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The Olympus PEN-F has been marked as “discontinued” at Mapcamera and Yodobashi


The Japanese store Mapcamera and Yodobashi marked the PEN-F as discontinued. Other Japanese sources confirmed that Olympus informed them that the PEN-F is now out of production. From our sources we know that a new PEN-F II will not be announced soon. It will take some time until a new version will be on market.

Reminder: Don’t trust the other “rumor sites” saying a new Olympus PEN-F camera has been registered. Explanation WHY there is no new PEN-F camera registration:
1) You don’t trust us? Look at 100% reliable Nokishita that did not report this registration because there is NO NEW PEN-F registration!
2) The current PEN-F registration would have expired in January that’s why they made a new registration (with new PLG ID number) to extend it.
3) Olympus registers NEW cameras with “IMxxx” code as usual!

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