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The Pansonic GX8 gets DxOmarked. Is now officially the best ranked MFT camera!


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By beating the current leader with by two points the GX8 is now the best ranked MFT camera sensor at DxOmark (Click here to see full review). DxO writes:

An increase in resolution to 20Mp together with 4K video capture on the Panasonic’s GX8 latest Four-Thirds chip are certainly welcome improvements for today’s competitive hybrid market. Despite the extra pixels, however, sensor scores for Panasonic’s latest Four-Thirds chip remain a little behind the APS-C hybrid competition from Sony and Samsung, and don’t offer a significant improvement over previous sensors such as that in the 16Mp GH4. With a $1198 price tag, the GX8 isn’t cheap either, but with plenty of features on offer, including the built-in EVF and flash, free-angle LCD, and Dual I.S., you get a lot of camera for your money, making it a good all-in-one solution for the hybrid enthusiast.

There is also a new GX8 review at Mirrorlessons:

In the case of the GX8, it is less the kind of camera I’d just pop into my bag or swing around my neck and much more a professional tool I’d trust for serious photography assignments. In fact, were I a working photographer with a wide array of Micro Four Thirds lenses, I could imagine having the GX8 as my main professional body and the GX7 as my back-up/travel camera.

Neocamera published the GX8 review and writes:

Image quality from the GX8 is solid, with low image-noise, good retention of details and very reliable metering. Colors, white-balance and dynamic-range are all good too, only falling slightly short of its strongest competitors. The GX8 makes it up for with its very fast and ultra-sensitive Contrast-Detect AF system which operates down to -4 EV.

GX8 store links:
Black GX8 at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto and Panasonic. In Eu at Amazon DE, Amazon UK, WexUK.
Silver GX8 at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto and Panasonic. In Eu at Amazon DEAmazon UK, WexUK.

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