • Sören

      “Tiny dof”
      Cool, that’s all we wanted :D

    • Fish

      That “tiny” sensor gives us more depth of field, not less. That is just one more advantage of this format (like tiny lenses, but you already mentioned that advantage)

      And it seems to me that M43 is gaining, not losing.

      • Tim

        great answer! laught a lot :-D

  • Finally I can get rid of the 20/1.7, which is a nice low light lens but just not good enough in daylight conditions. I just hope the 17/1.8’s optical quality will match the price. I think it’s one of the most important lenses for M43.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting lens, and beautiful finish — in line with some other lenses :-). But with a relatively high price, it needs to have optical qualities superior to that of the 20/1.7!

  • Hummh,…. can 17mm F1.8 be a kit lens to a (Pro Pen or E-P5) so also coming soon. ;-)

  • I want to m4/3 become affordable, I want a compact system with the best IQ/price ratio.

    This is serious:
    Q: How many people will notice the difference in IQ between $300 and $900 priced lens on 20×30 cm prints?
    A: Easy one. Users on 43rumors :-)
    Q: How many times do you print larger than 20×30 cm prints?
    A: Huh, rarely, 95% of them are 10×15 cm, but look at the godlike details on PC screen in 1:1 mode! :-)

    • Naturlig, we use lupe when we look on 20-30mm prints. :-P

    • Anonymous

      Who even prints anymore?

      Its all about what the picture is like on a 55″ screen.

      • I print, because many people buy prints. I also print my personal images, because I prefer albums over digital displays.

  • Thurin

    Why apperture marks if there’s no distance scale?

    • Mymaco on Instagram

      The distance scale is under the “ring”: you have to pull it toward the camera body to make it appear and use the lens manually. As with Oly 12mm.

  • Pasmia

    For the same price, you can get a refurb or used Fujifilm X100… o_O just saying

    • Anonymous

      Lets see how well that x100 mounts on my camera… oh wait.

      For less money I can buy an e-pm1 with 17/2.8 btw, the point? Oh… same as yours… go buy that x100 if you want, it seems to be quite a nice device, but stfu with such totally pointless comments

  • Soon in my bag I like it. If the Iq is as expected to be, this one is going to be mounted in my cam the 90% of my time. Oh and I like it silver¡¡¡¡ ;-)

  • Fab

    Hi… a lot of talk also on the 20/1.7 (as the cheaper – and maybe better – option)….

    … but is the banding problem with the OM-D solved already? I don’t think so?!

    • Anonymous

      Banding issue? That is really only an issue for some situations when using high iso levels. There are however a few other issues, such as the relatively slow and noisy AF and it sometimes triggering a never-ending fucus hunting loop.

      Despite this the 20/1.7 is a really good lens.

      • Anonymous

        So a lens with issues is a very good lens, hmm, I suppose that is the same as smearing vaseline on the front element to soften an image, hoping you are able to clean it off completely afterwards. Using the old stocking trick instead was a better option though still not the same.

        • Anonymous

          There is ‘some’ difference between perfect and very god. At any rate, it is optically very good, despite the issues I mentioned (neither of which affects the optical performance in any way)

          Every lens in existance has some issues, simply because every lens is a compromise. Question isn’t if a lens has some issues, but if those issues affect you.

  • tyregt

    that is one of the more idiotic posts i have read here, the 20mm lens delivers very good results wide open and when stopped down , which luckily you can do in daylight lol it delivers excellent results across the board.

    • Fab

      Thx for calling my posts “one of the more idiotic posts”. The banding issue was confirmed officially by Olympus; seems to be due to electromagnetic interference with the OM-D. And it definately does NOT only happen with ultrahigh ISO. There was the hope of a firmware fix, but nothing was heard any more from Olympus. Therefore I would say the 20/1.7 is not the optimal lens when combined with an OM-D at the moment (apart from the slow AF). Of course the image quality is great, that was not my point.

      My point was: IF image quality of 20/1.7 and 17/1.8 are about the same and IF you own an OM-D E-M5, then the 20/1.7 might be worse choice. I just wanted to mention this. I was surprised that this wasn’t pointed out in this thread yet. Again: Saying “The 20/1.7 is the much better choice because it is much cheapter” only is half of the truth.

      • bart

        Olympus confirmed they are looking into this banding issue indeed.

        But it does really only show at high iso, and only in somewhat specific cases. Even at ISO 1600 its usually not an issue at all, and it will sure as hell do a lot better then a 20/4.0 (which is what most alternatives at that price range will give at 20mm) needing ISO 8000 approx with the same amount of light.

        Does that mean the issue doesn’t exist? No, not at all, but it does mean you are only going to see this issue in rather specific cases.

        If you were looking for perfection, you can stop right here and now, only theoretical lenses can be perfect, every practical lens is a compromise and not perfect by definition. All of them have situations in which they don’t perform too well or even ‘misbehave’. Yes that includes nice lenses like the Pana/Leica 25/1.4, or that $1000000+ spy glass the NSA and alike use.

        So decide for yourself, based on actually inspecting results instead of exaggerated interpretation of already exaggerated statements from random anonymous people in some internet forum, if the results and price are good for what you need, or if you should be looking for something else.

  • Andrew

    When you switch the 12mm to MF with the distancing scale, is it still fly-by-wire? If so, it seems a little useless to me. I have the Olympus 14-54mm which has a distance scale, but since it is still fly-by-wire, pulling focus is very similar to any other fly-by-wire lens without it. I mean, if I’m manual focusing, I’m not looking at my distance scale.

  • Anonymous

    Let me guess, silver only and $300 more for special edition black. Olympus stands to piss off many new potential customers.

  • Off-topic:

    Admin, what’s up with the 1-minute post editing limit?

  • smileblog

    Oh.. already over one hundreds.

    I can tell how popular is this lens gonna be from the numbers of the comments.

    It’s sooo promising.

    • QBNY

      How one can predict how well a lens will sell from a Olympus-Biased-Infested Blog.

      Hmmm… So that means they’ll sell about one hundred, then??

  • I cannot say I was totally insensible on putting a tarnished silver metallic legacy lens on my old G1, a jupiter-3, but I do remember how I totally forgot about the look when I started using it.
    result were… having personality.

    Yes, for the little difference it makes, Olympus should/could offer both colors if they offers similar options with their bodies. I dunno, “special” should be reserved for radical colors, such as breast cancer pink or Ferrari red… Otoh, as users/forum contributers, I feel that this whole worry should rank somewhere lower than IBIS over OIS, equivalence police or “please just 10 megapix”…

  • NO :ID

    If they sell around 500-600$ ,.i will consider to buy,.

  • Richard

    Based on previous experiences, the EURO lens price is very similar to USD. Sometimes, it’s even identical to USD. Therefore, it may be very close to $550 USD.

  • FT5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • admin

      Yep, going to post the link to your blog soon :)

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