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The most popular camera starts worldside shipment: The Fuji X100.


Almost every day you can find news about the Fuji X100. The camera worldwide shipment started yesterday in Japan (see Amazon Japan). It should be in Stock soon at Amazon (Click here), BHphoto (Click here) and Adorama (Click here) and in April in Europe (See Amazon UK). This is the latest news summary:

Leica M3 versus Finepix X100 (Source: Nokton on Flickr).
Download the Fuji X100 manual in english (.pdf):
First image samples on Flickr.
First Impressions of the Finepix X100 from a rangefinder shooter by Pieter Franken (
Those are the first unboxing pictures coming from Japan (More at Shots with the x100 from the same person:
The dpreview forum user “Ncruces” posted the patched source code to open the Quesabesdes RAW files with DCraw. Download from here:
The dpreview forum user “ebrandon” posted two links to download the “before” (unprocessed TIFF) and the “after” (post-processed TIFF)

P.S.: I am still hoping Fuji will join m43!!!

  • ZDP-189

    OK! I’ll be getting mine soon, then!

  • I guess I’ll wait with that purchase until Apple supports the X-100 RAW. That will be sometime in 2012 then, judging by the time it took them to support my E-5…

    • Pray that they will support it in Aperture 3: in worst case they can postpone X100’s support to Aperture 4 and squeeze out of you also the upgrade fee.

  • MK

    how can an exclusive device be popular? thats like saying ferraris and yachts are popular… except that they are only popular with multimillion/billionaires.

    • admin

      Most blogs and magazine are right now talkiing about that camera. From a pure media point of view the camera has been a success.

      • X100 helps the ad revenue greatly I guess ;)

        X100 now is like the Iphones and Ipads to the gadget blogs.

    • WT21

      It is the most talked about camera at photography sites and rumor sites. I think, though, it may be benefitting from a lack of anything much else out there coming up. Canon and Nikon are pretty silent. Oly seems dead, Panny is doing retreads. GXR is kind of interesting, but already a known quantity. Leica is quiet. Pentax is in pause mode. Only Fuji has anything remotely new/interesting/different from what’s already out there.

      • Al M

        They seemed to have borrowed a page from Apple marketing. They were very good at building interest. Judging from what I’ve seen from first images, they should do OK.

        Let’s see what after market goodies they will be adding over the coming year.

  • I wish they produced the same with a 28mm…

  • GreyOwl


    Me too!

  • John

    Please stop posting x100 news on 43 rumor site.

    • admin

      Hi John!
      Althaugh the X100 is NOT a m43 camera Fuji is part of the 43 coalition. And I hope they will soon make their first m43 camera.
      Please skip the news if you don’t care about Fuji.

      • M43 does not exist in a vacuum. If you don’t cover the alternatives as they come up, we’ll have to get our information elsewhere, and from a source that does not have the same understanding of M43. I say thanks and keep it up.

        • WT21

          Somehow “lawyer with a camera” is a concept that frightens me. I don’t know why! =:o

      • WT21

        I appreciate the X100 news. Thanks for posting.

    • Please stop bothering us with your repetitive senile rants…

    • zorg

      Please CONTINUE posting x100 news on 43 rumor site.

  • jorldenorl

    I do not undersand why P and Olympus do not undertand the attractiveness of this concept. They are going to be too late for many photographers (except for those gearheads who renew/ebay their equipment every few months).

    • They probably do. But the market is too small and unlikely to support two competing cameras at the same time (making it too risky investment).

      If Fuji invested say $5Mln into the X100, then it needs to sell only $5Mln worth of the X100s. Now if second producer joins the market and also invests $5Mln it would also need to earn back its $5Mln. With single vendor market needs to be only $5Mln worth – with two $10Mln. If market is capable of generating only say $7Mln sales, then both vendors would lose.

    • frank

      I don’t understand the attractiveness of the X100. It has a bigger sensor than M43 and … that’s it. Especially not being able to change lenses on a body as nice as this is what marks this launch as a total non-event for me.

      • WT21

        The controls and look/feel also. There’s also the silent shutter. Theoretically, too, the lens should be optimized and should produce better bokeh, sharpness, color and contrast than what interchangeable lenses in m43 could produce. That will be the proof. If it doesn’t create stunning IQ, then it will fail. If it does produce stunning IQ, then it will find a niche.

      • zorg

        frank- I am sorry that you do not understand.

  • GreyOwl

    admin, if Fuji join m43 (as well as 43), then you will be able to stop reminding people that they are part of the coalition, which will be one less thing for you to have to worry about………..

  • pdc

    The entire marketing campaign through “leaks”, “sharing” or whatever else you can label 6 months of steady hype was unique and it will be very interesting to see what the final sales results will be – for Fuji’s sake, hopefully a major coup which will encourage them to develop the X200 interchangeable lens model.

  • Jón

    Add few mm to E-P2 height, to squeese an evf in the top left corner, add the grip from the E-PL2 and move the stupid control ring from the pad to it, and call it E-P3. Add some nice f2-2.8 primes (9,12,18,20,25,50) and call it a day.
    And if you wanted to be really nice, add weather sealing to it all..

  • Craig

    Interesting that the shot of docks in the vid is of Hobart, Tasmania, Australia – possibly a couple of the other pics too.

  • andrew

    just to let you know, 2 of the scenes on the promo video were shot in the south island of new zealand.
    down here the cost of the camera is enormous

  • kww

    That was the first simulation of the hybrid sensor. If it is that good they have a winner on their hands.

    First camera manufacturer to make a m4/3 body like this wins…my money and market share no doubt!

  • Billy

    Apart from the novel hybrid range finder interface.

    What is the big deal with this camera anyway?

    A fixed lens with a 23mm FOV equivalent is not very practical.

    Especially when using an OVF with only 90% coverage.

    It is certainly too wide for portraits.

    And far to short for sports or wild life.

    And this system would be too slow for action or journalism.

    So who are they aiming this camera at anyway?

    Maybe some Japanese range finder fans boys who can’t afford the Leica M9?

    If only they made it with an interchangable lens mount and a variety of primes.

    Or if they didn’t have the R&D budget or knowledge to build them at least collaborate.

    A 12mp APS-C sized CMOS sensor with only 720P video is rather ordinary by today’s camera standard.

    The sensor is mostly likely sourced from Sony.

    So IQ is no better than a NEX.

    Why didn’t Fuji use their superior CCD technology for dynamic range?

    I.e. An S5 Pro style CCD with 12MP native resolution would have been something.

    • Pawin

      X100 is a camera with 35mm FOV equivalent lens.

      • Billy

        Even at 35mm FOV. It’s not very practical. Not wide enough for landscapes.

        • Ranma13

          Not practical for YOU, you mean. There’s plenty of people out there who think 35mm is great for a walk-around lens.

    • Vlad

      Some answers:

      The big deal imho is mostly analog controls and hybrid VF. In that order.

      From my understanding the OVF will cover more than what the sensor captures and only the frame lines will be at 90%.

      35mm can be very useful to many people. It’s great for street photography. Also, landscape and portrait are nothing more than subjects of photography. Which lens you use depends on the effect you want to create.

      I don’t know how fast you want it. That’s f2 with some above average ISO performance.

      This is a camera for people who like real controls rather than menus and who already own a system, but want something smaller for casual use.

      Not many can afford a Leica M9 and while it is a good camera, given what alternatives you can buy with that much money, I would say it is completely overpriced.

      Imho the primary reason to make it fixed lens was marketing.

      I doubt that the potential buyers would be much into video anyway. I also think that video is completely secondary and overrated.

      Yes, the sensor is probably from Sony. Your point?

      Probably too costly.

      A new S camera would be great, yes.

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