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Why not get the Olympus E-P1? A cheap good camera in US and Europe!

As you might now I am a happy Olympus E-P1 owner. So let me make some free advertising for that camera :)

It’s my opinion that unless you need a specific camera for work it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money to buy a digital camera. You don’t make better pictures only because you buy an expensive camera. Your ceativity is what matters! I also do believe that it is better to save money on a body and spend more for lenses. A good lens last for years if not decades!

And now you have the chance to get a Micro Four Thirds cameras for cheap. The Olympus E-P1 is a real bang for the buck! I also noticed that the E-P1 is on of the few products that doesn’t charge an extra price for europeans. The US-EU prices are almost equal (Thanks Oly!).

Let’s start with the E-P1 deals in Europe:
A friend of mine was looking for the white E-P1 and found a great deal on Pixmania Italy. The white E-P1 + 14-42mm lens for 390 Euro at Pixmania Italia (Click here to see the deal). The lens alone costs almost 300 Euro! And the same deal is also available at Pixmania France (Click here).
Pixmania Deutschland is offering the E-P1 + 14-42mm lens for 389 Euro and for both WHITE and SILVER kits (Click here to check this deal). But Germany is full of online stores and you can find it even cheaper here at EG-electronics (349 Euro). Also Pixmania Spain has both colored E-P1 kit for 399 Euro (Click here)
Our UK readers can get the WHITE E-P1+14-42mm lens for £319 at Pixmania UK (Click here to see this deal).

Please undertsand that I have no time to check all online stores in all diferent europeancountries. My goal is only to give you an idea about the current E-P1 prices. You can also check eBay to see current E-P1 auction (Click here) to see a more large palette E-P1 deals.

And now the E-P1 deals in US:
Adorama is selling refurbished SILVER E-P1+14-42mm kits for $429.95 (Click here to see the camera at Adorama). Notice that the lens alone costs $251.95! So basically the camera body costs $178 only!!!
The same package (but new) is in Stock for $547.50 at Amazon (Click here).
If you are looking for the WHITE E-P1 good luck! Not one of the stores I checked has it in Stock…not even eBay (Click here to see current E-P1 auctions)!

As you see Mirrorless cameras are becoming cheaper and they are not more expensive than a high-end compact with small sensor like the Panasonic LX5 or a an entry level DSLR like the Canon Rebel. Panasonic and Olympus should make a huge marketing campaign to promote the Micro Four Thirds cameras in that price segment!

  • robotslave

    Why not get the Olympus E-P1?

    Oh, I don’t know, maybe because it can’t focus fast enough to capture the frames you’d be wanting from a camera with that form factor?


    It’s bad enough that your even slightly credible “rumors” have degraded to “stuff the companies told me 8 hours before the official launch”, but do you really have to shill for them like this? Everyone knows why the GF-1 is selling and the EP-1 isn’t; are you really that desperate to stroke the Oly reps who treat you like a breathless fanboi who will publish anything they feed you, so long as they keep the “information” flowing?

    Interlude: Hello, yes, camera companies have figured out that “rumors” sites can be treated as unpaid publicity outlets; all they need to do is convince you that you’ve a got special relationship (not like the other dozen camera rumors sites) and that the ad copy they’re spoon-feeding you is some sort of unique information or “scoop”.

    Can we have an additional ratings system for that, please?

    Or better yet, why not just drop all the numerical rumors-ratings nonsense, and just stand by what you decide to publish, sink or swim?

    Or would that leave you with not enough content to keep the site running?

    • admin

      Hi Robotslave!
      It’s always interesting how some people interpretes my posts :)
      It’s probably impossible to make you believe that I really wrote that post because I simply LIKE that camera. No Olympus guy ever contacted me to ask some “free” advertising. That’s the truth. But you are free to believe in your conspiration theory. And honestly I really don’t know how to proove you that. Maybe you should read the threads where I critized Olympus because of the two poor new MFT zooms (that I aboslutely don’t like) and the far too expensive E-5. Oh no, you are right, Panasonic paid me to tell you that :)

    • napalm

      “Oh, I don’t know, maybe because it can’t focus fast enough to capture the frames you’d be wanting from a camera with that form factor?”

      have you tried the E-P1 with Fw 1.4? it is now focusing fast enough with the latest firmware… even faster with their new lenses.

      also m4/3 offer much flexibility with manual focus lenses, like C-Mount/CCTV lenses which are quite fun to use and opens another level of experience. but i guess you’re focusing too much of specs and numbers to say how good a camera is.

      this post makes sense as for the price of prosumer digicams, you can now afford to get the E-P1. if you dont like it, dont buy it.

      i chose the E-P1 over the GF1, E-P2, E-PL1 and the NEX as right now it the best bang for the back mirrorless cam for my needs

      • napalm

        [edit:typo] i chose the E-P1 over the GF1, E-P2, E-PL1 and the NEX as right now it is the best bang for the buck mirrorless cam for my needs

    • robotslave, why do you even bother to comment here, let alone read this site’s content, if it’s really as rubbish as you seem to think judging by your style? Why not go out and take some pictures with your much better GF1?

  • Person


    Also, the 1.4 firmware brings it to the SAME focus speed as the GF1.

    Panasonic and Olympus now let you download each other’s lens firmware too. The performance really is the same now in terms of speed.

    Love how people moan about this stuff without first hand experience.

  • Paul

    The EP1 is a cracking camera and one that I pick up and carry nearly all the time, focus is on par with GF1 since firmware 1.4, it has in body IS, great build and wonderful Oly JPEGS. You know, sometimes it’s best to try out the product before you write it off on hearsay and on reviews over a year old on original firmware. Same goes for the E5 lets wait for the full, detailed reviews but it looks promising and for me ticks the boxes is important areas. Lets face it if a company made a perfect camera (and system)we would all buy it, that is after a good moan!

  • robotslave

    OK, yeah.

    I totally yield to the Oly fanbois. Jesus christ, guys, what would it take for an EP-1 owner to admit that it’s got serious AF issues?

    And thanks, Admin, for accusing a commenter of “conspiracy theory” instead of, say, making any attempt to defend the utterly abysmal quality of your site’s “rumor” output of late.

  • Person

    Chill, man.

    Just saying the performance is the same as GF1.

    Yes, the AF is not great by DSLR standards. they do not have PDAF. What do you expect?

    But these are COMPACT cameras. If you want to shoot really fast moving subjects use different technology.

    Still, with an f1.7 lens you can happily shoot in low light with these.

    • Ross

      I’m sorry, but you sound just a little sad (a sad case), like you need help.

    • Ross

      That was intended for robotslave.
      I’m sorry, but you sound just a little sad (a sad case), like you need help.

    • KJS

      have daddy problems much robotslave? please leave your negativity out of 43rumors, we get it. Admin has every right to post whatever he wants without being attacked, no one wants that here. Did you miss the entire point of the post? E-P1 for cheap! I’m sure there are people that don’t have money, but still want great quality. Does this mean I’m going to pick one up? absolutely not, but not everything I see is supposed to be tendered to me. If you weren’t selfish, you’d realize that you aren’t the only one on this planet, and that there are less fortunate people than you that would jump at the opportunity! And lay off the admin. He puts a lot of work in here to try to keep his “rumors” accurate. But in the end, they’re still RUMORS!

      P.S. Go call your daddy and tell him you love him.

  • George

    robot, calm down mate. But on the other side , i used both ep1 and gf1. GF1 is trillion times better then ep1. Sorry guys, but menus colours are one big joke. I cant believe people actually impressed with the performance of ep1

    • George

      and 1 more thing. People saying that ep1 has the same AF speed as GF1. Did you ever own these 2 cams at the same time ??? OR even used them for couple of days. NO YOU DIDN’T
      You people are writing things that you have no real life experience. You just read them on other sites. Probably on DPreview.
      So stop talking like you know anything. I owned both of them and whoever says AF speed is same for both cameras is a total moron

  • EP1andG1User

    I do own a G1 and decided to buy an E-P1 because I needed a 2nd one and because of the sensational price! I’m sure that the GF1 AF is better (I know the G1’s), but for a different price! Sometimes I miss a more decent AF performance, but I seldomly photograph fast moving objects … low light performance is sometimes an issue. But overall you can take amazing photographs with a camera which costs less than 400 EUR and is a pleasure to hold in your hands. Period.

  • darek

    In POLAND, e-shop . EP-1 sliver with black zoom kit 14-40 price 1449zł. Change price to EURO.

  • Paul

    George, Why the abuse, I’ve owned both, the difference in AF under most circumstances with the same lenses is minimal (after firmware 1.4) for the Oly in my experience, I just prefer the shooting experience and the out of camera JPEGs of the Oly and built in IS, period. It’s the whole package that counts, not just AF/sensor/whatever. So less of the moron stuff and try and respect other people opinions…. and yes I owned both for a period, the Oly was mine and the Pany my wife’s, so I think I’m qualified to have an opinion, respect that and you might get some respect back yourself.

    • napalm

      oly has admitted that the problem was with their 14-42mm and 17mm. the motor was not really built for fast AF. but try Fw 1.4 with their new lenses, the 9-18mm, 14-150mm… it actually focuses almost as fast as the GF1. i’d admit that GF1 is still faster, but let’s not exaggerate.

      this is also the reason why i’m using the Pany 14-45mm on my E-P1 as it can focus faster than the Oly kit and less noisy on videos.

  • Duarte Bruno

    There is also a very good deal in Pixmania Portugal, the white E-P1 for 400€.

  • E-P1 is great camera. But I missed the hot shoe for the external EVF. So I switched to GF1.

    • And at the same time: E-P2 is too expensive and E-PL1 is too plastic.

      • admin

        Great to hear that I am not the only one that like the camera :)

        • ecle

          of course not, I also like the E-P1. Focus speed is fantastic with 9-18. I don’t need anything faster.

        • Reza

          Me too. For me the IBIS is a big deal, I have taken so many shots at 1/4, 1/10, 1/15 seconds at night with the 20mm 1.7 lens. For me this is a required functional feature, while the split second AF is a nicety.

          My next camera body will be a m4/3 (since now I have a good chunk of money in mostly non-stabilized m4/3 lenses) camera with IBIS, built-in flash and EVF. Until then, I’m a very happy E-P1 camper.

          • Miroslav

            Completely agree on IBIS. Ever since I bought first P&S with IS, I regard it essential. I don’t have shaky hands, I just want more ability to shoot in low light.

            And I don’t buy Panasonic/Canon/Nikon/Sony (NEX) excuse that in lens stabilization is better. Why don’t they put it in all the lenses then? It’s like buying a car with ABS that works only on motorways and the manufacturer tells you you don’t need it in the city.

  • Bob

    It seems that some people don’t think that anything positive about Oly is allowed.

  • rich

    I bought myself an E-P1 with 17mm Pancake for the princely sum of £399 just a few weeks ago. I bought it to accompany my EOS 50D, for the times when I don’t want to lug around a full SLR kit. I considered the GF1, but given the massive price difference I couldn’t possibly justify the GF1. Besides, I used to own an OM1n and love the look and feel of the E-P1. So far I’ve found it to be everything I could wish for (apart from a nice built-in optical viewfinder obviously ;) ). I don’t know why everyone has to argue. They’re both great cams, but it’s always the photographer that makes the difference…

  • davethevet

    Way to go robo, I prefer a good rant to a fey fanboi defense. Far more interesting. I have to agree marketing are loving rumour sites. At the end of the day, Oly, please dont do an 86 on me. Sorry to be obtuse, I`ve been on the sauce, Ta Ta for now.

    • Reza

      I actually doubt companies like rumor sites at all. Just think about how much bad rep the E-5 got in the weeks before the announcement and even after. The bad mouthing of E-5 only stopped (not completely) after the pictures reviews slowly trickled out, and it turned out the picture quality is really improved.

      Rumor websites by definition only judge by specs, while the proof of pudding is really in the eating.

  • Ahem

    As if there’s not enough ads as it is (and I run ad blockers galore), now even the “stories” are ads.

    Time to start looking for alternative sites.

  • There are some compelling reasons against the EP1. None of the accessories work on it. That’s a real drawback.

    I found a dealer that sells the body only for 230 Euro. I’m still undecided to get it and also buy a Novoflex adapter for my Minolta glass. I’m still wondering if focusing manually using just the display will prove practical, especially outside. I’m not really impressed by the available MFT glass.

    I already have an adapter ring for FT, that has to be screwed to the lens before mounting though which really sucks if I want to change lenses during sessions.

    Does anybody use a display only solution to manual focus legacy glass on an Olympus MFT body?

    • Reza

      Yes, all the time, and it works great. Unless it’s really sunny outside, but most of the time it’s just fine.

      • Would you mind pointing me some of your shots you did this way? I am really curious.

  • Admin:

    You should have mentioned that the E-PL1 is almost as cheap with the same lens. It sells for around 390 Euro in Germany. Rather than getting a E-P1 without the accessory port option, I’ll probably get an E-PL1. Since it’s the newest MFT from Olympus it’s unlikely they will upgrade that model anytime soon.

    I guess I’m going to cave in and get the EV-2 eventually. I’m losing my willpower to resist buying a MFT body with a Novoflex adapter so I can finally use my old Minolta glass with more ease…

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