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Brutal honest statement from Sigma manager Yamaki: We ain’t going to develop new MFT lenses as the MFT system is in sharp decline


Photorend talked to Sigma manager Yamaki and he made a clear statement about MFT:

We still have several references that we will maintain in our catalog. However, we are not planning to design new Micro 4/3 optics at this time. Perhaps because of this, the demand for this format is decreasing very sharply, and therefore it is quite difficult for us to develop completely new optics for this ecosystem.

But I think the Micro 4/3 has many advantages, especially its compactness. Personally, I really like this system. But currently, the trend is clearly in favor of full frame, alongside APS-C (which is also in decline, by the way).

I hope that with the arrival of the new OM System cameras demand will stabilize, but it is clearly tending to decrease for Sigma Micro 4/3 lenses. But it looks like OM-System is getting good results with their new cameras and lenses. So I’m hopeful that the demand for the Micro 4/3 will continue to exist.

What are your thoughts on this?


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