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(FT5) Picture of Kurt Russel with the new G4K! And new info about the video specs…


Image courtesy: Defy on Facebook. (Thanks David Peterson for sharing the link.)

The image on top shows Kurt Russel with the new Panasonic G4K camera! I guess that’s a set of a commercial for the new camera :)

I also got some more info about the video specs of the camera:
1) It will have a quad core processor.
2) Sensor reading is 50% faster then GH3 so much less rolling shutter.
3) maximum bitrate of 200Mbps ALI and 100Mbps IPB
4) 4K, you will have MOV + MP4 only.
5) In 1080p you will also have AVCHD.
6) The camera will have focus peaking and the user will be able to change the color. Focus Peaking will also work from smartphone through wifi.
7) Focusing will be faster and have more AF points (compared to GH3).

An anonymous and nice ;) source sent me the following info too:  I am not 100% sure about this, but I was told the G4K will have an optional attachment and as I was told it will have XLR as well as dual 3G SDI output. Panasonic wants to position this to serious film makers.


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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
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FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
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FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Jack Burton

    Kurt Russell is so f*cking cool. Looks like the G4K Will be too.

    • jim

      I would not know – I’ve never met the guy….

    • Bob B.

      Maybe this photo was shot during the filming of the Super Bowl Intros that Kurt was in?

  • Gekopaca

    On the left : Kurt Russell; in the center : an unknown bearded/moustached hipster. On the right… but… WTF… it’s… Philip Seymour Hoffman !!!!

    • admin

      He is not :)

      • PannyBoom

        No lol -_-

        • andrew d

          it’s Val Kilmer :)

    • jim

      no doubt checking the line quality :D

      • Bob B.

        Wow..there is just no time lag any more between someone’s death and gruesome jokes.

        • MarcoSartoriPhoto

          True.. When I met him two years ago he was really a funny person.. :(

        • jim

          Sorry – what is the acceptable time lag then…

          • Bob B.

            Don’t know…I am in recovery…and seeing someone that talented die like that just effects me. It’s sad. Not funny.

            • Justin

              Addiction is a malady that can affect just about anyone. Death as a consequence is neither deserved nor justified and laughing about it is tantamount to believing just that. It’s cruel. Judge not lest you be judged.

              • jim

                Not a jab about his death… but about his habbit..

                • jim

                  Infact not even a jab – just noting the man liked his drugs….

  • Marcus Wolschon

    Damn, so they really sticked to the GH3 form factor.
    Don’t they realize that that’s one of the major issues why film makers will NOT use this one?
    For video this form factor is rediculus. It’s like what Canon did with the 1D-C.
    A stills camera body.

    I guess it will only have focus peaking and magnification (hopefully a fast one not reacting to moire or noise and still usable in dark or low contrast situations.) but no scopes.
    Given the price point the later may have been a selling point.

    AF-points? i thought it was a contrast autofocus via sensor-readout, thus no dedicated AF-points.
    Maybe they mean finer control when setting the focus-point via touch screen.

    It will be interesting to see what resolutions and frame rates work with
    UHS1 SD cards and what modes require the Panasonic P2 cards.

    I wonder why they didn’t implement 1080p raw recording to differentiate even more from the consumer photography bodies.

    • AF-100 successor soon probably with more goodies…

    • Natureflixs

      Sticking to the GH3 form factor with all the rumored enhancements is the exact reason that I want one. Small, light and backpackable.

    • C. C.

      Marcus – videographers will be snatching up the GH4. You’re the one that looks like an idiot with your worthless comments.

  • Dan

    *cancels BMPCC order*

    • Santiago

      You can buy 2xBMPCC for one GH4K, and have better codec (ProRes and RAW).
      But I like the ergonomics of the GH
      4K is not relevant… for now.

      • Luke G Orrin

        Actually, 4K is extremely relevant now. For anyone doing professional work, shooting 4K gives you more options when delivering in 1080p and provides much greater detail in the final 1080p delivery format.

        And having worked with both the BMPCC and the GH3 for a while now, I can tell you that the BMPCC is, practically speaking, not a very good camera. The images the BMPCC produces are too soft (the GH4K will smash it in that department, even more so than the GH3 does now) and in real-world usage the MOV codec on the GH cameras is so fantastic that I don’t even want the space-inefficient ProRes format for recording onto cards anymore.

        But RAW would be nice… problem is, I already know I’d never use it. The RAW editing pipeline and storage problems make it more of a hassle than it’s worth at the moment. Maybe in a couple of years as software and computer processing power improves.

  • Mustn’t the niche market for people who are willing to pay extra for 4k video be awfully small? Basically only professional, and aspiring professional, videographers?

    For normal people who wants to shoot friends and family I see it as something far down on the priority list of features.

    • Don’t underestimate the size of the aspiring professional videographer market! :-)
      Also includes serious hobbyists, indie filmmakers, students, and many others.

    • Jens

      I have far more money than skill. I will be buying the G4K.

      I have to assume there are others out there like me :)

      • Dan

        this infuriates me no end

        • Ash

          Why does this infuriate you?

          If you want a GH4K, then start saving your coffee money.

          If more people buy the camera, then Panasonic will be profitable and continue making cameras.

          Go Jean!

          • Ash


        • Jens

          Why does this infuriate you? I was just being honest. I could have lied, said I was something I wasn’t, been dishonest with my motivations. I am neither a pro nor all that good an amateur, and I have no serious aspirations. I do like shooting though, especially with my son, which is why I replied to a comment about this being only for a niche market of pros and serious amateurs. I am a casual amateur, and I am due for a new camera (my 7D is held together mostly by gaffer’s tape). Why can’t I buy this one?

  • It looks like they pulled Kurt for a pic while he was on his way to the bakery.

    • Dan

      he DOES look like he’s going to a bakery

      • He looks a bit baked.

    • :D Good one!

  • Viezevure

    Kurt Russel rocks. I guess M43 needs a really really cool person to promote a not so cool sensor size.

    • Dave

      Is your life so sad, so small and overflowing with misery? So much that you visit us here and haphazardly sprinkle your “wisdom” like you season your food? Why don’t you make a new choice today. Either cut off your Internet access because you obviously don’t deserve the responsibility that comes with it, or go see your therapist about increasing or changing your medication.

      Well, which choice will you make?

    • Clubber lang

      Movie titles they may have been working on with Kurt,

      Escape from full frame
      Big trouble in small sensors
      Overboard, maxed out on Internet forums about gear.

  • Camaman

    The guy in the middle is also a famous face.
    Can’t remember the scenes I watched him though. He has funny mustache her. Must be a joined set of some sort.
    Or he’s just odd looking now. :-)

    • BdV

      Ah! I do recognize her! It’s that (now bearded) woman from sex and the city.

    • SceptreX42

      It’s hard to tell for sure because he normally doesn’t have a beard like that, but I believe the one in the middle is Noah Wyle.

      • maybe its Chuck Norris?

  • ThatGuy

    Looks like a real Hot Rod….

  • Svenlovesflo

    I love Kurt Russell…but he is not going to sell a camera to me…I appreciate him as an actor sometimes…I thought he was great portraying Coach Herb Brooks…he nailed that role….but on your way back Kurt , please bring a cinnamon roll and a couple croissants for myself please . You hit that right on the head Ulli . Nice call.

  • malchick743

    If it still has AVCHD then it’d better have NTSC/PAL dual-boot like on the AG-AF100, otherwise it would be a joke

  • Eddy43

    Hopefully Panasonic have learnt their lessons won’t listen solely to the money men who will be baiting for a “High margin premium product” which ultimately results in pricing screw ups and losing to competitors.

    They seem to have a good product, they usually do but they always mess up on pricing by setting the release price too high.

    They should lower their margins to allow consumers to get on board. They have the advantage of a good video reputation and a firm user base. They just need to get the pricing correct rather than the usual approach of sell high first and discount later. This approach will just cause consumers to wait for reductions by which time other manufacturers will release newer products more up to date products into market.

    • _gl

      I agree, this push more high-margin is going too far. I don’t begrudge them making money and playing the game a litte, but when you see how drastically the bodies loose value, you just end up feeling screwed if you bought early.

  • kiki

    D-day -2, and still no leaked pictures? really goods news about this GH4K. i think it will be a great cam.

  • @admin, Don’t forget to also credit the 43rumors reader who found the photo of the GH4K in the first place ;-)

    • admin

      correct! Will now search throught comments…

  • MFiftysomething

    Guy holding camera is Illya friedman -Hot Rod cameras -they make lens adapters etc etc

    Looks like the panasonic 20mm f1.7 on it -not the best lens for video perhaps that is why the gimball stabiliser! Does it look smaller than Gh3?

  • Cde.

    Well, the introductory short film looks to be a hell of a lot better than GH3’s Genesis.

    Also suspect they got Andrew Reid of EOSHD to shoot a little piece.

    • Dan

      you’ve seen it?

      • Cde.

        No, haven’t seen either and could be wrong about Andrew Reid. I just hope that anything people get Kurt Russell and Noah Wyle to shoot is better than Genesis was.

  • JRJ

    I recognize that street. It’s not “a set of a commercial for the new camera.” That’s a street in Park City, Utah and they are at the Sundance Film Festival. I would know because I worked for Schick/Sunn Classic Pictures there in the late 70s and I worked the Festival in the early 80s.

  • hahahahaha12

    KURT RUSSEL is coool and gets,-$ usd. for the spot.
    some idiotic-blog-filmer are also there ( opende their ass for several
    years = get nothing 000.00,-$usd)

    and million idiots out there now….waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait… and hope..

    mission acomplished Panasonic..

  • tbunny

    GUYS! Somebody posted patent images of the likely GH 4K on this site weeks ago! I can’t believe ADMIN didn’t pick it up. He either just totally overlooked it or has some sort of understanding with Panasonic. Either way, the new camera has a totally new body, it’s not the GH3 body.

  • tbunny

    Will it have ETC?

    • stoneinapond

      …”Will it have ETC?”…


      • ETC + 4k crop = awesomeness!

        • stoneinapond

          Not 4K. Full HD and bellow.

  • TempTag

    A lot of wish list items getting checked off in prerelease rumors – setting ourselves up for disappointment? (This seems to happen over and over…)

  • JF

    Looks like just a GH3 at Sundance.

    • JS

      thats what im thinking, it looks exactly like a gh3….

      • JF

        And definitely not a “set.” Park City for sure, where every other actor was a couple weeks ago.

      • JF

        Also, a Movi knockoff with a guy who just wanted his pic taken with KR.

        • Philip Lipetz

          That guy is Illya Friedman, who sells the G2 Defy gimbal (pictured) at his Hot Rod Cameras shop, and also is a very well respected supplier of lenses in Hollywood. Hardly some random guy.

  • Gabriel

    So the camera is for old people with bearb ? :)

  • max

    “Panasonic wants to position this to serious film makers.” -> At last… GH3 without focus peaking was a joke.


    No 1080 RAW or 120 fps?!?!?! WTF?!?!?! Panasonic’s blowing it =(


      • MESSI

        Panasonic has let me down again. I will save my money.

  • Vincent Boudewijn

    It is not the gh3 body, I posted link to the admin, but he didn’t pick it up
    Here is the gh4k patent (most likely):

  • I’d really rather have a global shutter at 1080 than a rolling shutter at 4k.

  • Olymp

    Still no global shutter? I better buy a Sony then

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