(UPDATED FT5) First picture of the new 75-300mm. More pics from XZ-10


And here it is the first picture of the “reworked” Olympus 75-300mm II Micro Four Thirds lens. It will be announced next week and be cheaper (in terms of price) than the current 75-300mm lens. And as I told you a couple of days ago you see it comes in Black only. And I guess we should be happy that Olympus doens’t make us pay more just because it’s black 😉

This is it with the “Big Announcement” advertised by GetOlympus. I will tell you, there will be a big announcement in Spring (March?) for a new MFT camera and new high quality lenses. That is what I define as “Big” :)

UPDATE: And here are more pics of the XZ-10:


also via Digicaminfo.



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