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Zacuto shootout: Francis Ford Coppola votes for the GH2 (and GH2 beats Arri and Sony!)


Image on top: Francis Ford Coppola looking into his top options. And he picks the GH2 :)

Zacuto (Click here) posted the second part of the great Camera Shootout. It worked like that. An audience (including Francis) saw five short movies each made with a different camera, the [shoplink 16254]GH2[/shoplink], Sony F65, Red Epic, Canon C300 and Arri Alexa. The audience had no way to know which movie had been made with a certain camera. At the end they had to pickup their favorite choice. The most voted camera was the Panasonic GH2!

Andrew from EosHD writes: “For digital theatre screenings in 2k or 1080p, extremely high end cameras simply don’t look that much different to the lower end ones. It is therefore the lighting and the skill behind the camera that makes a larger percentage of the difference. As the level of skill involved here behind the camera was all very high, each scene was similar butthe GH2 was still able to overcome the F65 or Epic, mainly because –

A) It was handled better
B) The lighting was most creative
C) The technology inside the GH2 was advanced enough to deliver on this shoot relative to a $70,000 F65

Yep, as I always try to remind you it’s your creative skills that do matter. The camera you use “almost” doesn’t matter anymore! And again, a long hand clap clap clap to all Panasonic engineers for delivering us such a great camera. And we really can’t wait to see what you guys did with the GH3! ;)

P.S.: If you need a great hybrid camera for a low price you may don’t care about the GH3 which will be priced at $1,500. Go for the much cheaper GH2! Price check and search links at [shopcountry 16254].

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