XZ-10 compact luxury model from Olympus?


Image on top: The current Olympus XZ-2

While the classic compact camera market is shrinking under the pressure of smartphones the high end compact camera remains an interesting market. And according to a Digicaminfo source Olympus will launch a new XZ-10 compact luxury model. Specs are unknown yet. The big question is about the sensor size. Will it use a “classic” small sensor? Will it use an 1 inch sensor like the Sony RX100 or even a larger Four Thirds sensor?

  • Will it be black, silver, or even purple?

    • Geoayt

      it will be in one standard colour , with ” special ” editions at double the price and a battery will be an optional extra .Olympus are becoming the Ryan air of camera makers with the price of add ons lol

      • mapleflot

        Hey if it helps the Chinese cheap eBayed knock-off industry…..

    • JohnDav

      I would be happy with the Sony 1 inch sensor combined with Olympus JPEG processing, as long as it keeps the option for use of the external EVF. I hate using LCD screens in bright light. It could be damaging to sales of lower end Pen models, though to be honest for those who simply buy their camera with the kit lens and never buy any other kit ( there are a lot of them) a camera like the Sony RX100 is probably a wiser choice

  • completely_fake_name

    I most certainly hope that this uses a larger than compact camera sensor. I would love to have a fixed lens m43 camera small enough to slip into my coat pocket. Sure, one could argue this is possible already with an EPM2/prime lens setup, but an all-in-one solution would be fantastic.

  • wolfie

    If this had an RX100 sensor (a possibility now with the Sony connection) I’d be very tempted to ditch my Oly E-P3 (which I mostly use with the 14-42 anyway) to get a faster zoom and slight size/weight saving. Doubt new camera would be pocket size – one reason why I wouldn’t get the RX100 – penalty is slow zoom and cramped controls. Anyway – what use is a camera in your pocket when the decisive moment appears? :;

    • Ronan

      What use? Well it’s in your pocket for you to take out to take a photo.

      Instead of gathering dust on your desk, or takes 2 minutes to take out from your camera bag while making sure you don’t drop any lenses, etc etc etc.

    • Ronan

      Slow zoom?? Is that the greatest of your issues with this camera?? Deary me!

      The RX100 truly sh*ts on all its competitors mate!

    • Ronan

      1) Admin, there must be a bug in the system, because for some reason I have been renamed “Ronan” (FYI, I would normally be “Lorenzino”; as I saw some poster offending other people with no reason under the name “Ronan”, I want it to be clear that I am not Ronan, nor one of those offensive posters above or below);

      2) I completely miss the point of you (Wolfie) saying “what use is a camera in your pocket when the decisive moment appears?”. I mean: are you kidding? I guess any buyer of a pocketable camera has enough brain cells to realize that in order to take pics you need to take the camera out of the coat pocket, then press the “on” button, etc. etc. The alternative, here, is not having the camera in the pocket OR in your hand, but, usually, having it with you (in daily life) or having it at home, if it is too bulky for daily transportation. Or in the best case having it in the bag or backpack. As someone pointed out already, it is easier to take the camera out of your pocket, than having to open (e.g.) your backpack and taking it out while being careful to all other stuff there (including, I guess, documents and other important stuff). Wolfie… are you with us?

      • Ronan

        You are Ronan and I claim my $5!

  • Apple Pie in my Eye

    – Great 4/3 Sony sensor.
    – Stellar Olympus JPG engine.
    – Similar size from previous models.
    – Touch screen like the PEN/OMD series.
    – AT LEAST f/1.8.
    – Priced as RX100.

    Then I’m sold!

    • Ronan

      Get a f*cking life you a holes.

      • Ronan

        I am sorry I have a very small penis and it makes me sad so I am an abusive idiot
        Ronan xxx

        • beautemps

          Great. Wonderfull turn to an advantage of a disadvantage.

        • Ronan

          I’m Sparticus!!!

    • Ash

      – Great 4/3 Sony sensor.
      – AT LEAST f/1.8.

      Not possible, the lens would be huge. Think before you comment.

  • anon743

    Well let’s hope the new cam won’t be made in somewhere like China or Indonesia like with the XZ-2……

    The XZ-2 is a nice compact but overall build quality feels a bit cheap so to speak

    • samshootsall

      Isn’t most things made in China or other parts of the world?

      • malchick18782

        You’re overgeneralising. But let’s take the XZ2 and compare it with the other competitions.

        XZ2 is indeed made in Indonesia and its pop-up flash mecha feels kind of flimsy. Other features seem to be OK.

        Nikon’s P7700 is made in China and while having a good feature set its body feels a bit too plastic. Have examined a demo unit recently at a retail location and found that the rear scroll wheel dial has become a bit loose and defective.

        Canon’s G15 is MIJ and feels great overall, from body construction to firmware. Did find a demo unit which has become slightly defective esp. with its firmware (probably after so many tryouts among customers), but AFAIK that phenomenon is very rare on a G model.

  • Raist3d

    Very interested In this if it uses a big sensor, fast lens and fits in a jeans pocket.

    • these three wishes are incompatible

      • pick any two :)

        • Bob joker

          well for a compact “big” is a relative term the Sony rx1 with its one inch sensor has 2.5 times the area of the XZ2, combine it with Olympus processing and if it was designed for me lol a faster lens with a narrower focal range to allow this , and I would love the external EVF to be usable for bright conditions.

          • Ronan

            you meant rx100, right? The rx1 is not small: it cannot fit into any pocket, and many small handbags will not be enough…

            • Ronan

              RX1 is a no goer. Totally overpriced for what it offers buddy.

  • milez

    Would be nice to build a compact in the mold of the PEN Mini EPM2, using the same Sony 16 megapixel sensor; and call it iPEN, or PEN Nano.

    Probably upsizing the existing iZuiko 28-112 f1.8-2.5 lens to m.Zuiko m4/3 size. But it will be expensive with this lens at this quality. Possibly more expensive than PEN mini EPM2 + 14-42 kit lens combo… which makes it uncompetitive. Which i think is highly unlikely since the nomenclature is XZ 10, it would not make sense.

    Therefore, i think most likely Olympus will build a Stylus XZ 10 with Sony RX100 1″ sensor, and redesign their 28-112 f1.8-2.5 lens to fit the 1″ sensor, but with all the control of XZ-2, and compatible with all the PEN series accesories, e.g. VF2, FL50, PENPAL, etc.

  • my opinion

    I would like to buy compact, with fixed lens (equivalent 35mm), waterproof like TG-1, good for diving, with micro43 sensor (from Sony) and fast AF. And conventer (waterproof too) x0,65.

    • Mike

      Exactly the camera I’m looking for.

      I’m curious why nobody made a serious compact for vacation use up until now? Large sensor, 35mm equivalent with F1.8 or faster, speedy AF, water-, dust- and shockproofed. Take an 2.8″ screen and an EVF and it wouldn’t probably be much larger than a Sony RX100. The perfect companion to any intechangeable lens system!

  • Per K

    I am a happy RX100 user. To me the Oly XZ cameras are big and heavy considering sensor size.
    A PM with fixed lens or a XZ with m43 sensor? These are so close already. I would recommend Oly to jump the sensor size RX100 has and go for m43.

    • The Other Chris

      Hopefully they reinvent the Stylus Epic.

  • beautemps

    I suppose Olympus cannot upgrade their XZ2 Zoom to RX100 Sensor and build it as small as Zeiss did for Sony.
    So you will need bigger pockets or it will be another Lens.

    For sure there will be 5-Axis Stabilization without hump, a big improvement.

  • kmhb

    XZ10, deutet für mich mit der zahlenfolge 10 eher auf einen 1-zoll sensor hin, ansonsten wäre für ein folgemodell XZ 3 logischer.

  • Mr. Reeee

    Good news, but what I’d really like see is a M4/3 Tough camera from Olympus or Panasonic with 14-50mm lens. Love my Oly TG-1!

  • spam

    Olympus isn’t consistent with their numbering so it’s difficult to predict if the extra number mean a more or less advanced model. I’d expect a less advanced one, probably the XZ-2 without the tilt screen and possibly without a hotshoe. My guess is that they get reactions because the XZ-2 is so much heavier than the XZ-1 so they’ll make something that will compete more with Canon S110 in size and features.

    A more advanced model is of course also possible and what I hope for. Bigger sensor, built in viewfinder or larger zoom range is possible improvements I’d like to see, but they can’t do it all without making the camera a lot bigger.

  • simon

    it says luxury, not high end, so probably just some fake leather, and silver and maybe some wood and carbonfiber.

  • Oliver

    You think this is related?

    • Hun fyrd

      the 28-110 f1.4/1.8 ( 6-24) would do fine for me though this would mean it keeps the same 1/1.7 sensor size of the xz2 but the lens is faster at both ends .

    • spam

      Could be, everone else upgraded lens speed this year so a faster lens would make a new model more competitive. XZ-1 had the fastest lens when it came out, XZ-2 is just average for the class.

  • Gabriel

    Oh yes, a X10 luxury model design by Hasselblad, like the luxury Nex 7 :)

  • Dwaine Dibbly

    Come on, Olympus! Give me a large-sensor reason to give my G11 to Mrs Dibbly!

  • Ronan


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