(Continually updated) New Panasonic GH3 and 35-100mm X lens announced!


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Special GH3 page at Amazon (Click here).
GH3 at Amazon (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
35-100mm X lens at Amazon (Click here), Bhphoto (Click here).
Reminder: Full new Olympus PEN and Lens preorder links at Amazon (Click here).

previews, hands-on, reviews:
GH3 at Dpreview, PocketLint, Techradar, Special Page at Panasonic, Imaging Resource, Philip Bloom.
35-100mm X lens at ePhotozine,

Hot lens news:
42.5mm f/1.2 optic (85mm equivalent) and a 150mm f/2.8 lens coming in late 2013 or even in 2014 only! Source: Engadget.

Image samples:
GH3 at Panasonic,
35-100mm X lens at Photographyblog, Photographyblog_2, Photographyblog_3, Lumix.ro, Quesabesde,

press releases in all languages:
GH3 at DSLRmagazine, PocketLint, Cnet Asia, Techradar, Panasonic, Engadget, TheVerge, Digitalkamera, Photoscala, ThePhoBlographer, ePhotozine, Lemondedelaphoto, Photographyblog, Quesabesde,
35-100mm X lens at Lumix.ro, SystemKameraForum,

GH3 at PhilipBloom, The leaked video. Pampuri.

Please read reviews and watch the image samples before to vote!

What new Panasonic camera/lens are you likely going to buy?

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  • I have a friend who is pretty high up in Panasonic US, and he has confirmed the following to be correct:

    No multi-aspect sensor
    No focus peaking

    Major bummer!

    • unsatisfied

      Is this a sony sensor? and is picture quality as good as the em5?

      • My guy says it’s a Panasonic sensor, not Sony’s.

      • Duarte Bruno

        The RAW IQ looks amazing at ISO1600.
        Is it the same sensor of the OM-D? Highly unlikely.

      • Duarte Bruno

        I seriously doubt “it’s a Sony”.
        RAW IQ @ ISO1600 is amazing where it concerns noise.

    • Matt

      Rats, I really wished this had a multi-aspect sensor. Oh well, it still looks like an amazing camera for video and stills.

  • Jules

    Just seen the Uk price on WEX website, £1549 for body only, wtf, that’s an insane price. I’m still in shock :-o

    • OneQuarterSensor

      Fools and their money are soon parted. Panasonic will find some customers on the novelty wave and then drop the prices. Nerds will keep discussing the megapixel without actually trying the toys. In the meantime, smarter folks will keep taking great shots with older gear – maybe an old 5D with legacy lenses.

    • gEOhT

      I know that the different tax set ups influence our prices in the UK but that is BS $1299 = £800 £1549 = $2514 that is robbery. Panasonic is dreaming no one in their right mind would pay this price.I am not even in my right mind and I wouldn’t pay it lol

      • Kit

        When you take into account that the GH3 matches and exceeds features found in cameras 4 times its price and with the new codec will deliver PRO level video recording – yes… fools and their money will be parted if they don’t understand what this camera delivers against the competition. Hey – you don’t have to even use a 5D … my Olympus E300 with its kodak sensor still allows ME to take incredible photos. But if you are after video recording then you’ll understand what the GH3 is about.

  • Panasonic’s website says that the ISO is expandable to ISO125 and 25,600:


  • Just confirmed by my guy, HDMI output to external is UNCOMPRESSED!!

  • And the third wheel on the back, bottom-right can be set for many types of adjustments in stills and shoot.

  • With the recent China-Japan conflicts, how is this going to affect the GH3 production? We are seeing production facilities for Japanese brands in China being attacked.

    • ItsTrue

      Yeah, I heard the Chinese were pretty upset about the lack of focus peaking

      • Oh boy. Wait until they find out there is no viewfinder in the E-PL5.
        But I wonder if they can do something about the lack of black Olympus prime lenses.

  • Steve

    Is there any information on the new FL360L Flash Unit? I won’t lie, this is certainly a surprise I wasn’t expecting!

    • Ragnarok

      It’s an Olympus FL-600R.

  • Mapas

    I want at least this noise at 72MBps from the sensor…equivalent with the noise that is here in the 176MBps GH2 :

  • unsatisfied

    2 years and they could not update their multi aspect sensor or add ibis, or keep the price under a $1000, for videos the GH2 hacked or G5 with a future hack are better values at half the price new, for photos the em5 is superior at $300 less.

    • It can be truth* but the question is: is there a camera that puts all of that together? Or you rather buy several cameras?

      *still too early to state some of the things you are saying

  • Mapas

    The multi aspect sensor maybe is problem for moire and aliasing, problem of downscaling maths…maybe one scale is better

  • dzv

    Has anybody else noticed the new “Touch Pad AF” feature? It looks like you can use the rear screen as a touchpad to move the AF point while you’re looking through the EVF, instead of the 4 directional buttons. It actually sounds like a pretty cool feature. They could expand on it for other functions, too.

    • Bart

      It sounds like a very nice addition indeed.

      I have one ‘issue’ with it tho. I’d prefer a setup where I don’t have to move my hands away from a ‘shooting position’ for changing focus point. Cameras like for example the E-5 and E-M5 allow for this by using the 2 control dials instead of the arrow buttons. I wonder, does the GH3 support that as well?


  • malchick743

    Anyone knows if the GH3 does indeed have PAL/NTSC switch for video?

  • Maniac

    You are ALL WRONG. The sensor can do multi aspect ratios. The Software is not yet the official. It will be Software’s update. Sensor is capable.

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