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First Voigtländer 25mm f/0.95 to be shipped in less than two weeks!

[shoplink 15659][/shoplink]

The german store Bayern-Fotoversand is selling three new [shoplink 16903]Voigtländer 25mm f/0.95 for Micro Four Thirds on eBay (Click here)[/shoplink]. They told me the lens will be available in “in den nächsten 10-14 Tagen” which means 10-14 days! They only ship to Europe. I didn’t find any bigger online store having the lens available for preorder and usually Germany is one fo the first place where one might get Voigtländer stuff. If you [shoplink 15659]perform a worldwide search for the lens on eBay[/shoplink] you will only find germans resellers.

UPDATE: One of our readers just told us that Robert White (UK) is accepting preorders!

The Flickr user “Itemsis” just sent us an email to his latest images samples taken at Photokina using the new [shoplink 15659]Voigtländer 25mm f/0.95[/shoplink] on a Panasonic G1. You can see two more pictures here at Flickr.

We already posted some images few weeks ago (

If you want the new Voigtländer instead of the Noktor you can preorder the lens on:
– [shoplink 16903]Bayern-Fotoversand (Click here)[/shoplink] – Fotomundus
Robert White (UK)
Mainlinephoto Australia
Cameraquest (one of my favorite shops!)
The classic camera

Let me know if other stores do accept preorders! Thanks!

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