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Will Panasonic transform their MFT product line to focus on vloggers?


I got this from a very reliable source:

  • They will change strategy here. MFT will focus on the V-Logging segment. They don’t see a huge market for a GH6 anymore as most people are moving to Full Frame. So the upcoming GH6 may be more a “Pro Grade” G100. It’s more of an upgraded GH5 in a new body with enhanced mobile integration. Or to make it short – a GH6 may not come with the desired specs and the story of the Pro Video MFT will end with the GH5.
  • G9 is now selling well in India. There are discussions about a Mark II which then also the successor of the GH5 with an additional Video Package to buy (similar of what Nikon is doing). But do not expect a “Big Bang” here.
  • The future of MFT is not yet decided – they are very careful because of the Olympus Imaging Carve out happening soon.  And again to mention – Sigma wants them to focus on L-Mount

Don’t know what to think about this…my guts tell me that this strategy is very lame and probably wouldn’t pay off in the long term. Therefore I hope this time this well known and reliable source is wrong…or Panasonic migh change mind after reading the comments on this post :)

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