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Steve Jobs lesson…


As you all know, Steve Jobs passed away. I have to say I am not a huge Apple fan, there are things I like about Apple and things I do not like. But I don’t want to talk about that right now. What I will miss from Steve Jobs is the ability and the courage to create something “new”. He didn’t fear to create something unexpected, unexplored and most of the times something very simple and easy.

And this is what I sometimes miss in the camera industry. Micro Four Thirds was one of those (few) great inventions that moved me to create that website. But I still see to much fear in the eyes of  Panasonic and Olympus (but also other camera makers). It looks like they are all taking boring “calculative” decisions. That’s the wrong way to become successful. Apple was almost dead as company back in the nineties, with no vision and almost no hope. A couple of right decisions, with very clean and revolutionary ideas brought them back to live and success. So please camera makers, there is so much you can do right now! Do not fear, just do dream a bit more!

P.S.: Here are just a couple of things I think you should work on:
– Social integrated cameras (for low-end consumer)
– Easy and simple menus with less complicated options and expandable via a sort of APP store
– Software (APP store) and hardware (modular) expandeable cameras
– Large sensor mirrorless system (See Fuji X)

And so on…

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