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(FT3) Canon goes 18 Megapixel…Panasonic new sensor with 15 Megapixel ?


The Panasonic GH1 has found a worthy competitor with the announcement of the new Canon T2i. The Canon T2I costs $799.99 at amazon (body only) but Canon can’t deliver a dedicated video lens like the Panasonic 14-140mm lens. Now that competition is becoming stronger we are really curious how the Panasonic GH2 will look like! According to Zone-10 says the Panasonic GH1 successor will come with a new Panasonic 15 Megapixel sensor and “the new sensor is almost certainly to be fully AA filterless with only electronic means of correcting moire and aliasing.“. Let’s see if their speculation will become true…

  • Max

    franckly I am quite uniterested in this stupid megapixel race….. hope they make less noisy sensors. resolution is already there anyway. We dont need to print billobards.

  • CR102

    Bad idea. 12MP is more than enough for 4/3. Diffraction takes its toll already at f/9 and the pixel pitch becomes a challenge for even the best of glass. That said, I hope the discarded AA filter becomes reality.
    BTW, Zone10 makes an interesting projection on new bodies to appear this year. E-340? I’ll be positively surprised. L2? maybe not.

  • fuujin

    We don’t want more MP, but it seems that more MP means more sales… :(

    We don’t want more MP! Better DR please!

  • I totally agree with Fuujin:

    We do NOT want MORE Pixels, we just want BETTER ones!!!

  • Canon can’t deliver a dedicated lens … ???

  • Agent00soul

    One advantage of increasing the pixel count is that at a certain point you don’t need any AA-filter, as the lens will work as an AA-filter. I reckon Canon’s kit lens will be a very effective AA-filter at 18 MP…

  • admin

    Hi Alan! I meant no dedicated video recording lens with smooth zooming and silent autofocus. Cheers

  • Pier

    Je suis entièrement d’accord, moins de pixels mais de meilleurs pixels.

  • Kirilius

    Who needs more megapixels? I guess the marketing departments only! Few people need anything above 6-8 MPx.

  • AlexVaib

    I want better pixels, more lenses choice and faster AF.


    And 5d3 is on the way.

  • Erik

    Zone-10 also predicted a Leica Pro 4/3rds DSLR a couple years ago. (No, not the L1 clone, after that.) So I would give them FT1 or FT2 status, not FT3.

    Of course they may be lucky with the 15Mp guess.

    Higher than 12Mp is necessary to maintain the small-tele-lens advantage now that Canon have an affordable model with 18Mp. More pixels don’t have to mean more image noise even if there is more pixel noise.

    Some kind of AA filter will be needed for many iterations yet for honest imaging as opposed to eye candy.

  • Jules

    I do print large on occasion, at 300ppi. I’ll take the extra resolution.

  • Mark

    > new Panasonic 15 Megapixel sensor

    So if the Panasonic GH2 sports a sensor with 15.0 million effective pixels then it would have a pixel density of 6.1 MP/cm²

    BTW: The new Canon EOS 550D / EOS Rebel T2i / Kiss X4) has 18.0 million effective pixels and a pixel density of 5.4 MP/cm²

    I assume the new Panasonic sensor will be a standard MOS type sensor (I.e. Not back lit).

    So it will be interesting to see what other type of noise contol developments they will provide to counter the increase in pixel density.

    > new sensor is almost certainly to be fully AA filterless with only electronic means of correcting moire and aliasing.

    The idea of an electronically controlled AA filter would be more useful if the correction for aliasing could be user controlled via camera settings (like noise control).

    It’s possible a variation of this sensor could also be used in the Olympus E-3 replacement.

  • jerryk

    I’ll take more MP any day! I like to crop and enlarge, so any increase in resolution is fine with me. If that makes me a bad photographer, so be it. If you guys don’t need more MP, then don’t buy the new stuff. I don’t mean to be nasty, but why complain about advances in tech? There’s nothing that says you have to buy it. Heck, you can stay with film (which I love). A Nikon F4 is probably all the camera any of us will ever really need, but I can’t afford film processing, so BRNG ON THE MP!

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