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Worldwide camera market: DSLR shipments decreasing. Mirrorless shipments (slowly) increasing!


Image courtesy: Personal View.

Well, you didn’t see this coming: The DSLR market is considerably decreasing while the mirrorless market is slowly but constantly growing. The Japanese organization CIPA posted the latest June camera shipment data from Japanese companies. And you can see them on graph at Personal View.

In the period between January and June 2014 DSLR unit shipments did fall by 22% compared to the previous 2013 January-June period. Mirrorless camera shipments increased by 23%!

Of course Mirrorless market is still not exploding but in it’s holding well compared to the shrinking DSLR sales. And I guess that as soon that Nikon and Canon will “get serious” with mirrorless things will change even further.

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