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(FT2) Is this the new 41 Megapixel 8K sensor for the Panasonic GH6?


Androidlad posted  this supposed new 41 Megapixel 8K Micro Four Thirds sensor from Sony. I  checked the current Sony sensor database and cannot find that entry.Therefore I don’t know yet  if this is a the real deal. I surely hope it is because it’s a stunning sensor!

Yes I know this sensor application is marked within the “Surveillance”.But that’s something we saw with the GH5s sensor too which is also considered as “Surveillance” sensor :)

This new Sony sensor has a 41MP, records 8K, 120fps…an idea sensor for a future GH6 or E-M1III !!!

Panasonic promised to give us an 8K ready camera by 2022. And I guess there is a good chance to see a new 8K GH6 in late 2020 already…

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