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Uematsu Michiharu (Panasonic) interview on Focus Numerique


Image courtesy: Quesabesde

Focus Numerique interviewed the big boss from Panasonic Uematsu Michiharu. I exctracted some interesting notes for you (google english translated text!):

– “With our new sensor, and a new processor that analyzes 120 images per second instead of 60, we managed to make the autofocus GH2 two times faster than the previous model.”

– “I still think that 12 MP are quite sufficient for our photographic use. In the case of GH2, it is primarily a marketing decision, not a technical choice. We must follow the market trends that impose even now augment the definition of our sensors.”

– Panasonic is working on a new electronic shutter but their priority now was to work on the 3D technology.

– 3D will work with the GH2 and the G2 only (other cameras are not powerful enough).

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