a little bit of everything…with readers mail and E-M1 unboxing video.


E-M1 unboxing video by Jamie McDonald (found via Lepidi).

Tested: Olympus RC flash system vs. Nikon CLS (Lightingrumours).
Using Manual Focus Lenses on Mirrorless Cameras (Admiringlight).
GX7 test by Popco.
Panasonic G6 review at Hybridcams.
Panasonic GF6 review at Hybridcams.

Anonymous:Thanks for all the good work recently. Would be great if you could do a post mentionining this possible new independent 4/3 digital back for 35mm cameras. Please check out http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/digipod. Reason I’m telling you is that if enough people join in it will be a 4/3 sensor:
“5000 backers will see the digiPod use a 4/3rds which is 18.0 x 13.5 millimetre.”
The funding round has 31 days left. With help of the 43rumors community the 43 digital back could become reality.

Nicholas: “There don’t seem to be many people talking about m43 cameras and astrophotography so I thought I would give it a go with an OM-D:

Boyd:While not quite a rumor, far from actually, I did a write up of what I think is going on in the American camera market to explain why mirror less cameras don’t occupy more market share. Give it a read if you’re at all interested and feel free to share it on the website: http://lumahouse.wordpress.com/2013/08/25/why-i-think-dslrs-still-sell-better-in-america/

Huzsolt:I made a short (long) test video with the G6. Instead of pixel peeping and comparing, I made it in a relaxing way (not counting the camera shake :) ), more like a real time use. Feel free to publish it, if you like it…
Be gentle, this is my first video ever (except some phone camera recordings)https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=D27NShRVkmU

James:I’ve just made this video with the GH3: http://vimeo.com/73607899 It was filmed in one evening and the storyboard / shots made up as I went along. I had a basic idea in my head and I’ve always been inspired to make something with the tools you have, so I had a go! The tools I had were:
A friend called TJ, a GH3 camera, couple of SLR Magic lenses (12mm 1.6 and 25mm 0.95), and also my arms as a boom.
I did use a slider for two shots, but wasn’t practical to lug that around London without my arms falling off!
Hope you enjoy.

Zsombor:I have just published a small piece on mirrorless versus DSLRs on Mediium, citing your blog as well. https://medium.com/tech-blogging/ca09f5e34576
Maybe it is interesitng for the readers of 43rumors.

Tom:I’m not sure how I’m supposed to suggest a link to a blog post I’ve just written about cycling 1650km by bicycle in the West Australian desert carrying all food for 35 days.
Camera kit was an OMD EM5 with 35-100 f/2.8 Pana, 12mm f/2.0 Oly and 7.5mm Fish-eye Rokinon.
The post is an illustration of how the lenses and my camera system performed.

  • Jorl

    How do all this people manage to buy all this gear so often? I mean E-P5, 75mm, EVF then E-M1? This is $4000 in gear. I live in one of the most developed counties in Europe and work as a lawyer in an international organization and my salary does not allow me to buy the latest gear every 4 months. What do these people do in their lives? do they manage investment funds? Or are they professional photographers and they earn so much (I thought they don’t)? I feel kind of jealous.

    • Ash

      A lot of the reviewers don’t actually own the gear – they review it and send it back.

    • NikonShooter

      They probably don’t have a wife and kids that drain the money out of them and so they can spend it on some new nifty gadgets :-)

      • +1000
        I have tons of gear and TIME to use it! I am currently exhibiting in NYC and Philadelphia. This would not be possible on my income unless I was single….That’s life.

    • Ash

      Also, say you earn 100,000 as a lawyer or well-paid important job. Maybe a good 30% of that goes to taxes.

      A person earning that salary and spending 4,000 per year on camera equipment would be spending around 6% of their take-home pay on a hobby.

      Yes it is expensive, but easily achievable depending on priorities.

      • horatio

        I make 100k+, which where I live is actually not a particularly amazing salary and still wouldn’t be comfortable spending as much a this guy clearly does on gear. Must be a drug dealer :P

        • Bob4

          It is all a matter of priorities. Being one the world’s most boring people {I don’t smoke or drink or gamble and my wife has banned me from fraternising with wild women :-) } allows me to have a few spare quid to play with. My brother must spend £50 a week in the pub maybe more that is at least £2600 .This year I plan to replace my GH3 with the E-M1 and my E-M5 with the GX7. I will sell off the GH3/E-M5/12-35 { I will get the E-M1+ 12-40 kit} by the time i have done that I will probably end up spending about a £1000 , I am happy with the rest of my mFT lens kit { built up since 2009 when I got the GF1 when it came out} so I will not be spending any more on lenses in the foreseeable future .If you divide my gear spending over 4 yrs. its not to bad :-)

      • jazzcrab

        Well, as a single in Germany (without an own house or flat) I can tell you that I have to pay the major portion of my salary for taxes, rent, health insurance and so on and so forth. I only can afford the E-M1 since I don’t own a car and go on vacations about every 10 years. ;-) That is indeed a matter of priorities.

    • Bob4

      I think your racial stereotyping is a bit flawed ,I don’t know what country you come from but economies all over Europe fell on the same sword .I agree that you should not be spending money you do not have for gadgets but suggesting that this behavior is unique or endemic to certain countries is nonsense.Perhaps its just your friends ;-)

      • BLI

        “racial stereotyping”?? Maybe “cultural stereotyping”. There are not that many countries left, if any, where the country is associated with a race, and the “melting pot” is certainly not one.

    • As an american, may I be the first to offer my condolences on the fact that your friends over here are obviously all morons. We aren’t all like that, any more than you (where-ever you are from) are like (whatever-idiotic-stereotype-I’d-care-to-mention).

      Next time think before posting something like that.

    • Anonymouse

      Even though you make $100,000 a year I’m betting you got sucked into “debt is good, buy, buy, buy” mentality. Mortgage? Car payment? Big cell bill?

      I make $40,000 a year, spend, on average, around $8000 per year on travel and still have money left over for a bit of camera equipment (although travel is a much bigger priority to me).

      That said …my total monthly bills total around $350 to $400. I own my car. I own my house. I have no debt whatsoever. I take care of my fiance.

      From what I’ve seen, most people are in the “more money you make, the more you spend, the more you’re in debt” boat. So get out of debt and you’ll have a lot of money. Its that simple.

      • jim

        Some have no debt and no money… thats no so fun

    • JimD

      They are plumbers.

  • NikonShooter

    The e-m1 is smaller then I expected. Nice!

    It looks as if I can take it anywhere whenever I don’t want to lug my heavy FF around with me which is more often than not these days.

    • MMF user

      If you’ve ever handled an E-500 it is almost the same dimensions. The EM1 is 0.9mm wider, bit 1mm shorter. Loosing the mirror but keeping a reasonable grip makes it 2.9mm less in depth. Oh the E-500 is 479g the EM1 is 497gm (batteries and cards included). I love my E-500’s handling, not too big but not so small as to impair handling. If this performs as reviewed and feels as good in hand as the E-500 does, I’m sold.

  • Narretz

    The popco article about the GX7 is great. I really like the comparison shots with different lenses and between different competitors.

  • tomas

    @popco…Idont understand why people here bashing down the panny X zooms right after they saw new oly pro zooms? Pany X zooms looks great on gx7 … So if they are sold in kits for nice price …they could easily compete with em1…as pany combo is smaller than em1 combo…Comon pany…think about it!..promote your best gear!

    • Anonymouse

      You may have hit the nail on the head there. Panny has some of the best photography produced today …yet they don’t market it. Personally, I would go GF6 or GX7 over any body Oly has. They are solid, user friendly, feature rich and everything else …without all the Oly BS.

  • my question is how did he manage to buy one already.
    If I could buy it now I would, even if i am a joblesss person. No idea yet how, but i find a way LOL

  • Admin ;

    Robin wong review shooting with ZD Olympus on E-M1


  • Nothong to impress mostly with that sensor if at least aspc or ff will a good camera but with this tiny sensor. I better keep shooting with my iPhone

    • Anonymous

      LOL so you leave your big foolframe camera cow at home!

    • Anonymous

      your fear of the micro four thirds system is very encouraging

    • Sigma82

      Actually there is one very impressive thing… Your dumbness :-o

      • Really I fell so sad you insulting me :(

    • “No thong”? Thank God…

  • Yes m43 will take over iPhone photography so sad :(

    • I am sure Olympus/Panasonic wouldn’t mind taking over iPhone photography… The would probably outsell DSLRs 50:1 with those numbers :)

  • iPhone better

    • NikonShooter

      I find your anxiety and fear amusing and delicious :-)

  • Anonymous

    although i was excited about the gx7, i am more and more concerned about this evf, especially in comparison to the others like nex 7 and fuji, where its not that big and doesn’t stand out that much… could be a problem

  • that 43 digiback article is interesting

  • Shenkie

    Still the grip does not look good. Camera seems like a rush job with toy lookalike camera outcome.

    • Anonymous

      Is Shenkie and Fool Frame the same person?

      • Anonymous

        I think so.. and a few other “occasional” identities as well.. People have strange hobbies, you know.

        • desperate looser

          FULL FRAME , SHENKIE , mediocrity with a little m , im there biggest fan

  • Scott

    OMG he took it out of the box!!! Did you see that. I cant believe how awesome that was!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I can’t believe how annoying his voice was.Dear God !please bring back silent movies

  • No Im The real full frame

  • Leendert

    1:20 long video about Migration to Mirrorles:

  • awlllwa

    Soooooo I was sitting their with CC in had launch day ready to drop the cash to pre-order the E-M1+12-40mm kit. But they stiffed the US and now I am left in a state of flux. Do I wait for them to release a kit later and possibly miss out on the pre-order and the free MMF-3, or do I bite now because historically I will have to wait like 6 months for a kit to be released.

    Any one out there have any insight on if/when they release kits. I’d hate to loose $2-300 cause i didn’t just wait for official retail release.

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