E-M5 and 12-35mm X zoom win ESA award.


European Compact System Camera 2012-2013 – Olympus OM-D E-M5 from EISA on Vimeo.

EISA just announced he 2012 award winners. The E-M5 won the price in the category best “European Compact System Camera“. But honestly, it isn’t that difficult to win a price if you create three different categories for mirrorless cameras:
European Compact System Camera (Winner: Olympus OM-D E-M5)
European Advanced Compact System Camera (Winner: Samsung NX20)
European Professional Compact System Camera (Winner: Fujifilm X-Pro1)

Olympus also won the price for the best “European All Weather Camera” with the Olympus TOUGH TG-1.

The best “European Compact System Lens” is the Panasonic LUMIX G X VARIO 12-35mm F2.8 ASPH (you can watch the EISA video here).


  • c0ldc0ne

    I’m still in the dark about what it is exactly that makes the X-Pro1 a professional camera, compared to its peers.

    • shiftyz

      I love my OM-D but the X-pro1 IQ is in a different category. AF is not good but the results are in the full frame category. I sold my xpro for the om-d and overall like it better, but I”m not a pro. If I wanted the best image, it would be the xpro1

      • Ronan

        The only thing ‘pro’ about the x pro-1 is the name ‘pro’.

    • EnPassant

      Nothing! They just thought it is such an intersting camera they wanted to give it an award!

      • Yes and have P-r-o in name. :-D

        • spam

          I bet it was the name that did it.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          Plus X and 1.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      It’s professionally retarded to World War II era tech’s ergonomics.
      Which is just like holding piece of plank in hand.

    • “what it is exactly that makes the X-Pro1 a professional camera[?]”

      Photographers need to be paid to use the X-Pro1 =P

      • fl00d

        lol OH SNAP!

  • The EM-5 should have Phelps’d it and taken all three awards. Well, I guess technically speaking it isn’t classified as Pro but still it has an argument over both of the other two cameras.

    • Maybe we should take these categories as a tribute to the E-M 5’s broad appeal. Its results are good enough to appeal to advanced and professional users, but in “i” mode even novice photographers can enjoy it, so it deserves to win in the most general category.

      By that logic, the Samsung belongs in the “advanced” category because it’s too complicated for casual users, and the Fuji belongs in the “pro” category because nobody else is going to pay that much for a system with so many frustrating quirks and so few lenses.

      • chronocommando

        It is difficult to pronounce …
        I prefer Bolted :-D

  • Today I Ordered my OM-D (second hand for 1,000$, new cost 300$ more) To replace GH-2 (otherwise a great hackable camera ). I have just nokton 25mm but I think it’s a great combo. Now i’ll try to be “European ML (CSC) giga PRO supadupa tera photographer” :-)

  • WT21

    how on EARTH is the OMD neither advanced nor Pro (compared to the XPro 1)?

    How on EARTH is the Sumsung “advanced” compared to the OMD?

  • David

    What a pointless set of awards. Regardless of what Fuji thinks, the E-M5 is a direct competitor that just happens to beat the Fuji on price. And what on earth makes the Samsung more advanced than the Olympus? What a bunch of crap. Just make one award; Best Semi-professional mirrorless system camera and pick a winner. My guess is the Olympus would win.

    All this coming from an X-Pro 1 owner/shooter.

    • I agree. These awards are nothing but a farce.

      • Stevey

        I disagree. My granny’s opera glasses won an award for “Classical Alternative Design By The Brand We Otherwise Couldn’t Have Given an Award To” Award. So I won’t have you guys disparaging these valuable and meaningful awards.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      And mirrorless shouldn’t really be treated differently than DSLR systems.
      Sony SLTs aren’t even fully DSLRs and eventually most system cameras are going to be mirrorless so same entry level, advanced etc. classification should be used to them.
      Though with addition of new compact class. (which isn’t replacement of old entry level)

  • David

    It’s the first time she holds a camera in her hands (video) xD

  • David

    It’s actually a good bit more ridiculous than that. See all the photo awards for this year here: http://www.eisa.eu/awards/history/3/photo.html

    Best Camera. D800. Okay, that’s fine.
    Bes SLR Camera. Sony A57. Wait a minute, the D800 IS an SLR
    Best advanced SLR. Canon 5D MkIII. Um, isn’t this in the exact same category as the D800? Yes, I’m pretty sure it is.
    Best Professional Camera. D4. Okay, I’ll agree, but I am confused as to how the D800 and 5D MkIII don’t qualify as professional, and the Fuji does.

    It looks to me like everyone is the best. YAY! And I guess autofocus problems (Nikon, Fuji), light leaks (Canon), exploding mounts (Nikon), fogging and poor paint quality (Olympus), sub-par IQ (Samsung) … none of that matters.

    • GreyOwl

      I’m just totally confused…….

    • BLI

      Fogging — ok: Robin Wong mentioned that. I have not experienced it myself. Poor paint quality? I have seen two people with this claim: one was an obvious “troll” and it was my impression that he never had used the E-M5. But is this an established fact? I have no problems with this.

      • GreyOwl

        @BLI My experience with the E-M5 is exactly the same as yours, no problems at all.

        • David

          Well that’s fine. The point of the post wasn’t to highlight big problems with any of the cameras. E.g. I have the X-Pro which has “awful” autofocus and I have had absolutely no difficulty focusing in a variety of settings including bike races, 2 year old nieces running around, and weddings. But that’s just me. E-M5 is a great camera, but it’s not perfect, and I have seen a few people complaining about fogging/paint. Personally, if I were to use my own experience, I found the E-M5 too small. I just didn’t like the way it felt in my hand. That’s a real problem too…for some, not for all.

          • GreyOwl

            I also have a (problem free) Fuji X-100, which I like a great deal. Looked at X-Pro, which seems to be a superb camera, but the price was just to high for my bank account, plus having to buy new mount lenses as well; so the E-M5 won the day, as I could still use my existing E-P2 lenses. But given unlimited funds…..

            • David

              Yes I understand. I sold a motorcycle to buy the Fuji kit. The E-m5 is awesome. If you like it, no need to switch regardless of financial position.

              • mooboy

                Given effectivly unlimited funds, I’d probably get each of a NEX7, OMD and Fuji X1-Pro (and a Leica M9M, just cause, ok?) – which would probably be a bad thing, as I’d probably never get fully used to the ergonomics and eccentricities of any one system.

                That said, i think all 3 are pretty amazing choices from where we were just a short while back – even though I can’t seem to find the one custom built to my needs :(

    • Well for Canon and Nikon is easy because they have CPS/NPS. Canon doesn’t specify 5DIII as pro so users do not get Canon Pro Services. Nikon doesn’t classify D800 as pro so users don’t get Nikon Pro Services. Olympus doesn’t classify the EM-5 as pro either.

  • Sören

    same shit every year…

    • inis16

      Such awards are totally useless. Who decides what win? money…

  • The Master

    Where the hell is my award, for being first so many times and screw Olympus. While were at it, screw the Xpro1 too. I just want a silent camera with 3-2 ratio, strap lugs that don’t bug me, that focuses when and where I want it too, all in a body the size of a OMD, with a sensor that can hold the sky together without looking pixelated after PP. Then we can give that camera an award. Someone call me when it’s done.

    • mooboy

      Yo, it’s done. OM-D has 3-2 crop mode. And if the strap lugs bother you that much (and you’re incapable of removing them, you have bigger problems than trying to find your ideal camera.

      Sorry guys, I know I fed the troll, but he just looked so helpless and pathetic…

      • T-L

        Well, maybe now he will be happy and will crawl under his bridge.. ;)

        By the way, do the trolls owns bridge-cameras?

    • David

      X100 with firmware updates. Autofocus is great on it now, right size, absolutely silent

  • mooboy

    What, this is an outrage! Where are the awards for Sony, Panasonic and Pentax?!

    Or is it just their turn next year?

    • The Master

      First of all, “I AM NOT A TROLL, I’M A MAN.” Second, I’m not interested in cropping the already small sensor. Third of all, if you take the strap lugs off (I can only imagine that you are an idiot for even suggesting it) there is no place to hang a neck or wrist strap. I think that about covers it. :)

      • mooboy

        Not sure about man – because you whine like a little girl – but you’re certainly no Macgyver, are you?

        Two ideas for you 1: Take the triangular lugs off, and put a lanyard style wrist strap you get with many p&s cameras through the loop hole left behind. 2: Black rapid straps and similar alternatives.

        Of course, you could just man up and get over it. Unless your hands are as clumsy as your interactions with other people, you could just hold onto it and not drop it?

        To me, having and using an E-M5, I think there are some annoying ergonomic issues with it, but the straps aren’t one of them. Sounds like something haters grab onto after hearing it once rather than having any of their own thoughts.

        Final thought: since you also moaning about the small sensor size, why not just get a NEX-7 and end it?

    • T-L

      It would be hard to create new categories for them..

      Most stagnating, yet still alive brand: Pentax
      Worst CSC lens manufacturer: Sony
      “Little improvement over it’s predecessor, yet double price” CSC: Panasonic GF5

  • peevee

    1. It is “prize”, not “price”.
    2. None of the products are “European”. ;)

  • marantz

    as usually oly users a bunch of whiners

  • > Advanced Compact System Camera (Winner: Samsung NX20)
    > Professional Compact System Camera (Winner: Fujifilm X-Pro1)

    I LOL’d. Thanks.

    Post more humor, admin!

    P.S. But in all seriousness, even the E-M5 with its price tag shouldn’t have won in such a broad category. NX20 – yeah, advanced, ’cause you have to shoot all time in RAW. And X-Pro1 with its /broad/ lens catalog is definitely “pro.”

  • kimoku

    What’s “European” with only japanese products?

    I am european but that’s just complete bullshit…

  • Every single respected camera maker got an award, that’s nice.


    Regards, M. Guarini

  • Gummyrabbit

    This just in: After a complaint from Leica, Casio and Ricoh about not getting an award, EISA will expand the categories to add more winners. The categories for 2013-2014 will include:

    European Camera
    European Prosumer Camera
    European SLR Camera
    European Prosumer SLR Camera
    European Semi-Advanced SLR Camera
    European Prosumer Semi-Advanced SLR Camera
    European Quasi-Advanced SLR Camera
    European Prosumer Quasi-Advanced SLR Camera
    European Advanced SLR Camera
    European Prosumer Advanced SLR Camera
    European Super Advanced SLR Camera
    European Prosumer Super Advanced SLR Camera
    European Semi-Professional Camera
    European Prosumer Semi-Professional Camera
    European Quasi-Professional Camera
    European Prosumer Quasi-Professional Camera
    European Professional Camera
    European Prosumer Professional Camera
    European Super Professional Camera
    European Prosumer Super Professional Camera
    European Compact System Camera
    European Prosumer Compact System Camera
    European Semi-Advanced Compact System Camera
    European Prosumer Semi-Advanced Compact System Camera
    European Quasi-Advanced Compact System Camera
    European Prosumer Quasi-Advanced Compact System Camera
    European Advanced Compact System Camera
    European Prosumer Advanced Compact System Camera
    European Super Advanced Compact System Camera
    European Prosumer Super Advanced Compact System Camera
    European Semi-Professional Compact System Camera
    European Prosumer Semi-Professional Compact System Camera
    European Quasi-Professional Compact System Camera
    European Prosumer Quasi-Professional Compact System Camera
    European Professional Compact System Camera
    European Prosumer Professional Compact System Camera
    European Super Professional Compact System Camera
    European Prosumer Super Professional Compact System Camera
    European Compact Camera
    European Prosumer Compact Camera
    European Semi-Advanced Compact Camera
    European Prosumer Semi-Advanced Compact Camera
    European Advanced Compact Camera
    European Prosumer Advanced Compact Camera
    European Travel Camera
    European All Weather Camera
    European Amateur Semi-Advanced SLR Camera
    European Amateur Quasi-Advanced SLR Camera
    European Amateur Advanced SLR Camera
    European Amateur Super Advanced SLR Camera
    European Amateur Semi-Professional Camera
    European Amateur Quasi-Professional Camera
    European Amateur Professional Camera
    European Amateur Super Professional Camera
    European Amateur Compact System Camera
    European Amateur Semi-Advanced Compact System Camera
    European Amateur Quasi-Advanced Compact System Camera
    European Amateur Advanced Compact System Camera
    European Amateur Super Advanced Compact System Camera
    European Amateur Semi-Professional Compact System Camera
    European Amateur Quasi-Professional Compact System Camera
    European Amateur Professional Compact System Camera
    European Amateur Super Professional Compact System Camera
    European Amateur Compact Camera
    European Amateur Semi-Advanced Compact Camera
    European Amateur Advanced Compact Camera

    • GreyOwl

      Excellent! :-)

  • Adriaantie

    So Sony is THE big winner. All THE camera’s have Sony sensor. And THE omd à little Sony sensor.

  • EISA are a joke. When I worked for Sony last year selling cameras I used those awards to help sell the cameras, it was part of our training. HX9 especially being the best compact camera, (although in all honesty, it probably was).
    It wasn’t until I looked it up when I realised just how many categories there are. Apart from the bottom of the barrel $100 cameras, pretty much everything else had an award somewhere. Usually split between manufacturers too.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Joke and rubber stamp.

      2004’s Digital Camera Of The Year award went for Olympus C-8080 WZ which didn’t stand from competition in any way.
      Unlike KonicaMinolta Dimage A2 which had mechanically linked 28-200mm fov zoom, fully enthusiast DSLR comparable controls with front and rear dials, sensor shift based image stabilization and 922000 pixel EVF years ahead of its time.

  • onequartersensor

    These toys won the average Joe’s award, sponsored by average Joe’s employer. So what?

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