(FT5) Panasonic 25mm f/1.4 without O.I.S and not Leica branded (the 12-50mm lens with Power O.I.S.)

The Four Thirds Panasonic/Leica 25mm lens

According to our trusted sources the upcoming Micro Four Thirds lens will not feature in lens stabilization. And unlike the Four Thirds version the lens will NOT be Leica branded! One source told us the lens should be available in April!

We have also an update on the 12-50mm f/2.5-3.3 lens. The lens has Power O.I.S and not Mega O.I.S. stabilization. The difference explained by Panasonic: “The newly developed POWER O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) nearly doubles the hand-shake correction power of conventional MEGA O.I.S.”

We also heard that there could be one (or two?) more lenses. We are currently investigating those new rumors…

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(FT5) Olympus France says innovative products will be announced starting from February-March

Image on top: The Olympus teaser that was posted a few days before the Olympus E-PL1 launch in February 2010

Usually January is a boring time for those of like me try to catch rumors. But the rumors I do receive in those days do prelude an even more exciting time than we had it at Photokina last year! Both Panasonic and Olympus will release tons of new stuff. It looks like Olympus had to make an unusual January announcement of the new Olympus E-PL2 at the CES in Las Vegas to make “room” for the future product announcements :)

The french website “Forum Olympus France” had a smalltalk with Christopher Valentine (Marketing Director, Olympus France). At the end of the interview Christopher explains how Olympus will expand their market share in France (google English translation): “I think we can legitimately aim for the fourth place of the photo market in France (in volume). In order to do so, Olympus will be able to lever notably on the products presented today (Jan 6, 2011), but also on other particularly ground breaking novelties that we will be announcing shortly and throughout the year. Thus, announcements will be made next February and March, others will follow…..

As you know Olympus will announce at least one pro Micro Four Thirds camera and three new pro pancakes within June!

(FT5) Small G3 update (good and bad news)

I have a good news and a bad news. The good news is that we received new confirmations from other sources that the G3 is the next camera Panasonic will release. And the improvements the G3 will bring over the G2 will be major than the improvements the G2 has on the G1.

The bad news is a no-surprise. Although the Panasonic G3 could be announced soon (February-March?) we were told that the camera will be available in Stock only months later! Seeing that in US the GH2 is still continuously out of Stock this sounds again a little bit frustrating.

P.S.: Panasonic GH2 US shop checks -> Amazon US, Adorama, BHphoto

Pentax about to announce a mirrorless system with sensors of the same size of Four Thirds sensors?

What a rumor. Pentax is about to announce a new mirrorless system which will de facto be the digital version of the Pentax Auto 110 system. Why should we care about that? The Auto 110 system had a frame size of 13 × 17 mm (0.51 × 0.67 in) which is almost exactly the frame size of (Micro-) Four Thirds sensor (13 × 17.3 mm). Now that part is just speculation. Does it not make more sense for Pentax to join the Micro Four Thirds world instead of making their own “Four-Thirds” system? That’s probably wishful thinking and never going to happen. Anyway we will know soon if those rumors are correct. The digital Auto 110 system will be announced in March.

More info about the Auto 110 system:
History at Wikipedia
Auto 110 Cameras and lenses auctions on eBay

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(FT5) The Panasonic G3 is coming soon!

There was a reason why the Panasonic G10 has been discontinued at BHphoto! According to our trusted sources Panasonic will soon announce the new Panasonic G3! The camera will bring some major improvements like a completely new sensor (not the same Panasonic GH2 sensor). And de facto the Panasonic G2 will take the place of the G10.

A new source also sent us the following informations:
DMC-G3EG-K(body only and black only)
DMC-G3KEG-K (kit lens, black, red and brown)
DMC-G3WEG-K (some double zoom kit, don’t know about the lenses, black only).

Those are the shop item codes and this means the camera is very likely going to be announced soon! We hope to be able to post more details soon!

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