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(FT5) Rumor upgrade: Yes, the Olympus 17mm is coming!


We have to upgrade our Olympus lens rumor from FT4 to FT5. Other three sources (including Lepidi) confirmed that the 17mm f/1.8 lens will hit the stores in early-mid December. We expect an official Olympus press release any time soon. What I don’t know yet is if Olympus will announce “something else” along that lens…

As reported before the lens will have the same build quality of the 12mm lens and be priced at 550 Euro. I don’t know the price in Dollars yet but let’s make a rough estimation: The 12mm lens costs $799 at Amazon and around 620 Euro lowest price on eBay. Having that conversion rate as reference the 17mm lens should cost around $710.

Will you buy the 17mm f/1.8 lens for 550 Euro/$710?

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P.s.: Lepidi also got his 12mm Black limited lens.

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