A funny pro mirrorless commercial!


DSLRgearnoidea posted these funny video promoting Mirrorless cameras against the DSLR “bigger is better” culture. You really have to watch this!

UPDATE: The video has been relaized by Sony Australia. Great to see they didn’t just do it to put a big Sony NEX logo at the end. Kudo!

  • Ulli

    very funny :-)

  • Heat Legend

    LOL that’s great, they were spot on in so many of the situations. I especially liked the guy talking about his 300mm and the video mode at the very end.

  • Farrukh

    Hehe :)

  • @admin, there’s a link to Sony Australia Nex 5 in the youtube description, looks like a clever bit of viral marketing.

  • T-L

    Hey,.. not funny.. I found myself at least in three of those people ;)
    Btw, they forgot to hide the SONY logo on the flashy-girl’s lens..

  • tipota


  • Yun

    Funny & nice to watch .

  • haha so true :-] looks like maybe Sony is copying Olympus viral techniques :p

  • Great advert! It’s coming across as a joke, but that’s because there is a lot of truth in it, I’m sure a lot of people see photographers like this.

    Also big kudos for Sony for doing it, potentially jeopardising their dSLR sales haha. They deserve a few NEX sales out of this.

  • It’s a viral campaign for Sony Australia. But it benefits the whole mirrorless space. Compact camera sales are being eaten by smartphones and DSLRs are overkill for most situations. This campaign is good for m43 as well as the all the mirrorless formats. Looking forwads to seeing more.

  • alexander

    they use also an GH3 in the advertisement?…

  • Vlad

    Seemed more like being about people not knowing to use their gear rather than bigger cameras…

    • Thomas

      Well its about the gear, that you dont need that gear to make pictures of BBQ in the garden… You dont need DSLRs. Sure there are ppl that need this super 300mm lens, but like 90% are happy with a compact camera. And 99% will be happy with a mirrorless camera like a NEX or m43 for sure!

      • Vlad

        True, true.

  • brudney

    haha, hilarious! :]

  • fl00d

    This is exactly why I didn’t buy a DSLR.
    Could have, was seriously thinking about it, but ultimately size won out.
    m43 is easily good enough for my purposes.

  • Rob

    Ahhh once again Aussie humour comes out in the art form of ” takin’ the piss” out of something.

    Times like this I am proud to call myself an Aussie

  • I kept waiting for the pro-mirrorless part. If you know they’re going for the pain of handling a big DLSR, it makes some sense, but if the average person saw this, it would just look like an ‘anti-photographer’ spot. If they want to make the point, they need to show how a mirrorless cam would make the situations above any different. And, well, for the VAST majority of the situations above…there would be no difference whatsoever…so I really don’t see how this ties in with ‘mirrorless is better’.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it was funny, but it was simply anti-photographer not pro-anything. You’re absolutely right about mirrorless making essentially no difference, too.

  • Because this is predominately a European site, who found that funny? Is it something only Australians get?

    This will help Olympus for sure. :P

  • Anonymous

    Adrianntie should see this,..lol

    • Alois


      Adriantie’s mother has banned him from using the computer after she caught him watching german anal fisting porn. No doubt he will be back with us soon to lighten up our days.

  • CC

    Hilarious!! Especially tele guy, girl on restaurant and video mode at the end. Though I confess I’ve been a slr guy for the last 20 yrs before recent m43 migration.

  • Gary

    Very funny. But, not “pro mirrorless”, other than *perhaps* the references to huge SLR lenses.

    The rest just makes fun of idiot photogs. (Myself included.)

  • adaptor-or-die

    clever marketing for sure! And my favourite visual photo joke to boot! I hate flashy-poppy-uppy gizmos; they don’t work well and simply label you as effectively as painting “Loser” on your forehead ..

  • ljmac

    Ha! A very Aussie campaign. :-)

  • Mirrorless cameras serve a use, and i own several but none come close to the 5D Mark III for versatility! It does everything my other cams do and better, only negative is weight!

    The OMD is not grippy in my hands without the grips, and with extra battery is not much lighter than the Mark III!

    So for all the hyper of mirrorless, you do not get like for like! Example took nex5n and OMD (no grip) to rome, both cameras battery dead day 1!!!!

    Took 5D Mark III to lisbon for 4 days ended up staying 13 days battery lasted me the whole duration and managed 900 photos! no battery grip

    So yeah before people go on about how great mirrorless cameras are go compare the too! And you will find that all have strengths and weaknesses!

    Mirrorless think they are DSLR replacements when they are not! use EVF for a while then go look at a full frame OVF! you will be amazed!

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