First images of the XZ-10 compact camera.


And here is the one camera Olympus advertised as “Big announcement”. As anticipated on 43rumors it is the XZ-10 compact camera :(

The camera will be announced next week along other compact cameras and an updated version of the 75-300mm Micro Four Thirds lens. The XZ-10 has a f/1,8-2,7 lens and will be cheaper than the current XZ-2 model (here on eBay)…it costs 399 Euro. The 75.300mm lens costs 599 Euro.

via Digicaminfo

  • API75


    • Filterthree

      I’ve never been more embarrassed to be an Olympus user. Please say it’s not so… Oh the shame.

    • veteran of the light

      Beautiful! Just beautiful!!!
      goes well with my tattoos on my back and matches my ankle tattoo.



    • Marq

      So Olympus is going to take on canon ad their G15/S110 combo with their XZ-2/XZ10.

      Sounds good.

      It better be as small as the s110 and have similarly good handles.

  • Steve

    I guess this is Oly’s response to the XF1. Mostly irrelevant outside of Japan.

  • Miroslav

    OM-D&G :D

    • kbalage

      ROTFL :)

    • Farrukh


    • lorenzino

      LOL :D

      • camaman


  • It’s almost like getting the finger. :D

  • Anonymous

    WHAT? Oh dear… And I had hoped for an RX100 competitor with a large sensor, 1″ or even MFT in an XZ-style body.

    • ceph

      As an owner of both, XZ-1 and RX-100 I say that sensor soize is only one factor and I think that a XZ-10 with a rather good lens (we know that already) will make an excellent competitor to the RX-100.

      Maybe not for datasheet fetishist, but for photographers.

      Eve the XZ-1 does many things better than the RX-100, I mostly prefer the RX-100 because of the video performnace. The large sensor is not so relevenat as many believe.

      Not so long ago the 4/3″ sensor was to small for the measurbators, now the half size 1″ sensor is the the source of your wet dreams.


      Which kind of pictures will you be able to do with the 20MP 1″ sensor in combination with the RX-100 lens that the 12MP 1/1,7″ sensor in combination with the Xz-10 lens will not be good enough?

      Photography of Siemens stars in the lab?

      Do you really believe that you will EVER lose one SINGLE image because you only had a 1/1,7″ sensor instead of a 1″ sensor?


      I really dislike this never ending whining… (btw this also includes the 43rumors admin)

      • narutogrey

        People want a 1″ sensor because the images just look better than from a 1/1.7″ sensor. If you take a quick snapshot with an RX100 and a XZ-1/XZ-2, the RX100 just looks sharper and has much higher dynamic range. It is visible even without zooming in 100%. Yes, you can capture the same scene with both cameras but when you are capturing an important moment, you want better image quality. Also the 1″ RAWs are a lot more manipulatable, so you can save a lot more images (such as blown highlights) that otherwise might not be lost with a smaller sensor. With RAWs, there is actually a pretty big difference between the XZ-1 and RX100.

        The RX100 has gotten me shots that my old LX3 couldn’t because the RX100 can fit inside my pants pocket easily with room to spare.

        • ceph

          the dynamic range of the RX-100could be a little bit higher than on the XZ-1 with its CCD sensor, but you will only see this in direct comparison. I assume that the 12MP CMOS is almost on par.

          The resolution advantage may be there (of you look at areas where the RX-100 lens is good enough), but in practise you can not tell the difference, neither on a large print nor on a full HD TV.

          Of course you could see other differences. At the long end the XZ-1 gives a bit better subject isolation and the macro performance of the XZ-1 is significantly better (I made a lens thread adapter for the RX-100 to be able to mount a wide angle and macro adapter or a polarizer on it).
          On the other hand the RX-100 is significantly better in video compared to the XZ-1.
          I have bought 4 digital cameras in the last 10 years, Sony F717, Sony RX-100, Olympus E-1 (this is still my only system camera, I still wait for a replacement that I like) and Olympus XZ-1. I doubt that I’m biased on either manufacturer, why should I?
          I also said that I kept the RX-100 over the XZ-1 and gave the latter to my girlfriend whose compact camera died.

          In my opion sensor size is completely overblown feature.

          The RX-100 has a very good sensor, I do not doubt this, but it also has just a medicore lens. The XZ-1 has a mediocre sensor (the XZ-2 has a good sensor imho) and a good to very good lens.

          There are also differences in features…

          I assume that the XZ-10 will have a good sensor (look at the dprview 100% crop comparison of XZ-1 and RX-100!) and a good to very good lens in combination with a quite small size and a acceptable price.

          A little brother to the larger and more expensive XZ-2 which has more features…

          In my opinion there is nothing to whine about it from what we know yet.

          If you can’t get a good picture from one of the current premium compact cameras I very much doubt that the hardware is the problem…

          • Will

            Not sure where you get your info from but a large print is exactly where you’d see a difference between the RX100 and any other smaller sensored p&s, the fact that fairly large prints can even be done with an RX100 is amazing enough.

            Where did you get the idea the lens on the RX100 is mediocre? It’s a Zeiss lens with amazing character I find, best by a long reach for any P&S and I don’t want to list off what I use usually but lets say it’s Medium Format generally.

            The sensor size is not over done, it’s where the rest of the game needs to be brought forward to, it’s what will keep the segment relevant, while the rest are trying to suck the last drops of the small small sensor market and see how the phone camera/p&s market truly plays out.

            Not doubting the XZ-1 is a good camera either, and you’re right that people were complaining about m43 being too small but that just shows you how silly a lot of this bickering is, they only complained because m43 was the smallest, it’s always been just as good when not nit picking, and instead this 1″ sensor gets away with it because it’s not the smallest it’s the biggest in it’s segment, kind of silly, but then I truly find a difference between the RX100 and any other P&S i’ve used, in fact it’s basically replaced my m43 kit.

  • twoomy

    LOL! I hope future “big announcements” for M43 aren’t lame like this.

  • OM-G

    the freaking sadness!

  • adaptor-or-die

    gack. the wallpaper look is very target market, guess that ties into the upcoming show’s location, Japan? and no secret they’re targeting the women there!

    • PointNShoot

      I think it is interesting that your impression was that the design targets women. When I first saw it, I thought it was targeting men because the scrollwork on the camera looks exactly like a gun engraving. Search Google Images for “firearm engraving” (no quotes) to see what I mean.

      • Tron

        Yeah right, lots of pastel-colored firearms for men out there ;)

        • Fish

          Ya, with the love-heart shape on the grip

          • lorenzino

            :D good one :D

          • PointNShoot

            They only put the heart there because they are trying to avoid having the camera defined as an assault weapon and thus banned. It can take over 10 photos as fast as you can push the button (no winder), which is a miltary charastic. Also, what says “veteran of war” more than a purple heart?!

  • KK

    Looks like the perfect phone for the wife’s purse.

    • KK

      Err, make that camera, not phone.

  • digifan

    I’m sorry I don’t understand the commotion. Don’t you all understand it’s not allways about the advanced users.
    I can relate this could be big for the target market. I hold no grudge, Olympus has more customers than m43 users only.

    • Pavlo

      Then it shouldn’t be XZ-*

      • XZ-* isn’t m43. And just because it’s pretty doesn’t mean it’s a bad camera.

      • Ross

        For an Aussie, it says Ex Zed, but North America (& locations that use American English) it is Ex Zee which is pretty close to sounding like sexzee. The first one was effectionately called the Sexy One, so this one can be the Sexy One Oh! Sorry. That was a pretty poor effort on my part, but what the heck. ;)

  • mahler

    I think it can get hardly uglier.

  • Don Pope

    I’m flabbergasted!

  • max power

    U R KIDDING!!!!

  • Well, if the camera is small (RX100 small, not XZ-2 size), and only sacrifices a very small difference in aperture at the long end, it might be an interesting camera (also being cheaper than the XZ-2). If I needed such camera I could live with the black version.

  • Daemonius

    Another PnS camera, great.

    Im so excited.



    (If I imagine what could be done with company like Olympus and how little they do, its really sad)

    • ceph

      there are no PnS cameras, only PnS photographers

      (some of them winning the highest awards with doing so, btw)

  • s.low

    When you flip over the lcd screen there is a mirror to check your make up or to powder your nose.

    • MikeH


      ‘When you flip over the lcd screen there is a mirror to check your make up or to powder your nose.’

      Revolutionary new ‘camera’ features, indeed!

      Olympus is thinking five miles out of the box.

  • Mumbly

    Actually, this camera has a slight “Steampunk”-esque look. Too bad the guys at Olympus didn’t have the guts to push the idea further by giving the ornament a gold or silver paint job and by making the dials as well as the lens barrel look more antique. This would have been an original idea; the 1960/70s retro look several actual digicams have begins to get boring, so why not make “retro” look even more retro (1860/70s)!?!

    • valia kalda

      Steampunkesque? Dude, this is a digicam with a wallpaper slapped on it. It as Steampunky as the EOS M is quick.

      • That is clearly Victorian inspired scroll work.

        • GreyOwl

          Pure ‘Arts and Crafts’. :-)

        • valia kalda

          You should leave Mrs. Beckham out of this.

  • I would be embarrassed if caught using this girlish camera, but my wife would love it.

    • Ross

      That’s why the leather cover is available, to cover the pattern. ;)

  • Newposter

    But what if it has a 1 inch sensor. Olympus said it was a ‘big’ announcement. I think people wouldn’t be laughing quite so loud if that was the case. Although realistically for the price and funny pattern I doubt it!

  • Anonymoose

    No ponies, no purchase. Sorry.

  • g

    What; no pink version ?

    • Gabriel

      Exactly my though, no pink, no deal :)

  • Markh

    OMG, it’s hideous!

  • johnr

    Ugly. My parents had gold fuzz wallpaper in the house up through the mid 80s like this camera. Well, dependant on the specs, this camera might be an interesting buy. That and a sheet of faux leather adhesive…

  • Timccr

    So what exactly is the market that this is targeted at? The visually challenged?

    • Optical1

      You are correct, the target market is blind photographers! It is a game changer!!!

  • Sunny

    I think if the size of the XZ-10 is similar to the Canon S110 or Sony RX100 and if the sensor size is still at least 1/1,7″ the XZ-10 will be an intereseting cam for me.

    Otherwise there´s no reason to sell my XZ-1

  • Reza

    unlike you guys, I like this camera. *seems* a lot smaller than xz-2. If it is as small as Canon S110, with that bright lens at tele, it is big news indeed. I’ll buy it to replace my pocket S95.

    I agree about the comment above, looks like gun engravings to me too. I’m pretty sure though that it is some sort of removable skin. Or the one pictured is a special model and regular models will be there too.

  • Tron

    I feel bad for the people who will receive these as [highly discounted] gifts.

  • Admin’s Evil Twin

    Aaaaaargh! My eyes!

    Still, at least it’s not as ugly as that Hasselblad-pimped NEX. That still gives me nightmares.

  • devorama

    From the pics it looks like the lens is 4.7mm on the wide end. With a 1/2.3″ sensor, that’s about at 24mm equivalent Fov. If it were a 1/1.7″ sensor, it would be more like 20mm. Heck, even a 1/2.5″ sensor is possible. That’s about 24mm FoV.

    There’s no way this thing is a large sensor camera.

    • Reza

      I think you’re not completely correct. For 1/1.7″, 4.7 is equal to 24mm, and 6 is equal to 28 (see LX7, XZ-1). Although if you look at S100, their lens is 5.2mm, 1/1.7″ sensor and they still claim 24mm eq.

      Still, it doesn’t clear whether it uses 1/1.7″ or 1/2.3″, i think we have to wait…

      • Parci

        5.2 mm is the eq. of 24 mm for a 1/1.7″ sensor. The crop factor is 4.67x. So he is indeed correct. This camera seems to have a 1/2.3″ sensor with an eq. 24-120 mm lens.

  • Mark

    A few points:

    1) The camera, as pictured with the texture, looks downright hideous. That said, it’d surprise me if all models came like that and it was impossible to get a plain finish.

    2) Without full specs, it’s hard to pass judgement on this thing. As others have said, if it’s got competitive specs, even with the 1/1.7 sensor…with that fast glass…it could be the first real S95/100/110 competition. And Olympus has a knack for user-friendly designs.

    3) We also need to see what you sacrifice from the XZ-1 or 2 specs, what you pick up in terms of portability, and what you save in costs.

  • Anonymous
    • Whoops, I wasn’t logged in when I posted pictures of my steampunk cameras.

    • PointNShoot

      Love it! Thx for sharing. Needs more visible clockwork gears glued to the outside. :)

    • camaman

      That is ghetto! :-)

    • Miroslav

      Excellent! You could get a job at Fuji, you know :).

  • AG

    Showed the picture to my wife, she said it is tacky and told to stop looking at cameras.
    Thanks Oly !

    • Bob B.

      Tell her that you were simply NOT looking at cameras, you were but lingerie shopping for V-Day…….

  • Ehm, this must be the first camera to be camouflaged as undies. Can’t wait to see a myriad of color variations to match different skin tones, though the ones presented on the photo look somewhat morbid…

    • toofunny

      “this must be the first camera to be camouflaged as undies”
      LOL! Hilarious!

  • Jerome LaPlume

    I like it.
    Yep, it’s very girlie-oriented, but why not?
    Nintendo has sold millions of Pink Ds, why a phone or a console can be cute and a camera not?

  • ph


  • Garypen

    It’s for taking pictures of kittens.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sort of thinking that Olympus scored some body covering from somplace going out of business and that is what this is all about. I really think if they are going to continue with these small sensor cameras, they should try and develop an internal zoom system and do away with the telescoping lens. That would at least attract me. Small sensor with hand me down body covering is a double negative for me and in real life how much better is it than a smart phone?

  • camaman

    This ain’t no P&S camera its a real POS.

    I guess Olympus was right calling it a big announcement. :-) :-)

  • As much as I want to hear more m43 announcements, people need to understand that majority of Olympus’s camera division isn’t solely focused on the m43 system. They probably earn more money from their p&s division, selling the tough series and budget series. So I for one welcome their xz announcement.

    On the other hand, 599 for the new slow75 – 300 is still too high. Considering the 43 version is only 300-400. What’s the point of the refresh if the only major thing people complained about it was the price.

  • I actually like the way it looks :D

  • Ryan

    this could have been much much more.

  • kesztió


  • W. C.

    The vomit inducing camera of the year so far. And it’s only January. More to come from Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Hasselblad.

  • Bob B.

    Awesome Laugh! Is that for real???????
    Actually I think that these were free give-a-ways to the cast and crew of La Cage aux Folles!

  • Nice nice, but here is the room for more colour Yellow, Lemon green, Red, Mauve, Cyan,…… :-P

  • camaman

    If it weren’t for the heart shaped feature on the grip in every color I think there might be at least 1 p-whipped male out there that would consider buying one.

    But that stylized heart just cost them that one customer also

  • .

    Still no digital mju II ?

    (Small form factor, fixed focal length, large sensor)

  • Gill

    The purple one is perfect for Prince. Paisley Park endorsed.

  • Theeky

    It’s pretty! I really like the ones on top!

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! With moves like this, Sony is sure to buy Olympus now!!

  • Flash

    If this sells then cameras are a fashion statement.

    It is not for me. I do not have a purse to put it in ;)

    But why not now make a hunter green or a black gun metal one with hunting mot-effs; then maybe I would buy one.

    They need a pink hello kitty version, for the girls; it would be hot (pink :) )

  • Old Clicker

    And all the camera tech masturbators go flaccid. Boohoo wahwah… Don’t buy it! Problem solved…

  • I want a pink one!!!

  • The camera will be announced next week along other compact cameras and an updated version of the 75-300mm Micro Four Thirds lens. The XZ-10 has a f/1,8-2,7 lens and will be cheaper than the current XZ-2 model (here on eBay) …it costs 399 Euro. The 75.300mm lens costs 599 Euro.

  • adaptor-or-die

    Well I saw lingerie [panties] in the pattern, someone else sees gun-scrollwork, maybe Olympus is more clever than we can perceive? The (NEW) Rorschach-Chameleon Skin EggsZedTEN [echo-zulu-won-niner]

    “Street Fighter Stealth Ninjas, shoot candids without people being aware of your Dazzle Pattern Camera. Instant Amnesia, watch that your subject doesn’t walk in front of a bus after you capture their photographic soul … on sale NOW!”

  • Kin

    Will there be any improvement of the 75-300mm lens? which costs unacceptable 599 Euro for the overall quality in such prize!!!!!!

  • Alex

    You can now go to sleep admin, what a big hype for this joke of a camera. Lame

  • Doma

    I did not really think that Olympus can be that silly or blah..not that the announcement was disappointing or anything, specially we know that probably during the first half of this year there’s another flagship coming..the thing is Olympus should realize its prestige and act according to it, if they are going to announce just another compact camera they should not use the word ‘big’ or be that excited about it.
    Frankly, I like the way Fuji has been working on this part lately specially with the X family and the company is gaining more charisma every day due to this policy…teeny tiny details I know but actually it makes a difference in the market.

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