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More info about the three new Schneider lenses for Micro Four Thirds!


After yesterdays Olympus and Panasonic big announcement day we have to catch up with some other very good m43 news. Schneider Kreuznach posted some more info about the three new m43 lenses (Click here to download the pdf file). As I told you yesterday we will have following three lenses by end of 2013:
Super-Angulon 2,0 / 14
Xenon 1,4 / 30
Makro-Symmar 2,4 / 60

All will be priced a bit below 1.500 Euro. And these are the characteristics of the lenses:
High-refractive lenses and special lens elements
Internal focusing
Very high resolution across the entire image area, even at full starting aperture
High-quality aluminum casing, robust mechanics
 Hydrophobic coating of outer elements
 Protection against dust and splashing

Sounds good! By the way, the description contains an error. The Super Angulon should be f/2.0 and not f/2.8.


  • Pavlo

    What meens “internal focusing”?

    • Front element doesn’t move. This is specially sought after feature for 1:1 macro lenses.

  • Internal focussing means that the tubus does not extend while focussing.

  • Timo

    The photo is showing a 14mm f2.0!

  • Nice weather resistant lenses. But i think the FL and name on the side are printed so big it look kinda ridiculous.

    • I believe it’s standard issue for video lenses… As well as the huge price.

  • Awesome line-up! The weather sealing looks promising too, was hoping they would do this.

  • jevfp

    I really interested with the F1.4/30mm ,.how much would they give the price ,.hope it won’t be over 1000$,..

    The Makro Symar F2.4/60mm it would be against Olympus F2.8/60mm,.curious which one better optic and performance ,.they both weather sealed

    • JP

      Me too, I will get one of the 60 mm macros 1:1 to compliment my 50 mm f/2.0 1:2.

      So glad that there is finally going to be another native solution other than the Leica macro which in my opinion is a failure.

      • bruceterrill

        What;s the point on spending 1500euro on aZiess macro lens that only goes to 1:2? Bloody rediculous. . .

  • Are these native m43 AF lenses or just “let’s put a MFT mount as well on our APS-C lenses” styles ones?

    • admin

      native MFT lenses with full AF support. The best scenario we can have :)

      • tomm

        ..but there is one real obstacle , beside the giant prices,: the huge size.. compared to the 2/3 to 1/2 stop slower 2,5/14 the Schneider lens is way too big.. the biggest advantage of mFT, the smaller size of the lenses due to the 50% sizing sensor is given up.. for comparison look at the new 1,8/17 Oly

        that makes NO sense for me.. it`s more a kind of engeneering as art for arts sake..

        • Mr. Reeee

          Internal focusing will make lenses a bit larger. It certainly will for macro lenses. It’s really impossible to compare lenses that won’t be available for sale for at least a year.

          I’d expect the Schneider-Kreuznach lenses to be on an entirely different level than the Oly lens!

          • The Real Stig

            “I’d expect the Schneider-Kreuznach lenses to be on an entirely different level than the Oly lens!”

            I wouldn’t.

            • Mr. Reeee

              Of course you wouldn’t, it doesn’t say “Olympus” on the lens barrel. :-P

              • The Real Stig

                You of course are above being swayed by a German name on the barrel.

                Japanese companies caught up, and in somes cases surpassed, the German optical companies about 30 years ago.

                • Bronica

                  The Schneider Lenses will be super. But according to first tests, the OlY 60mm is not easy to top.

                  I’m a little bit surprised, that these lenses have less elements than other modern optical constructions.

                  Do they use more special glass?

                • Stu5

                  What experience ‘The Real Stig’ do you have of using Schneider-Kreuznach lenses?

                  • Bronica

                    Mirrorless Rumors:

                    Zeiss (Click here) just announced the release of three new lenses for the Sony NEX and Fuji X systems. There will be three primes: 12mm f/2.8, 32mm f/1.8 and 50mm f/2.8. The lenses will have autofocus and be released in mid 2013 for a price around 1.000 Euro. The lenses will not be available for the m43 system. Dr. Michael Pollmann, Consumer Lenses Product and Program Manager said: “It would be possible for us to make lenses for Micro 4/3-bajonet as well but we have not made a decision on that yet.”

                    That means: With Zeiss another german company is back to business…

                  • The Real Stig

                    Rolliecord since I was 9

                    I also have an Olympus Zuiko lens, of which – I think it was Modern Photography around 1984-6? – quoted NASA as stating that it was the sharpest 35mm lens they had ever tested.

                    • Stu5

                      So as I suspected not much experience then. Just one lens. I currently own 4 separate Schneider-Kreuznach lenses and 8 Zuiko’s lenses and there is a real quality difference with Schneider-Kreuznach. I have also used many other Schneider-Kreuznach lenses. They are generally better made and better optics. That is not to say Zuikos are bad. They are some of the best optics coming out of Japan but they are not as good as Schneider-Kreuznach. Schneider-Kreuznach have much better quality control as well. Each lens is tested. That does not happen in Japan. Only one in about every 10 at best gets tested so poorer quality lenses get through all the time. I also have a Schneider-Kreuznach lupe and there is nothing in Japan that comes close to that in terms of quality. Schneider-Kreuznach Cine-Xenar lenses are used throughout the film industry due to their quality where lenses need to be amazing wide open. You can’t judge how good a brand of lens is by just owning one of their lenses.

                • Mr. Reeee

                  Who in their right mind would NOT want lenses with names like Leica, Schneider-Kreuznach, Rollei (sadly defunct) or Zeiss (even those made by Cosina in Japan, who also make the Voigtländer lenses). Whether or not we can actually AFFORD them is an entirely different issue.

                  The fact that Panasonic had a partnership with Leica was part of what swayed me to a GH2. I have Leica binoculars… the real small 10x kind and love them. Sadly, no Leica cameras or lenses are in the stars for me.

                  The fact that companies like S-K are M4/3 partners and are designing and making lenses for M4/3 is a GREAT thing! The range of products available for M4/3 is pretty wide at this point, which only serves to draw MORE users, money and profit to the system developers, which is ultimately great news for we the users.

                  It’s all about the SYSTEM, not silly fanboi-ism.

                  • The Real Stig

                    I wouldn’t want those names because they come with unwarranted price tags. I appreciate value-for-money above brand names.

                    I have two pairs of Fujinon binoculars FMTRC-SX 7×50 and 16×70
                    The US and Israeli military use them as do not a few astronomers. Do I think Leitz makes better performing optics than these – no.

                    I agree with you about it being the system, but you shouldn’t really imply fanboism in me, given your original comment and others you have made praising the Voigtlander alternative to the Zuiko 75mm. You know, let he who is without sin cast the first stone, living in glass houses, etc etc.

                    • Stu5

                      You might not think it but reality is Leitz and Zeiss binoculars have much better optics than the Fujinon binoculars. I have sold all three of them. I would admit not everyone can appreciate the quality difference but if you know what you are looking for the difference is massive.

                    • Mr. Reeee

                      It’s great to have alternatives!

                      Yes, I praise the Voigtländer 75mm f2.5 because it’s a really nice lens and quite small (43mm filter) and light (220g) and I got mine new for under $489 about 8 months ago. Unfortunately, the few new ones left are now $689! BUT, you can get one used for about $300 from KEH. Yeah, the lens hood is included. ;-)

                      I’ve said NOTHING to downplay the quality of the Oly 75mm. It’s an excellent lens! Oly makes some excellent primes. I simply prefer manual lenses. That’s it.

          • And Still more on Pana lenses¡¡¡¡¡ ;-)

  • I agree with the comment about the large text on the barrel – may as well print “Oooo – expensive lens” on there to assist potential thieves. I’m not overly excited by any of these as I’m wishing for something on the telephoto end. 2014 for Panasonic’s 150mm? Surely there’s a manufacturer out there with enough vision to see the HUGE gap in the market. Give us a long prime and we WILL buy it – promise

  • Napilopez

    I was not expecting the weather sealing at all. All of a sudden these lenses became a whole lot more interesting. That brings the tally up to at least 7 known native weather sealed lenses for the system if I’m counting right.

  • Miroslav

    “The Super Angulon should be f/2.0 and not f/2.8.”

    For the price they’re asking, it should be f/1.4 and not f/2.0.

  • mountainwalker
  • Peet

    MFT seems to be a very good system with a great future, if so many brands offers lenses in extra high quality in very high price range!!!
    And yes, it is and the lenses will be superb!
    But please don’ forget user like me, who cannot spend so much money and use MFT to carry less weight.
    I need a 2,5 or 2,8 / 9mm or 10mm lens in the range of the wonderful 1,8/45mm I own, and a better, not too big zoom for travelling! Hope the new Oly 17mm will have a good price.

    • Mr. Reeee

      There’s no shortage of M4/3 zoom lenses!

      It’s great to see so many native M4/3 primes being released!

      I agree, I’d LOVE to see a solid 10mm f2.8 released. On that note, Samyang just announced a Manual 10mm f2.8 lens for APS-C. if it’s good, and reasonably priced, I could see getting a M4/3 adaptor for it.

  • Bob B.

    I think the design is spectacular!

  • rrr_hhh

    My comment went lost ! Suddently it said the comment was awaiting moderation !? And then it disappeared. This is just a test.
    I don’t understand why ? I’m a rather frequent poster, I’m neither rude nor insulting to anyone, so I don’t understand. Then why would an usual post disappear ? It is nt even readable for me !

    • admin

      Hi! Don’t know what happened. Are you loggin in from a new IP address? When you login from a first time IP address it puts the comment in moderation. It does this to prevent SPAM attack and linking.

      • Mr. Reeee

        Admin… I stopped logging in because weird things like what rrr_hhh mentioned were commonplace.

        One request…
        Please add a navigation bar or at least a home button at the bottom of the home page. I generally access the site with my iPad and it’ would be easier than scrolling on pages with tons of comments.

        Speaking of iPad weirdness… I still have scrolling issues… I sroll down and the page jumps back to it’s original loading place or comment… even with different browsers.

      • Anna_T

        No, always from the same two places : most frequently from the iPad, sometimes from the Desktop, but both are linked to the same home network and using the same internet conexion and provider.

        Here is how the comment disappeared : I clicked on the edit comment, made my modification and saved.. after that I saved the comment, but couldn’t go back to the blog. To write the comment, I get a small window above the blog entry. But when I clicked edit comment, it opened like a full page, and the only way to return to the blog page is to use the back button of the browser. May be that is what made the comment disappear…

  • burnardo

    welcome to Legoland

  • NotTroll

    With internal focusing and weather seal, the Xenon sounds like the ultimate photojournalist’s lens.

  • Anonymous Coward II esq.

    What’s with all the unstabilized tele primes coming out lately? It’s 2012. I doubt the macro will be usable handheld apart from the E-M5 and the possible future pro OM-D.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Handheld macro is doable, but only under bright sun. I like shooting on overcast days and in the woods, so I use either a tripod and cable release or monopod, othwise I find things to rest the camera on .

      I find that lately I’m enjoying shooting macro with a Nikon 105mm f2.8 AI-S much more than a Nikon 60mm f2.8D

    • JP

      I shoot primarily macro, and almost always handheld – the E-M5 is made for this. If you shoot macro, do yourself a favor and get rid of the Panasonic for in-body stabilization, better colors, etc.. get an Olympus.

      • The Real Stig

        Absolutely agree. Those who say IBIS doesn’t help with macro haven’t tried it. By the way, I have been using an OM Zuiko 50mm f1.2 for macro and it is quite wonderful for that purpose. I actually much prefer this lens on 4/3 than I ever did on 35mm. It’s still lousy wide open, though that makes it quite good for portraiture.
        100mm f1.2 equivalent – FTW! :)

  • Mr. Reeee

    This is great news for the M4/3 system!

    I love the industrial design; strong, clean lines and surfaces and the typeface… all very modern, non-fussy, surprisingly non-traditional!

    The macro lens would be most interesting to me, so I’m curious how well the manual focus abilities and feel are. Hopefully, not too focus-by-wire NON-tactile feeling.

    Yep, great days for M4/3!

    • Anna_T

      I love the design too. Great German industrial look; I like the blue line and the modern looking types : those big characters are something totally new on a lens. I like it.

      Looking at the pictures of the lens without body attached, the barrel of these lenses looks quite larger than the mount. They seem to have a very wide diameter. I hope that they were genuinely made for mft. That they aren’t APSC lenses either : the focal lengths would make more sense for APSC than for mft : 14mm -> 21mm instead of 28mm already very crowded in mft, 30mm ->45mm instead of 60mm, a weird focal for mft and 60mm -> 90mm instead of 120mm and this seems totally redundant with the new Olympus 60mm macro just announced.

      We will have to see what the definitive specs are and how good these lenses will be in the corners. I expect high IQ, but who knows.

  • The huge lettering is garish, but an airbrush (or black tape or a Sharpie) can take care of that. ;-)

    I presume tose lenses should will be optically corrected. I’m only interested in the 60 mm, but frankly, the new Oly 60 mm is only a bit slower and costs a third. Need to know how much digital correction is applied to the Oly.

  • Jalo

    The big lettering helps to choose the lens from a bunch of other lenses. And the rest of the production crew also see what lens is attached to the camera, they do not need to ask the camera operator.

    And of course it’s good also for marketing purposes :)

    • “Pablo, bring me the 2000 mm on the double. I can see it poking out of the gear truck over there. And don’t drop it!”

  • physica

    New lens are always welcome :)

  • The Real Stig
  • The Real Stig
  • The Real Stig
  • I don´t going to buy this lenses. The design is absolulty inapropiate…to big for m 4/3 system, that is suposed to be an small and portable system….and anodine.
    Anyway for me is time to stop German made = X 3 real price.

  • JF

    Too expensive, too big, not interesting focal lengths, not for me…

  • Paul Alexander

    I’ll take these two…
    Super-Angulon 2,0 / 14 (nice and wide)
    Makro-Symmar 2,4 / 60 (tabletop)
    Though I’d prefer a 2,4 / 30 set up for the close-up table top that I do. 60mm focal length is not ‘intimate’ enough for my work.

  • mike

    i’m really surprised Schneider doesn’t seem to be interested in making a shift lens for m4/3. That would make the cost of Schneider glass for the small format justifiable to me. Otherwise these beautiful lenses will remain coveted objects that will simply be too expensive to be practical in my opinion.

  • ginsbu

    I will be shocked if these lenses aren’t made available for APS-C mirrorless systems. The specs and market positioning strongly suggest that’s what S-K had in mind when designing them.

    • Usee

      If they deliver what they promise:

      “very high resolution across the entire image area, even at full starting aperture”

      …with the announced lens design consisting of relatively few lenses in comparison to the competitors (new oly macro with 13 elements – SK with 8 Elements and faster!)…

      …and if they apply the best coatings available…

      …then they are very attractive and could be a good value for the price.

      I hope it is worth waiting…
      …because at the moment I’m interested in all three, especially in the 30 mm.

  • Sabani

    Shocked, because the lenses are not available for APSC? That’s a redundant system man. Why haul large lenses and cameras around if you can get the same results with a MFT system? In a few years it will be wiped out completely. We’ll all be photographing with compact and modular mirror less systems.

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