E-M5 catalog for the iPad. 75mm best tested lens ever at Photoreview.


Olympus released a special OM-D Guidebook for your iPad. You can see the application description on iTunes (Click here). And a two months review has been published by ePhotozine.

Now, let’s talk about the Olympus 75mm f/1.8 lens. This lens is shipping in low quantities in Europe and in US (at BHphoto). I guess you have to wait 1-2 weeks until to see them in Stock. Meantime Photoreview Australia tested the lens and wrote: “The M. Zuiko Digital ED 75mm f/1.8 lens has produced the best set of test results of any lens we have tested in the last decade. Couple that with superior build quality, compact size and ease of use with the E-M5 (and other) camera bodies and it’s difficult not to be impressed.” (Thanks Mark for the link!).

75mm in Stock and price check at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.


  • MikeS

    I’m disappointed that the 75mm is taking so long to be delivered within the US. At this rate, my credit card will expire before my preorder goes through.

    • Darwin

      Yeah, my patience is out on this one. My retailer even said he’d understand if I wanted to cancel. They are an Olympus premiere dealer and have not received a single copy.

  • Mymaco

    I bought the 75mm a couple of weeks ago, I managed also to have a friendly price and the quality is top. I thought I would have used it only for portraits, but if you force yourself to keep it on your EM-5 you will realize how fun it is to use a “strange” lens like this. Details, even on OOC JPEGs, are something unseen. I suggest at least to buy an ND filter, just to protect the lens. Looking inside of it is like looking inside the abyss! Admin: is there any third part lens hood on the horizon? (I won’t buy that expensive hood. Ever!)

  • mpgxsvcd

    What is really interesting is that the review says that the 75mm hits about 3500 line widths per pixel height while the very well respected 12mm F2.0 only reaches about 2400.

    This 75mm is one heck of a great lens. I just wish I didn’t need a fast zoom(35-100mm F2.8) with image stabilization for video even more.

    • Alan Baxter

      It is much harder to hit high resolution with UWA. I suspect the “strange” focal length of the 75mm comes from the designers deciding to go for optimum resolution regardless of focal length. If so, they will never reach this resolution with any other lens on this system.



  • Mar

    But, but, but… It’s much more expensive than canikon 85mm 1.8..and it’s just f3.6 in terms of dof which internet assures me is the most important aspect of photography.

    • Boooo!

      Only noobs shoot f/1.8. Pros shoot f/1.2.

      • mpgxsvcd

        150mm F1.2. Now we are talking razor thin depth of field.

      • And high-class escorts shoot at f/0.95.

    • mpgxsvcd

      Yes a 150mm F3.6 lens would be very nice on a full frame camera especially if it also came with the exposure of an F1.8 lens.

      The closest truly equivalent lens to this for a full frame camera would be the $6000 Canon EF 200mm f/2L IS USM Telephoto Lens. Now which one sounds like a better deal?

    • mahler

      To call shallow depth of field the most important thing about photography is nonsense. Itbsll depends on the situation and your personal intents. There are equally frequent cases, where GREATER DOF is beneficial, and here m4/3 has its benefits.

      This DOF argument is just plain silly.

      If you buy into m4/3 you have to accept the system’s characteristics, instead of complaining that m4/3 lenses aren’t sufficiently fast enough because of the so called “DOF equivalence”. I have seen more images spoiled because of not enough DOF than vice versa.

      • BLI

        As the reviewer says: you need to stop down to 2.8 or so to get the ears accaptably in focus when the eyes are in focus. So for portraits, the control of DOF is fine. And the 1.8 is great for low light/indoor events.

      • I honestly can’t tell if you realized Mar was joking.

        But I do agree with everything you said except the last sentence. I feel that one is stretching your point a bit.

        • thats true its actually a 50/50 case

        • mahler

          Reading it again, yes, Mar was probably joking.

          Regarding my last sentence, I could it also put it that way: when I take pictures, I am more often in the situation of having not enough DOF available than vice versa (I.e I can’t stop enough down). Thus I am happy that m4/3 provides more DOF at the same aperture setting.

    • scooby70

      Dunno about the Nikon but the Canon 85mm f1.8 isn’t a high end product and can’t demand a premium price.

  • The Real Stig

    In the future, there will be those who have the 75mm f1.8, and those who don’t.

    • Incessant Troll

      im still on the fence. what worries me is that the price is too low and it will be used by the plebs, thereby associating me with the unwashed masses

      • That’s like buying a $40 bottle of wine even if the $20 bottle of wine is better just so you can say you bought the more expensive wine.

        However, I just saw your name is “incessant troll” so now I’m giggling.

  • jevfp


    happy hunting guys,.hope you guys lucky enough,.to find one

  • Tron

    Any new GH3 info?? Have heard of uncompressed 4:2:2 over clean HDMI on personalview, can Admin confirm this?


  • Paul

    I just phoned up a shop in Dublin about 2 weeks ago and they had a 75mm just sitting there, had it within 2 days. Is it really that hard to get a hold of?

  • Ronan

    How much is this lens? Theirs someone selling one here for $1350 with taxes, used (he bought it in the states and reselling here since he doesn’t ‘need’ it).

    • i trust he has the original hood included?

  • Wow! Just imagine how much more better it would be in black!

  • Anonymous

    In the present…almost no one in the US has this lens…

  • Dano

    Admin, do you have any insights into when Olympus will start shipping the 75mm to dealers in the US? Can you give us any hints at all? I;m getting anxious (along with everyone else) :)

    • Jevfp

      Try to call a small camera store as I did last week called 17th street photo and they had one, the only one, I probably the first person who get this glass in NY or maybe US. If you had the first batch online from B&H or Adorama, Just stay there and be patience,..but keep calling the other camera store,.wish luck to you guys,..

  • jimbo11

    If it’s the best lens in a decade, why give it a 9 for image quality? What are they holding out with the 10s for?

    • Mymaco

      I haven’t seen their charts, but maybe no lens will ever be rated 10, being 10 perfect (does perfection exist?) Just my three cents :)

  • Tim van vliet

    I found the 75mm in a shop a week ago and been using alot!


    All th b&w are done with silverfx. Let me know what you think!


  • peevee

    Fixed f/8? OK, I guess it will work for daytime landscapes… But I wonder what OM-D with this lens can do what ONLY EVERY $50 COMPACT CANNOT?
    Where is an affordable and collapsible f/2-4 zoom the m43 system demands you shitheads in Oly lens department?!?!

    • peevee

      Oops, wrong topic.

  • Thanks for pointing out the iPad thing.

    I had a look at it this morning, and quite frankly its a waste of 100Mb on my device. I guess its for Olympus reps to help sell the cameras in store, nothing there for OMD owners.

  • DingieM

    Again something for a stinking iPad.

    Just make a PDF so every apparatus can display it!

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