(UPDATED) First faked(!) Olympus 40-150mm f/2.8 lens :(


A 43rumors from Malaysia (Thanks Joo!) likely spotted the very first fake image of the new Olympus 40-150mm f/2.8 lens…yep a fake! :=) This really looks too close to the current Black M.Zuiko 40-150mm f/4.0-5.6 R (here on Amazon). The aperture mark on the pictured lens says f/2.8 but it is likely that it has been modified. And that gold ring also looks a bit strange. So be warned if you see that pic on other websites and forums. It is false :(

There is one real new Cyber Deal on the Olympus 12mm lens. You save $50 on the 12mm prime at Amazon (Click here) and Bhphoto (Click here).

Today new Cyber deals roundup at Amazon (cameras), Amazon (all stuff), Adorama, Bhphoto, J&R, TigerDirect, Bestbuy and eBay. In Europe at Amazon UK and at Amazon Germany.


The two superb Zuiko f/2.0 zooms:
14-35mm f/2.0 on eBay (Click here) and via Slidoo eBay.
35-100mm f/2.0 on eBay (Click here) and via Slidoo eBay.

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Tron

    Do want!!

    • Tron

      Do NOT want!!

  • Wow. If the price is right, my 35-100/2.8 might be replaced…but the price (and the optics) need to be right, as the 35-100 is an outstanding lens.

  • One other note…with it being SO small (smaller than the relatively compact 35-100/2.8), I can’t imagine this is internally zooming like the Panny…though it doesn’t have an obvious extending barrel. Wish the zoom ring was turned to 150mm instead of 40mm.

  • OM-4ever

    Nice looking.

  • Andy

    Any word on weather sealing?

    • Tropical Yeti

      Yessss ! First fake lens with weather sealing !!!

  • Ren Kockwell

    Hmmm… Ok, I’m not gonna call fake on this just yet. The finishing on this lens looks rather unfinished and there’s a certain disguised feel to it. Also, I don’t recall the 40-150 f4-5.6 being so buff. (Amalric will be ready to pounce on that). That gold ring looks like it’s there for a reason too. Maybe to make onlookers believe it’s a Tamron or offbrand lens.

    • bart

      That gold ring seems to be from a filter, and not part of this lens.

      The text at the bottom of the lens front is just too small to really read, which is too bad, because it would have told us what filter-thread it uses. However, it looks much more like 58 then 67 to me (the text, not the looks of the lens as such, that could easily be manipulated)

  • Milez

    Looks like its weather sealed. The blue ribbon on the lens tells me it’s weather sealed like the 60/2.8 and 12-50EZ.

  • Richard

    The gold ring looks to be a filter mounted on the lens.

    • GreyOwl

      It is.

    • Ajinomoto

      Yes, I’m thinking it’s made by Scheider Kreuznach. A very expensive limited edition filter packaged in a wooden box.

  • Anonymous

    Well, fake or not, at least it’s black.

    • Duarte Bruno

      That’s why we’re calling it a fake.

  • Ramdhan Aleph

    I have the black EM5 and 40-150 f4-5.6R mounted. It appears to me there is quite a difference with the picture I see on screen.

    1. The barrel is much larger here
    2. The f4-5.6 is almost beer can shape. This one is slightly conical
    3. The f4-5.6 ring has more silver, less blue. This one opposite

    Wishingful thinking but maybe this is prototype in disguise to look like the f4-5.6

  • Ajinomoto

    I think I may have solved the mystery. Well, partially perhaps.


    Still says nothing about the lens in question but the gold ring is possibly answered. So the plot thickens. Who in their correct mind would put a very expensive, limited edition, Gold filter on a US$199 lens?

    See here: http://www.schneiderkreuznach.com/fotofilter/bw-filter-limited-edition-gold.htm

  • Dragulia

    Maybe serious distortions manifesting in the picture. If not distortions then the proportionation of kamera to filter give impression of filter size maybe 67mm or more.

  • Anonymous

    if the price is right and have an excellent optic quality,.i think i should wait for this rather than the new PANNY ZOOM 35-100/2.8

  • fan_guo_lai_xiang_xang

    Whatever it is, it hurts the eye.

    Plus, is that gold-plated UV filter with certificate a joke? Oh wait, it would go well with that extra-expensive black Lolympus 12 mm.

    But why stop there. One could attach a pair of pearl earrings to the strap locks.

    • Ronan

      Lolympus? Seriously? Have you seen Leica prices?

      Their’s nothing expensive about Olympus. I sold my Nokton that i barely used, bought a OM-D + lens and had enough left over to fix my supercharger and take my fiancee to a very nice restaurant.

      Troll’s i swear…

  • Esa Tuunanen

    Looks like black 40-150mm F4.0-5.6 R.
    F/2.8 aperture would need front element diameter probably near 60mm when in this it’s clearly lot smaller than diameter of whole lens which itself.

    • You beat me to the buzzer,exactly my thoughts: the front element looks too small for such tele end’s max aperture

      • bart

        looks like the thread is 58mm, and the front element is a fair bit smaller. In fact the front looks just like the 40-150/4-5.6 that I have here.

        At 40mm/2.8 the entrance pupil should be in the order of 14.2mm, which is almost 1/4 of 58mm, it is clearly smaller. At 150mm, the entrance pupil should be 53.6mm, the actual front element seems too small for this.

        It could be that the thread isn’t 58mm, and the front element and entrance pupil are larger, but when comparing to my OM-D and 40-150R, it seems this isn’t the case.

  • There’s never a blank space between f-number and ‘ED’ sign on Olympus lenses.

    Oh, and that golden ring is pimpalicious for sure :)

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