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(FT2) Unconfirmed rumor: Sort of Polarizing filter on the Panasonic G9 sensor?


Now this is really sort of unusual rumor. It’s not from my usual trusted sources but it sounds so strange that I am posting this as a low ranked rumor anyway.

The source said that indeed the G9 has no AA filter but it will have a sort of Polarizing filter directly on the sensor.

That new source also said this:

– G9 has same GH5 AF sensors
– Autofocus is faster than the GH5
– Photo Quality is higher than on the GH5
– It has built-in flash
– Hi-rez Mode with 20/60/80 MP
– Body size in between the G81 and GH5
– Body price around $160o-$1700

Consider that this is NOT a rumor from my well-known sources. It could be right or it could be wrong. But still I would like to know from why a polarizing on sensor could be interesting…

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