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Weekly 43rumors readers pictures roundup.


Francesco Ganzetti‎
em10+zuiko 60mm f2,8 macro@f5.6

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2) All 43rumors readers pictures can be seen here: Like the pictures you like and chat with the authors if you want to know how they took the shot!
3) The most liked pictures and some pics selected by myself will be posted weekly on 43rumors

This is the weekly selection:

‎Diego Garin Martin‎
Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II, M.Zuiko 7-14mm f/2.8 Pro, Benro tripod, filters & equipment.

Frank Rückert‎
PenF – Zuiko 1,8/8mm – 1/30 Sek – F/2,2

Martin Gallego
Daniel Gallego cumple 18. Felicidades chaval!
Olympus Pen F + MZuiko 40-150 Pro

‎Joaquín Culiáñez Gómez‎
Here I let you one picture I had in mind and couldn’t make it before.
Previously to shot I did a lot of test measuring the light for the Moon, as well as the light for the spider (in the case of the spider I used a flash).
When I had everything measured I shot in Bulb using Livetime, but previously I had covered the lens with a black velvet piece of fabric, so no light came into the sensor of my OMD.
Before the shot I had the Moon focused, so I only released the covering of the lens for a second and covered back.
After this I had the Moon properly exposed, and the velvet blocking the light into the camera, so I moved the tripod to the spot of the spider (It was just an adjustment in the vertical axis of the tripod I had marked before starting the exposure); once I had the spider in the right spot, I chaged the focus point manually to the distance of the spider. Then I took my hand flash which was setted manually to the right exposure acording to the ISO and f22 diaphragm, released again the fabric, shot the flash, and stopped the exposure.
EXIF: OMD EM1 + Sigma 150 mm Macro, ISO 200, f22, 42 sec. expo.
Hope you like it.


Fernando Ruiz
Virgen de Dolores – La Merced de Antigua. Samyang 12mm f2.0

Benson Chou‎
Taken at Devil’s bridge’s parking lot, Arizona. Using 12-35mm lumix on Oly EM-5 mkII

Richard Hed‎
Oly E-M5 mk2

Miguel Ortiz‎
Accademia Internazionale di Mandolino, actuando en el Teatro Ideal de Calahorra. 45 Festival Internacional de Plectro de La Rioja.
Directa de cámara, monotono.

‎Bob Towery‎
Over Iceland. Pen-F & 40-150mm F/2.8

Dee Vee‎
Natural Bridge

‎Igorj Demich‎
Lumix GX-80
leica 15/1,7

Martin Kleis Sundstrøm‎
Panasonic DMC-GH4
7.0 mm
ISO: 200
Aurora HDR Pro and Adobe Lightroom…/martins…/28786574722/in/dateposted/

Ofer Maor‎
Skies of Namibia.
E-M1 + 9-18 @ 9mm, F4, ISO1600, 30sec.

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