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What intrigues me about the next Olympus FourThirds camera


Since yesterday we know that a new Olympus camera is going to be announced early in April (probably on April 2). The first unconfirmed rumor suggests that it will be a new entry level FourThirds camera. Even if you are not interested in such a camera, this camera is much more important than we could imagine. For many reasons:
1) In a few months MicroFourThirds changed the whole Olympus product strategy. What kind of influence will this have on future FourThirds cameras? For example: Will the next FourThirds camera have video?
2) What kind of improvements will the next FourThirds camera have? It will be interesting to see how Olympus improved the processing engine, the image stabilization and many other apsects of the camera. Some of these improvements could be implemented in future MicroFourThirds cameras.

Can’t wait to know more about that camera!

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