(FT3) Digicaminfo: Panasonic GX2 to arrive in Fall 2013 only? GF6 and G6 in Spring.


Yesterday Panasonic announced the new MFT videocamera. So while the rumor about an early November Panasonic announcement were correct we are still missing the release of the new GX2. There is a weird silence around that product. Back in Spring Panasonic itself said that: “We will define more clearly what GH and GX means this year, so consumers have a better idea of what their characteristics are.” (Source: Amateur Photographer). And the GX1 price fell down at the same level of the GF5 (GX1 $460 Amazon and GF5 $449 again at Amazon).

But that weird silence may be a sign that something has changed within the Panasonic roadmap. And indeed Digicaminfo (translation here) got the info that Panasonic decided to release the GX2 in Fall 2013 only! This is not a rumor from their best sources, so it may be not correct. But according to the rumor the Panasonic decided to take time to develop the new GX2 so that it will have some features that “do not exist on current Panasonic MFT cameras“.

What these features could be we don’t know but I already spotted some patents about 1) rangefinder styled GX camera and 2) Built-in sensor stabilization. But we know, patent do not really disclose what’s coming in the near future.

The other info is that the GF6 and G6 will be released in Spring. That is definitely not a surprise. Panasonic is known for releasing the G and GF successors in Spring :)

The Sony NEX-6/7 (Click here) and the Fuji X cameras (Click here) are for now the only mirrorless cameras with such a rangefinder styled design.
The DMC-L1 eBay (Click here).
The DMC-LC1 on eBay (Click here).

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct



  • Guys, a bit OFF, but please, maybe somebody knows the answer:

    The newer Olympus cameras have a “new” face detection mode with eye priority which means that focusing isn’t performed just on face but on eyes.

    Although I heared many times that on Panasonic cameras (e.g. GF1) the face detection focuses anyway on eyes, when possible. (To be honest, this is the only method which does make any sense.) But I haven’t seen this explicitely in any written Panasonic documentation…

    So does anybody know how the Panasonic face detection works?


    • Anonymous

      It seems that the difference is that with newer Olympus cameras, you can define which eye to focus on. You may select between the closest eye, the right eye, or the left eye in the face detected.

      • It would be nice if it was the only difference, I don’t care much which eye is the focus set on.

        Are you sure this is the point add panasonic cameras set focus on the (closest) eye?

        • “that do not exist on current Panasonic MFT cameras“. :-) these have been my thoughts/comments over the last 2-3 months :-) its the right course for Panasonic to take…………………

          • Sorry, but cannot get your comment right.
            Does ultimately Panasonic face detection set the focus on eyes or not?

      • Tropical Yeti

        So what’s next on eye focusing – focus on prettiest blue eyed blonde with longest hair and huge… smile?

        • avds

          Thumbs up, good one :)

    • JLW518

      I think this rumor is a bit out of line with what Panasonic is doing with their GX1 pricing. They’ve been having fire sale prices on the camera over the past month or so, and, with the G3 out of production, it makes sense that they ditch that sensor entirely (or put it in the GF6 in the spring….which would mean there would be no differentiation between the performance of the GF6 and the GX1.)

      I would venture to guess that a GX2 would be out sooner than a year from now…and I suspect it would be in a couple of months at the latest.

      But, perhaps that is just wishful thinking on my part….

  • Lift

    If the time they take permit them to deliver a top-notch camera, well, I’ll stick to my GF1 a bit longer than expected. :)

    • Anonymous


    • Unfortunately for Panasonic, some may not have such patience; they would have probably bought a NEX-6/EX-1 by then. As the one of the first, if not the first, mirrorless iLC entrant, why has Panasonic made it sooner?

  • Miroslav

    Hmm… What’s wrong with G5? It shouldn’t be replaced that soon.

    GF5 sensor is the worst m4/3 sensor after E-P3 and the model is indeed ready for a refresh.

    • EASY

      What about previous rumor GX2 with GH3 sensor?
      Disappointing news indeed – I will wait for EP5 then.
      G5 upgrade next spring does not make any sense.

    • Anonymous

      There wasn’t anything wrong with the G3 either. Nevertheless, it got replaced after a year. The same will happen to the G5, the G6, and so on. I’d even expect the intervals to rather become shorter than longer, as the competition has gained impetus, forcing the manufacturers into a race for ever new features.

  • Miroslav

    One more feature that does not exist on current Panasonic MFT cameras is global shutter. It could make its debut in GX2.

  • fan_guo_lai_xiang_xiang

    Fuji X-E1, here I come.

    • +1 on the X-E1.

      Very disappointed if the delay turns out to be true. Panasonic should have realized long time ago that the GX2 had to be a considerable upgrade for it to be a winner.
      Still have my doubts about this though, ss the gx1 prices have hit rock bottom.

      And Panasonic better lover the price on the Gf5 if they want to sell one single one.

      A gf6 should be on the fast track, but the G5 was released this summer and os a competitive package I would say.


  • Yun

    Better take time rather than come out something that is beyond impress .
    GX2 if with build in viewfinder & IS then it worth to upgrade . My consent is the sensor featuring in GX2 if capable to compete against the rest .
    2013 will be very tough year for camera manufacturers .
    I still wonder if the GX line is what Pana describe a very high end camera ?
    From previous articles , it suggest there will be another above GX . Can someone verify this ?

  • A wise decision IMO. Camera refresh rate is currently faster than technological evolution which results in some uninspiring announcements. Postponing the GX2 release would be a refreshing trend (if it includes useful new features).

    • iau

      Totally agree! I currently looking for a Panasonic GF or GX camera, but pruces are still pretty high here (Europe). Knowing that Panasonic usually sell old models dirt cheap when their succesor is out, I can’t decide if I want to go for a GF5 or GX1 right now. Reading about the GX1 dropping in price I’m hoping it will do so here too, soon. May go for the E-M5 since it’s only marginally more expensive than the GX1 here.

  • OM-D owner

    New better sensor is necessary.
    Oly has changed deliverer of sensor and OM-D has good sales, even with high price.

    Nowdays, new sensor from Sony are better then others (OK, Fuji produce very good sensors). Even much smaller 1” sensor in RX100 has better results in DxMark tests than outdated much bigger APS-C in Canon bodies.

    Without better sensor Panasonic is lost…

    • Roy

      Not true. Canon’s sensors nowsaday are, in fact, second-to-none. Only idiots believe in dxomark.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Which is why it’s usefull to use Dpreview’s image quality comparison tool with RAW:
        And realize that 650D’s sensor performs essentially same as in old 550D. (but RX100 clearly no match)
        DxO’s noise measurement aren’t that realistic because it’s blind to destructive effect higher pixel noise has to details.

        But their score for dummies is based quite strongly to dynamic range in which Canon’s tech is more limited, kinda like Panasonic sensors. Though at higher ISO Canon’s bigger pixels perform better than RX100 whose DR gets limited by noise of small pixels.

        • Boooe

          Bullshit. Pixel size is irrelevant. Canon had bad, noisy amplifier/ADC pair which limits DR, but 550D has greater sensor area than RX100 (hence SNR)

  • Kurt-Horst-Erwin

    I think that´s nonsense. G6 in spring already? GX2 will come at CES or in February if not sooner.

    • I am not sure but I thought that Panna’s financial year is one year ahead. 2012 is 2013 for them. What do you think, admin?

      • admin

        Hmmm, have to look for it. Don’t remember it :(

  • BTW if current Panasonic cameras don’t set the focus on eyes in face detection mode this would be the first thing to upgrade in G6/GX2.

    • Anonymous

      Your cat pictures will really suffer if the wrong eye is in focus. ;-)

  • Yun

    I forgot to mention if really GX2 in 2013 , likely it come with the 42.5 lens , this would be wonderful . Please Don’t forget to seal it too .

    • avds

      42.5mm for kit lens – why?! I’m no photography historian but I bet it will be pretty hard to recall any camera that came in a kit with a 90mm-ish prime lens! No idea why Panasonic would do that.

      I would like to ask them to release the GX2 with an updated 20mm…

  • Incessant Troll

    wow if true they are going to lose a lot of sales to the EX1 and NEX6. how long does it take to “develop” an EVF

    • EASY

      They will bleed sales – no wonder Pana is in red.
      How long does it take to develop smaller EVF? -4 years.

      • QBNY

        Panasonic in the Red?? LINK please?

        And I think it’s a good move for Panasonic to hold off on releasing the GX2. A slightly larger GX1 with EVF with the huge grip would be great. I still think it won’t have a EVF, and if it doesn’t, then the question will be, what will be the deciding factor to choose this over other cameras?

        I won’t loose sleep if it doesn’t have a EVF, and I’m sure that Panasonic will deliver a competitive camera.

        Full frame Leica clone?? Hahahaha!!

      • There is always a possibility to use 3rd party EVF – Epson is good choice I think.

        • Ant

          No import policy
          Kept the money flowing inside the group so they have to buy from their sister company.

  • peevee

    They’d better release f/2-f/3.3 24-100 mm eq zoom, as a kit, like the one patented by Ricoh/Pentax.
    m43 and especially Nikon 1 desperately need a bright zoom like this – as a kit. Otherwise RX100 and its future bridge brother will eat their lunch. All of it.

    • avds

      I guess you forgot to mention “humanely priced” :) Other than that, +1000.

      • Anonymous

        Oops, I failed to appreciate you meant it should be a kit zoom, so the humble price is implicitly there already…

  • Yun

    Hereby I submit my proposal to Pana on developing GX2

    * New sensor ( above OMD )
    * Build in view finder
    * Whether sealed
    * Global Shutter if possible
    * More focusing points

  • This is “FT3”.
    About “something new”: … internal view finder.that’s it.
    but this is “FT3”, I guess, HDR or Panorama picture mode :-)

    if it should hybrid AF, what a surprise it will be! :-)

    BTW, “release date is middle of ’13”, quit natural. I’m very doubtfull about the rumor that Pana will announce GX2 this month (Nov.).
    Pana should re-design the image sensor circuits, because of Olympus E-M5 success (and the following PL/PM).
    And Sony RX1 and NEX-6, Canon EOS-M are impressive for sales.
    the rumor that Pana re-schedule GX2, is very very natural and theoretical.

  • still waiting for a REAL update of the old, slim olympus pen as a digital mirrorless version :/ the design has been really close but I don’t want an OM with viewfinder, I want a PEN :)

    • Either that or an Olympus 35 RC redo with a fixed 21mm f/1, built in EVF, small body (black or silver), E-PL5 style screen (smaller and can fold with screen protected inwards).

      • jojonas

        maybe it is time they introduced olympus a la carte?? ;)

  • I don’t mind when it comes out, my E-M5 should last me years!

    In fact, I wonder if the popularity of the E-M5 means there will be a slump in m43 sales in the short term, followed by a resurgence in 2013 when E-M5 owners start thinking about an upgrade?

  • HeHeHe

    More expensive toys with pet detection, which still won’t break the laws of optics. There are some cool Powershots by now, with manual controls and decent speed, I just got one.

  • safaridon

    Bad news if true but I think this rumor is referring to the advanced rangefinder model with EVF like the patent model shown. I think the GX2 will be the GX1 with GH3 sensor and higher resolution LCD screen. Pany needs both models in their lineup to bridge gap to GF series.

    Is surprising to see a G5 so soon but probably a change to new sensor similar to what Oly did with their cameras. Am surprised to hear the negative comments on the Pany sensors ignoring the fact that GH3 sensor appears to be equal to that in the EM5 and if a Pany sensor no reason they could not also use it in all their new models? We still do not know whether or not the EM5 Sony sensor is being produced under license in Pany sensor fabricating facilities as we have not heard a denial from either Oly or Pany on this possibility?

  • Anonymous

    All the GX2 needs is a good sensor and a bit smaller size. The rest of it is fine.

    • agachart

      i guess they use 22mpx (see panasonic sensor roadmap) because in 2012 image sensor will up to 22 mega pixel.

  • Waiting another year before releasing a high end rangefinder model isn’t a good move considering what the competition already has on offer in this segment.

    The current GX1 can’t really compete against the Olympus E-M5 or Sony’s NEX-6 and NEX-7, never mind that both Sony and Olympus are rumored to be working on successor models for the first half of 2013. All three competing cameras have tilting screens and built-in viewfinders, while retaining compact overall dimensions. Then there’s also Fuji, who is also actively pursuing customers for its enthusiast rangefinder-like system.

    Panasonic needs to produce a high end rangefinder body soon, or risk more enthusiasts investing in models from the competition.

    • QBNY

      How can the GX1 NOT compete??

      It’s cheaper than all the cameras you mentioned. It’s faster focusing than the NEX’s and I believe the OMD and its more pocketable than all of them as well. Image quality is up to par, so how is that not competing?

      I was going to wait for the GX2 but at the price of the GX1 right now, I couldn’t resist. Even with the add on VF, it cost much less than all the cameras above! The GX1 is THE MFT camera to own right now!

  • avds

    “Silence”? Sorry, I can’t find anything weird about the “silence” :). In fact there hardly is silence at all – the GH3 has just been released, which is a great feat for Panasonic given its special status in the line-up. Back to the GX, Panasonic never updated an m43 camera in less than 12 months year except for GF3, and GX1 was released in November 2011. Besides they still have two months until 2012 expires. If they said they would define the GX2 in 2012 I can’t see any reason to not trust them at the moment, and if they rescind the plan we’ll sure hear something official from them.

    That said, I too would like to hear an official announcement about VF-equipped GX2 “rangefinder” with a GH3 sensor NOW! :-)

  • lennyKravic

    I think this is wise step from Panasonic. There’s no need to upgrade enthusiast line every year.

    • Jørgen

      Depends on what the competition does. If it does upgrade every year and those upgrades are usefull rather than cosmetic, you’ll fal behind. m43s is falling behind withotu PDAF, certainly if Sony has its PDAF on NEX6 working like Nikon 1…That remains to be seen. also: EVF in Sony cams is really better than those on m43s and for the 1000th time: RF bodystyle is missing, it is what makes NEX6/7 so attractive I think.

  • CharlesG

    I have been waiting for GX2 for months and if this news is right, I will not wait anymore and go for Olympus!

  • Eddie

    Sorry to see another 12 months before GX2. sold my cameras and have been wating
    for Gx2 . Guess I will get a Sony Nex 6 or 7, panasonic have lost it for me.
    if the GX1 had a swivel screen or an eye piece I would have change my cameras format to panasonic ..

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