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(FT5) First Panasonic GH4 images!


A website leaked the Panasonic GH4 images for a short time (I am not going ti unveil the site name to see if I can find more info soon). The specs are
– 16,05 Megapixel sensor. It’s a new sensor with semi-conductor protection tech to reduce noise and improved dynamic range.
– quad core processor and venus Engine
– ISO up to 25,600.
– 12fps, 7,5 fps with continuous focusing
– GH4 uses the new UHS I class III SD card format
– Depth From Defocusing (uses Panasonic lens database to fine tune AF!)
– AF as fast as 0.07 seconds. 49 AF points.
– 4K video at 4096×2160 pixels and max frame rate of 96fps.
– Bit rate of up to 200Mbp
– Magnesium body
– Price not unveiled yet
– There is an optional Interface Unit (see image below). Has 2 XLR, 4 SDI, micro HDMi output, color bar signal, audio reference signal, external time control

The camera will be announced tomorrow (Friday Feb 7) at 4am London time! You can follow the announcement live here on 43rumors!




  • GBarone

    Guy the first failure in any argument is making it personal,
    the second is imagining something could not benifit from a
    better design.

  • Rafeeq

    Would be great if the optional interface unit is compatible with the GH3 as well. My fingers are crossed!

  • Dan

    Would be nice if the optional interface unit was free lol

  • GBarone

    I agree with you NEYMAR, it’s a design thing.
    Have said my piece so no need adding to it.
    Love the camera dislike the adaptor design.
    I’m outta here. Regards to all.

  • Zeuss

    That Whatdigitalphoto 1st look linked made no mention of the EVF. Hopefully Pana didn’t just put a slightly improved occular in front of it and call it a day, which would be about the bare minimum needed…
    They really need to get serious about focusing a 4k camera that’s at least sometimes designed to be handheld.

  • UglyCamera

    You people asking for a smaller design for the adapter are way off-target. Look at the list of things the adapter supposedly does, and the connections it has. Look at the doors on the right side. How do you make that many connections fit on a battery grip sized adapter? It would have taken a LOT of work to reduce it even a little bit, for an adapter that very few people will probably get. The adapter is intended for serious professionals only, those who need the features and are willing to pay the price. I would imagine this adapter will be at least in the US$1000 range, so few people will buy it.

    Also, consider another thing – now the camera will have a connector in the bottom that can pass all these signals to the camera. This possibly opens up an avenue for aftermarket vendors (beachtek, juicedlink, etc) to make a more streamlined, XLR-only adapter the size of a battery grip.

    • BVP

      Yeah, it seems not many people here actually understand what the attachment is. If you want your svelte designs, you can wait four more years and pay another couple thousand dollars for the pleasure.

  • Gene

    240fps at 720p ?

  • UglyCamera

    Also, to the people that say the adapter makes the camera not fit in a cage, or not be able to be handheld, come on. Who in their right minds would use XLR cables and SDI cables handheld? You would use a proper rig for the thing, or most likely not handheld at all, but on a proper tripod.

    If you want to use it handheld, just do it like you would do with a GH3. I wonder if any of you folks complaining loudly shoot any serious video at all, or are just wishing, bashing, and complaining for fun.

  • Tony

    Well I’m feeling positive about this camera. The only thing I hope they will have sorted for European markets is the dreaded 29m59s recording limit. If it’s going to be more expensive than the current GH3, I would hope with the GH4K we European’s won’t have to break into a sweat when recording a long speech that is about to cross the 30-minute mark. I know the limit was brought in for tax purposes (and removed on the GH2 via a hack) but I for one would pay more just to remove that limitation.

    • UglyCamera

      I hadn’t thought of the specific scenario you mentioned. Sorry, but LOL at the visual you invoked! I hope they do that for you guys, and global framerates (24/25/30/50/60) for everyone. By the way, why don’t all European videographers form a lobbying group to lobby the EU to remove that video camera tax?

  • dolbydunn

    As a GH3 & GX7 owner I am pleased to see this new GH4K even though I think network traffic and hard drives are too slow to support it at this time.

    The fact the Panasonic has stuck with the ergonomic design of the GH3 for such a video specialty camera is comforting to those who will add the GH4K to their arsenal without having to learn totally “new” camera ergonomics.

    While I will not be purchasing this camera, it gives me hope for a “GH3” style body with possible 5-axis Stabilization in the future. I really don’t need 4k as much as I would like smoother, handheld HD video.

  • tbunny

    Two kinds of camera people continually amaze with their obtuseness: people for whom “pocketable” is a very very serious matter and who can’t fit a GM1 with lens in said pocket (horrors!), and people who relentlessly complain about camera X not having high enough FPS. Really, these people relentlessly complained about a whole generation of cameras not having 60 FPS, since their whole hobby/business is based on slow-motion video or something, and then as soon as cameras come out with 60 FPS and above, it’s not enough. Now anything less than 120 FPS is a grave offense to their sensibilities. 99.999% of all video produced or watched is at 30 FPS or slower, but you’re on every comment board preening about how nothing less than the slowest of slow motion is required for your video camera.

    • @tbunny
      Slow motion video booths…

    • thecouchguy

      Obviously they are not offended if there is no 120fps, they just want it because it will unlock greater *creative* possibilities in their film making, such as what an fs700 can do. It’s a shame for you that you are too short sighted, or lack the vision to see this.

      Me, I personally want to see 120fps (ill still be very happy with the rumored 96fps) as I’ve filmed some wonderful bird footage with a GoPro at 120fps 720p. Is it wrong for me to hope for more creative options? Only YOUR work will suffer if you hope for less.

      • tbunny

        Please, these people are complaining. They’re not talking about “creative possibilities”. The idea that super high frame rates is some sort of make or break for the overall value of the camera is not credible.

    • Paul Alexander

      I like that reply but have this to add. It’s a problem with ‘equipment collectors’- that raising the bar is more important than actually jumping OVER the bar.
      In this world there are two types of people
      Equipment COLLECTORS
      and, equipment USERS.
      Fully seven years after the CanonHV20 delivered 1080P at 24p for under $1000, we have generated Billions of words about features, hundreds of cameras and very few top class movies to speak of.
      It’s hard to believe the Camera companies are not making gobs of money hand over fist!

  • Rafeeq

    Does anyone have an educated on what the dynamic range would be on this? Specifically when compared to the GH3 or the Blackmagic 2K?

    • John P

      Slightly more than the GH3 and probably a bit less than the Blackmagic, since the Blackmagic can shoot Raw.

  • Tone13

    It’s not super important but that XLR/SDI add on is something only Panasonic or JVC could design. Plain awful and lazy design work. Sony would never create something like that.

  • Mike

    Has the idea of proof-reading in journalism gone away? You really think it’s better to publish with errors? That’s a real question. Is it better to publish wither errors or no errors? Yes or no?

  • A few thoughts. I own a GH3 with a full set of Panasonic Zooms as well as a full set of auto and mechanical lenses. I also own a mixed set of PL mount lenses and zooms and a PL mount adapter for the gH3. I’ll buy a GH4 with the adapter. Mainly for B roll. My A roll cameras include all shoot RAW and 4 or 5K except for the Phantom Flex. As much as I like the smaller DSLR style cameras, their usefulness is proscibed not by resolution – the the ALEXA is ‘only’ a 2.5K camera – but by our ability to accurately focus them . The 4K option on the GH4 will only accentuate this issue. My understanding is that the new 7D will address this problem., but, we’ll see. I think the GH3 does a better job with focus options than its predecessor but it’s still an exercise in frustration to get dependable focus, especially at shallow apertures. Of course with a focus puller and a large monitor that becomes a fairly simple issue but then the ‘cheap’ little camera is no longer the optimal choice. The second issue is RAW, or if you prefer, raw. Manufacturers like Panasonic and Canon need to get on that bandwagon. If they cannot offer us RAW for whatevrer reason, how about S-Log. SOny did that with the F3 and it was an excellent option.

    Finally, I sure wish panasonbic would have also put all these features into the AH100. The form factor was better for most film making. It was easier to attach motors and professional lenses and it filled an important gap.

    • Paul Alexander

      “Finally, I sure wish panasonbic would have also put all these features into the AH100. The form factor was better for most film making.”

      They should be getting THAT message by now. if not them, then someone else will !
      Let’s keep hammering away at Panasonic and their PR agency

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