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The Leica SL with Panasonic V-LOG has some serious issues…


As you know the new Leica SL Full Frame mirrorless system camera has been made with lot of Panasonic tech inside. It even uses Panasonic’s own V-LOG profile. But it seems Leica didn’t implement it well. Newsshooter reports:

Log curves are supposed to be flat, but it seems the Leica version was so flat that it makes grading difficult, perhaps impossible.

And EosHD writes:

I first noticed it with the lens cap on that the blacks in LOG mode seem to start around 100 on the 0-255 luma range. This makes the footage essentially un-gradable, severely limits dynamic range and is an obvious flaw. Who does Leica have testing the video features!?

So this doesn’t seem to work as smooth as a “Full Frame GH4” yet :(

Bildschirmfoto 2015-10-20 um 20.01.06

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