(FT2) GF2 and GH2 ghosts…


That picture above is a rendering! Not the real camera!

Reminder: The rumor is not from our sources that’s why it has a “FT2” value (unreliable rumor from unknown source)

The japanese website blog.livedoor postes some possible GH2 specs. The camera could be announced by August 19.

14 Megapixel LiveMOS (new design)
1080/60p (up to 24Mbps) AVCHD
EVF is 360Hz (RGB × 120Gz) / SXGA / LCD monitor can tilt back and forth movable / 960 × RGB × 540 / Kuotafuru HD (Hitachi Displays)
AF is slightly faster than ever
SDXC support
Real-time Output HDMI
Kit available woth the 14-140mm F4.0-5.6 HD OIS or/and 12-75mm F2.5-3.3 HD OIS
Body colors – graphite and titanium.

In the meanhwile a chinese store list the new Panasonic GF2 (definitely not a reliable rumor source!!!)

Source: ZOL.cn

  • Sounds good! The GH2 + 12-75 kit will be a killer, I can’t wait to see the price.

    • Jules

      (assuming its true)
      This lens will not be a bargain. Even without the Leica signature.
      This lens will deliver. So far Panasonic did not let us down with sub standard optics. If they come up with such specs, we can assume that the quality will be there.

      Now, a reality check : this lens will not be tiny.

  • iMikl

    12-75mm F2.5-3.3…. too good to be true?!?!

  • Zebarnabe

    I buyed a GH1 not long ago (and took enough photos to fill more than 30Gb), i hope the GH2 + 12-75mm (that’s 24-150mm equivalent… a nice wide to an aceptable tele) doesn’t come ‘too’ cheap … (to be fair i doubt the 14-140mm kit will come cheaper than the GH1)

    Well… i guess i can always have an hacked firmware… but for GH2 good is better that they improved AVCHD codec parameters and did not bumped the bitrate only…

    I second Miklos Rabi… Looks awesome, i can’t wait to see the price… and confirm the specs…. 1080/60p? 24Mbps are not enough…

    • Duarte Bruno

      If this spec was true than the GH2 would be even more limited AFAIK video quality than the GH1. At 1080/60p it’s as if they crippled the GH1 from 17Mbps to 12Mbps.
      Unfortunately this discredits the whole rumor! Makes it look like someone tried to made it up consistently but forgot a loose end.

      • RichT

        I have to agree, everything else seems reasonable. Their TM700 camcorder records 1080/60p at 28Mbps (and it looks great), that would have been a more believable number. That’s assuming they would bring the hardware and codec up to par with their camcorders. While I think Panasonic currently has a better handle on video implementation I think Canon’s decision to use plain h264 was a good idea, the AVCHD standards are starting to get a bit dated for 2010

  • addieleman

    A GH2 + 12-75mm sounds too good to be true, but in the event it is I’d better start up saving… In that case I can say the Panasonic 45-200mm goodbye and replace it by the hopefully better 100-300mm.

  • Miroslav

    12-75mm F2.5-3.3, wow. Hopefully they’ll make it as compact as possible. If it has OIS ( and it surely will, it’s Panasonic ) it would be the perfect video lens.

  • thomas ashley

    Making me wish I hadnt just bought a G2 kit! 12-75mm f2.5-3.3 – if its fairly compact then I want very much!

  • grzybu

    12-75 can be killer kit lens. If it will be usable at long end and wide open it may be enough for many portrait situations. For sure it will be bigger than 12-45 but maybe not so much. This lens with 20/1.7 will cover almost all my needs.
    Also looks like new EVF is coming: 1280×1024 at 120 fps sounds great. I hope it will have better refresh rate in low light than G1.

  • Martin

    A compact 12-75mm f/2.5-3.3 is a chimera. It would be bigger than ZD 12-60mm. I do not believe such a lens will be produced for m4/3, certainly not that fast.

  • Antonio

    The specs rumored sound very similar to those other posted here some months ago (I don’t remember exactly the date), one of the first list of specs rumored about de future GH2, were the 12-75 lens were signed with the word “target”, as a work in progress.

    This new rumor can be from a really new source, and confirm the previous rumor, or can be a simple revival of the old one.

    Hope the first!

    (But the lens is too goog to be true)

  • mpgxsvcd

    I will be surprised if it is 12-75mm. That will definitely break their “micro” track record. However, they know everyone has been asking for this lens so maybe they are going in a different direction.

    The next lens will be EXPENSIVE though. It will make the GH2 a very expensive camera.

  • Yes, for sure, it wouldn’t be cheap and small. But anyway, what I really need is a LUMIX (please, no LEICA badge) 50/1.2

  • grzybu

    It would be better if they make cheap and small 50/1.7 instead of expensive and bigger 50/1.2.
    If such 50/1.7 could have similar quality to 20/1.7 wide open it will be great portrait lens. Not everybody needs 5mm of DOF ;)

    • Inge – M.

      Yes but a 50/1.7 is not pancake lens, and hope the is O.I.S in lens also.

      • 50/1.2 on m43 would be equal with 100/2.4 on FF. I think it wouldn’t be extrem…

  • RW

    12-75 F2.5-3.3? Please let this rumor be true….

  • This is everything I’d ever WISH for! The specs sound credible and the AF100 will have live HDMI out, but I have a feeling this is just too good to be true!!

    Great new look by the way Ale, keep up the good work and see you at Photokina next month :)

  • steve

    I knew I had seen this before. This looks like a repeat from January’s rumor.


    • RichT

      Yeah and look how accurate they were with the G2 specs (1080/60p w/global shutter, 14-45 lens, colors, bluetooth, no touch screen, etc etc)

    • Inge – M.

      Good job Steve

  • RW

    Its interesting that almost all of the comments on this thread are about the 12-75mm lens rather than the GH-2.

    I am sure that Panasonic cruises this forum regularly – so hopefully, that tells them something about market demand (at least among enthusiasts)

  • Honen

    The guy’s livedoor blog clearly states that these are just his imaginings.

  • Roy

    The picture is definitely a rendering based on the original GH1 with some lettering from the G2. Note the old-style strap attachments and the front-mounted command dial are both expected to be modified for the GH2.

    Meanwhile, for those who can’t wait, Panasonic’s US site has 10% off all cameras, including the G2, G10, and GF1. You can no longer buy the G1 in blue or black (old news) and the L10 is also no longer available. Sadly, lenses are not on sale.

  • Minh

    Whatever spec is, unchanged design is simply unacceptable. G1, G2, G10, GH1, GH2 look alike while it could be better to handle, especially GH2 is for filming.

  • townsend

    I hope the GH2 is available as “body only,” so that one could select from another m43s lens if desired. According to rumors posted on the Internet, the GH1 was to be released in UK as “body only,” but to the best of my knowledge, it never was.

    The previous 14-140mm lens bundled w/ the GH1 was not compact enough for me; here’s hoping that the 12-75mm lens, if it comes to pass, is more compact.

    Also hoping the new sensor is not just part of the “megapixel” race but an improvement in PQ over the excellent m43 sensor of the GH1.

  • Honen

    Please people….this 12-75 lens and such aren’t even rumors. They are the wishes of one guy in Japan who just wrote up the specs he’d like to see and posted them on his blog. This is how silly rumors get started.

  • spanky

    Can someone explain what this means: “EVF is 360Hz (RGB × 120Gz) / SXGA / LCD monitor can tilt back and forth movable / 960 × RGB × 540 / Kuotafuru HD (Hitachi Displays)”? How would that compare with the current EVF, and are they saying that the GH2 will no longer have the fold-out LCD, but only a tiltable one instead?

    I’ll suspend my rumor control until I see some credible information on the GH2. We won’t have to wait long for that.

  • bookervrk

    Actually, It’s only an illusion of a keen blogger.
    (Perhaps the 43rumors forget the gray small words after the text:いつもの妄想です! In japanese, that means just a dream!)
    For fun will be ok, for rumor I think it shall be FT1 value.
    Since 6 Months the same specs revealed through the web.
    Ha,43rumors has revealed before.

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