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(FT3) New PEN with new EPSON integrated viewfinder to come in Spring?


The only FT5 news I have right now is that there will be one new Micro Four Thirds camera from Olympus to come soon. Now two new sources said that this should be a new kind of PEN camera with built-in viewfinder. And to be more specific it uses the 2.36 megapixels Epson viewfinder announced three months ago at Photokina (Source: Epson). Again, this hasn’t been confirmed yet by a trusted source. All we can be 99% sure off is that a new camera is about to be announced soon and it’s my guess that this will happen right in time for the CP+ show in Japan.

P.S.: Olympus has a long history of making compact cameras with built-in rangefinders. Just check the super long list of [shoplink 36035 ebay]eBay auction on these cameras (Click here)[/shoplink]. Got some inspiration for the new digital PEN with EVF? :)


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