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Very good news: Panasonic is resuming image sensor development to create 8K sensors!


Image courtesy: ePhotozine. reports a very good news:

Panasonic will once again develop image sensors after freezing such operations for the last few years, aiming for applications including 8K ultrahigh-definition technology.

The will invest up to 10b yen ($80.8 million) to develop the next-generation 8K sensors which they plan to launch in 2018. At first the company plans to use the new sensors in its own consumer and broadcasting cameras.
Panasonic had frozen image sensor development since its disastrous fiscal 2011. As earnings sharply picked up, Panasonic apparently decided that developing its own key image-processing components is essential to gaining a competitive in edge in imaging products. Production will likely be outsourced. Panasonic had frozen image sensor development since hemorrhaging red ink in fiscal 2011.

This is very good news! Although it means the GH5 will not have 8K. We will have to wait for the GH6 :)

P.S:: Why does 8K matter for photographers? Because every single frame is a 33MP pictures. It means in the future you will shoot more videos than take single photos


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