After the fake 40-150mm lens we now also got the fake OMD rangefinder design camera :)



There is someone (and it’s not me!) having fun spreading fake images on websites and forums! Yesterday we had that fake 40-150mm f/2.8 lens and today we have that fake OMD rangefinder design camera. It could be a sort of entry level OMD that is more compact than the real Olympus E-M5. I don’t really like that design. I would have taken inspiration from the Olympus 35 series (here on eBay) or the PEN F (here on eBay).

Let’s have some fun—Feel free to share your design of a “rangefinder design” camera! let’s see what you want form Olympus (or Panasonic) :)

  • It’s a rather vulgar design. OTOH the Pen F is in my opinion one of the most beautiful cameras ever made. Hopefully Olympus will resurrect it.

    • I agree with the comment on the Pen F/FT. But if it takes that design to fit the 5-axis IS system into a RF styled body, I’d be happy with it.
      I like that this design maintains the 2 control dials, I don’t enjoy button pushing to adjust aperture and EV etc.

      • Daemonius

        m4/3 RF styled body?

        Just take L1 and give it new guts. Theres nothing to improve. Yea and give one to Leica so they can re-style it. :D

  • who

    i miss the hump.

  • It looks too much like a pagoda’s roof, and it doesn’t have a pop up flash, which is one of the main complaints about the OM-D.

    Other than that, I like it v. much. Perhaps they could avoid the pretty useless mode button, by making it an interactive Icon like in the E-PMx.

  • I beg you guys, please explain me why a big “hump” (from a side to another) is better than a small hump in the middle of the camera…

    • Niko

      Because we all have a nose. With the display on a lateral stand is more comfortable and firm.

      • Interesting, I also have nose, but this thing cannot prevent me look through viewfinder on G3. I should admit though that the viewfinder on G3 is not centered on the body, it’s rather on the left part (together with the mount).

        BTW if E–M5 wasn’t so retro (That is, the EVF not exactly centered on the body) it would be enough space for the nose, NEAR the camera body…

        • Chez Wimpy

          Yes, I suspect people with noses can use standard viewfinders. I also suspect that said noses tend to smear the LCD with grease, push touch-screens inadvertently, and twist your neck slightly to the left while shooting straight ahead. I am also pretty sure the reason the SLR viewfinder was in the center of the camera was not a decision born out of ergonomics, but out of necessity to maintain a manageable mirror return / prism mechanism.

  • Ren Kockwell

    No thanks. I wanna tha’ hump!!!

    • Anonymous

      I just KNEW you were an MFT pornstar!

      • Ren Kockwell

        Here I can be anybody I want. Even Amalric. But I know I’m not him because he is you and you took the bait! Ha ha!

        • Anonymous

          Ren…can U please hump
          Ming Dang for us and put him out of his misery……

  • Sunny

    WOOOOOOW! That´s really ugly! X-(

    • Ming Dang

      I was also thinkings it was ugly designings but after including some attachings of a “motha” lens, the final product is transformations into a “motha” camera.

      You take a look white boy! I loving it long time!!

      • Kindnes not my lovely OM 55mm F1.2 on this Frankenstein Pen,.. THANKS.. :-P

        • Ming Dang

          You no like it hispania boy? I can do many others too. Come come, very very cheap!

          • Nice put on an Nikkor 6mm F2.8 fisheye, maybe i think this is better. :-D

            • Ming Dang

              I don’t have Nikkor 6mm Fishcake. I give you a plan. You pack your Nikkor 6mm Fiahcake nicely and send to me here in Vietnam with EMS tracking number and I give you fantastic picture of your lens on this camera. You love that long time?

  • Ming Dang

    OK, I tell you what. Maybe you not like this one as well. But hey! Romeo not make in a day and what you expect for so short notice huh?

    Now I am presents to you Voightlander Nokton 25mm f0.95.

    You no like it long time is ok with me. Not my best workings by a quarter mile but lets see you do it white boy!

  • Andrew

    I don’t mind the rumors from anonymous sources, but I don’t understand why the phony 40-150mm f/2.8 was given a FT3 rating.

  • I’d rather have a wider than higher body, thank you!
    pen ft in our hearts ;)

  • adaptor-or-die

    hands up on this, it’s my photomanipulation & I didn’t expect it to be thought of as anything other than … it’s based on what I suspect the next PEN [e-P5] will resemble; a prosumer, weather-sealed, mag-alloy, EVF embeded, 16MP 5-axis IS, RF looking/”Leica-like” model PEN. If they keep a similar body to the OMD, the same accessories could migrate over the system.

    And while it would be nice to dream of an optical/hybrid RF style, I don’t think it will happen, not in 2013 anyway.

    Hump? There is no hump, this has the same height as the hotshoe on the e-P2, just more of it. And as a former owner of a PEN F, and a current owner of an e-P2, Olympus already has recreated the PEN F. It did so with the e-P1 and e-P2 bodies. All the later models have been shrinking from that original.

    But this isn’t as large as the OMD in height, it would be deeper-looking because there is no OMD style lens flange. More body volume for the EVF without a hump!

    And owning Olympus cameras since the days of the OM1n, they don’t like internal flashes. They are a waste of design space. Olympus design; you want a flash, add a decent one as an accessory .. not some P&S pop-up thing that will break and give bad results. Note even the consumer level PENs lost the goofy popups.

  • Yun

    Me too . I’m not impress with the OMD design so please don’t come out in rangefinder form .
    The GX is much better in design .
    The next rangefinder I believe is the L style camera that have been voice out many times .

  • I just like how you can see the clone lines along the front edge in the top view. Sloppy PS work.

  • Although I often shoot from the hip, nothing replaces bringing a camera to one’s eye.

    And nothing has been so encumbering in the last 30 yrs. as a SLR hump. Before that cameras were flat, as they should be for better portability.

    Surely it’s not the time we should listen to a bunch of tasteless trolls.

    Admin, can we agree that all trolls be exterminated by the end of each month? :)

    Exotic names should really help you in making the right choices.

    • Anonymous

      I voting for extrimitate Amalick the king of exotic troll! He is admitting he getting his kicks above the waisteline sunshine! And he also posings as multiple personnas.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder why they use those kind of strap eyelets. I held an OMD in the store the other day and it was very uncomfortable with the eyelet right where my finger grasped the body. I held a G5 next and ended up leaving with the G5, but I did like the way the OMD looked. I guess it was form over function, in the end and I choose function.

  • the 40-150 was fake?….doh!

  • fotowinter

    I like this very much, I’m tired of the old slr look. So this works for me just fine, and if it were to be made like the OMD EM5 (such a long name) Do it!

    • The i will like by an new E-P5 is if then few new dial on shutter button so E-M5.

  • avds

    Why new design if there’s a perfect one in existence already, it’s called “E-P3”. It’s about the same height as a Nex, so there must be enough space to fit in the viewfinder instead of flash. If Olympus has an RF styled body in the works I cannot believe its design will be closer based on EM5 rather then the Pens.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if people here are bashing this design because it looks very similar to the X-Pro 1?

  • Jørgen

    Well, it is so clear this is designed by a nondesigner that I wonder what all this “news” is doing on this site? A waste of space to my mind. No one falls for this kind of PS rubbish I think..

  • AMVR

    Guys, guys, read the post first please, This isn’t meant to pass as truth, it’s very explicitly announced as a fake, in the title and its description, even the author recognized his design (be it good or bad).

    IMO this looks to tall and deep, if olympus does make one they should limit the size to about the same as the E-PL1 or slightly taller than E-P3, there’s more than enough space to put an EVF in there. There’s no need to make it huge to accommodate an EVF since all that matters is resolution and magnification, with your eye against the camera you don’t need a huge LCD/OLED, there’s no need to occupy the same volume as an external viewfinder either. There’s no justification for Oly to make it any bigger than a NEX6/7, even less so than a XE-1, sure there’s the IBIS mechanism but remember our sensor occupies less space too.

    Just move the hotshoe to the right, EVF on the left, maybe remove to mode dial or even better go back to the old receded mode dial, there could be enough space for a pop up flash, if you really need one, personally I would be okay without one.

  • AMVR

    Now this is what I’m talking about:

    • avds

      WOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! Now this is some freaking awesome chop, and properly based on the PEN design! :) I only miss the interchangeable grip thing from the EP3! Admin, please take a notice of these wonderful pics, even though they seem pretty “mature” (chopped off EP2).

    • Anonymous

      Now that is a reasonable idea, though who ever thought of sticking that ridiculous looking flash unit there is in extreme need of of medical attention, as usual it is to small for any practical purpose and is way to close to the lens axis, talk about ‘red eye’ you’d see right through to the victims brain with the light placed there…..

    • Yes, this is still the most pleasant and credible design. The OP tried to make do with what is available with the OM-D.

      Personally I wish that Oly went more the Fuji’s way than the Sony’s. Let keep it simple, and not more expensive than the NEX 6.

    • The eyepiece is unrealistically small in that mockup. You’d have almost no eye relief and would have to very tediously center your eye to see the whole finder area.

  • mjp

    that pic made me puke, it was so ugly

  • silv

    no offence but the design is so ugly. It looks like you can put your personal sticker, logo or name on the left side of the olympus logo lol

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