For all film users. No more Kodak slide film in future.


I guess that many of you still own or even use a Film camera. I still use the Mamiya 7 on almost daily base. And even the OM-3Ti sometimes. So this is a very bad day for all of us because Kodak dropped and already removed all(!) slide films from their stores. The E100VS (here on eBay), E100G (here on eBay) and the Elite Chrome Extra Color 100 (here on eBay).

Is this the end of Film? I don’t think so, but it could be the end of Kodak :(

And I never asked you that questions:

Do you still use Film Cameras?

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I am so curious to know how many of you are like me…still a bit of “old” time photographer :)

  • jorge

    Sad day. But nothing is Impossible ( see Polaroid)!

    • Peter Bjorvand

      I agree it’s very sad…made me depreesed..

      • Peter Bjorvand

        the only thing that could possibly make me happy is that panasonic price release their 12-35mm f2.8 at $500

        • kesztió

          Don’t even think about it. Even 14-42 PZ sells like hot cakes at $400… :D

          • Peter Bjorvand

            I know…its just wistful thinking as I’m a student and cant afford to pay for the 7-14mm because it costs in norway..$2000

            • kesztió

              You still live in one of the richest country of the world. I’m even not sure whether if I’d be able to afford the ultra-cheap 45–200 + Oly 45/1.8 this year :(

              • Brod1er

                If you are getting the 45 f1.8 I would definitely skip the 45-200 and get the 100-300. It is better quality and gives crazy new options. I sold my 45-200 and bought the 100-300 and have no regrets.

              • Living in one of the world’s richest country doesn’t make you rich…sure I might make a little more a month then the equivalent average american salary but I also pay a huge tax rate…and I’m only working part time as I’m studying…by the way I’m comparing the m43rd price to the canon…which has dirt cheap primes…and zooms

        • Jesper

          Would love to hear any news regarding these two new X lenese! Admin, have you heard anything new?

          • admin

            12-35mm and 35-100mm f/2.8 lenses

            • twoomy

              Announced in 2012 and readily available in 2014? :)

  • PS

    One mans Roof is the Other mans Floor.

    So from where film left is the start of Digital.

    • BLI

      Not quite :-). It is “One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor” :-).

  • kesztió

    Don’t think nowadays’ photographic films would have any other purposes than very specialised, strictly professional use. For either casual shooters or enthusiasts digital cameras are much more useable.

    • Peter Bjorvand

      not really, as film cameras(well, at least my zenit) dont need batteries for operation, so you can take them everywhere for months on end ….provided you have film…

    • Julien

      Same as above. When i travel far away, i always choose a film camera. Got a one year battery life with my contax T2 (and appart for digital versatility, blow up my gf1/20mm in IQ)

    • Julien

      Oh, and film is the cheapest way to discover medium format for enthusiast shooter.

      • Nathan

        I shoot quite a bit of 35mm and 120 film, although I tend to shoot on Kodak Portra negative films and Fuji Velvia reversal films.
        With modern emulsions like Portra, the exposure latitude is enormous, and on medium format, the results cannot be replicated by digital cameras under 30,000 dollars. Even the Pentax 645D doesn’t come close to what a proper medium format film rig can do. The 645D is a rather small sensor compared to 6X7cm, and the difference in price (500 dollars vs 10,000 dollars) makes up for a LOT of professional developing and scanning.

        • pete

          My favorite camera was the Mamiya 7. I agree that MF film is difficult to beat, however, it is much easier to get good-enough result with digital.

          Now, I cannot live without being able to apply color filters to B/W after the fact in Lightroom.

          I think the game of photography has changed. Even though modern negative films have huge latitude, digital allows techniques like HDR. Of course they are not always the same things, but we may have to think differently.

    • Atto

      By far film is more interesting to shoot. I love my GF1, but nothing compares to my Mamiya 7 and C220. I admin a forum (started focus on digital reflex cameras), nowadays almost everyone shoot 135, MF and large format film cameras. People loves film like a process to take the picture and also the result.
      Really a bad notice from Kodak. C’mon chinese, start making slides! please.

  • I actually picked up film again recently. There is something therapeutic in not worrying about technical minutiae and the time that passes between exposure and viewing the image. Kodak dropping its chromes is not a good sign for the future. I always liked them better than the equivalent Fujichromes, although to be honest I have not used any transparency film for twenty years.

    • I think Kodak mess start by chromes film to Kodak, so many type film and nearly not difference.
      But it i use from kodak is E6-KIT, so not happy for this here. :-(

    • Give it a try. There’s viewing slides on a light table with a good loupe is better than pixel peeping on a screen ;-).

  • Tom B

    Waaaaaah! I just shot my last roll of 100VS last month. Was going to go to store and pick up a few more rolls, now this! Moral of story… Don’t wait.

    For you

  • I won’t miss their transparency film or even their black and white (velvia 100 is my favorite trainee film, while delta 100 is my favorite black and white), but I will be very sad if they drop their colour negative film. It is still available in 8 x 10 inches and is my current favorite film… And they are the only people making it. The images it produces are nothing short of stunning… Please please Kodak, keep making colour negative film in large format… Fingers crossed it is safe..

    • Buy as much as you can, and then vacuum pack it and put it in your freezer. Kodak is dying, quickly.

  • Yun

    Sad time , take a deep rest Kodak .
    I expect you to come back .
    Yes , news for the 2 X lenses ? Quite long no update . What Pana is waiting for ? GH3 ?

  • I loved to shoot on slidefilm, mostly on Fujichrome,but the times i tried Kodachrome I noticed the special looks,but it was more expensive.
    Anyway I never used film anymore since 1999,though i always considered gettin a 6×7 camera. It’s a pity that Kodak’s slidefilm is at the end now :-(

  • Steve

    I regret that I still have a few rolls of Kodachrome that I never shot! Not possible to get it developed now…

  • Ru Elpser

    i guess Kodak is forced to reduce the assortment to the minimum, so the slide film which is more complicated to manufacture and develop takes the backseat now

    negative-films like Portra and TriX and Tmax will remain imo, much longer than all the other specialized emulsions

    personally i love slides for specialized work, my favourite is still velvia though, but the EG100 was not bad at all, I might, do some panic shopping for remaining stock as i did with kodachrome..

    i’m not worried about film photography as a total, if fuji gives up one day, which I don’t see happening very soon, third-party suppliers might take the piece of business cake over, lucky, ferrania, adox or similar companys..

  • I am very sad. I have 16 cameras, 12 of them are film cameras. And I still use every one of them.

  • Paul

    It’s a shame but inevitable I think, I used to shoot colour almost exclusively with Kodak slide film but all my colour work is digital nowadays. I do still shoot B&W on my OM4Ti, usually Kodak 400TX so hope they will continue to supply. What worries me as well is how long professional printers can keep going, there are some wonderful people still printing B&W and colour film and I’d hate to see all that expertise lost forever.

  • Vivek

    Good riddance! :)

    I still have loads to be used up in the freezer. :(

    • If you don’t want that film, send it my way! I love shooting slides.

  • Mr. Reeee

    A sad day, even though I almost never shoot film anymore!

    I shot slides for years…. Ektachrome, Agfachrome, Fujichrome, Kodachrome, an occasional roll of B&W slide film (can’t even remember what kind it was) and even 35mm cinema film (Seattle Film Works).

    A sad day! :-(

  • kesztió

    By the way the really sad thing is that you haven’t been able to buy cheap, user-developable B/W films for long-long time ago. For me film camera used to mean beautiful B/W photos rather than color ones for which even very first digital cameras were much more useful.

    • Nathan

      What are you talking about? Ilford, Kodak, and Fuji all make excellent regular black and white negative film in all sizes. 35mm, 120, 220, 3×5 and up.
      They all process in regular black and white chemistry.

  • Im user OM 1 with 35-80/2.8 Zuiko and 17mm Tamron. I use it very often. But for Fuji velvia/Provia and B&W. viewfinder and depth of field is amazing. This is a possible reason after the E10, E300 and E30 I change the system. Olympus goes for me in the wrong direction …

  • pdc

    Most comments prove that you don’t have to be old to be an old woman.
    I used film for well over fifty years, did all my own developing, and most
    of my own printing, and couldn’t have been happier to dump the whole lot more than 5 years ago. Still have many thousands of negatives and transparencies, and hundreds of feet of movie film to play with, if I want, and I don’t!
    (Although those 36 rolls of negatives shot in Afghanistan on a road trip 36 years ago really should be printed from).
    Come-on people, film is dead, whoopee. DSLRs are dead, whoopee.
    Embrace the vastly superior world of digital.

    • Whoopee…..LOL! :-D

      Anyway if not old woman so give live to film more, also them use digital now and few help of granddaughter to print out picture.
      Now is film more for them like effect from film on picture, not so many like smell from darkroom.

    • One doesn’t have to be an old woman or a luddite to mourn the passing of a medium. Its possible to love more than one thing at a time.

  • st3v4nt

    Since I’m not shoot with film anymore, the news it’s just a news about how Kodak struggle to keep their legacy in the industry that they made…the only regret is there’s one less way to convince youngster how they should appreciate the technology progress and how they should respect the skill that goes with every picture taken in photography. I’m one of the person who like all my picture taken and producing process is within my own control, one of thing that I really hates back in film glory day is when I have to hand it over to people in developing lab…sometimes you meet with people in lab who think they know about developing good picture but they turn our photo into disaster. So when digital photography is getting affordable for ordinary people I get aboard digital train and never look back….so thank you Kodak for giving us the chance to know your great product

  • Charles

    My main media now is digital, however I still own and use my film SLR cameras including the first camera I was able to afford on my own back in the early 70s, my then brand new Olympus OM-1n. The light meter don’t work anymore, but for B&W negative street photography, the Sunny 16 rules work very nicely.

  • Jon M

    I think there might need to be a fourth category in the poll as there are some people who have never used film at all. While I’m not one of those few, I do know multiple people in that category.

  • scooby70

    I wont miss film for a second.

    I switched to digital when I got P****d off at the nosedive in processing quality. I assume people had been cost cutting in face of the competition from digital. Whatever the reason I switched to digital and forgot all about film.

    Kodak seem to be a lesson in how to stick your head in the sand whilst Fuji may get quite a bit of my money in the future.

  • MP Burke

    I have phased out shooting 35mm film but still shoot a few rolls of medium format every year. There are still a number of places around London where you can buy refrigerated film and get medium and large format developed, so I don’t see the demise of film coming any time soon.
    There is still plenty of choice of B+W film, in addition to Fujifilm and Ilford, there are various smaller manufacturers, e.g. check out the website of Silverprint in London.

  • ibraar

    I use both, but my more precious photo’s, especially those shot while travelling are exposed on Ektachrome and Fujichrome.
    My main Film for travel people shots is Kodak e100vs, this gives superb ‘Lonely Planet’ type photographs. Beautiful. And now it’s been discontinued and I’m frigging ANGRY!

    The least I expected was for Kodak to perhaps stick to ONE E6 film, but the crap CEO Perez has decided to discontinue the lot!

    Now I’m forced to use Provia, which is lovely, but lacks that ‘pop’ e100vs has with travel photography.

  • ibraar

    There is absolutely NOTHING like viewing an E6 transparency on a Light table or Projected. Digital just cannot touch it.

    • Wholeheartedly agree. Those who’ve only ever cross-processed slide film out of laziness or cheapness or just to get that stupid “lomography” look should give it a try, just once, and try to develop E6 film in E6 chemistry. It’s just magic.

  • flash

    Sad, but not as sad as when Kodachrome died. Kodachrome 25 was my film of choice when I had the time, or it was E-6 and the great local photo labs for same day stuff. Still shoot Elite and Fuji slides sometimes, something about being done with the image as soon as you pulled the shutter, not being able to do after the fact cropping burning and dodging, or Photoshop etc.

    Will have to find some new slide film maybe Forma B&W and Rollie (Agfa). I have always liked portraits and model shoots done with Agfa film.

  • Walter

    This isn’t “film is dead”; it’s “Kodak is dead”.

    This is just another part of the death spiral of a company that got taken over by marketroids and wankers and stopped actually caring about good products. They’re bankrupt and fighting to not fail utterly, and failing.

    • True. But Kodak is a huge supplier, and the other major supplier, Fuji (I think they dropped the “film” part) is discontinuing emulsions daily. We’re likely going to be left with only a few suppliers of B&W in a few years, as Kodak will be dead, and Fuji looks like they want to close their film business.

    • Gabor

      “something about being done with the image as soon as you pulled the shutter”

      Totally agree.
      Slide film was (and still is) simply magical when projected; and gave us more time left to live instead of staring at a computer screen trying to recover those digital crap.

      But it seems like that the industry gives us no other chance. Although it’s sad, I decided to dump all my film equipment, finally, and not to struggle with it anymore (find good processing, scanning…).

  • Rob-L

    And George Eastman is rolling over in his grave…

    • Gabor

      – And when will they give us usable, affordable, good quality digital cameras??

  • Let’s not forget that Kodak didn’t just die – although sometimes it did seem almost suicidal in its business decisions – it was murdered by photographers like all of you and me bailing out of film and crossing over to the dark side [digi].

    It’s all very well getting all sentimental and mourning its passing but everyone here helped to stick the knife in.

    ~uses Poirot voice and accent~

    “I’ve called you all here to reveal the true murderer……… you know who you are ……… it is …….

    ~lights go out and somebody screams~

    Monsieur Fuji Velvia!


  • BLI

    They give us those nice bright colors
    They give us the greens of summers
    Makes you think all the world’s
    A sunny day, oh yeah
    I got a Nikon camera
    I love to a photograph
    So mama, don’t take my Kodachrome away

  • pelex

    Somewhere on a shelf…

    A Yashica Electro 35 GSN

    Is weeping…

  • In my area, film has been relegated as nostalgic or artistic. There are even periodic Holga competitions. As nostalgia goes, sometimes old things get a reawakening. With the price of film cams, including medium format and pristine vintage Nikons, being so low these days, perhaps the reawakening is on the horizon. We’ll all have to use Fujifilm, though, unless they belly-up, too.

  • JimD

    If 17% use film cameras very often and 26% occasionally. It does not seem to be a business to get out of. If there were 3 companies making film that would be 6% of the world wide market each. Many businesses would sell their soul to the devil for that sort of market. (OK some have for less and some are still honest for more)
    Don’t forget the survey is international and voted by people who are dominantly digital.

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