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(FT5) Unbelievable: New Olympus OM video quality is better than on the GH2!


The current best m43 camera for video, the Panasonic GH2. Will soon lose the primacy?

A couple of days ago a source told me that the new OM-D camera will have a better video quality than the current best of the m43 class, the Panasonic GH2. I worked with other sources to check if that statement is true or rather exaggerated or completely false. But they all confirm the same, the new Olympus camera beats hands-down the GH2. One of the aspects Olympus worked hard id the reducing of the “jello effect”. Keep in mind that this is a rumors site and I rely on info received by others and that I have no way to check it out if it’s true. But those sources have been proved to be correct in the past so that let’s me (and you) hope for the best when the D-day comes on February 8th!

Sensor troubles: If the sources are telling me all the time that the image quality has been improved, that it has a greater dynamic range, that it has better video quality than the GH2…than I am really having BIG troubles that the 16 megapixel sensor is the same of the Panasonic GX1.

Stay tuned on 43rumors!

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • O

    “One of the aspects Olympus worked hard id the reducing of the “jello effect”


    • admin

      Tell me more “O” :)

      • O

        Many will be happy.

        • jim

          Mr O,

          Tell me it will be everything we all wish for :)

          Better than G3 sensor,
          Top quality VF,
          1080 60p…

          If so Oly will not be able to make enough of these to supply the needy/wanty :)

        • Charlie

          The Story of O ;)

          • Bob B.

            I are just trouble…ALL AROUND!!!! LOL!

          • fgl42

            The wife of Jean Fautrier.

      • MJr

        Global Shutter yay !

    • 123

      so video is good.. stills suck.. great…..

  • Kleijn

    Is there à market for the e5?
    Of is it blow away bij the om-d
    And €1400 every two years for à new camera is expensieve

  • Pei

    So GH3 is using a 16mp sensor? Good to know. Maybe Panasonic finally came to it senses and decided it cannot match APS-C in resolution, DR and low light and has to give up one.

  • GeorgeH

    History says that it’s just hype. Let’s all keep our hopes in check. We’ve been down this path before.

    If the XZ-1 is any indication of how Olympus does video then I’d say this is all hype.

    Could it really be better than the GH2?

    Possible? Sure.
    Probable? Not likely.

    The GH2 / GH3 has nothing to worry about. In marketing speak, one feature advantage would have marketing claiming “better”.

    • Charlie


    • Why should anyone worry? All the best if Olympus raises the bar!

    • at

      It is surely a marketing term to be better than GH2. We know that GH2 has the strength with hacked firmware rather than the factory firmware. If only the jelly effect is better, it does not make sense when we look at the video quality as a whole, especially the output from the improvements of the hacked firmware.

  • I m happy i not sart video by a mistake, ONLY. :-D

  • 43shot

    It seems like more and more this is a bunch of marketing hype. Everything is better in one way by .001 so it can be spun to sound like something great. The reality is that there will likely be many changes in this space this year and this seems like a way the marketing folks are attempting to grab the early thunder. We shall see but it’s only a camera, seems like all these intentional leeks are PR buzz. I does get announced on my birthday so I do have an excuse to get one if some miracle happens:)

    • I hope maybe GH3 can made thunder in year.

    • jim

      yeh lol – the reality is they probably upsize the 12Mpix sensor and use HDR to give it DR… then frame double or interoplate the video to 1080 60p…. and the VF will be the same as the VF2 and the improved focus will be just a nats cock better than the EP3 without any true PDAF or CDAF that is as good as!

      I so hope this statement is wrong to the core… but every time we hope oly will pull it out they don’t quite cut it!

  • Fan

    If all the other hype is true I don’t care if video is not better!

  • Max

    `No company stays the leader. I love the GH-2 but if another company sees its success its not that hard to surpass the features.

  • Berbu

    I feel so happy now that I didn’t get GX1 as a replacement of my trustful GF1. I’ll buy this camera.

    • Bimbo


  • warren

    If the new camera has an intertial sensor and TruePic has angle of view information and if you use a smaller portion of the 43 sensor, you can eliminate the “jello” effect through processing — each little bit the camera is panned, each line of information coming out of the sensor is shifted a bit.

  • andy

    I’d love it were true, but I just can’t believe it’ll be better than the GH2 for video, especially not with the Vitaliy firmware hacks. Of course, the GH3 will be due soon too.

    I don’t think this blog should give too much credit to Olympus or Olympus rumors until they actually make something worth talking about in this department. Wait for the GH3, there’s actually valid reasons to speculate that it might be good, based on previous products not on hype.

  • Or maybe admin, it has a gx1 sensor tweaked and what you are being told is wrong? This is one thing I am not believing until those Dxo scores roll and I see and examine the raw files myself…

    • Riley

      yeah well I remember the last time you tried to interpret DxO scores. Quite frankly you sound like you will never get it.

  • Mikey

    I really think this camera may have the gh2 sensor, otherwise they couldn’t even match the quality of the gh2.

    I doubt the video will be leaps and bounds better but if it is the gh2 sensor then it shouldn’t take a miracle for Olympus to accomplish. Remember, the gh2 was hacked to get better video so Panasonic never eeked out the full potential quality.

    It may very well be that the OM-D video quality will equal a hacked gh2 video quality.

  • pdc

    It is highly likely that the sensor will be the same as in the G3 and the GX1.
    If so, the video will be on par with these cameras, except that the processing will be by Olympus firmware rather than Panasonic, so there will be qualitative differences there. The GH2 sensor is just a larger version of the G3 sensor to allow 16:9 images without cropping. So don’t get your hopes up that Olympus has really leap-frogged Panasonic. We don’t know the agreements between the companies, but it is improbable that Olympus can source sensors from anyone else but Panasonic for some time yet.

    • beavis

      GH2 sensor is similar, but not the same as G3. 60p video output, video optimized, higher ISO capabilities. Photo image quality is the same.

      • pdc

        At the chip’s pixel level every review I have seen indicates that the G3 16mp and the GH2 18mp sensors are built the same. They certainly may be driven by slighly different circuitry and different logic, but even that is not likely.

        I’m simply saying that the G3/GX1/GH2 are all the same “generation” of Panasonic image sensor development, and it most probable that the new Olympus camera will use this generation of Panasonic sensor, so don’t get your hopes up that an IQ leap is going to happen.

        If video is your game, get a GH2 or wait until Panasonic can deliver a GH3. If stills are what you are mostly interested in, and you do a lot of outdoor work, then the new Olympus should offer some features the G3 and GX1 don’t have, but the RAW imagery is not likely to be better than that produced by the G3/GX1 and GH2.

        • reverse stream swimmer

          Pixel sizewise they may be of the same design.

          However the G3/GX1 sensor was introduced after the GH2 sensor, and focus was on the low noise redesigns, especially at high ISO. So the G3/GX1 sensor actually is newer than the GH2!

          The GH1/GH2 sensors are oversized multi-aspect ratio types, G3/GX1 not.

          Panasonic in interviews said the G3/GX1 sensors are analogue output, which I expect runs cooler than the digital output GH2 sensor, which has additional on-board A/D converter. Therefore G3/GX1 (some selfproclaimed pundit named it ‘stoneage’) sensor fits better in a smaller camera, like the GF series and smaller PENs, which in addition heats up with the IBIS.

          Therefore, Olympus hasn’t been able to use the multiaspect ratio, digital output faster more video friendly sensors of GH types until now, with the OMD having a magnesium alloy body for better thermal properties.

    • Berbu

      Wrong. A Japanese trustful rumor site says the sensor is not the same as in the GX1. No further info. Sit back.

      • Raist3d

        I definitively await the unveil with great interest :-) It won’t be enough just Olympus doing their marketing of course, we need to see the RAW files and those DXo scores roll.

    • They say the jelly effect is reduced – this is not the case with gh2 sensor (i own gh2 and know it exactly), so it means the sensor is all new

  • V4Vendetta

    Oly has contracted to Vitaliy for setting this camera?, jejeje

  • Michael

    Built in EVF = all I ever wanted. I’d buy this camera even if it had exactly the same internals as my E-PL2, as long as I can hold it to my face to take a picture.

  • beavis

    Words, rumors, mysteries. Canon, Olympus etc…
    Panasonic has already delivered more than a year ago something fantastic, what others try to catch. This company is really working and inventing, silently. GH2 costs 700USD and still rules. Now, for quite a time, not in future. Future is GH3 and when it´s out, that moment others are outdated…

  • pranksters :)

  • Maybe moire will come back.

  • lol

    that’s a lot of pana fanboys here

  • Frank

    I’d be happy if it matches GH2 in term of video, because I like a nice looking camera that can take video as good as the GH2.

  • slomo

    If it uses GH2 sensor this camera will be leapfrogged by GH3 costing hundreds of dollars less in just a matter of months.

  • Lolouder

    It will come and go…and probably no one using the hacked GH2 will give a shit…

  • Does the em5 have live hdmi out for external monitor or mic in?

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