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(UPDATED FT5) First picture of the new 75-300mm. More pics from XZ-10


And here it is the first picture of the “reworked” Olympus 75-300mm II Micro Four Thirds lens. It will be announced next week and be cheaper (in terms of price) than the current 75-300mm lens. And as I told you a couple of days ago you see it comes in Black only. And I guess we should be happy that Olympus doens’t make us pay more just because it’s black ;)

This is it with the “Big Announcement” advertised by GetOlympus. I will tell you, there will be a big announcement in Spring (March?) for a new MFT camera and new high quality lenses. That is what I define as “Big” :)

UPDATE: And here are more pics of the XZ-10:


also via Digicaminfo.


  • Jolly beans

    I am planning to buy an OMD-EM5 near the end of the year probable in 2014, if an EM6 is announced i would definitely wait for its release. i just hope it keeps the same size,style an feel, i don’t want the camera to be any larger, its already perfect.

    • usa tuunaneen

      Think it over mate, I am sorry when people waste their hard-earned. Try using one extensively first.

  • Anonymous

    ugly piece of plastic – looks like a cheap Kit lens…

    • Robbie

      This is supposed to be a cheap kit lens, in 43 version.
      In the m43 version, the price is somewhat ridiculous…

      • kesztió

        Not to be confused with 40–150.
        This 75–200 is everything but a cheap kit lens.

        • Ross

          With the 75-300 lens having these lens elements included, 18 elements in 13 groups; Super ED, ED, HR elements, it can’t be expected to be cheap.

          • nikonx

            F6.7 ? how to say? Schadenfreude?

  • sealed??

    • kesztió

      You may forget sealing at this price tag.

  • Andrew

    Not much need for this lens personally, but from what I gather, people wanted really long primes and/or faster versions of this lens. There’s already the Panasonic 100-300 and of course, the older version of this 75-300. Olympus isn’t filling in the remaining gaps with this lens unfortunately.

    Really hope after Panasonic’s next two primes, they make a 14-50mm f/2.8 OIS. If the economy is good to me, I will pick up the 12-35, but I know I’d still want the slightly longer focal range…Ugh, never satisfied are we?

    • Relax

      Save your money and study photography, it beats buying silly toys.

      • Andrew

        Lol, I’m a videographer. Lo and behold, you can actually study your craft and buy gear at the same time. Also, I like spending my money on gear, in a way that anyone enjoys a hobby (car, video games, sports, etc.) You just do you, buddy.

    • Ross

      If the price is right (there will be discount prices here eventually), I will probably add this one to my kit. It is slightly darker than the Panasonic 100-300 but will be more compact & lighter & some say the Oly 75-300 lens is marginally sharper than the Pana 100-300.

      What I do want is a brighter & sharper 50-200 (splash proof) lens.

  • Thomas

    They meant “Big” as in “size”.

    • Alexander

      Yes ;-)))

  • Mar

    So, this is definite “screw you” move from olympus. People who had bought old version will be thrilled to see this new one.

    • Mark

      …. and people like me who bought the E-PL1 a few years ago are screwed because Olympus released a E-PL2, E-PL3 and E-PL5 after the E-PL1…. If this is a ‘screw you’ move than the entire western system is a ‘screw you’ move. From televisions to clothing and from computers to furniture.

      • BdV

        Haha! Yes, how many people would feel screwed if they would just stop producing new MFT products…

        • OMega

          Why do you specify u43 equipment “Haha! Yes, how many people would feel screwed if they would just stop producing new MFT products…”, the same applies to all CaNikon gear, six months down the line ‘Let’s release an upgrade’, our customers will buy it and keep the shekels coming in. This is the problem with all modern technology, development of electronics is at complete breakneck speed. A new piece of equipment these days is out of date before it hits the stores, such is technology today.

          • No, not out of date, just because something can be made better doesn’t make the old version any worse. As long as you take care of it, the lens you buy today will take just a good photos in 10 years, regardless of whether 1 or 2 or 12 improved or more advanced versions have been released. Just because someone releases an upgrade doesn’t mean you need it.

    • Kabe

      Why? I have the old version, and am quite happy with it. It still makes great pictures, and should the new version have any progress over the old one (which is far from certain, as the construction looks quite the same), I might be tempted enough to switch.

      As it is now, the have just finally overhauled their lineup so their lenses tend to look at least from the same company.


    • balthier bunansa

      it’s funny how much unfounded conclusions can be made based only on one picture. wait until they officially announce it with all the specs and samples of photos from the lens to make definitive judgment

      • Ross

        Where’s the fun in that? ;)

  • EASY

    Will it be cheaper than Panasonic 100-300 mm?

    • c0ldc0ne

      It better be, considering that the 100-300 has OIS.

      • OMega

        One could say that ‘All Panasonic lenses’ are overpriced because of this uneccesary requirement of OIS.

        • Milt

          Your point, not so subtly put, seems to be that IBIS is the only proper form of stabilization. I do fine without IBIS, and will do fine without this lens because it doesn’t have OIS.

        • MikeH

          Or one could say that ‘All Olympus lenses’ lack a very important feature – OIS. But saying that would be silly as m43 buyers can pick and choose the lenses they want, with or without OIS. The m43 system gives us a wealth of body and lens options.

        • For sheer entertainment, how exactly does your logic holds against Panasonic lenses without OIS?


  • Ross

    This design is in keeping with the look & design of the 12-50 & I like it much better than the old one (75-300). The knurled plastic finish on the 12-50 lens feels quite nice & I think this should be equally nice on this lens too. It would be interesting (& ideal) if it was actually splash proof too.

    • More like 14-42mm IIR, have not window for distance scale and not splash proof.

    • it would surely be a plus if its sealed!

      • Ross

        They’ve sealed the 12-50 lens with the sliding zoom ring at a reasonable price, but this also has a zooming barrel that would need a seal, so I think we might be wishing for a bit more than we will get, otherwise the price is unlikely to come down from the last one.

        • yeah you are prob right :-(
          The 12-50 have constant lenght, so easier to seal.

      • Ross

        On closer inspection of this photo it doesn’t appear to have the rear seal of a splash proof lens, so I think it is just wishful thinking (on my part) for any chance of it being splash proof, because I’m now sure it isn’t.

      • Miroslav

        You’ll soon be able to weather seal anything by nano coating, so don’t be too stressed if your new lens isn’t factory made splash proof.

  • Hubertus Bigend

    Actually, it’s not a cheaper 300mm zoom what would be needed, but a better one, since neither the Olympus nor the Panasonic zoom is good at 300mm. And f/6.7 is not really what I’d call attractive either, regardless of how attractive one might find the new black finish.

  • mstar

    Why there is not silver one anymore !!! Black looks stupid in silver body…

    • Silver paint give an raise price on lens. ;-)

    • Swejk

      …in silver, it only costs 300 euros !

      • Miroslav


    • Don Pope

      Black looks fine in any color body. Silver only looks “meh” on a silver body and awful on any others.

    • W. C.

      If you use a silver lens, all your images will be garbage. If you use a black lens, all your images will be brilliant.

  • Sören

    well, it has the “style” of the two weather-sealed lenses, the 12-50 and the 60mm macro, so this might come weather sealed, too.
    Anyway, I buy such a long tele to use it at the very long end and there f/6.7 is a bad joke…

    • I think a new splash proof tele zoom lens will be 50-200mm and have window for distance scale.

    • well lets see how a decent photographer shoot at 300mm at 6.7 before calling it a bad joke :-)

      • c0ldc0ne

        Several great photos at 600mm (in 35mm equiv.) shot at this and smaller apertures can be found online, suggesting that the joke isn’t that bad.

        • Hubertus Bigend

          Right, but there are great photos to be found for the most absurd focal lengths and F-stops, so that doesn’t mean a thing. Besides, all things weighed in, in 35mm terms the Olympus lens is equivalent to 600mm f/13.4, something no 35mm shooter would be likely to put up with.

          • Your F-stop conversion to 35mm equivalence is only relevant for depth of field, regarding light transmission/speed, f/6.7 is still f/6.7, no conversion necessary.

      • I suppose hanging a 90 Euro 500 mm f/8 Soligor/Dörr/Danubia from your Pen is another workable option. ;-)

        Please remind me at what aperture does diffraction kick in?

      • Sören

        Of course you can make great pictures with that lens,
        but if you sit in your hide at 5 a.m. and want to take wildlife
        images in this beautiful soft light, you are easily forced to use
        higher iso than you want to.

        • ok but for wildlife i would prefer a prime type lens anyway.

          • Sören

            me too, so I am waiting for a 300mm f/4 zuiko ;)

      • Kabe

        Even 6.7 can be too open:
        ISO 2000, 1/1000s


        • Nawaf

          Which camera was this taken with? Anymore to share with us?

          • Ross

            The EXIF shows it as the E-M5 & ZD70-300 lens (via adapter). I use this lens all the time but the M.ZD75-300 is more compact (as well as not needing any adapter), lighter & faster focussing. This is why I will get one (eventually).

            • Kabe

              This was indeed taken with the OM-D and the existing 75-300 (current version), I don’t have any other tele which is even near this…

    • peevee

      f/6.7 is fine for daylight (birding, planes, daytime outdoor sports – longer DoF at that focal is useful for all), and for low light you’d need f/2.8 anyway, which, in a zoom for m43, is not going to happen. 150/2.8 prime will be the longest low-light option for years to come. Although 75/1.8 cropped to 2x can do almost as well in low light.

  • Marq

    Fingers crossed on the ‘weather sealing’. Hoding my 12-50mm at hand and they do look of similar design / colour setting.

    • Ross

      This photo shows there is no rear seal for a splash proof lens. Sorry.

      • peevee

        There is probably none, but the photo does not show this.

  • I like this new “techno” styling of Olympus m43 zooms. But apart from the new grip and print styles it looks the same as the outgoing lens.

  • nobody

    The XZ-10 seems to have a sensor that is a bit smaller than that of the XZ-2, with a crop factor of about 5, and FX equivalent focal lengths of 24-120mm.

    • Yes, this is probably the same sensor used in the LX7, with a crop factor of 5.1, giving an eq. of 24-120mm. The LX7 is 24-90mm f/1.4-2.3, that’s about 2/3 of an f-stop faster at the wide end, but probably just slightly faster at 90mm eq. (the Oly must be about f/2.5 at 90mm), so with longer reach of the Oly, if it’s smaller and cheaper it will be an interesting camera.

      • W. C.

        The LX7 would still be the better camera. Hotshoe, aperture ring, multi-aspect ratio, built-in ND filter, full HD video with full manual exposure control, to name a few.

    • peevee

      Or, if it is the 1/1.7″ sensor just like in the XZ-2, it is 22-110 equivalent lens – PERFECT!

      • It’s a 28-112 mm equivalent.

  • ArtP

    Hopefully I’ll still be able to sell the 100-300 for a reasonable price to someone who needs the OIS once the refurbs of this new tele hit the market.

  • GreyOwl

    Normality returns to the XZ10….. ;-)

    • Having seen the XZ-10 in various states of undress was mildly entertaining.

    • Reza

      I find it entertaining, that after yesterday’s haloo baloo about the xz-10, there’s barely a peep about it today. Now that there’s nothing to bash… Anyway, so far it seems XZ-10 is the first and only pocket camera with a bright zoom at the tele end. This is indeed big news.

  • esa tuunafish

    Super ED, ED, HR elements, Aspherics aside, the deal breaker for me is f6.7. F5.6 I will tolerate but no lens of mine shall be cursed with f6.7

    • Kabe

      You make a lot of fuzz over half an f-stop…

      • Swejk

        Can anyone count times at which focal length of the lens is 5.6?
        Solte the lens and stop there?

  • kchen

    wow, such a slow lens, come on olympus, what happen to all that great fast lens the company used to make.
    I already am switching to panasonic due to company’s lack of lens hood and pouch.
    and olympus lens is not cheap.

    • M43 is M43, anyway if the is Panasonic or Olympus. :-P

  • dave

    The Panasonic is still faster f4.0- 5.6 and less expensive…Why buy the “reworked” Oly when the Panasonic covers the same rangefor less money and is FASTER?

    • Because it’s sharper? If 5.6 and 6.7 doesn’t make a big difference, interesting would be 3.8-4.5 or something like that ;-)

    • Kabe

      Half an f-stop faster. What a difference!

  • Admin, would it be possible that “big announcement” will be announcement of E-7?

    • admin

      zero chance.

  • Point of the new lens?

    So the point of the new lens is to compete with the panny 100-300? They could have just dropped the price of the 75-300, but no. So did they make a lens with lower build and/or optical quality at a cheaper price? Did they figure out a way to improve physical and or optical quality at a lower construction cost? It would seem unlikely that there is some new optical magic. I don’t remember a mark II lens that was a big step forward optically. So the best guess is that it’s similar or a minor improvement optically, similar or slightly lower physical quality, they figured a way to build it much cheaper and thus compete with panny and maintain their margin and pay for the engineering and marketing cost of a new lens.


    • Oly wants owners of the old lens to “upgrade” to the new version.

  • Agent00soul

    Comparing with a picture of the old 75-300, it’s most likely the same lens with just some cosmetic changes (and a reduced price). Just like the “R” version of the 40-150.

    • Kabe

      Exactly my thoughts.

    • Fish

      Yes, this is like the “R” exterior finish that th 14-42mm and the 40-150mm both got. But really this is an opportunity for Olympus to fix the price of this lens without losing too much face or having to actually admit that the original version was grossly overpriced.

      • SteveO

        I agree, gives them a fresh start and positions this lens so it can compete. The current 75-300mm actually has better resolution than the 4/3’s 70-300mm through-out its range (test results on SLRGear), and was significantly lighter and smaller. They’re upgrading appearance to match their recent releases (12-50mm, 60mm macro), and adjusting the price to match this range as well. Now all I’m hoping for is sharper optics at the long end, a challenge at this price and size.

        This and the 12-50 are hopefully their consumer line, to be followed by fast HG quality lenses in the same optical ranges.

    • Bob B.

      yeah….$900 was waaaaaaaaaaay too much for a mediocre zoom…especially when the competition is selling a comparable product at almost half the price…
      I was amazed at these photos taken with a Canon 50-300 4.5L (I think he may have meant the 70-300 4.5-5.6L as that lens is supposedly tack my knowledge there is no 50-300 L lens)..I know you have to manually focus..which is a drag…but the Canon 70-300 L lens is relalatively small lens for a full-frame lens and these images of the pro golfers look smokingly sharp with great color and contrast…
      I don’t think anything comes close at this focal length from either Panasonic or Olympus…

  • Miroslav

    It’ll probably be old optics with new faster focusing group. We shouldn’t put the lens down before we even see the press release.

  • I find the 70-300mm lens not too soft even maxed out at 300.. So much so I am sending my 50-200 in for service, as my wife was getting better photos with hers at 300mm than I was at 200mm. Albeit EM5 vs E5. I also find I can sharpen a lot more without aberration on her shots, but that may be the in-camera settings being different. I am in the process of selling my E5 so won’t bother changing the settings in that now
    I am also amazed that there are no positive replies that maybe Olympus is responding to all the whinging about silver lenses.

    • fl00d

      …Silver primes. This slow zoom does not seem to be exciting many people, at least on paper. If the optics are improved over it’s predecessor, perhaps then I’ll be more grateful that black body owners aren’t getting screwed over for ltd. ed premiums this time.

  • peevee

    Still f/4.8-f/6.7 :( , and yes, the name is II, not R. I wonder why.
    Now, how about weather-sealed 11-75 f/2.0-f/4.8?

    • Ross

      That could be useful. :)

  • Camaman

    Oh-Oh! They are playing the same game, again! :-)

    I can see what we have going on here!

    THERE IS NO COSMETIC RING that hides the ugly thread on the front of the lens like the one on current 14-42 kit lens ! ! !

    I guess that will be $50 exxxtra!! But it will be metal…;-P

  • goblin

    So many comments, so little from people who have seen the current 75-300mm elsewhere than on a photo…

    A few things:

    – The current 75-300mm DOES exist in both black and white versions, which cost the same price.

    – On a picture, the 75-300mm is the ugliest lens ever made, slow aperture and overpriced.

    – In hand, the 75-300mm is the ugliest lens ever made, which becomes the ultimate weapon once put on an OM-D.

    – Optically, this lens is absolutely second to none, included at 300mm, where it is expected to be most used. Yes, it is way more expensive than the 4/3 70-300mm, but it’s better optically at 300mm (the 70-300mm is good till ~280mm, then gives up in the last 20mm or so. It is light as a feather, it is good, it is small.

    – The current 75-300mm IS a fast focusing lens. I don’t see how much faster it should get.

    The only caveat is that it is best matched to an OM-D. Simply better stabilization. It is fun on my G3 as well, but compared to my OM-D – I am systematically a few ISO levels higher with the G3, due to the lack of in body stabilization.

    From the picture, it can be seen that the new one has the same minimum focusing distance, which sounds like no internal changes. I’m ok with that.

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