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Fujifilm – Press Conference at Photokina 2010 from Olivier Laurent on Vimeo.

Photokina is over! It’s time to see what camera 43rumors readers did like. Take a look at to see a nice Photokina picture gallery of the mentioned products. Choose between the Nikon D7000, Panasonic GH2, Fuji X100, Sigma SD1, Canon 60D, Olympus E-5, Sony A33/A55 and the Pentax K-5.

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  • Duarte Bruno

    Can we have 2 votes?

    I voted for the Sigma SD1 which apparently is in a closed to finished working prototype but I would like to add the GH2.

    I sincerely can’t understand all the hype behind the Fuji. :( I mean it’s a great compact that promises excellent IQ, but it adds little to the Sigma DP series and nothing to the Leica X1. In the end it cost little below a GF1 + 20mm or a Samsung with the 30mm…
    OK, it’s got lots of knobs but so does the Leica or an E-P2 which is 10x more flexible!

    Is this an exclusive viewfinder thing?

    • Neonart


      The Leica X1 does not have a viewfinder and is $2,000.
      The GF1 does not have a viewfinder and has no analog controls.
      The EPL1 has no viewfinder and no analog controls.
      The EP1 & EP2 have no viewfinder, no analog controls and no flash.
      The DP series have no viewfinder, no analog control, and have been plagued with other issues, including the great/horrible Foveon sensor.

      The X100 has a built-in Optical AND digital viewfinder that while it’s not a true rangefinder, you can compose with an image thats larger than the frame. It has classic analog controls for aperture (on the lens as it should be), shutter speed, and for exposure too! Its smaller than any SLR, and not any larger than a GF, Pen, or X1 once you attach one of those ugly viewfinders on. It has a 12MP APS-C sensor and a great lens, that unless FUJI completely screws-up the final product (hard to do with the specs promised) should provide great image quality. And finally. it’s beautiful. Something you can take with you to any social event and not feel like a dork with a huge SLR and still get great shots.

      While you can surely do just fine with a PEN or a GF, this is a more appealing camera unless you need interchangeable lenses. Many photographers, including myself already have 1 or more SLR bodies for that purpose.

      It’s understandable that it may not be for you, but there is a HUGE pent-up demand for this product and the interest shown is a sign of that.

      • the other Rob

        Neonart’s got a good point. Think of how cool that camera would look with a tweed jacket, tie, wool cap and a pipe. Or even a formal outfit.

        Its avant garde in its approach which I think is cool.

      • It’s a plus that it is a beautiful, retro looking camera, but mostly for me it’s the classic analog controls and built in viewfinder. I can forgo interchangeable lenses to get those (I never understood why aperture rings and shutter speed knobs disappeared as cameras became more electronic). The lens has the focal length equivalent that I use as a standard on my SLRs (film and digital), so it fits the way I already shoot – and if I feel that I am missing other focal lengths, I can always snap on an accessory lens to the front – and you know they will make them….

      • I

        I agree with Neonart. And the is even one more advantage – unlike the Leica, the lens is not callapsible. The Fuji is great, I am surprised it took so long for having something comparable considering that there are voices asking for something like a digital rangefinder for years. If it was interchangeable lens it would have been a dream. With such build quality and analog controls!
        Also, I sincerely can’understand what is exciting in the Panasonic GH-2?! the new Sigma qualifes as exciting. But what is exciting about the GH-2?

      • Vlado

        100% agree with you ….

        Even if I like the idea of Fujifilm x100 I will not buy it…. It’s not flexible :(. Yah looks mutch better than Sigma DP1,DP2 but thats it. Fixed lens, no standart with whole range of lenses make it pocked camera ….

        Wearing 3 pocket camera’s with diferent focal length is a possibility too, but imho I will prefer a system like m4/3…..

        The real winner for me is:
        SD1 – thx to the huge MPixels and faveon senzor, but hard to judge when no sample images are here ….
        GH2 – final merge of video cam and photo camera + the AF speed is promising lot’s of hope for the future of mirror less systems….

    • I disagree. It will kick the shit out of the Sigma and make a considerable dent into X1 sales. The X1 doesn’t even have a viewfinder!

      The X100 will feature a great body, possibly even weather sealing. It will have dials and buttons to access every important setting without resolving to complicated on-screen menus. The lens promises to be on par with most of the pancake “standard” lenses available. The bigger sensor of the X100 also allows for a shallower field of depth than with the 4/3 bunch.

      And yes, this is also a viewfinder thing. For anybody who wants to compose an image, the viewfinder is a crucial feature. Not having a viewfinder at all (or the requirement to add an expensive add on viewfinder that blocks the flash shoe) is not really an option. In the case of the X100, the viewfinder promises to be awesome. It shows more scenery than what is included in the frame, so it makes composing even easier. Most importantly, it combines an optical viewfinder with an electronic viewfinder.

      I can’t wait until this camera will be available for reviewing and sale. If the price will indeed be around $1,000 I will probably buy it. If I need a camera system with interchangeable lenses, I still have my FT equipment which will keep me happy for another two to three years. But the camera that should be in my pocket/bag all the time will probably be the X100 – unless there’s going to be something more interesting next year in MFT (which I doubt so far).

  • “Best” or “most interesting”?

    While the Panasonic GH2, Nikon D7000, Canon 60D, and Pentax K5 are probably the “best” cameras for most people to buy for taking pictures, they don’t really represent anything beyond improvements of what already has been available. The Sigma is a significant step up for Foveon fans, but again, an upgrade rather than an genuine innovation.

    That leaves the pellicle-mirror Sonys and the Fuji, both of which represent innovative and intelligent expansions of previous technology. Sony has genuinely extended the SLR concept by making the mirror semi-transparent, and Fuji has brought new life to one of the oldest camera categories — the fixed-lens viewfinder camera — with its hybrid viewfinder concept.

    So, which to pick? Well, I voted for the X100 simply because it’s cooler!

  • PS — Technically, you can’t actually “pre-order” the GH2 body at B&H… only add it to a wish list or sign up for an email notification when it’s available.

    • CRB

      I must add that the SD1 is a HUGE upgrade for Sigma users….not just for MP, for everything else…

  • Thomas Blue

    I think you have to look at cameras the same way you look at any other product. There isn’t much that a BMW 700 series can’t do that a Mercedes 550s can’t. Sometimes it just comes down to styling and fashion. Why is Blackberry so en vogue when Nokia offers more with higher quality 8mp cameras? It’s just a look that the customers want. Olympus has dropped the ball and kept us all waiting far too long for a product that resembles the Fuji, offers great images (potentially anyway) in a small package. Fuji sits on that fine line of a camera that MAY offer Leixa X1 quality images in a M9 “retro” style body with the look many m4/3 buyers have been waiting for! And an internal viewfinder!

  • Dummy00001

    None of them.

    > * Nikon D7000
    Just another Nikon. It also makes shots.

    > * Panasonic GH2
    Small, cramped controls, flaky AF.

    > * Fuji X100
    Prototype of unreleased/unspeced camera.

    > * Sigma SD1
    Prototype. Was behind the glass – moving on.

    > * Canon 60D
    I still do not like Canon ergonomics nor UI. And the mounted Canon lenses were among the slowest I have tried on the show. Nikon and Oly were notably faster. Camera might be cool, but what the point if glass sucks?

    > * Olympus E-5
    Nice E-3 upgrade but too large, too heavy to me.

    > * Sony A33/A55
    Missed it. Can’t say anything.

    > * Pentax K-5
    Nothing special or out-standing about it. Pentax booth was very modest and probably one of the smallest. Very few lenses to play with. K-5’s ergonomics was OK and UI was (compared to Oly) like a breath of fresh air.

    I might have voted for the D7000, but to me it wasn’t something really special: all the usual stuff one would expect from them. And I liked the bigger D300s more (though I’d never buy it for its weigh alone).

    I liked the old news: E-P2, NX 100 and D300s. All in all equipment-wise at the Photokina I have seen nothing head turning or revolutionary new.

    P.S. What I really liked, and what was really head-turning, is that they not only had stuff to look at/play with, but they also had stuff to shoot: aquarium with a /mermaid/ to show the underwater equipment, dancers, fashion, models, boutiques – and even the bonsai garden (at the Zeiss booth). That was rather unexpected – and regrettably I see that actually very few mentions that (everybody seen the birds) concentrating more on the gear…. :(((

    • > * Panasonic GH2
      Small, cramped controls, flaky AF.

      I guess it depends on your hand size, for me its perfect, actually its the most comfortable and maneuverable(function wise) camera, and i come from canon 300D, 20D, 40D.

      Flaky AF, compared to what?

      • Dummy00001

        > I guess it depends on your hand size

        It is not about hand size: it is about the fact that GH2 has to many buttons with too many functions. During my hands-on with GH2 I several times pressed/switched something and Pannay reps had to scratch their heads figuring out what feature I have activated – and how to undo it.

        N.B. Even the much larger D300s I have tried later had less buttons.

        But that is too matter of taste.

        > Flaky AF, compared to what?

        To everything I have handled before. GH2 doesn’t wait for the focus acquisition. Even if AF failed it fires a shot after some (short) time.

        Might be a defect of pre-production models. But something tells me that it is a part of the “AF in under 0.099s” PR campaign.

        • Offstandard

          this makes no sense neither. It’s like a normal Canon user complaining that the zoom ring rotates backwards on Nikon lenses, or that the aperture goes backwards if you rotate the index finger switch. Or saying that the buttons are in different places from Canon and Nikon. You’re not supposed to pick up a high-end camera and be able to use even NORMAL options without getting used to the camera and its menu system.

          I would have to ask my friend when I want to take a look at his Nikon D3 for where to find what (like changing metering to spot, or bracketing, or drive mode) and he does the same thing when he grabs my Canon 1D.

          And the number of buttons, you can’t please everybody, some people like all the custom buttons for fast access and others like simpler. The D300 has the JOG dial for many buttons instead of the GH2’s cross-buttons.

  • George

    who voted for 60d lol
    even canon fanbois keep cursing to canon for 60d

    • yea, who voted for 60d? we need some QC here please

  • Deirdre Saoirse Moen

    Leica M9 in Titanium.

    For weirdest, I’ll go with the Hasselblad/Ferrari mashup.

    • the other Rob

      I second that, I mean who in their right mind would buy a $25,000 Titanium version of $8000 camera.

      Its so crazy its exciting!

    • Dummy00001

      I tried M9 and felt rather unimpressed.

      The rangefinder view (the two rectangles) is way too small.

      Lens was very small too – and my fingers were constantly obstructing the viewfinder.

      Leica whyever were closing their M9 stand early so I had no chance to try a different lens :|

      Also, M9 is rather heavy for a /pocket/ camera. Though I’m not sure that I was trying the titanium body.

      • Offstandard

        M9 is not a “pocket” camera. It’s a rangefinder. A rangefinder is a different camera from an SLR, the appeal is the small size of the lens, as you can have multiple fast primes in a small bag that would only hold an SLR with one fast prime.

        The rangefinder window is not to be compared to an SLR view. If you can’t get used to it, you can’t get used to it, period. There are plenty of people who like a rangefinder frame over an SLR frame for many other reasons.

  • hiplnsdrftr

    Fuji does video, X1 no video.

    • not everyone wants video. but manufacturers have to include it to attract as many buyers as possible.

  • calxn

    Obviously, people’s choice are influenced by the cameras they own, especially on the 43rumors site. If you look at dpreview’s survey, the numbers are way different. SD1 and GH2 were near the bottom. SD2 because people are tired of Sigma’s over promise and under deliver policy. GH2 was because it’s such a minor update, just like the G2. I voted for the most innovative camera out of Photokina, the X100. Very bold. Addresses my desires to nearly a T. When we’re really truthful, we’ve got to admit, that we would like Pana and Oly to produce a camera like this but with interchangeable lens.

  • MK

    IMO photokina 2010 was an epic dud. at this point the most exciting thing for me is that gf1 is dropping in price.

    • admin

      Just wait for the GF2. That will surprise you ;)

      • MK

        easy to say but the waiting game as proven to be tiresome. I highly doubt that any incoming GF will be in a lower price bracket. so i wait for photokina 2010 for 6 months, then i wait 6 more months for next GF.

        then the camera is over priced, (ex: gf1 for $900 no thanks) so i wait 6 more months for price to drop. then guess what it is March 2012 (i think?) and… I wait for photokina 2012? LOL thanks for running the site tho, it is entertaining & trollerific.

        • Yes, I feel the same way exactly. If Olympus and Panasonic cannot get their act together, I will just take all the more interest in things like the Fuji. The FT and MFT stuff is high quality of course, but it’s way to expensive when it first hits the shelves. I’m going to get the E-5 eventually, but I certainly won’t shelve Euro 1799 for it. If it drops to $1200 I’ll probably buy it.

      • the other Rob

        I am excited for the GF2, I hope its a bit less cumbersome than the GF1. Not that the GF1 is unruly, or bad. I just would like the form factor to be a bit smaller and lighter.

      • Please tell us more!! If it has leather, swivel LCD, 1080 24p, and 720 60p I’ll get it. Basically a GH2 in a GF2 (metal) body.

    • Miroslav

      Yeah, we expected revolution(s), but there was no modular Olympus, no small Panasonic, no NEX-7, no mirrorless Nikon or Pentax, no Ricoh GXR with interchangeable lens module. Sony’s translucent cameras have too much drawbacks, while Sigma SD1 and Fuji hybrid autofocus sound good on paper …

      Wait ’till 2011 sounds too familiar :).

      • Indeed the price drop on the GF1+20mm is the most exiting thing, but it is not low enough yet.
        Panny 14mm f/2.5 (does it count as Photokina?) is nice too, but with a 20mm “normal lens” (which incidentally is great, 25mm would have been too long, see and/or for details), the 14mm is not wide enough. 12mm would have been better, ideally 10mm. In fact in the film day I used 24mm, 50mm and 135mm (and this was when cropping was more difficult than it is now, so 20mm-eq 40mm-eq and 90mm-eq would be the perfect set of lenses – too bad that also the panny 45mm f/2.8 is very disappointing!!)

        So, very frustrated, nothing interesting from this exhibition :-(

  • jeff

    the x100 is the direction micro 4/3s should be taking

    we need small cameras with SMALL LENSES , not 4 inch long telephoto lenses that perform terribly , are slow , and cost more then the camera themselves.

    what we need is olympus to develop a pen that looks as nice and retro as the x100 , and they need to make SMALL BRIGHT LENSES that will make the camera either pocketable , or nearly pocketable.

    The GH2 is the worst looking and imo most pointless use of micro 4/3 technology , but they sell so im worried olympus is going to copy that body design

    The LX5 proved to olympus that unless they figure out their fucking lense situation with their micro cameras , they are going to be demolished by cameras who dont even have the ability to switch lenses, such as the x100 and the lx5.

    • the other Rob

      I believe that the x100 is quite a big camera compared to an LX5. It is closer in size to an M8 or M9 is it not? does anyone have the size comparisons?

      but I share your desires, small camera small lens, bigger sensor than 1/1.6

      • Dummy00001

        I would say the X100 and M9 sizes are comparable. X100 is only slightly smaller – if not the same.

        Lens on M9 was bigger than the pancake on X100 prototype. (And to my (very) limited knowledge M-mount pancakes are very few.)

        Can’t say anything for weight, since X100 was only a sensor-less prototype (neither anybody was allowed to hold it in hands). I’m pretty sure that X100 would be lighter: Leicas are unexpectedly heavy.

  • Miroslav

    Panasonic GH2. m4/3 that has not only caught up with DSLRs, but surpassed some in many things.
    Relatively small ILC with almost 20 excellent native lenses to choose from, good image quality, fast AF, good high ISO ( at least the press release says so :)), 1080p AVCHD video, swivel touchscreen, touch focus, highly customizable, 40fps burst at 4mpx, fair price. What more can one ask for?
    I’d like it to have IBIS and to be a bit smaller … Hopefully, upcoming m4/3 models are also going to get that sensor and processor.

  • spanky

    I voted for the SD1, but I would have also liked to have voted for the X100. If these cameras come out and deliver as promised, I’m buying both of them. My GH1 will be relegated to experimental photography duties unless I decide to sell it after all. I’m not all that invested in the format, so it would be easy to get out.

  • calxn

    The biggest surprise from m43 camp was how big their telephoto zooms are going to be. They’re nearly the same size as the 35mm FF lenses! I bought a m43 camera expecting small lenses. Sure the 20mm *PANCAKE* lens was going to be small, it’s a PANCAKE! However, all the other lenses are not small at all. The NEX system have ridiculously large lenses. What’s the point of a small body and regular size lenses? It appears only wide angle lenses can be made small with the m43 mount. Either that or Pana and Oly are lazy and will learn a cruel lesson when someone comes out with a small EVIL system with small lenses that also autofocuses (sorry, Leica).

    • the other Rob

      That is what I hate about m43 right now (or at least Olympus’s direction with it). The lenses look allright on a GH1/2 body, but look ridiculous on an EP body.

      That Sony NEX camera is the dumbest looking camera ever. It would be awesome with some tiny lenses, but it looks aweful with a zoom lens on it.

    • Dummy00001

      > The biggest surprise from m43 camp was how big their telephoto zooms are going to be. They’re nearly the same size as the 35mm FF lenses!

      That’s… a very /sane/ comparison you make here.

      Compare sizes for example (diam x length @ weight):

      91x171mm @ 1340g – Nikkor AF VR 80-400mm 4.5-5.6D ED (that’s not FX but DX lens!)
      80x127mm @ 620g – Olympus Zuiko ED 70-300mm 4.0-5.6
      70x116mm @ 430g – Olympus M.Zuiko ED 75-300mm 4.8-6.7

      > The NEX system have ridiculously large lenses.

      Obviously that lenses for ASP-C sensors would be larger.

      Larger sensor demands larger glass for the same f-number. Just try to recall what f-number actually means.

      > Either that or Pana and Oly are lazy

      You gotta have the glass to bend the light, you know. More light – more glass. More sensor – even more glass.

      • calxn

        Why would you compare the 80-400 pro lens with these new lens? Perhaps compare the Nikkor 70-300 with these lens? Some guy on dpreview put up a size comparison with a Canon 50D or T2i with the EF 70-300 and the GH2 + 70-300. Without looking at specs, they looked to be the same size to me.

        • calxn

          Hey dummy, since you don’t know how to compare apples vs apples, here you are

          Pana 100-300 @ 521g
          Canon 70-300 @ 630g

          Even better yet,

          • calxn

            When comparing lens, also note whether it has IS. I compare Pana with Canon because both have IS. However, the Canon above have more range, thus the extra weight. Oh, the Oly is lighter you say? The Oly does not have IS. You still don’t believe, you say? Here you are

            Oly M.zuiko 75-300mm @ 430g
            Nikkor 70-300mm non-VR @ 471g

            The nikkor has a longer range and is a FF lens. These facts are hard to argue.

          • Offstandard

            it’s not only lens focal length, but sensor size that matches the length for the same the angle of view. A Full Frame 70-300 should be compared to a m43 45-150. The Panny with 100-300mm F4-5.6 has the same “pull” as a 200-600mm lens or a 150-450 (in APS-C). The closest Canon has is the 100-400 F4-5.6(remember Panny is 200-600) at $1800 and it is HUGE.

          • Dummy00001

            > Canon 70-300 @ 630g

            On EF it is puny 300mm, on EF-S that’s only 480mm – still short of the 600mm 43/m43 gives you.

            > Hey dummy, since you don’t know how to compare apples vs apples, here you are

            I’m not sure what was your point.

        • Dummy00001

          > Why would you compare …

          Because I was comparing the 600mm focal length.
          400mm on DX is 600mm. 300mm on 43 is 600mm too.

          I have noticed that Nikkor is sharper, but it is also slower than the Oly.

          > Canon 50D or T2i with the EF 70-300

          That’s only 300*1.6 = 480mm.

          • calxn

            WOW! So now the crop factor is a feature. If you read the m43 forum on dpreview or on this site, you will see people clamoring for fast lens. Why? They want narrow depth of field for that pleasing 3D image. With the m43 crop factor, you need faster and faster lens to match the same on APS-C and FF. The effective zoom is less a feature than you think. Competent consumers tend to want the faster lenses. Quite frankly, I am sick of these two bumble heads putting out slow zooms when we’re already DoF disadvantaged. We need fast mid-range and telephoto primes. I seriously wonder if they can make a fast normal and telephoto prime and keep it small for the m43 mount. There must be a reason they’ve only focused on pancake wides and slow zooms all this time. I think the dpreview photo showing the size comparison of the Pana 100-300 may point to the reason.

          • Offstandard

            to Calxn:
            currently all m43 is aimed at the consumer, not the prosumer, thus you won’t see many EXPENSIVE fast primes. Doing a fast prime that is CHEAP means LOW IQ, then the prosumer will not even look at it.

            But as it is, Oly/Panny are selling VERY WELL in Japan with the current lens line up, consumers are eating it up. We more “pro” people want faster/better IQ lenses but that won’t happen until they actually get a “pro” level body out.

            Crop factor was always a feature for BIRD and SPORTS photographers, but with the slow m43 autofocus and “slow” EVF (compared to a LIVE one) they won’t be attractive for them neither.

            I’m saying that if you want to compare SIZE, the m43 delivers on the promise of SMALLER for same FOCAL LENGTH.

    • “They’re nearly the same size as the 35mm FF lenses”

      Could you please compare the Lumix G 100-300 with a Canon/Nikon 200-600 zoom? Got it? The Lumix is SMALLEST 600mm eqv. lens as far as I know.

  • kesztió

    GH2 is the first ILC which can compete with good DSLRs in both terms of quality, big, high class viewfinder and speed (AF and high frame rate drive mode).

    I wasn’t sure before GH2 whether EOS does really mean “End Of Story” or not – but now it’s clear that DSLRs killing by mirrorless cameras is just a matter of time…

  • Kosta

    I have an idea, stop gear fapping and let’s all go take some photos and enjoy what we have! as opposed to craving for the next best thing and maybe not appreciating/fully becoming familiar and comfortable with what we have?

    I like gear, don’t get me wrong, but this is getting a bit ott…we are feeding the sad marketing game that the camera companies are happy to play…

    • Thomas

      Exactly! I went to Photokina and after weeks of reading rumors and forums I was surprised that you can actually take nice pictures with those things. ;-)

  • Duarte Bruno

    The real joke here is the E-5 taking 3rd place. :)

    • Dummy00001

      I do not get your humor.

      The real joke here is that not a real camera, without any concrete spec sheet, without a set release date – in the first place.

      Marketing at its best – something Oly could have learned – to market unexisting non-product and to generate such a huge news splash. The masses need so little to be manipulated….

    • bob

      How the E-5 would even figure is beyond comprehension. But it’s a 43rd rumor site, so anything’s possible I guess.

      Maybe 3rd place for Photokina…2006.

      • Duarte Bruno

        QUOTE “The real joke here is that not a real camera, without any concrete spec sheet, without a set release date – in the first place.”

        I’m sorry to have to point it but this is the Photokina show, not a Jessops shelf! What don’t you understand?

        • Duarte Bruno

          Sorry! Wrong branch.

  • Offstandard

    I think the vote of X100 on top is more a commentary on the lack of anything groundbreaking on the OTHER cameras. All other camera’s seemed to be slight updates/evolution, while the X100 is trying to be a revolutionary (never done before) camera. (by that I mean the Hybrid Viewfinder, for those viewfinder lovers)

  • TR

    I have two questions about the X100 – maybe someone can help. (1) What kind of manual focus assistance would it have (splitter/magnification)? (2) What DoF would the lens give equivalent to 35mm film camera (I’m interested in shallow DoF)? Or put another way, how would it compare to the Olympus 17mm f2.8 or the Pany 20mm f1.7 on a m43 sensor?

    • spanky

      1) Not sure. Probably just using live view with perhaps a focus confirm box
      2) DOF should be a bit shallower than the 17/2.8, probably similar to the 20/1.7 since it’s a larger sensor.

      • TR


  • Catastrophile

    am sorry to say the results suggest this must be a dodgy poll.

  • bilgy_no1

    I voted for GH2, because despite what people think, it’s a truly revolutionary camera as far as the mirrorless segment goes. It’s got a lot of improvements over the GH1 (sensor, video output etc.), but there are two key aspects that make it revolutionary:

    – it gives us AF speed as fast as (or even faster than) DSLR’s
    – it improves the viewfinder refresh rate to give a much more natural looking EVF image.

    These two points make the GH2 a big step towards obsoleting DSLR’s. It really makes DSLR’s look dull, limited and outdated. Sony’s SLT-cameras are nothing but an in-between solution for people with lens investmens.
    All in all, the GH2 is the camera that really makes me believe that m4/3 is a serious format that will stick around for many years. Regardless of what Olympus does with their line…

    The other camera I find interesting is the Sigma, only because of it’s sensor. 46MP Foveon output must be tremendously detailed. But, we since it’s just a concept, we need to wait for it to appear.

    • kesztió


    • “- it gives us AF speed as fast as (or even faster than) DSLR’s”

      That’s not revolutionary, it’s evolutionary. If someone manages to make contrast auto-focusing twice as fast as phase detection focusing, than THAT would be a revolution.

      Something that just gets improved and doesn’t introduce any new technology is hardly a revolution.

      If Fuji’s hybrid viewfinder lives up to the expectations than THAT is a revolution.

      Nonetheless, the GH2 is a brilliant camera. Give it a pro-grade body (sturdy, sealed) and offer pro-grade lenses (sealed), then I would consider switching system from FT to MFT. That evolution will still need some years to be completed. No revolution ahead…

      • kesztió

        I think Fuji-s Hybrid viewfinder is not such a big deal. Not too complicated to make a rangefinder-style viwfinder for fixed lens! Moreover, if parallaxis-problem still not solved. Overlaying digital information over a glass is not a groundbreaking technology, either.

        I admit that retro look is beautiful but a camera is better a tool than a jewel. And speaking about the technical solutions there are interesting anyway but definitely not the way camera makers should follow. The direction worth to follow is the one set by GH2.

        • I

          I will argue that the Fuji viewfinder is a big deal, because it shows that you don’t need to choose between electronic and optical viewfinder, to a certain extend you can merge them and have both. Of course the optical one is not prefect, is not ttl… But in the future it could be adapted to zoom lenses with the overlaying frames. Of course it will still not be ttl, but as far as I am concerned I will ALWAYS prefer a camera that has an acceptable OVF and an excellent EVF, over a camera that only has the latter (everything else equal of course).

      • bilgy_no1

        “- it gives us AF speed as fast as (or even faster than) DSLR’s”

        “That’s not revolutionary, it’s evolutionary. If someone manages to make contrast auto-focusing twice as fast as phase detection focusing, than THAT would be a revolution.

        Something that just gets improved and doesn’t introduce any new technology is hardly a revolution.”

        Actually it is. The point is that there is now no more need for the prism and mirror construction. from the start of m4/3, people have stated two main reasons for keeping the old tech: AF-speed and poor EVF’s. Within two years of the launch of m4/3 however, these two arguments have been answered. Better processing power will allow even better AF and EVF refresh rates.

  • I guess I’ll say this about the GH2 – why maintain the SLR form factor? It isn’t inordinantly smaller than an SLR like the Pentax K-5, so why bother with it? I thought this whole M43 was supposed to be a revolution. I’m not sure you can say that the X100 is necessarily a revolution either, but which one would I rather carry around? I think it’s obvious. If I want an SLR form factor camera, I’ll go for the Pentax and have an optical viewfinder.

  • Turner

    I voted for the Fuji X100 – but only because the long expected Leica EVIL camera has not been shown at Photokina. The X100 wins the Leica look-a-like contest.

  • well my vote went for the Pentax K-5 … the camera I’ll be switching too once I’ve sold my E-30/25/14-54II/50-200

    not decided if I’ll dump my E-P1/20 for the Fuji X100 (maybe)

    (and that has nothing to do with the appalling delivery that that Fuji person gave without a single gram of passion – rubbish delivery of a superb looking camera)

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