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Apefoscope Anamorphic Adapter Project from apefos on Vimeo. More info on Personal View.

For EU readers: a list of eight(!) refurbished E-M5 camera is available on Olympusmarket (Click here). But please be ware that the lowest price for the new E-M5 is 879 Euro (Here on Slidoo eBay).

New reviews and news:
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Olympus E-PL5 test at Photogenic Weekend.
Things move on – Olympus E10 (Soundimagesplus).
Tokina Reflex 300mm MF Macro Lens Review at ePhotozine.
Panasonic GX1 – why don’t I like using it? (Soundimagesplus).
Smart Lens cap for the LX7 at
60mm macro review by Smallcamerabigpicture.
Olympus body cap lens test by Fotosidan.
Panasonic 8mm f/3.5 Fisheye lens for Micro 4/3 review by Steve Huff.

Readers mail:
Markus:I am afraid I don’t have any rumors but if you need a link for your next “readers roundup” it would be an honour to be mentioned with my blog I am especially interested in macros. After having used  an E-510 the ZD40-150mm and a Raynox (amazing what this combination is capable of doing!) for years I now use the E-M5 (most times with the adapted ZD50mm). Lately I have done some zoo test shooting with the E-M5 and the Panasonic 100-300mm (great combination as well).”
Tan:I’m an avid user of Olympus cameras and I love reading your rumours on the development of 4/3 and m4/3 systems. I’m afraid I do not have any rumours to share but I have a blog/gallery at shot with different models of Olympus camera to share. It consist of some oldies from C8080 and C7070 too.
Plochmann:I just finished a blog about using the GH2 for a videography camera.   I compare it to the FS100, its stiff competition, and I also mention things in light of the GH3s immediate release.  I haven’t read anything thorough on using the GH2 for event video work, so I thought it would be worth sharing.
Twills:Here is a set of highlights from a local BMX competition that I filmed with my GH2 + 35-100mm F2.8 @ F2.8 and my new GoPro 3 Black mounted to the hot shoe. The clicking noise in some of the clips is the GH2 taking stills while the GoPro Recorded video. I know the editing is poor in this video. I shot WAY TOO MANY things this weekend and just didn’t have time to do the editing justice. Take it for what it is. Just a bunch of samples from both cameras. I tried editing the colors on the first few clips but after that I just didn’t have time. I shot in 720p  60 FPS and F2.8 for the GH2 shots(Can you tell which one those are?). And I shot at 720p @ 120 FPS Narrow angle non-Protune, 720p @ 120 FPS Wide angle Pro-tune, 1080p @ 60 FPS Medium Angle Pro-tune, and 2.7K @ 30 FPS Pro-tune for the Go-Pro 3. Can you tell which clips are what resolution and frame rates for the GoPro? Hint, several of the clips having very bad aliasing in the fence in the background. That is eliminated by using a narrower field of view.“.
HoracioFellow photographer, If you are about to travel to Argentina, I’m willing to pay you for your used equipment -if it is in good condition- the same price you would paid back home for new gear.
I apologize if its not the place to say this.

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