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You can preorder the Fuji X100 at Adorama!


You can now preorder the Fuji X100 at Adorama (Click here). And finally we have an official price: $1,199.00! If only that camera would have a Micro Four Thirds mount! :)

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  • Chris.H

    Woah! I will 90% be getting this, but not pre-order, gotta test this in hand first ;D

  • Wife

    Slow news day?

    • admin

      We were offline for 6 hours because of database issues. News will come soon.
      P.S.: You don’t let me rest even on Sundays ;)

      • Astrostream

        He is the “Wife” :-)

        Great job admin. I am sure most of visitors appreciate your great work.

      • Remember the good old days of FT5 Sundays? That is the day we found out about the EP1, I believe. Bring back the FT5 Sundays … or maybe pose unverified rumors on a specific day… I’m just thinking aloud.

        This is the site I visit most often. Keep up the good work.

        • admin

          We posted many rumors i those weeks you don’t believe? And by the way more FT5 rumors are coming soon ;)

  • tom

    I don’t care how good it is, that price for a fixed focal length lens camera is way outa my league.

    • admin


    • At this price, I’d take it over a Leica X1 but at this price, I would rather get an Olympus E-PL2 + 20mm or a GH2 or maybe even a Pentax K-r with 35mm prime.

    • Neonart

      While it may be “expensive”, it has NO competitors! If you want a portable, elegant, large sensor camera with a built in viewfinder and analog controls, this is it. This camera is not made to attract those who want/need interchangeable lenses. It’ll fill a small, but lucrative hole in the market.
      Lots of photographers with SLRs would love a camera that reminds them of the olden days of analog photography. One that can take high quality photos at any social (or personal) event without looking like a photo dweeb.

      The current crop of compact, large sensor cameras fail in some way: Here are some comparisons:

      GH2: Not analog, not pocketable
      GF2: Nowhere near analog, no viewfinder
      EP2: See above
      EPL2: See Above
      DP2: See Above
      X1: No viewfinder, almost 2X as expensive
      Leica M9: Like 7X more expensive

      Besides, to get this level of performance you’d need an EP2, Panny 20 f1.7, and a VF2. How far are you price-wise? Not really that expensive when you think of it that way.

      This camera reminds me of my old Olympus 35RC and will replace my DMC-L1+ Oly 25 f2.8, which is the closest thing I can think resembles the Fuji X100. (It’s alot bigger though)

      • Vlad

        @Neonart Agreed on all points. I think the price is justified for such a product especially when you read what they have put inside and if you consider Fuji’s past.

        • Henrik

          But you dont have a system which you can add more lenses into.

          • MikeS

            Unless they go the adapter route, which would be hilarious, given all of Fuji’s hype about the lens design.

          • Vlad

            Well, trade-offs…

          • Neonart

            Please remember this camera is NOT a competitor to any interchangeable lens system. It’s the camera photographers (who already have a system camera) will take to a dinner, to a friends house, to the park with the kids, etc.

          • MikeS, the X100’s lens is as much built-in as it is fixed. From how they describe the design on their own website, a significant portion of the lens is inside the camera, and it comes within 6mm of the sensor. There are many reasons this camera just doesn’t translate into a system camera.

        • Gerard

          I guess the new Ricoh GXR 28 mm. unit can be seen as a competitor and should be a bit cheaper. It’s not fully manual, but has several options afaik.

      • Crap.

  • Brian

    The X100 has an APS-C sized sensor. How does a Micro Four Thirds mount make any sense given that? The imaging circle from a (Micro) Four Thirds lens would be very unlikely to satisfactorily cover the entire sensor.

    • … with m43 we could possibly do this smaller?

    • MikeS

      I think it was implied that he wishes that it had a sensor size to match the mount. It’s not as if he doesn’t keep track of that sort of thing…

  • I want one but.. $1200 is steep for me.. still might but $1000 would be the trigger point for me.

    • Luke

      if $1000 is some people’s tipping point, just wait for 9 months.

  • I think the fixed lens idea is really good – it’ll be a really popular camera with rangefinder lovers. There must be a bundle of people with D700 or 5DII as their main camera wanting something really good as a compact. Its those people this camera is pitched at, their wallet can handle this sort of action.

    Oly or Pan need to put a decent in-built electronic viewfinder into a PEN form factor and then we’ll beat the Sony thanks to our choice of lenses.

    The Fuji is just a modern day cross between an Olympus Trip and a Leica M6.

  • PS – back in the olden days of film … the Ricoh GR1 was THE compact to have. For the prime lens lover. And the quality of the lens beat the 28/2.8 from Canon/Nikon SLR systems. The GR1 was my 28mm lens back in the film days. Fuji is a very similar idea.

  • must admit..its a beauty, prob worth its money…

  • David

    Aside from the fact that this is beautiful, I don’t see the point. Yes it has a viewfinder. So what. It’s eminently NOT pocketable. You essentially have a beautiful, expensive, fixed lens SLR. That will appeal to some people, and I think it’s great to have variety on the market, but I must admit, I don’t get why this camera is a big deal.

    • tgutgu

      I agree and I can’t even see its beauty, especially from the back. Even a GF2 is more versatile, not to speak of its pocketability. Unfortunately retro style seems to be more important than what you get real for the money in practical terms.

    • Vlad

      I don’t know about beautiful, this is quite subjective, personally I would prefer something more modern.
      I also don’t think it is about the viewfinder. From what I see most of those interested, me included, the analog controls make the appeal at first place. Everyone of them is tired of menus and when you think about it it has been many years since we have seen something digital like this (the 7D comes to mind or the Epson). From there given that EVFs are still not ready to completely replace OVFs having both is really a good bonus. Add to that Fuji’s past and I am pretty sure this will get some really well performing sensor and lens. And add to that a well-crafted body – frankly if they have put as much effort in it as they state on their website the quality will be astonishing. So, in second place, I would say, comes the refinement of every part and function of the camera and the fact that you have everything you need there. I think all this easily warrants its price – quality and uniqueness on the market.

    • > It’s eminently NOT pocketable.

      It is small, has large sensor and has OVF. Combination at the moment is unique.

      > I don’t get why this camera is a big deal.

      It’s a fashion thing. The camera tries to provide all the best stuff, some of which had disappeared during transition to digital. And as a thing of fashion, some of the X100 features might appear in other cameras.

      Though I’m too skeptical of the camera, what appeals to be immediately is accessibility of important controls: there are buttons and dials for pretty much everything I need (hey, RAW button!) but interface is still not clogged with bunch of rarely used (by me) controls.

      X100’s omissions. It doesn’t have IS. No button for AF points (though Fn button is present). It doesn’t have flash.

      So I’m personally waiting to see the reviews. And at the time I would be evaluating X100 vs. m43/NX/NEX + pancake (+ optional VF, if needed).

      • The built-in neutral density filter is also a pretty clever feature. This camera may not be for everyone, but they have definitely created something remarkable.

        • cL

          Not to mention it has film simulation modes for Provia, Astia and Velvia!

      • “It doesn’t have flash.”

        Huh? It has a flash right there, on the front.

  • I am already in love with this jewel.. One thing though puzzles me some: why on earth did they put the AE lock and AF button on the left??
    That row of buttons falls exactly under the viewfinder eyepiece, thus making it awkward to press them while looking in the viewfinder.
    and anyway, if you consider that this camera has the aperture ring on the lens, which has to be operated by the left hand, i rally wnder what is the operational logic behind this ergonomics.

    • tgutgu

      You describe exactly, what the problem with many retro style cameras is because style is dogma. To me the control layout of the “beautiful” X100 is the real dealbreaker besides the fact that it does not have interchangeable lenses. And it also shows in general what many rangefinder designs with the view finder on the left side have, if done like this example.

      • well, ok, i understand that here they wanted to bear a precise model-style of camera, with all limitations that this can bring. The viewfinder on the left side of camera body has one precise usefulness, insofar that this lets you keep you left eye open and with a clear view of the subject before it comes into the finder, thus increasing your readiness to shoot at the right moment. this sure is not a camera for shooting Olympics, though i wouldn’t mind having a try, to so something different from mainstream sports photography.
        also the fixed lens in that focal is respondant to a precise philosophy, and not a problem with me.

    • Vlad

      Not sure the the AE on the left is the lock. There’s an AEL button on the right. Agreed on the AF, it is weird. About the aperture ring issue – what could they do?

      • Sure thing m the AEL button on the right must be the lock! i plain missed it.
        About the lens aperture ring, i meant it is great to have back there, but since this requires to have the left hand ready and busy, having this AF button on the left side to be used by the same left hand it’s a weird thing..if there wasn’t the lens aperture ring, maybe this could be ok, though unusual.

        • Vlad

          True. Although I won’t be surprised to see some changes when it appears in march.When you think about it they have a lot of space above the LCD. And where’s the ISO? Probably that black dial top-right?

  • WT21

    I am very interested in the Fuji, but I think I’m not in their target market. I was thinking of reaching up to $1,000, but at $1200, it may be too high for me. Maybe I can get one used in 6-9 months :)

    • Vlad

      I thought about waiting too, but I am getting scared that there will be no cameras left :)

    • I’d imagine in 6-9 months, you could get one *new* within your budget. Digital camera bodies depreciate pretty quickly. Just depends on whether production can keep up with demand. And at the starting price – i’d expect it can.

      • cL

        That’s what I plan to do also. Wait until it drop in price and grab it. It’ll be my main landscape camera, instead of buying a new FF camera + pro quality lens, which probably is $3,500+ onward, $1,200 is cheap by comparison (Nikon 24mm f1.4 alone is $2,000 on sale…). With its size, I can carry both of my E-620 and x100 together for different types of photo shoot.

  • Jonathan

    Thanks for the alert! Just pre-ordered it.

  • But remember: this viewfinder can’t be done in m43. It can only be done with a fixed lens.

    This camera is too little, too late (see Sigma DP1 & 2). It does not even have the phase autofocus in the sensor that fuji bragged so much in a few compact cameras.

    • Vlad

      While those Sigmas deliver really great quality images, the bodies are crap, there are no integrated VFs, the LCDs are awful and there are no analog controls. We don’t know yet what will Fuji’s IQ will be, but if they deliver as expected, the X100 will be a better camera for the money.

    • Neonart

      Chances are this camera will pound the ever-loving snot out of any Sigma DP in image quality, speed, quality, etc. While the Foveon sensor used in the DP series has it’s merits, it’s known to be noisy (even moreso than 4/3s). You also end up with less that 5 effective megapixels.

      They’re simply not in the same league.

  • George

    $1200 on a fixed FUJI cam.
    just because it looks cool, you really gonna spend $1200

    • dabn

      Well, if you are into street photography for example the x100 is neither expensiv nor is the fixed lens a real problem. An EP2 with 20mm lens and vf2 would be about the same money.

    • Vlad

      Wake up, the Leica that comes closest in specs costs almost two times more. And I guess you really didn’t read any comments before posting – the looks are just a bonus. But, of course, you are smarter than all of us so you know how to invest your money wisely :)

    • Neonart

      Not sure if you’re aware, but the Leica X1 is $1995. The M9 is $6,995.00.

      So, at $1199 it’s a deal.

      • Yes! because it is look partially like a Leica camera. Fair price indeed! :D

    • Luke

      really, you’re yelling wake-up to a lot of people. It may not be for you, but it is THE camera that a LOT of people are looking for.

  • Wow $1,199! Sorry, I dont like pocketable camera (too small) & conventional DSLR (too big) :D

    Would like to say, 50% of this camera capability is yesterday technologies. Now is 2011 and you speak about 720p, usual AF speed, funny rite lol. No surprise! this is just another rally game released “camera”. Not really like a stand long camera with revolutionary breakthrough camera features.

    Sorry Fuji. you are not in my wishlist. But A77, Nex& & GH2 still yes :D haha

    • Neonart

      Funny, those are similar comments to what people said when the iPod was released in Oct 2001. Overpriced! Not revolutionary enough! Yesterdays technology! 5GB Boo! No this, no that! Funny how that turned out, huh?

      When we’re narrow sighted we don’t tend to see the potential of things that we don’t like. But commercial success is determined by the market and not narrow-sighted spectators.

    • Vlad

      Frankly, the SLTs are as yesterday technologies as this when you think about it. What do they have? Just one semi-transparent mirror, which in fact is an old concept. Nothing else. The NEX? It is just a compact with interchangeable lenses. What are the amazing technologies inside? (they are both great cameras though)
      Innovation is certainly good, but making a good product is much more than just putting some new technologies inside.

  • Alberto

    Can you focus by looking through the viewfinder?

    • Neonart

      Yes, if you switch to electronic viewfinder. Otherwise you focus lock on the part of the screen your seeing through the optical.

  • Ahem

    Why is this on a site called There are a million photography sites hyping this camera for months, I’d hope this was one place where we’d get respite from that.

    • MikeS

      It’s the sort of camera that a lot of m4/3 users are interested in, and has a design that many of us would like to see in a m4/3 camera (e.g. Admin). Also, though it’s done little to fulfill its role as such, Fuji is still a member of the 4/3 consortium.

    • admin

      1) Fuji is part of the Four Thirds group
      2) Fuji didn’t develop that camera all alone. I was told that m43 has something to do with that (and I wrote that more than once here)

      • Ahem

        It’s your site and all that, and I don’t really mind – it’s just that the hype is overblown for a VERY niche camera.

  • arba

    Admin, I wonder u post this, there’s nothing four third about this camera. But interesting cam non the less.

  • David

    Come on guys. There is plenty to like about the camera (great looks, analog control, film characteristics). It just seems pricey at $1200 for a fixed lens camera. If you have to compare a camera to a Leica to make it look like a bargain … I mean, the X1 is a camera for the “more money than brains” crowd. Accept it for what it is, a niche camera. If you fall into the niche, then great. If, like me, you find this to be a waste of money, that’s OK too.

    • tgutgu

      You describe exactly the attributes, which many people do not like:

      – it does not look great
      – the analog controls seem in part awkwardly placed
      – film characteristics (I guess you refer to the retro look)

      Sure this is personal and that it exactly what the people, who like it and who don’t like it post here.

  • Marc

    Very pretty. And price point is close to a M4/3 rig. I would say that Panasonic and Olympus, should be readying a response very quickly, or else this is going to take a sizable chunk of summer market share.

  • Neonart

    Agreed Marc. Also, why is everyone freaking out about $1200!? Wasn’t the EP2 with viewfinder and 17mm about the same when it was released?

    I’m not saying you have to like this thing or buy one. You can say “I don’t like it. I prefer an interchangeable lens camera. I like SLRs. I prefer the GF1 for the money. Whatever.” But not that it fails, or sucks, or it’s no good. Thats like saying a Lotus Elise sucks because you can’t use it to drive your wife and 3 kids around.

    Let’s see how the reviews come in.

  • TR

    Thanks for the post admin. It is helpful for me that you include this camera on the 4/3 site. For me it is interesting to see where Fuji is going and how oly/pana are going to react.
    For me it will be all about IQ. I will give up interchangeable lens if it is noticeably better than any of the m4/3 plus 20/1.7 combo.
    At the moment I have G1 plus 20/1.7 – I’m happy but not ecstatic. I am happy with the level of manual control I have with the G1, but would like to see inbuilt viewfinder in a rugged less SLR looking body.

  • Snowbird_UT

    Thanks, just preordered.

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