(FT5) Competition is fighting back. 2 new mirrorless cameras from Samsung.

Via K-rumors.com:
There will be two new Samsung NX cameras between April and June. The first will be the NX5 we already told you about on k-rumors. The second camera will be the NX100. The NX100 will be released sometimes in May-June and be the first very compact NX model. It is aimed to compete “against” the Panasonic GF1 and Olympus PEN cameras.

Both camera will use the same NX10 sensor.

Please follow K-rumors.com if you are interested to see all rumors regarding Samsung next mirrorless cameras.

(FT2) Panasonic Lumix GP1 in November?

This one is probably a fools day joke. But the author of the rumor seems to be pretty convinced that this is a “real” rumor. I didn’t hear anything about such a camera but beeing a rumor website I will post that :)

Keep in mind. This rumor has a very high chance to be fake ok?

Source: Aleo Veuliah – dpreview forum.

– The GP1 is a pro camera, weather sealed, all in metal
– 14 megapixels, 12 effective, all ratios, new BL Live MOS sensor
– Iso up to 6400, with true clean 3200 iso, Hi setting to 12800
– Touch screen like the Panasonic G2, New Venus HD III engine
– The design is like the G1 and G2, the EVF is better
– Video Full HD 60 frames at full resolution
– New feature is multi spot metering
– 6 FPS, and a new Pro Manual mode

Aleo please contact me :)

(FT3) No Fuji MicroFourThirds camera

UPDATE: This is not a fools day joke!

One month ago we received a rumor from one single source saying that Fuji has choosen to not join MicroFourThirds. Now photorumors received a new rumor which seems to confirm the rumor I had.

Fujifilm Japan will cease production of F200EXR in May 2010. Also, a new S-Pro series professional camera is currently in planning:

* Not a Micro Four Thirds camera
* Using a 12-Megapixel APS-C SuperCCD EXR Pro sensor
* Possibly incorporating either M-mount (Leica) or F-mount (Nikon)
* Extended 1000% wide dynamic range
* Full HD photos and video with HDMI connection
* Built-in Dual IS image stabilization
* ISO 12,8000″

During the past month I received some rumors about Fuji. I didn’t write you anything because it is not clear what’s happening with Fuji. My “feeling” is that Fuji will play a role together with Olympus sooner or later…

(FT3) Doubts about the next FourThirds announcement and the future roadmap

Although one reliable source confirmed that one FourThirds entry-level camera should be released in April, other sources expressed some doubts. I thought it would be better to let you know that. I asked the sources to check again the info they received about the next FourThirds camera.

Important editors note:
Lately I have noticed how difficult it has been for us to get reliable FourThirds rumors. The latest official Olympus statements make me believe the roadmap for FourThirds isn’t that clear. It surprises me how well our sources are doing with MicroFourThirds rumors but not so much with FourThirds rumors. That’s why I think that Olympus might have developed a new FourThirds working model but they are holding them back for unknown reasons.
I repeat, this is just my opinion, but I believe some kind of revolution is going on Olympus strategy.

Olympus PEN with built-in EVF leaked?

Ohhh things are becoming hot! The next Olympus Pen is coming!

Just received this:
New Olympus MFT camera with built-in finder
Size 109 x 70 x 50mm – 417.3g
It comes with a 42mm f/2.8 lens (3 feet close focus)
Two-bladed mechanical leaf shutter
It has a higher dynamic range (16 EV in Black and White) than the Nikon D3X, a higher resolution than the Canon 7D.
This results has been archieved because the camera is not only mirrorless but also sensorless! It directly captures the light without the need of a digital sensor. The organic sensible material replaces it!
And it costs you $100 only!

This one comes from one of my best sources:
(Thanks April !)