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(FT5) Panasonic double announcement. GF PRO coming, but in very late 2011!


Image on top: The Panasonic L1 with built-in viewfinder.

I am currently working on the next “set” of rumors. I know now from top sources that like Olympus also Panasonic will have two more major Micro Four Thirds announcement this year. One in late August and one by very end of the year. Our sources also told us that the GF PRO announcement has been delayed to end of the year 2011. So do not expect it to be announced in August!

I should soon get more info about the August announcement and about the GF PRO. I am still not sure if it will have built-in viewfinder like the Panasonic L1 (Click here to see that cam on eBay) or be more like the old popular GF1 camera.

If can help me send me a text at or use the anonymous contact form you can see on the right sidebar. Thanks!


P.S.: Keep sending me your renderings of the future PEN PRO and GF PRO cameras! And take some inspiration from the past:
See the Zeiss Ikon ZM (Click here to see it on eBay).
The amazing Contax G2 (Click here to see it on eBay)….very innovative camera!
The Konica Hexar RF (Click here to see it on eBay)…this was a better copy of the Leica M6!
The Minolta CLE (Click here to see it on eBay)…so small!

Reminder -> Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Bimbo

    Can’t wait. It’s either this or the G3 for me.

    Btw, First.

  • so exciting! :)

  • bbernhardt

    No viewfinder would mean fail. What would make this camera pro?

    • mat

      Exactly what I was thinking.

      • Jedd

        If it’s GF line, most likely there will be no viewfinder.
        Probably GF1 with the spin off G3 sensor and updated AF speed and screen.

        • Duarte Bruno

          Yes. Makes perfect sense!

        • cL

          What’s wrong with GH line? Why can’t they make GH line Pro instead of GF Pro? GH line has everything already, just need to improve the JPEG output. GF’s body type won’t balance with larger lenses anyways, so it’s pro potential is very limited. And Panasonic really needs to come up with a compact external flash before they can convince pro to use it for wedding and the like (the largest segment of “pro” market).

          • popeye

            get some DSLR, there’s hundreds… plenty of GH bodies style. but not so many like (GF) with rangefinder flavor

    • MikeS

      “Pro” prices?

    • sam

      No viewfinder will be an epic fail, like Nokia.

      My bet is that it’s the same camera that Leica will be releasing early 2012, hence the non-august announcement…

  • Sampo

    If they make a body which resembles the L1 with integrated EVF I might just have to get one.

  • Hope their working on a new sensor+3mpx evf,
    they have to really have perfect body size, as the G3 is already almost GF1 sized

  • I wonder what will come in August then. Only lenses? Maybe a new video camera?

  • Waow… the GF1 is already an “old popular” camera? Two years after?

    • Ulli

      digital cameras are just like computers; whats good now is supposed to be outdated very soon….

      • sam

        The computer analogy in terms of technology driven upgrades stopped about 2007. The non-corporate computer industry today is all about selling on style and form factor. Cameras are arguably even more driven by these factors than computing devices.

        • jim

          Who needs a 12 core CPU and 16GB ram – very very few people actualy need it…. yet they sell well! – its not style so much as the latest and gratest (keeping up with the jones’s is a part of it)…. PC tech is still advancing as fast as ever – nothing stopped in 2007…. we now have 3TB drives and 12 cores! in 2007 we had 4cores and 500GB drives…

  • bright wide angle

    Still I do believe we will get 10mm f/2 in August.

    Delay: why? A couple months delay means nothing in terms of adding new features to product (far too late), firmware tweaks? Why? – ask these admin, please? Does it have 25p? NX20 and/or Nex-7 matching features?

    Any chance to find out if Panny guys are working on peaking mode?
    Can you ask if Olympus/Panasonic are going to show us their 2012 lens roadmap (apart from lenses they announce later this year)

    As always – thank you.

  • YOAV


  • Any chances that the GF Pro comes with the 20mm as a kit lens? That would be nice! I regret not getting the GF1+20mm combo when it was cheap :(

    • bright wide angle

      10mm f/2 would be the perfect new kit/pancake :)

      Enough of my dreams :)

      I seriously think they will boundle it with 12-50/2.5 and new lens if they show one.

    • Gravityloss

      Whoa! $1500 new, $850 used… So glad got the GF-1+20 mm for 600 euros. It’s already travelled quite a lot and gone through lots of memory cards.

      Shows what the camera companies don’t get – that not everybody wants the dark kit zooms, and they’re willing to pay for something sensible that actually enable you to take the camera with you since it becomes so compact and also to take photos not possible with lesser lenses!

      I’m intrigued by the GF-1 hack…

  • Mike

    I don’t understand the sense of a GF Pro. Isn’t the G(H) Series something like that?

    • oluv

      yes it is, but 99% still seem to want a “rangerfinder-styled” camera.

      • Mr. Reeee

        Aside from compactness, I fail to see the appeal. The offset viewfinder feels odd and disjointed. Having the viewfinder vertically aligned with the lens makes ergonomic sense.

        I owned 2 rangefinders and was ecstatic the day I got my first SLR! That was also the last day I ever used a rangefinder again!

        • mat

          Horses for courses. There are plenty of people who feel exactly the opposite regarding viewfinder placement.

        • I used to have a bessa r3a. Unfortunately i got it in a bad moment – i wasn’t having time anymore to develop and copy my film prints. In the end I sold it. Now, the bessa was quite heavy, and, although smaller than a medium sized aps-c, not really small by todays standards, i wonder what do leicaphiles mean when they say that rangefinders are “pocketable”…

          I don’t recall the offset viewfinder as something bad really – just different – in fact I kinda like the idea of my nose not being pressed against the lcd if we had that on a GF camera with built in EVF.

          • The Other Chris

            “I wonder what do leicaphiles mean when they say that rangefinders are ‘pocketable'”

            Definitely. Leica rangefinders are larger than old 35mm cameras like the Canon A-series or the Nikon FM2, and are roughly the same size as newer entry-level DSLRs. Never understood the size advantage argument.

            • I have seen once a M9. I do believe it is smaller than any other contemporary FF.

              • mat

                It is indeed smaller than any digital camera with a full frame sensor.

                • Agreed. But, that doesn’t make it pocketable or small.

                  • It is not pocketable, not by any stretch of the imagination.
                    “small” on the other hand is subject to taste. Personally, I think it is.

            • BOY

              Well, you have to look at the system. You can’t take pictures without lenses, so add a couple of lenses and see how large your DSLR (especially the FF ones) become. Side-by-side, my 50 and 35 Summiluxes are significantly smaller than their counterparts from Nikon and Canon. Of course, this isn’t exactly an Apples-to-Apples comparison because the Nikon/Canon ones are AF, but even comparing MF to MF (current Nikon and Zeiss ZE), the Leicas are still significantly smaller.

        • Chez Wimpy

          You’re the first I have heard claiming a RF viewfinder placement is “disjointed”, granted it isn’t TTL so parallax can be a factor in framing, but then again even DSLR viewfinders are “offset” above the lens axis (for those who want to nitpick). I never had a problem with my rangefinder, and I certainly find it more ergonomic to have my nose out of the way!

      • Ringo

        Yes, GF Pro is for those who want good image quality with retro style body. E-P3 is overpriced due to the lack of EVF.

  • Nick Clark

    Admin – have any sources actually indicated that it might look like the L1? Or is this just what you’d *like* it too look like…?

  • taran

    240HZ autofocus 16MP tweaked G3 sensor. Special edition kit with Leica 25mm, $1799. $1299 body. Tilt and swivel screen.

  • Sören

    Dear Panasonic,
    please add an “anti-shock” (shutter lock-up, silent mode whatever) function to your bodies. The shutter vibration ruins a lot of my macro shots from tripod, so I still prefer my E-P1, allthough the G1 with its swivel screen would be such a great macro-camera.
    It is a small feature, but for me at the moment the most important… and the only reason not to get a Panasonic G.

    • Brod1er

      @ soren
      I agree that shutter vibration is an issue. In my case I find this when using the Panny 100-300mm lens. A silent shutter would be great for candid work too. Not sure you can lock-up the shutter though. An electronic shutter is the big breakthrough I am waiting for. If the GP or GH3 has one I shall be selling as many of my vital organs as required 

    • Brod1er

      @ soren
      I agree that shutter vibration is an issue. In my case I find this when using the Panny 100-300mm lens. A silent shutter would be great for candid work too. Not sure you can lock-up the shutter though. An electronic shutter is the big breakthrough I am waiting for. If the GP or GH3 has one I shall be selling as many of my vital organs as required =<)

    • cL

      There is no need for anti-shock. m4/3 has no mirror to lock up for vibration control. Besides, mirror lock up is only useful when the camera is on a tripod. None of the Panasonic lenses are mechanical lenses, so no need for aperture blade vibration control (because they aren’t not controlled by springs and gears).

      • The shutter of mFT cams is open by default. When taking a picture it goes down and up again and there are many threads in the net that discuss the problem that this fast shutter movement causes more vibrations on a tripod than the mirror of classical DSLRs. And by my personal experience I agree with that. Olympus DSLRs had a mirror-lockup called anti-shock. Now, in their pen camera anti-shock causes the shutter to close first slowly, so that for taking a pic the shutter just opens, so you reduce half of the shutter movement and therefore the vibration. And yes, this is sufficient for sharp as hell macros. Thats why my Pen-Makros are allways sharper then my G1 macros.
        See my homepage for my macros, I think I can judge…

        • cL

          Oh, I wasn’t aware of the problem….

      • Brod1er

        Soren and I are not talking about mirror vibration ( there is none) or aperture vibration. It’s the shutter that is the culprit. I think the problem is particularly bad on mft owing to the small bodies which offer less damping compared to a large DSLR body. The vibration is high frequency and is not significantly reduced by OIS which is designed to counter lower frequency hand shake. It is noticeable even on a solid support – sometimes I think it is worse even.

  • MP Burke

    I think the forthcoming camera that has been labelled “GF-Pro” will be a small camera with the 16MP sensor and no viewfinder, that is a bit cheaper than the G3. If it had a viewfinder in a smaller body than the G3, then logically it would have to cost more than the G3 and the price would then get close to that of the GH2.
    While there seems to be a clamour for a “rangefinder-style” camera with a built in EVF, most of the mirrorless cameras sold don’t have an EVF.
    The four cameras mentioned in the article, the Zeiss Ikon, Contax G system, the Konica Hexar RF and Minolta CLE, all are good examples of the limitations of a direct vision viewfinder system. These limitations are evidence that an OVF may never be suitable for the micro four thirds system. For example, the much-praised Contax G cameras required add-on viewfinders for the two super-wide lenses and the longest lens available was 90mm. Macro and longer telephoto was not catered for at all. Incorporation of an OVF would be an expensive retrogression for the mft system.

    • Zorg

      Built-in viewfinder does not necessarily means optical viewfinder — and electronic viewfinder are by definition adequate for any lens. Indeed, Panasonic is making built-in viewfinder since its very first mFT body (Lumix G1).

      The present rumor is basically about a GF1 body with G3 specs, Fuji X100 or Leica X1 manual controls, updated viewfinder, and fully articulated screen (high-res AMOLED touch would be cool too, by the way). In other words, dream. May it come true :-)

    • Anentropic

      my thoughts exactly… the GF now sits at the bottom/compact end of the range. Currently the GF3 still has older 12mp sensor. G3, GH2 already have viewfinder.

      Makes sense the GF Pro will have the G3 sensor in a smaller, possibly somewhat retro chassis, probably no viewfinder.

      We wait eagerly to know anyway!

      • Mr. Reeee

        I would guess that a Panasonic “pro” model would have their top-of-the-line GH2, or an updated GH3, multi-aspect ratio sensor. The G3 is the mid-range camera, as is it’s sensor. The GH2 the current top.

        If “pro” really means professional, and not marketing-speak, I would expect it to sit above the GH2 in the hierarchy…. feature and price-wise, as well. If so, I could see a GP line of cameras.

        GF, G, GH, GP. Clear delineation of feature sets and price. What a concept!

  • Steve

    The NX200 and NEX7 are both coming with a built-in EVF in the next 2 months. Disappointing that m43 is still “working on it”.

    • Very true. Panasonic/Oly might want to “leak” their upcoming pro cameras in August to keep some of us from jumping ship to the NEX-7. It’s going to be very tough to ignore that camera for 5+ months while waiting and hoping m4/3’s will release something similar.

      • Anentropic

        just think of the lenses though…

        • The lenses are certainly a concern with the NEX system; Sony should really be embarrassed by that line up. However I luckily don’t require a lot of variety. The Zeiss 24mm will be released along with the NEX-7. That will cover about 70% of my needs. Then I could get the 16mm/2.8 as a wide angle (not a great lens, but will do for now), then just adapt a 50mm manual focus lens as a portrait lens. With their focus peak function manual focus is no big deal.

          • Duarte Bruno

            Same boat here. A reasonable WA option will make people flee to the NEX7 by the hundreds if the leaked specs are true.
            Focus peaking however and the GH2’s sensor DR would keep me aboard…

    • Zorg

      m43 already has six bodies with built-in EVF…

      • …and not a one of them is a Contax G2-esque design. The G3 is a step closer, but at this point I can wait and see what becomes of these rumored pro bodies (including the bodies from Sony/Samsung) before upgrading my G1.

        • sam

          The G3 looks like a jelly baby.

    • Mr. Reeee

      So, what’s the GH2? Chopped liver? ;-)

      Lenses. Lenses. Lenses. Lenses. Lenses.

      • Yeah, that’s the thing with NEX. Big zooms, not much variety, everything of “meh” quality”. Now, if they can come up with decently sized pancakes or primes of good quality (lets say 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm equivalents) the landscape would change quite a bit. In fact, the 35mm equivalent is supposed to be coming.

      • The GH2 is a fine camera, but I simply don’t like the mini-DSLR form factor. I currently own a G1 because that shape is the only option if you want a built in EVF, but I absolutely hate the shape and ergonomics of it. I can’t tell you how many times the grip has gotten hung up on something while trying to get it out of my hiking pack pack. A camera the shape/size of a Fuji X100 is what I want and it’s as simple as that.

        I either like large DSLR’s like the E-5/D700 or small rangefinder-like bodies. The mini-sized DSLR’s are neither fish nor fowl.

        • cL

          Size of Fuji x100 isn’t any smaller than an E-620, so why not just get a E-620…. If you want a rangefinder type, E-P3 is there…. I wonder why people can’t just make up their mind.

          Only recently I discovered how small my E-620 really is…. :-D Weird, I’ve been using it for almost two years. But I put it side by side with my 1969 Olympus 35 SP, and realized 35 SP (a real 35mm film rangefinder) is actually larger…. Except for the SLR hump part, which makes E-620 looks taller, but the overall height without the hump is actually shorter. Grip makes it look thicker, but without grip, it’s actually about the same thickness. Same width.

          I guess the lenses I used on E-620 makes me forget if body only, it is a very small camera…. It’s the lenses that made the whole package large.

          So yeah, even if you made GF a “pro” camera, once the “pro” lenses are hooked on, it’s not a small camera anymore.

          • The E-P3 doesn’t have a built in EVF, which makes it impossible to use RF triggers at the same time as the add-on EVF.

            As far as the E-620. Well, there is simply no way I’d invest into the E System at this point. On top of that, the reason I never liked the E-System in the pre-m4/3’s era is still there; horrible tunnel-like optical view finders.

            As far as a pro GF not being a small camera, Fuji X100-size with a pancake prime or small prime like Olympus 12mm is fine by me. I don’t require a GF3-size camera; just something small enough not to be a burden.

        • Mr. Reeee

          When I as looking at M4/3 cameras, I REALLY wanted a GF1 and about the last thing I wanted was a GH1/2. The more I looked and thought and prioritized the features I wanted in a new camera, the articulated LCD and integrated EVF popped to the top of the list. I was surprised, because I was SO dead-set against a DSLR style body at first.

          So, I ultimately decided based on what and how I shoot and how I WANTED to shoot, not on looks or fixating on the mythical pocketability of an interchangeable lens camera. I wanted a solid tool that did what I wanted and the GH2 covered most of what I was looking for.

          So, as a second body I wouldn’t mind a simpler, rangefinder style camera. At this point it would be a toss-up between the EPL3 and GF3. Until I get to actually, see, hold and use them both.

          Given both Olympus and Panasonic’s recent trend of slashing features and basic usability in their low-end cameras, I have my doubts as to exactly what either company would consider to be a “pro” camera body. Instead of fantasizing, I prefer to wait and see what they present to us… and THEN decide.

          • I certainly understand that point of view. That’s how I ended up with a G1 after I buying both an E-P1 and a NEX-3 prior. Ultimately a camera is a tool; and a tool has to work. The G1 does everything I ask of it, but it doesn’t inspire any passion. It’s just a generic plastic blob of a camera that seems to have been designed by a marketing department; but it will get the job done until something I actually enjoy using comes along.

            That said, I might have found a cure. I just ordered the Olympus 12mm f/2. I think that lens alone will bring the fun aspect back :)

    • I don’t know about the NX200, but I wouldn’t count on the NEX-7 arriving that soon. While there’s been a steady trickle of specs and product images of the upcoming Sony A77, there’s been very little other than a (supposedly) concept image of the NEX-7.

      And as to the GF “pro” body, sexy rangefinder styling is not enough. I would like a camera that is more compact than the GH2 without doing away with an articulated screen. I accepted that the GF1 lacked a hinged screen because I assumed it was one of the necessary concessions of the smaller form factor. But both Sony and Olympus have now shown us that is no longer the case.

      • cL

        I think E-PL3 is about as small as you can get with an articulating screen…. So it actually looks kind of tempting to me. :-) Remember LCD screen does generate heat, so you need room for it to dissipate heat!

    • Well, at least Micro Four Thirds has lenses to choose from. LOL

  • The Master

    A 10mm sounds good, but I suspect F2 would make it larger than the 25 1.4. I wouldn’t mind a pancake 10 mm with a F 3.5 aperture, that was very sharp. I don’t know how much low light stuff I would do with a 10 mm, but it would be a great landscape lens and I prefer the 10 mm to 12 mm FOV for landscapes. I bet it would put a kink in the Oly 12 mm sales as well.

    Fast lenses are nice, but I think we are getting away from the genius of the M4/3 format, which is small portable cameras and lenses, There is always the Nex system, if one wants small bodies and huge lenses. :)

    • bright wide angle

      “I bet it would put a kink in the Oly 12 mm sales as well.”

      Well that is exactly my point: to buy Oly 12mm now or wait for bright wide angle lens that was under consideration by Panny.

      BTW. Nex system is not for me – I don’t want a fast portrait prime that looks like a Bigma.

      • Unfortunately, as we have seen with Panny, the time between announcement and actually having the gear on shelves might be anything from 6 months to a year…lol…i’d rather have the 12mm now. And, its quite unprobable that the panny lens will have manual focus scale, which is something i really dig on the 12mm…

        • bright wide angle

          I just wanna know if “bright wide angle” is somewhere around 12/2.0, say 10/2, 12/1.4 (Leica branded). If it’s slower than f/2.0 I’m all in for Olympus.
          Manual focus scale is nice (where is aperture ring for GH?) but imho all we/m43 need is every bit of light.

          • Seeing the exotic lens elements and cost of the Olympus 12/2.0, I don’t think a 10/2.0 is realistic. If Panny come out with a 10 mm prime, it will be f/2.8 or at most 2.5, like their 14.

          • jim

            Can someone explain why MF scale is so good… ok so I can set the focus to 22ft …. can i judge 22ft better than I can judge the focus on screen… no way… I don’t get it?

            • cL

              It’s for prefocus…. Some rangefinder people like to predict where the subject will go into frame at a certain distance, then they’ll set the distance based on approximation. It’s not precise. SLR is much more precise so it’s not as useful to SLR type of body. Actually none of the m4/3 cameras is a true rangefinder (which is a good thing) so distance scale is not as important as you think, but it fits some people’s shooting style, especially for those who don’t use viewfinder to frame scenes (shooting at waist level people).

              However, (to me at least) DoF scale is important. You do need focus distance scale for reference when you use DoF scale so that’s the reason it’s there I guess. Macro people need this feature more than anybody. Thom will say it’s not precise enough…. (which is true, but it’s good to have anyways)

      • cL

        12mm, which is 24mm equivalent, is usually considered the cutting point when ultra wide angle would begin to look very “warped” so 10mm will have a very different market than 12mm. If you like a more normal looking wide angle, 12mm is the way to go. 10mm’s perspective will start to look like a fisheye (but not that far yet). Personally I am not a fan of fisheye perspective, but your miles may vary (that’s just a style thing).

        • cL, I agree with that. 24mm equivalent is as wide as I would go for street photography. Distortion isn’t really a problem, but you need to be conscious of converging verticals which can be more distracting the wider the lens. I find 28mm equivalent an optimal focal length for taking subjects within their context, but 24mm is also very workable.

          • cL

            Yes, 24mm (35mm equiv.) is a very good focal length. Beside the typical landscape usage, it’s good for travel/sight seeing also. If you go to NY, or Las Vegas, or famous National Parks around the U.S., you definitely need something that can capture those big structures. Architecture shots also require straight lines, so fisheye like perspective would be no no…. 24mm is the widest acceptable focal length for that.

        • Seb

          Ultra wide angle are not necessarily “fisheye”. 12&15mm voigtlander, leica 21mm fullframe have no spherical distortion at all.

    • Mr. Reeee

      I’d love a 10mm f2.8. I think at f2 it would be too large and too pricey to sell many. It is sort of a specialty focal length, after all.

      If it were ANYthing like my old Nikon 20mm f2.8 AI lens, it would be perfect. I loved shooting film with that lens back in the day and it’s a shame I’d have to buy a honkin’ huge full-frame DSLR to take full advantage of it today. Adapted, it works fine on my GH2, but at 40mm equivalent it’s simply NOT the same! It is very sharp and produces very good color, though.

      Sort of ironically, my 7-14mm produces FAR less distorted images even at 7mm than the Nikon 20mm!

      • Seb

        Not that ironical, pana lens distortion are in body postprocessed.

  • Miroslav

    Still disappointed in Olympus’ June bodies. I’ll concentrate on lenses: waiting for Panasonic’s “bright wide” prime and fast standard zoom from any of the two. Or maybe from Fuji :) ?

    • KL32

      I like the new Olympus bodies, especially the EPM1. But if Fuji made a cheaper interchangeable lens version of the X100 that would really be something.

      • Miroslav

        Well, it’s hard to hold E-PL3 and E-PM1 with larger lenses. It’s even hard to hold E-PL1, its grip is too small for me. Besides, they’ve took out the built-in flash that can bounce, lowered flash sync speed compared to E-PL2, made the screen that could articulate tilt only and reserved touch function for E-P3. E-PM1 is nice entry model, but E-PL3 feels like a downgrade to me. I’m waiting for G3 with IBIS either from Olympus or Fuji. Until then, I’ll be collecting lenses :).

  • twoomy

    Give us a hint though… what other possibilities are there? The GH3? (I know you mentioned they are working on it, but it seems a bit soon for that.) The bright zoom that we thought was coming earlier in the year? (I would welcome that with open arms!) Any other possibilities? (A lovable speedlight or other accessories, perhaps?)

  • Elf

    The panny GF pro should, to honor the tenth year anniversary, launch…. with a DMC-L1 body style,with G3 sensor and updated processing and a 12-50 F2.5 to 3.3 standard zoom. The perfect combination of high ISO form factor and fast bright OIS Pan/Leica standard zoom lens

  • KL32

    If the rumors are correct about the Nex 7 and NX200 having a built in viewfinder I think the Panasonic better have one, especially if the NX200 has one. I doubt that will be an expensive camera- at least when compared to the Panasonic.

    • Why? Panny already have the G3 with EVF to compete with the NX200 and NEX7.

      • KL32

        “Why? Panny already have the G3 with EVF to compete with the NX200 and NEX7.”
        To me it’s obvious. I suspect most people who find the shapes of the Nex, Nx, and GF series desirable are not interested in a DSLR form factor.

  • thom

    i guess the delay could be due to sensor improvements rather than design changes – i think they are very aware that the sensor is what makes or breaks the gf pro (no point in having a gf3 sensor in a bigger package with evf).. i want gh3 class sensor in gf form factor and don’t mind paying a premium for it..

    • bright wide angle

      “i want gh3 class sensor in gf form factor and don’t mind paying a premium for it..”


    • Olympius

      That’s what I hoping for in a “GF Pro” — The GH sensor in a range-finder-esque body style similar, if not identical to the GF1.

      I think it makes a lot of sense for the G3 and GF3 to be there to cater to the masses, and have the GH2 and “GF Pro” –with those very nice multi-aspect sensors –to cater to the more advanced users.

      If Olympus kills off 4/3 entirely, which is what it seems they are wanting to do, then I could live pretty happily with just a GH and GF Pro.

      For my DSLR needs, maybe this new Sony a77 would be a good solution, hard to say at this time. But I’ve been very impressed with their little SLT’s…if Olympus were truly smart, they’d find a way to make a 4/3 SLT for those nice Zuiko Digital lenses of theirs. But it seems they’ve lost interest in that aspect of the market.


  • Lets see what Panasonic might come up with. E-P3 was great in papers prior to the launch. And it still is in its physical controls, shape, and IBIS. But the x years old warmed up sensor isn’t. I’ll wait for what Panny comes up with…Despite the horrible GF2 and GF3, they have designed clever cameras in the past (GF1, GH2, even G3), so i have high expectations on their take of a “pro” gf…

  • Donald

    GH3 first priority then GF Pro.
    If the time allows them to fab a sensor with a global shutter, video will be smoother and if it’s good enough for stills – that will mean no shutter noise :-)

  • safaridon

    My hopes are Pany will release a new version of GF1 with the G3 sensor and upgraded screen this August and follow up with the GF PRO at end of year very much like that depicted in their patent which would enable them to to keep it still small at least less height than most rangefinder/evf concepts to date. In that patent concept a swivel EVF was in far left corner with possible swing LCD in the middle. Pany spokeman recently hinted the GF PRO would be small have more buttons and that to me indicates the most likely place to located them is under the EVF to left of the screen. I think the patent rangefinder concept is more likely for the PRO model then a L1 one which would be significantly larger. This model would be about same size as Leica X1 with EVF replacing the flash location.

    Delaying the GF PRO would make sense if Pany was anticipating the above two models as the new GF would be the high volume model with new optional higher rez EVF. Also with the apparent very high demand worldwide for the new G3 and GF3 makes sense to concentrate on delivery of these models before detracting attention to the latest and best.

  • Per

    From a GF “Pro” i would expect (compared to my current G3):
    – Improved DR by two steps, mainly on the highlight side
    – 18-20mpix with similar or better quality
    – weather sealed
    – weather sealed 12-60/2,8 as kit lens
    Otherwise I stay with the G3

    I am bored with Panasonic and Olympus continuing incremental upgrades of their fake rangefinders!

    • Hmmm, m43 weathersealed…i don’t see that coming anytime soon. And, as we have seen with the E-X cameras, the end result would probably be huge…losing any size advantage of m43…no, i’d rather see them improve the camera lineup as it is now, small, light, portable…

      As for more mp, i’d rather have better DR or low light capability…

    • jim

      “Improved DR by two steps, mainly on the highlight side”

      DR is DR makes no diffrence if its the highlight or darks… anyway 2 stops, not a chance!

      “18-20mpix with similar or better quality” doubt it… maybe 18mpix with similar but I doubt better! – not that the jump from 16-18mpix is worth diddly squat…. its not like the jump from 2 to 4mpix!

      “weather sealed”
      Nice – yes this is a “pro” feature… oly knows this and probably makes the ruffest camera around (E-5)… but it will cost a lot just for this 1 feature!

      “weather sealed 12-60/2,8 as kit lens”
      Shit yes, that would be a seriously nice lens… I want it sooo badly! wonder what the size would be like for m4/3?

      “Otherwise I stay with the G3”
      The G3 is a pritty darn good machine… its gonna be hard to top it by a mile!

  • GF-Pro should be a rather special camera, combining robust metal construction with all the goodies of the GH2 (multi-aspect, EVF and swivel screen). Hopefully it has lots of analogue controls too.

    The bright wide prime could be a 17/1.7 or even 17/1.4. 10mm is an exotic FL with little use bar landscapes (and m4/3 is hardly ideal for that genre anyway).

    • Simon

      It still puzzles me why Panasonic doesn’t put multi-aspect sensors into all of their cameras. Even LX3/5 have one, incl. a physical switch for aspect ratios which I loved when I had the LX3.

  • WT21

    Admin, Do you posts these just to get the 50+ auto-hits from the “no EVF, no sale” crowd, and the weather sealed crowd, lol.

    I’m kidding of course :)

    • Actually, weather sealing makes a lot of sense for small, portable setups. The sealing shouldn’t add much bulk. Not a must-have feature for most of us, but it would be nice nevertheless.

      • its a must have for me…before i have only used weathersealed cameras…its the only thing i really miss in m43 for every day/situation purpose….i guess we never stop with our complaints about the current gear….must be the nature of the human being.

        • jim

          To be fair, I’m pritty hard on my EP1 and use it in the rain without thought… its held out well so far!… but I’m not being stupid with it… just hard on it… still I know what u saying, its no E-5!… e-5 is the kind of camera I would use to film “deadlist catch” with… it can take it all!

  • Kenny

    To be Pro, it has to clearly beat entry level DSLR at most dimensions. And I hope that it is also clearly better than G3 more than just by twisting software.

    • jim

      Dunno, what is “pro”?

      Today you could say its:
      4K @120 fps video,…. RED
      40+ Mpix………….. Medium format
      13+ stops DR………. Medium format

      But yesterday it was:
      768×576 50i video….. Beta SP
      6Mpix…………….. DSLR
      8stops DR…………. DSLR

      And tomorow:
      8K @640fps Stereo video
      18 stops DR

      As long as it can render a publishable image its Pro… any camera can do that today pritty much!

      More to the point it needs not the best IQ in the world but the best reliability, versitility and dependability!

  • This is the reason why I am holding off on the E-P3. I’d also probably hold off on the GF pro, to see what Olympus has to offer for their pro take on their line up.

  • ArKersaint

    GF Pro won’t likely be weather sealed otherwise Panny would already have delivered weather sealed such high end lens as 25 / 1.4.

    GF Pro should have integrated EVF… First thanks to Sony and that fits the lack of LVF1 successor up to Oly standards

    Now, how to explain that delay ?
    – Sensor of course is the immediate answer…
    – And possibly something wrong with the swivel EVF patent after Fuji has provided an far more slim and clever EVF implementation !

    @WT21 : +1 and I am glad to add my voice to the 50es !

  • sam

    I’d imagine not much will be announced if the USA defaults on its debt.

    • Boehner

      I voted to raise the debt ceiling numerous times, by billions of dollars, when we had a Texas good ol’ boy as president. Now I want to hold America and that Kenyan hostage. Yes that makes me a hypocrite, but when has that ever stopped us conservatives?

      Now pull out your cameras as I push camera sales (and the rest of the global economy) out of the ditch and right off the cliff!

  • ras

    Panasonic and Sony are in direct competition, so if the Nex-7 and 5N rumor is correct, I would expect to see a GF-1 successor with a magnesium shell announced in August and a GF Pro with a built-in EVF announced toward the end of the year.

    Also, if the Nex-7 rendering is authentic, the GF Pro will almost certainly have a rangefinder-style design like the L1. I can’t wait to find out! Hell, I’d probably buy both just to have the 24/2 Carl Zeiss *and* the 25/1.4 and 45/2.8 Leica lenses. :)

  • Vincent

    I don’t where to put this information on the website, but what I really want to be engineered by 43 companies is that kind of wireless camera:
    But we are so far away of that kind of prototype and unfortunatly, we still have to deal with the same old analogic camera design… when we can make so much more with digital camera….

  • Milt

    I would like a range finder styled GF camera with an EVF. The L1 design has that style, but would need to be smaller and lighter. There are other possibilities, like an X100 vintage design, but it does not have to be a copy of an older camera.

    Have not yet bought a removable EVF for my GF1. Am a bit envious of the higher quality Olympus ones.

    A G series articulated screen is not a requirement for a GF pro. But I do want a high quality EVF, preferably with a built in level indicator,in a GF1 sized body – maybe a tad lighter – and with as many manual controls as possible. Don’t need another zoom as a kit unless it is wide, sharp, fast, and especially small. Pancakes work best on that kind of camera for me so far, but have not bought the 12mm yet. A 10mm sounds interesting.

  • Ken

    would love to know the differences between GF pro and GH

    • I’d like a GH with a metal body and more modern design.

    • ras

      slim rangefinder-style body, less video support, no articulated lcd. basically the same position the g2 used to occupy, only in a more attractive design.

  • popeye

    can’t wait. i like my GF1 a lot but i want more :)

    …. maybe some better dynamic range and iso .

  • Mattersburger

    – a word about the L1 with its “built-in viewfinder”;

    The L1 is a 4/3 SLR – it uses a mirror box … 4 mirrors to get the image to the finder.

  • HMeYe

    Can’t wait …. I really hope Panasonic will give us a better sensor with high ISO range … If so, I will sure replace my GF2 with the GF Pro

  • Oh man…

    …now I gotta wait and see what the Pro is like instead of getting the G3.

  • dasmeer

    for me the market segmentation of the Lumix G line is so obvious how it should be

    GF3 competes against compacts s95

    G3 competes against 550D

    GH3 competes against 7D (at the moment the plastic cheap housing of the GH2 limits this so its more a 60D competitor)

    GFPro budget Leica M9 (basically a digital Contax G2)

    I hope the GF Pro gets the GH3 guts in a rangefinder body, which would be so simple to do.

    Canon shows how to make 3 different cameras out of the same tech 550D,60D and 7D is the same camera with different housing.

    Panasonic needs to do the same. They need to sell their tech in more ergonomic housings. The GH3 in a solid metal housing would blow the 7D away.

    I can even see a market for 2 GF PRO’s one with Rangefinder and more ergonomic housing and another GF PRO without rangefinder and the smallest possible housing for the GH3 guts.

    Then the GF4 is the smallest possible m43 camera with streamlined guts to make it as small as possible. the G4 could then rather be a step up from the GF4 with cheaper guts, instead of a watered down GH3.

  • nevera

    What kind of lens is that on the image? The scale sais 14-50/2.8. It also looks like it had mechanical focus. That would be a great lens! Is that one already in the shelfs or does it still have to be announced?

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