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(FT5) First Panasonic GH4 images!


A website leaked the Panasonic GH4 images for a short time (I am not going ti unveil the site name to see if I can find more info soon). The specs are
– 16,05 Megapixel sensor. It’s a new sensor with semi-conductor protection tech to reduce noise and improved dynamic range.
– quad core processor and venus Engine
– ISO up to 25,600.
– 12fps, 7,5 fps with continuous focusing
– GH4 uses the new UHS I class III SD card format
– Depth From Defocusing (uses Panasonic lens database to fine tune AF!)
– AF as fast as 0.07 seconds. 49 AF points.
– 4K video at 4096×2160 pixels and max frame rate of 96fps.
– Bit rate of up to 200Mbp
– Magnesium body
– Price not unveiled yet
– There is an optional Interface Unit (see image below). Has 2 XLR, 4 SDI, micro HDMi output, color bar signal, audio reference signal, external time control

The camera will be announced tomorrow (Friday Feb 7) at 4am London time! You can follow the announcement live here on 43rumors!




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