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Two superb lenses back in Stock. olympus 75mm and Panasonic 20mm.


Two must-have lenses are now back in Stock at Amazon. The Olympus 75mm lens (Click here) and the Panasonic 20mm pancake (Click here). The popularity of the 20mm pancake puts it on top of the Amazon mirrorless ranking (Click here) even if the lens is available for two years now.

  • Jens

    And when will the focus speed of the 20 mm be improved? …

    • Farrukh


    • caver3d

      I’ll give you a -1. At the time the 20mm was first released by Pany, everyone was gushing over it and even saying how fast the autofocus was. Well, time marches on, and now it has “slow” autofocus. We get spoiled with the newer technology (including faster autofocusing camera bodies) and are just never satisfied (and love to complain). BTW, I have this lens, and it still gets it done.

    • efwee

      And is the banding on high ISO with the E-M5 solved yet? Or will Oly’s reply be: buy the 17/1.8?

    • Not only focus speed, but also focus noise, both need to be improved in a “mark II” version of the lens.

      • Jens

        Ok, the 20mm is a great lens, in IQ, size, aperture and bokeh is fine too. But, especially if the focus speed is faster on the G5, Oly and Pana should talk more, and complaining might makre some sense. (I’m still hoping).

        I use the lens mostly in low light conditions, because of its size, you can take it everywhere in your jacket pocket and the aperture is great. But these situations are often snaphots, e.g. in a pub and then the focus speed is annoyong. I am also thinking about buying the 25 Panaleica, but that one is bigger, and you might even need to tear down more pub walls behing you, due to the more tele focal length….

        Maybe the Oly 17mm will be a good alternative. And the 12-35 gets more and more attractive too. It’s about one stop difference to the primes and the next sensor will give this in ISO, eh? :-)

    • Mr. Reeee

      The 20mm focus speed is fine on my GH2, except in the middle of the night.

      • Jens

        Yes, there is a point, where the light is just not enough and it is just moving back and forth… Let’s see, how it works on the PL5!

  • ulli

    A friend of me has still one 75mm in stock for 820 euros incl. shipping if anyone is interested

  • Jalo
  • theDA


  • Max Gandhi

    Jens, just take G5 and 2o mm.

  • Fred

    The 20mm on my G3 is quite fast. Not as fast as the other lenses (14-42, 14 and 45-200mm), but not by much. And it is the best. For me the 20mm focus as fast as the kit lens on the NEX-5N my brother has.

  • The slowness of the 20mm is overhyped. the lens is a must have, Period.

    • BLTT


    • Fred

      +2 That’s what I meant!

    • Michael

      I guess it depends on experience, but for me autofocus of 20mm lens is slow – hype or no hype.
      It’s especially noticable on Olympus cameras, comparing to Olympus lenses, or even some Panasonic lenses.

      Most of pictures I made are of my kids, who move quite fast, and 20mm was absolutely not right lens for this job.
      Eventually I replaced it with PL 25mm, which focuses way faster. Olympus 45mm – lightning speed compare to 20mm.

      • Bob B.

        Everything is relative….so compared to my other MFT lenses, the 20mm is considerably slower to focus. It somewhat makes up for that with its small-size/IQ double punch…but not completely.
        I know MFT is young (and great)…but relative to the system…the 20mm’s focusing performance is definitely dated. Hard to believe, but true.

  • Yun

    20mm a must have , yes that was 2 years ago .
    With the availability of 25mm summilux , I sold it without consider much .
    It is good in compact but not a exceptional image quality lens especially in bokeh department , the summilux is much better if you mind your optics .
    The 75mm is a must have lens , I agree .
    A truely amazing glass & it is even sharper than the summilux if I’m not wrong .

    • Michael

      Yep, I did the same: replace 20mm with PL 25mm and never looked back.

      Well, now I use 12-35mm much more then 25mm, but that’s another story…

  • The Master

    Ok, I’ve contained myself far too long on this, so here it is: Here is what Panasonic did wrong and which I predict will be the beginning of it’s undoing, specially now that Sony and Olympus are ganging up on them.

    Panasonic, should have made an upgrade path for their high-end users and a body that is larger than a D90/D7000, with a sensor half the size isn’t it. Sure, it’s fine for the Video heads, but most people rarely even use the video portion, and bought the camera, mostly, because of the true (Multi Aspect Ratio Sensor) and the better image quality over the other M4/3 cameras (till the OMD anyway). Sure they released the G5 first, but with the same old sensor, that most of us have been using for the past two years and, to make matters worse, they eliminated the uncropped multi aspect ratio. So, where does that leave it’s GH2 customers? Well, I think most are looking to Fuji or Olympus now. What have they sold, about ten G5’s, since launch? Obviously that’s not where former GH2 users are going in droves.

    It’s tough to fit a D90 size body in a coat pocket, I know I had one and I also know a GH1 and GH2 fit nicely in a coat pocket, with a short prime, so what the hell were they thinking? They should have Made something for the GH2 users, before just dumping us and the G5 isn’t it. I really hated the ergonomics, of the OMD, but I guess I may have to suck it up and get another one, or move to Fuji. It really sucks to have to dump my glass, because of some flipping moron in Japan, that doesn’t have a flipping clue. I wonder how many millions of dollars in sales you have to loose your company, before you get fired, in Japan?

    • HMR

      Yeah, I fear much the same. I’m invested but I could look at alternatives. I have a GH3 on order but am considering my options. I feel like Panasonic may be putting too much emphasis on the video for their top still camera. I like the video that I get from my GH2 but it is 5% of my total use. I like the ergo improvements that they have made but I need to see improvements in IQ and DR.
      We’ll see. Maybe I keep a GX for portability and go back to a FF for the demanding stuff.

  • Oliver

    What’s wrong with the GH3? I have an OM-D, a GH2, a GX1, and I used to have a GH1 (and have the GH3 on pre-order). We can’t have everything in one body, especially these smaller bodies. I used to shoot with a Nikon D2x years ago, and the m4/3 bodies out currently have just as good image quality, which is more than enough for me. The D2x was a real classic with a hard to describe look to its images that made it a favorite of many photogs.

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