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Nokton 17.5mm f/0.95 shipment postponed to April 29th!


If the price wouldn’t be that high this would certainly be the ONE lens I would always use on my Olympus E-P1 and Panasonic GH2. Today Cosina announced that the new Nokton 17.5mm f/0.95 lens will start shipping from April 29th (via The lens sale shipment was due for March but because of an exceptional high preorder demand the shipment had to be postponed! I am surprised to hear that the lens had such a high demand. The price is high (120,000 yen or 1.299 Euro), currently no website did post any image samples, there is no preview, and even bigger stores are not offering any preorder option. In fact there is zero Marketing around that lens! My guess is that the lens promotion is ongoing “underground” at the very basic Internet user level. The specs are amazing, Cosina is also known for making good quality lenses. Maybe that’s enough to push you guys to buy the lens.

The only two image samples that I found on the Internet are on Flickr (Click here) and (Click here). Europenas can preorer the lens at Digitalhandel (Click here) and Bayern Fotoversand (Click here).

P.S.:A cheaper alternative is the Schneider 17mm f/0.95 (Click here to see it on ebay) C-mount lens.



  • uiti

    In Japan, some net shop sell this lens at 90,000 Yen. This price make people buying.

    • 90,000 yen, now that would be an interesting price!

  • Bob B.

    So many lenses so little time (er, um…maybe money). Looks like a great lens, built like the 25mm f/0.95..
    Alas…I pass on manual focus lenses these days as for me, for the money spent I find that they are generally not versatile enough for my needs.
    I am holding out for the Olympus 75mm f/1.8. Can’t wait to see the spec. on that! (but I CAN wait to see the price! LOL).

  • Yun

    Is this lens provide exceptional image quality close to Leica’s F0.95 standard ?
    I don’t mind to put $$$$ on a manual lens if it is truely deliver . The previous norton 25mm F0.95 not convince enough for me to go for the purchase after few reviews . Hopefully reviews on this lens will be much much better .

  • that would be video guys doing all the pre-ordering, would be nice to know what shoots/films it will be used on :D

  • Dilinger

    I dont know how you mean that the Schneider 17mm f/0.95 would be an alternative.
    It would be, without the monstrous vignetting.

  • Sneye

    This lens is one of a very few which are overkill to me. Too large for its classic use as a general purpose optic. I have the 25/0.95 and feel that it is not good enough for stills at its widest aperture. However it is excellent starting from f/1.4. Even better than the D Summilux.

  • MJr

    Please let the awful color fringing be a bad prototype effect. :(

  • Mr. Reeee

    It was originally estimated for May delivery, so no real news here.

    In the US you can pre-order from Camera Quest.

    I have 2 Voigtländer Nokton lenses and they’re both excellent (35mm f1.4) and beyond… the 25mm f0.95 is my most used lens. Still, I’d like to see real image samples and video before spending so much. Luckily Camera Quest asks if you really want to go through with it before finalizing the order, so I can bail if I want. ;-)

  • hlbt

    I’m glad Cosina puts little into marketing, and spends their money elsewhere. Cheers to diversity!

  • In comparion with 50mm focal length, can anyone explain why super bright 35mm lens (equivalent) has to be very expensive?

    Canon 35/1.4L, Nikon, 35/1.4G, Carl Zeiss 35/1.4, Voigtlander 17mm.0.95 -> All of them are quite expensive. However, on the other hand, 50mm/1.4 is more affordable.

    Is there something special with 35mm focal length? or Is it much more difficult to design and build in comparion with 50mm?

    • Atto

      50mm it is the non-tele easiest lens to make. That is the reason because usually goes cheaper than other lens. Bright wides are complicated to design.

  • Steve
  • scooby70

    I’m surprised at the negative comments about the 25mm f0.95. I bought one after reading the reviews that seemed to be saying that it was at least the equal and possibly better than the f1.4 alternatives at apertures they could match. I find mine to be blisteringly sharp when stopped down and perfectly usable, good even, wide open… at apertures that the competition can’t match. The only negative I can see with the 25mm is the CA at the widest apertures which I can’t seem to remove but even so I don’t find that it detracts from a whole image shot.

    If the 17.5mm is anything like the 25mm it’ll be a very good lens, and I’ll be very surprised if it isn’t.

    • Mr. Reeee

      I never quite understood the negativity, either. Even wide open the Nokton 25mm is quite sharp, if you can handle the crazily shallow DOF and take the time to focus accurately. If I tried using it with a tripod, it would probably be better. It’s close focus (7″) abilities are excellent, too.

      At f5.6 and above it’s extremely sharp. Of all my manual lenses it’s the easiest and most sure to focus. They include Nikon macros, Pentax SMC Takumars and an Olympus OM 135mm f 2.8.

      So, yeah, let’s hope the 17.5mm is at least as good as the 25mm!

      • sneye

        Sharp wide open? Well, my copy is certainly a bit dreamy at 0.95. You must be lucky.

        • pdc

          I think he means stopped down more than 5.6!

          Yes, a little creamy wide open, but a wonderful effect for ambient low light, especially low K. You can shoot amazing night-time video with this lens and a hacked GH2 at 44Mbps and higher rates.

          I have every confidence that the 17.5 will similarly find a special place – although it is a more challenging focal length for a fast lens, but this 13 element 9 group 540gram beauty will be a hard act to follow.

          For the Euros whining about price, remember that 20% VAT is built-in. Not so in the US and other parts of the world, where sales tax is added afterwards.

        • Mr. Reeee

          Sharp in the mm or two that are actually in focus. Maybe I need a better prescription for my glasses? ;-)

          And yes, pdc, stopped down to 5.6 and smaller apertures it can be pretty exceptional.

          • pdc

            Well DOF is not quite that shallow.
            At 10 feet (3 meters) the 25mm wide-open will give you about 18 inches in acceptable focus (45 cm). The 17.5mm will give you about twice the depth of field.

  • MP Burke

    In the UK (Robert White) the 17.5mm f0.95 is listed at £1110, compared to £762 for the 25mm f0.95. Quite a hefty price, but I imagine that lenses will soon be sent to Optyczne and Photozone for review before they become easily available. Who knows, if there is significant demand for the 17mm f0.95, Panasonic or Olympus may make a 17mm or 17.5mm f1.4. That ought to be considerably smaller and cheaper.

  • Scott at Mainline Photographics in Sydney has it on pre order too… at very good price I might add…

    • pdc

      A good note to make to one’s self when it comes to confirming payment for the item. Stephen hasn’t yet posted a price.

  • cteve

    Why surprised at the fact that there are MANY orders? lol
    Most of those pre-orders are probably in Japan and in the rest of Asia anyway.

    Come on, it’s not like the people on 43rumors reflect 90% of the market…

  • you’d have to be a right banana to drop £1300 on this article! Every CV I’ve bought is soft any wider than f2! I know why there aren’t any good sample pics around, such a thing does not exist!
    If I’m wrong and its sharp and contrasty wide open, I’ll gladly buy one

    • Cteve

      This is mainly for videographers.
      If you want sharp bright lenses go buy a Leica for 10000$

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