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Why not get the Olympus E-P1? A cheap good camera in US and Europe!

[shoplink 16885][/shoplink] As you might now I am a happy Olympus E-P1 owner. So let me make some free advertising for that camera :)

It’s my opinion that unless you need a specific camera for work it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money to buy a digital camera. You don’t make better pictures only because you buy an expensive camera. Your ceativity is what matters! I also do believe that it is better to save money on a body and spend more for lenses. A good lens last for years if not decades!

And now you have the chance to get a Micro Four Thirds cameras for cheap. The Olympus E-P1 is a real bang for the buck! I also noticed that the E-P1 is on of the few products that doesn’t charge an extra price for europeans. The US-EU prices are almost equal (Thanks Oly!).

Let’s start with the E-P1 deals in Europe:
A friend of mine was looking for the white E-P1 and found a great deal on Pixmania Italy. The white E-P1 + 14-42mm lens for 390 Euro at Pixmania Italia (Click here to see the deal). The lens alone costs almost 300 Euro! And the same deal is also available at Pixmania France (Click here).
Pixmania Deutschland is offering the E-P1 + 14-42mm lens for 389 Euro and for both WHITE and SILVER kits (Click here to check this deal). But Germany is full of online stores and you can find it even cheaper here at EG-electronics (349 Euro). Also Pixmania Spain has both colored E-P1 kit for 399 Euro (Click here)
Our UK readers can get the WHITE E-P1+14-42mm lens for £319 at Pixmania UK (Click here to see this deal).

Please undertsand that I have no time to check all online stores in all diferent europeancountries. My goal is only to give you an idea about the current E-P1 prices. You can also check [shoplink 16885]eBay to see current E-P1 auction (Click here)[/shoplink] to see a more large palette E-P1 deals.

And now the E-P1 deals in US:
Adorama is selling refurbished SILVER E-P1+14-42mm kits for $429.95 (Click here to see the camera at Adorama). Notice that the lens alone costs $251.95! So basically the camera body costs $178 only!!!
The same package (but new) is in Stock for $547.50 at Amazon (Click here).
If you are looking for the WHITE E-P1 good luck! Not one of the stores I checked has it in Stock…not even eBay (Click here to see current E-P1 auctions)!

As you see Mirrorless cameras are becoming cheaper and they are not more expensive than a high-end compact with small sensor like the [shoplink 16886]Panasonic LX5[/shoplink] or a an entry level DSLR like the Canon Rebel. Panasonic and Olympus should make a huge marketing campaign to promote the Micro Four Thirds cameras in that price segment!

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